Friday, October 4, 2013

UPDATED: Rape By CIA & President Barak Obama In Seattle, Washington At Stanley Ann Dunhams House

I remembered something.  I got raped.

Do you want me to describe exactly what Barak Obama's mother's house looked like in Seattle, Washington?  I can describe his bedroom in detail.

They set it up.  My own Mom and Dad took me there for the "hit" of being raped and then all of those Jewish-CIA fuckers tried to kill me.  I was taken away in the car, lying down in the back because I was bleeding and my pelvis hurt too bad to sit up straight.

My own Dad angrily drove me to his house, and forced me to go down to his basement when I didn't want to go.  My Dad pushed me to go the stairs with Obama while my Mom and Dad stayed upstairs with his Mom.

Obama told me I killed his Dad and beat me up on his bed, raped me, I was bleeding and then after his hate crime, he got up and was crying over his Dad.

I know it was a deliberate hit by my parents because they drove me to his house, and when I didn't want to go to the basement with him my Dad said I didn't have a choice, and shoved me to go with him and kicked me.

Then my Dad went downstairs and said, "Do you feel better now?" and Obama nodded at him.  When I was dragged upstairs, and I couldn't hardly walk, I was dragged up the stairs, my Mom was standing to the side of the darkened room which they had as dark as Carol and Mike Middleton's England house.

They are all connected.

In my state of shock, I looked over at my Mom and she wasn't worried about me.  She was smirking at me and consoling Stanley Ann, who looked vindicated and then handed me a red rubber ball and said, "Can you see into the future with this?"  She called me "Claire" so she knew what one of the nicknames for me was a long time ago.

When we first got there, they first talked to her and she sat on the sofa and started weeping over her dead husband.  I know the floor plan of their house and what their yard looked like.

After I was raped by Obama, my Dad went down there and electrocuted me with the box telling him I wouldn't remember and then they had me go back to the car, and I had to lie down.  I said, "I'm bleeding."  They were silent. 

I said, "YOU TOOK ME THERE ON PURPOSE SO HE COULD BEAT ME UP."  My parents flipped out and my Dad told me to shut up or he'd beat me up again.  He said, "You killed his Dad."  I said no I didn't kill his Dad and he said, "He thinks you did."

So they didn't just stop at that.  Someone who looked exactly like his daughter Mahalia showed up at the Nazarene church in Waterville, Washington during court when the U.S. and CIA was kidnapping my son Oliver from me, knowing they were liars.  I am not delusional.  They are mother-fuckers. 

My Dad colluded several times to have Jews and non-Jews rape me.  The problem for them is I remember which ones of them are connected to each other and worked together, from the UK to the U.S.

So later, this girl that looked exactly like Mahalia, and there are few girls that look like her or are that tall, especially in Waterville, was there waiting at a table with a glass of water and then got up and left the full glass of water there in front of me and the woman in the church kitchen gave another kid some bubbles to blow and told him to go out next to me and blow bubbles.

Which is exactly what Gary Goldsmith and the Middletons did to me.

Not only do Valerie Plame and Stanley Ann look alike, and not only are both linked to CIA, Katie Middleton looks exactly like them and all of them were working together.

After Barak raped me and was crying, my Dad tossed a small bag of weed to him and he said thanks.  He smoked pot on top of everything else and my Dad tossed him a bag, courtesy of Middleton and Goldsmith, who were the dealers.  It was about as much as a cup of loose weed.  I'd have to see how it measures out in a plastic baggie, but it was exactly half of a bag.

"You KILLED MY DAD!!!!!"

So he raped me and beat me up and then he got funded by the CIA to be another fucking President who hoped I'd never remember or talk because they tortured me so much.  He knew all of the players in D.C. and Maryland and the only reason he put on a pretense of helping me and my son was out of the fear if I said something, it would ruin the U.S. plans for his term. 

When the CIA and Pentagon and others then tried to kill me when I was rock-climbing, and then later at the "twin towers", one was a look-out tower and the other a fire station, George Bush was calling from the White House, along with military Pentagon commanders telling my Dad to "STAND DOWN".  Repeatedly they said STAND DOWN.

What's that supposed to mean?  The hit for Stanley a problem?  Her initials are SAD (Stanley Ann Dunham) and my Mom was using catch phrases like "Be Happy".  He had her hand on Stanley's shoulder at their house when she started crying while sitting on the sofa.

First Obama seemed nice and was talking and funny and easy-going and I liked him.  I thought he was really nice and fun to talk to and then he said, "You are really white."  He put his arm out next to mine and said "Look how white you are."  He said what did I think about black people or something and all of a sudden, he mentioned his Dad, something infuriated him and he screamed that I had killed his Dad and started beating me and then he raped me.

Then he cried, over his Dad, with rage.  He didn't cry over me.

He's allowed Michelle Erickson from CPS and a bunch of gangsters to assault and torture my son and then as a "thank you" to my Dad, for allowing him to rape me, he sent my Dad a couple of posters, or got them from Larry, this black man who knew my Dad and was connected to the Moses Lake Police as a "chaplain" after having been a car salesman.

When I said, in the car, the word "Rape" for the first time in my life, my parent's freaked out.  They didn't know I knew the word or what it meant.  As soon as they knew I realized what they had driven me to and set me up for was a crime, they were making plans with London and the CIA to murder me.

I had forgotten about it because I didn't want to remember it and it happened when I was younger.  There is an age difference between us of 13 years.

He told me he was in law school and visiting his mother. I asked what law school was and before he beat me up and raped me he tried to explain.  He had to have been in the summer because that's when he was there and it was a sunny day, not raining outside when we went there and their grass wasn't very green.
There were a couple of other things.  I think I said Larry, the black man, gave my Dad the two posters after Obama raped me but it was either him or Gary Goldsmith, and I believe it was Gary because my Mom said, "Larry did?" out of the assumption posters of a black man would come from another black man, my Dad's friend Larry.  My Dad responded, "No, not Larry, GARY."  And I wondered why that man Gary Goldsmith, who had just been over to electrocute me would give him the posters.  It was Gary or Larry, regardless, that gave my Dad two posters to celebrate Obama raping me.

In my bedroom of my own room I had only 2 posters on my wall, one of an orange kitten that said when God closes one door he opens another and another a friend gave me of a man holding a baby. 

Gary Goldsmith gave my Dad a poster of Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.  My Dad asked if I wanted to put them in my room and I said no.  So he put them up on the living room wall next to a framed portrait of Jesus.

The box Gary Goldsmith and my Dad and others used to electrocute me with had a metal band that went around my head.  It was thick metal and they used a screwdriver to tighten nuts at the sides, around it, and then tapped on it with a hammer with caused additional pain.

There is no way either Katie Middleton and anyone in her family should have anything to do with British government anymore than President Barak Obama should be President when he raped a child and all of them know it.  His own mother knew it. 

The other woman who showed up at the house when I was raped, was Carol Middleton.  She wasn't there when we got there, unless she was in another room or around the corner.  She was there when I was taken back upstairs and then I wondered why now Carol, from England, was also there in the room, smirking at me.  They called her Carol and she looked like Carol and nothing was different about her except she didn't say very much, waiting for me to leave before talking maybe.

I don't think any of them cared about hiding their names anymore because they were planning to murder me.

Stanley Ann was referred to as Stanley, not Ann.  I asked later why they were calling her by a man's name.  I also knew I had been raped because I had just newly been told what the word was and what it meant.  Had I not known the word for rape and its description, I may have thought I was assaulted and bled, but not been able to describe what it was that was done with a word.  I knew the word because a woman told me what it was in Russia or something.  I heard "rape" and asked what it meant and she told me exactly what it meant.  So when Obama did this to me, I said that word, out loud in the car, for the first time around my parents, knowing the word for the first time and having a reason to bring it up then and they were telling me grimly to sit up.

I couldn't sit up.  I was in extreme pain and bleeding.  I tried and my pelvis hurt too bad.  I couldn't wear a seat belt either, because of the pain and refused to sit up and they demanded of me anyway.  It turned out to be good that I did not sit up because it helped me remember the level of pain later, and why I had to lie down and what it was from, just like knowing the word "rape" and saying it out loud in the car, created a firm imprint in my memory of what they had all just done to me:

Carol Middleton
Dicksie Garrett
Robert Guy Garrett, Jr.
Barak Obama (who told me, jokingly to call him 'Michael Jackson', who became President of the U.S.)
Stanley Ann Dunham

I didn't see anyone else in the house at the time I was there and my brother was not brought along.

When Gary Goldsmith was there at my house, stealing from me and molesting me on my bed, and electrocuting me, they used the box with the metal band that was tightened around my head.  It caused extreme and severe pain and then was twice as bad when a hammer or small mallet was used to tap on it.  It created further psychological distress with the repeated noise, and seeing their angry faces, and created a worse effect with each tap.  They did this to me for such a long time and I was in such pain and the noise so awful, each clink-clink of tapping, to the metal nut on the side of my head or the band of metal, that when one time my hands were released, I used them to plug my ears.  Usually I was fully chained down.

My Dad said, one time, while doing this, as he and Gary took turns, and then it was done at other times too but I remember specifically the time with Gary Goldsmith (Middleton's favorite Uncle), and then once my Dad said, while tapping and I was in horrendous pain, as if to make an excuse for it or what was done, "You hear that?  This is metal."  Why would my Dad be saying "This is metal" unless he thought some other person could hear me or hear everything through the wires and implants I had been bugged with? 

This is the second time the U.S. has conveniently "Shut Down" in anticipation of my claims against the President and the U.S. Government as well.  Last time I brought up some of this, they had a government shut down and told me to try to report this "later" because their offices were all closed and then they attempted to get sympathy by saying there was only a few staff "left" as if I should care when they raped me as a child, and did worse, and then put those criminals in power.  I'm not going to let it go.  It sticks this time.

I called U.S. Marshalls who told me to call "Secret Service", hoping to scare me off from making a complaint.  The reason they would think it might scare me off is because I was "brainwashed" and taught as a kid that doing so would result in them showing up and torturing me.  So they have had it all figured out for themselves, for a long time. Sometimes, they said I was part of the "Secret Service" and then other times someone was trying to scare me with it.  I said last night, "Why would I call Secret Service when they protect the President and that's the person I have  a criminal complaint against (among others, but let's start from the top, shall we?)."   They said to so finally I said I don't have long distance and had to call a local cop, Officer Henshaw, who said he sent them the email or called and they'd contact me.  He said "You WANT to talk to them?"  and I said, "I want to state my claim."  Since no one called me back yesterday, I called 911 for an official form of documentation, and stated I wanted to know who to talk to if I had a rape claim when I was a minor, against the current President of the United States of America.  So it officially on record, AGAIN, October 4, 2013.  "What you want to kill me for?"  I'll remember it for the four. 

Because there is no statute of limitations for rape of a minor by an adult in the State of Washington, I believe President Barak Obama will have a prison sentence and become a registered sex offender.  I don't know if that means impeachment or not because I don't know the rules of impeachment.

It will also show how I've been defamed and why, and why other criminals who came after him, got away with their crimes and who has been protecting criminals in this country.

My computer was also disconnected so I couldn't work on my classes or do anything yesterday.

Sometimes when my Dad and Gary were tapping on the metal on my head, and the nut next it, sparks were flying off from it.  Which also scared me, and then I don't know that it was that time, but it once burst into flames in a fire with the wiring because they had it so hot and I am pretty sure I remember which persons were there when that happened.  Basically everyone jumped away and it burst into flames and I was chained to the bed to it.

What made me think about this again was going through E.H.'s book and remembering things that have been done to me that I normally don't want to think about.  The other thing that enforced my decision to make my report against Obama was a page spread I saw in WallStreet Journal, which I felt glorified the torture that has been done to me.  It was from Wednesday. September 25, 2013, pages A10 and A11.   Everything from the photos, headlines, and ads that were selected for placement, were like salt in my wounds and I determined upon seeing that, I am not letting this go away.

I am not going to allow these memories to take a back seat again, to anything.  I don't care if it's natural to do so, from the trauma, I am not going to give up until there is a formal charge and prosecution.

The U.S. is doing now, everything they did last time when they thought of ways to bring it up, my distress, and then back down and hoped to rely on their brainwashing techniques against me as a child, to have this "go away".  I am determined that it will not go away, and God help me because I prayed to God to please help me remember what I needed to remember.

Obama's "American Dream" is the Dream of a Pedophile.

I'm not sure how the box got into Obama's house but when I came back upstairs, Stanley said Carol had brought in a cake if we wanted any.  So she walked into the house with a cake box but I didn't see cake anywhere. I was electrocuted.  If there was cake, I don't remember it now but I might later.  I know Obama got something out of a top drawer in a chest of drawers and my Dad came down to the basement after he'd raped me, and Stanley said something about cake.  From what I remember my Dad brought the box down and then he and Obama used it on me.  Actually, I think it's possible Obama was keeping it in his drawer because I remember wondering if he was using it on other people too.

He wasn't getting condoms out of the drawer--I was pre-pubescent, and he'd already raped me before going to the drawer.  I had not had my first period yet, in my life, when he raped me.  I started my period August 10, 1987.  I was a kid when he raped me.  He said he was in law school.  I was somewhere between age 9 and age 11 when he raped me and it was before I had ever started my period so profuse "bleeding" from the vagina was abnormal.  It could have been from age 8 to age 13, before I ever started my period, but it was probably in 1985 or 1986 and I think I was 11.  Maybe 1984.  Barak Obama  raped me.  If Barak is 13 years older than me and said he was in law school and it was his first year, I would have been 10-11 if he was 22-23 his first year of law school.

When his daughter, or the young woman who looked like his daughter, decades later showed up at the Nazarene church in Waterville when I was there for a short time in between court for my son, when the woman gave this kid a bottle of bubbles to blow around me, she picked it up, blew some "for the kid" in front of me, leaving a glass of water she had waiting, sitting next to me on the table.  That was Malia, who they say was named after Mahalia "Jackson".  Obama had told me, decades earlier, just before he raped me, while talking to me, kidding around, to call him "Michael Jackson".  Then he mauled me.

I think he is not only a pedophile, but he and Michelle named their first kid after a violent crime he committed against me that he is proud of. 

The posters given to my Dad, after Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me were the following:

UPDATED 10/6/13
After I was raped, I said I wanted to go to police.  They said you want to go to the police? and drove to a police station and my Dad got out, went inside, and was there for awhile, and when he came back out he said, "They said they can't help you.  Don't ever contact them."   My Dad was there such a long time I thought he was maybe doing a bribe with one of them.  It was a small station and from I remember, it looked like the one for Mercer Island, but it may be the house was in Seattle and we ended up going to Mercer later.  My Mom looked at it and said, "That's it?" because it was small.  I am not sure if possibly my Dad took something in to them at the same time but I don't remember if so.  I almost wonder if a bag or briefcase or box went in and that's why I wondered if they were being bribed.  From what I remember, my Dad took a duffel bag in with him, I think.
He had left a briefcase with a handle at Stanley Ann Dunham's house, in his bedroom.  Barak Obama's bedroom.  I didn't want to go to the basement because of the way they prefaced how I was going there, or the comment that was made.  It was exactly like what someone used to say before taking me to the basement to torture me.  I could tell they were infuriated and revengeful-acting at that moment, so I didn't want to go.  Barak took my hand and pulled my down after him and when I tried to run back and away, my Dad enforced it and stood there, grabbing my arm and pushing me and saying I was going downstairs with him.
So then Barak raped me, and after he did, he brought toilet paper out for the blood.  Then my Dad came downstairs and I looked back and when I did he attempted to hide what he was carrying, which was a box or briefcase with a handle, carried with his left hand and he tried to block and distract my view from it by hiding it and then pushing it onto the floor, maybe under the bed or somewhere.  He didn't have it in his hands when he sat down.  He sat down on the side of the bed next to me, with Barak Obama on the other side, and he told Barak to get something out and Barak took the same electrocution box I was used to seeing, out of his drawer.  They put the metal headband on my head, and I knew I was being electrocuted.  They forced me to sit there and because I was always lying down usually when I was electrocuted with it, I didn't know why I was told to sit up.  I hurt too much to sit upright but I was forced to.  At one point they looked under the bed and verified what was there and I think that's when the box was pulled out possibly, instead of from the drawer, and the other briefcase was verified there first.  My Dad asked Barak where it was and Barak told him and then my Dad said something about have a look (I think to verify a suitcase was there next to it).
Then my Dad told him to get some "socks" out.  He told Barak, first you get the box and then the socks, and started doing things to imply to Barak I'd forget about one of them or mix them up because box and socks sounded alike.  So he was instructing him on how much I "wouldn't remember" after they electrocuted me.
 Someone asked me before about the box or briefcase though and it looked like the box for electrocution my Dad usually has, but he hadn't brought it into the house when we first got out of the car to go to the house.  I think they were exchanging a briefcase of money and an electrocution box. 
Barak got the socks out and with me sitting in the middle, with the metal electrocution device on my head, I was told to put  one of my hands on my Dad's penis, and the other hand on Barak Obama's penis.  Then they turned the electrocution on so high my brain was not only fried, my entire body was shaking from it.  Basically, the way someone shakes, vibrates, or rattles around in an electric chair, is what happened to my body and then they forced me to keep my hands on their penises, and they used socks to ejaculate into.  I was told not to "look" and I did anyway and I know what Barak Obama's penis looks like.  I looked because I had no idea why they were telling me to do this and why I was there, and usually when I was electrocuted, I was chained lying down to a bed, or sitting at a wheel of a pretend car being told to "drive" in training for "brake failure" programming.
When I said, as a kid, he raped me and I wanted to report it to police, one time my mother said you don't even know what he looks like and they had already said no police would help me.  I said, "Yes I do.  I looked.  He has a mole on it."  She said what do you mean and I said, "He has a mole on his penis and most of them don't have one."  I said this a long time ago so I'm sure that mole has been "removed".
Maybe Cindy Crawford borrowed it.
As my Dad and Barak moved suitcases and briefcases into cars outside, saying they'd help pack the car for a trip back to Chicago, or school, or wherever someone was going, I remember another man showed up who was possibly Gary Goldsmith--I heard the name "Gary" for one of the men.  Then the women there included Joy who stood talking to my Mom with Stanley and Carol Middleton who sat in the middle of the couch where Stanley had been, when I asked her if she had a crystal ball.
As I came up from the basement after being raped and then electrocuted, one of the women said there was ice cream now if we wanted any and everyone smirked except for me.  We were offered cake when we got there and then someone mentioned ice cream after I had been raped and forced to sit in an 'electric' chair while my Dad and Barak Obama ejaculated.
So when my Dad was later receiving a Jimi Hendrix poster of Rainbow Bridge, I was their "Bridge", which is why Katie Middleton is being called "Duchess of Cambridge".  The productions company for Jimi is "Electric Lady" so they went as far as they could to be sadistic.  The Bob Marley "Legend" poster has Marley in a shirt the same color as Katie Middleton's engagement dress, and maybe the idea was that "Bob marred Lee's Legend" because before I was being attacked, I was a genius and a gifted psychic already being used for important work.
Since my Dad and Barak raped me and electrocuted me it is also probable when I was younger than that it was Larry, the black man my Dad knew, and Mike Middleton together.  At one house I was held in a basement for about a week, chained to a bed, while several men took turns abusing me.
If Barak Obama thought I killed his Dad when I was a kid, it was because of my ability in psychic work.  I was used, before going to the bog, or other places, to "see" if anyone was at that location.  I was clairvoyant and could think of a location and see what was there in present time.  I mean, in "real time".  So if someone asked me I could say people were there or not.  I could also see which road to take that didn't have people on it.  I was able to say, "It's clear.  You can go here" and I was right. 
Someone didn't like the fact I was so accurate so either out of jealousy my gift was greater than theirs or someone they knew, or to prevent someone from going to the "bog" undiscovered, or other places, they began torturing me secretly to fry my brain.  I remember the first time I made a mistake, and it was after I was repeatedly fried and tortured.
If I met Barak's Dad and was set up to look bad so The Big Baby Barak could viciously rape me and get money for law school, I remember some man once telling me when a black man had asked me about directions somewhere, to go the wrong way.  So if he got hit, and they blamed me, then that is why Barak Obama decided to blame ME with "You killed my Dad!"
Yeah fucker.  And you raped a little girl.  Pedophiles who torture people with electrocution don't "get" to be President's and bitches like Katie Middleton, who is every bit connected, don't "get" to go anywhere other than jail.
I was a very young girl and didn't ask to be a scout for places to go, I just was.  Some of the Jews apparently lost someone to it, so they went after me.  I was trained to do what I did, it's not something I chose for myself, and later, when asked by Valerie Plame to join the CIA's hit man team, I said no way.  I wanted to be a gymnast and an economic analyst.  I wanted to use my body for beautiful things and my mind for intellectual pursuits.  I wasn't interested in what they had to offer when all they were doing were trying to set me up to be killed by them anyway.
So when I write "Yeah fucker" after quoting Barak Obama saying "You killed my Dad!" I say that as an aside like someone who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.  The only black man I can think of that I can even remember was some man who was in a car driving and asking which way to go, and I hardly think I am responsible for his driving.  It's obvious that Barak thinks I am responsible and used this for part of his hate crime against me.  He started saying black people sort of looked like monkeys didn't they, and was egging me on to say something in his bedroom when he was there with me.  I didn't agree or say anything back and then he kept joking and trying to get a response from me and since I was coached to respond to joking with approval, I finally said something like yeah and joked with him, and then he turned on me, with hatred and rage and that was made him decide I had "murdered" his father, and he exclaimed this and then raped me.  Then he masturbated while I was being electrocuted.
Real nice man.  He has some lovely daughters too. 
People I know who knew about my going to the bog included Middletons.  So if they wanted to have me oppressed while they tortured me and others, and colluded with people like Obama and Joy Sterling, and other Jews, to "get even", that has been part of their motive.  They drew a lot of people into that net.
I would have to say, before they tortured me deliberately, my psychic abilities probably challenged theirs because they weren't using the adults--they used me, the little girl.
When I tried to use my gifts and abilities, as a little girl still, to be a gymnast and economic analyst and like kinds of work--normal things, Carol Middleton and others made sure it was impossible.  They were all afraid of me.
When it comes to proving my case against President Barak Obama, I have everything I need to take him down, and his minions with him.  I know the house, the people, I remember the events, the conversations, some of the cars, some of the names; I remember the motive and the conversation I had with him in detail.  I know he thought he was raping me, the white girl, for black and Jewish power.  I remember what his penis looks like.  I am able to point to the probability he got his "idea" that I was responsible for killing his Dad from either a Chicago mobster or someone--even my Dad who is possibly not biologically my Dad at all, or Gary Goldsmith, and the CIA.
I can then show how these things were additional motives to attempt to kill me when I was rock climbing or at twin towers later.
How good of a President do you think he is, if he rapes little girls?  And then masturbates while he's electrocuting them, and makes a joke of it later?  How good can a President be when they are blackmailed with something like that, by at least one person, who can tell them to do whatever they want them to do?
How safe is MY son, when with the repeated assaults and rape against me, I was defamed and he was kidnapped from me?  He was tortured for the same reason:  Fear.
They feared me.
Then they threatened me about my son and tortured him so this is going to end and this time, it ends MY WAY.
The black man who is the only one I knew of (most people I was around were white so it's not like I had anything to do with a bunch of black people--race specifically) that I supposedly was blamed for, if it was Barak Obama's Dad, then that's the only person and I still know I didn't kill him.  I remember something about directions and that's it.  Regardless, I was probably about 6-8 years old at the time.  So for a grown adult to go after me and blame ME, is a grave sign of immaturity and stunted moral development.  If it was him, I remember he was also covered with ants once.  And Barak Obama would know about it and would refer to it in his own way as well.  He wasn't murdered--he was interrogated and was in the ground with red ants crawling on him.  He didn't die, and got out on the account of mercy and I was there in person.  So it's not like I saw him with red ants crawling on him and shot him or did something myself, that was bad to him.  I did nothing to him.
However, notice how Barak Obama gives his Dad a "Jewish" burial, for his entire paternal Jewish family, and comments about how he swore on the "red earth" his Dad was buried in, he'd get revenge.  The "red earth" or soil his father may have been buried in, is an allusion to red ants that crawled on him, which is something Obama doesn't want to share publicly because then it points to how much information he gets from mafia and the CIA and also shows what his motive against me was about.  "Red earth" was a final symbol for the "red ants"  that crawled on him.
Which by-the-way, I've had done to me as a kid, and I didn't go out and rape little kids.  I don't even know if that one man is the same one, but it's the only one I knew or met myself and my parents weren't around. So later, when Charles Goodman is showing up at a house where I was being tortured at in Wenatchee in 2009, and starts putting ants around my room and shower and I know he's Jewish, it's like they never get over it.
When I was a kid, I was abused, tortured, and trained a certain way and I mostly did what I was told to do, like other kids.  There is no way any adult should have blamed me for anything, and I wasn't even around my parents for any of it, so it's not like they were involved with me.  I didn't even talk to them about it. 
If I was working for England at the time, secretly, I didn't know it and I wasn't paid anything, and I could tell you those who tortured me and fried my brain were NOT working "for England".  And really, why torture me and fry my brain when you could just have someone fire me?  It was more like jealousy than wanting to "save those who might be killed at the bog".   I may have even been there when people who cared about me were killed and that's what some enemy wanted.  I didn't know.  Whoever I worked with, I never knew about politics, and I never signed anything or made deals or was given money.  The first time I remember working in way that seemed like real work was as an analyst and gymnastics training.  The next time I remember having what sounded like a "job offer" was from the CIA through Valerie Plame and I didn't like her or think she had something I wanted to be involved with.  I am not sure if I met her before or after I was raped by Barak Obama.  All of it was before I was even 12 years old.
I was being raped and beaten up and tortured for the smallest comment.  If I said one thing wrong, or with an "attitude", I wasn't "spanked" or given "time out"--I was raped, electrocuted, and beaten up and degraded.  I still had an attitude.
Well, I spent a lot of hours in a crib with nothing but a warm bottle of milk keeping me warm, so I have a right to my attitude.  I also have a right to see this rape case prosecuted.  I have the right to have my son returned when he was kidnapped from me and his adoption is fraud committed to conceal criminal activity. 
When the bottle of milk is cold because you're not eating anymore because you're depressed as a baby, and have to lie there with it rolling around touching your skin cold, and nothing else in the room or crib to look at, touch, or play with; and then you're getting fried with a metal head brace on as future President Barak Obama gets off his hot milkshake, and then his friends offer the little girl "ice cream" at the door as she's bleeding from a brutal bloody rape, don't fucking whine to me about some red ants. Or try to make yourself sound great with your "red hands" either.
I specifically remember when I was babysat by Carol Middleton and she came in and looked over the crib railing and said to someone, "She didn't drink the whole bottle."  They had been leaving me in the crib alone with nothing to do for hours upon hours while I was awake--not picking me up or holding me or playing with me.  The only time she picked me up was to electrocute me and curse me.  She would have me lying on the floor and speak one bad after another into my life while looking at me.  I know my mother did this too and caught her one day when she thought I was either asleep or hypnotized and I looked at her in shock.  I sort of remember my eyes being open, like I was in a trance or hypnotized and not able to move when she talked but then it was like something wore off and I could see her clearly and she was saying this crazy horrible stuff to me. 
I had no physical or social contact at all, with other kids or her when I was a baby.  I remember being too depressed to eat and not wanting to live as a baby.  So I refused to eat.  Then they would have this cold bottle rolling against me and sometimes Mike or my Dad at my house would reinforce this by moving my crib back and forth so the bottle rolled up against me and kept hitting me, with nothing else in the crib at all.  Not even blankets.  I would cry and the feeling of being rolled around with this cold rolling bottle was done to inflict emotional distress.  Not only were they hitting me with it, by moving the crib around, it was cold to the touch.  A few times it was put in the fridge or freezer first and then put in my crib so I couldn't eat drink from it and it was just hitting me and other times they got it boiling hot so I couldn't drink from it and burned my mouth.  So when I quit eating as much or not at all, out of emotional distress, Carol and my Mother were both together standing by my crib and Carol said, "I guess she gets a half bottle now".  For a second my Mom looked concerned and upset and Carol was calling the shots.  She made some laugh about how now I was a "Middleton".  I know my Dad did some of the abuse with a bottle rolling around and hitting me because I couldn't figure out why he was doing this like he hated me and I was a baby. He was screaming at me that "This is how we roll" and "let's roll" and shouting at me like a drill sergeant.  It was after he got mad that I was rolling away from him on the floor before I could crawl, to get away from him.  He'd shout, "You wanna roll? huh? huh?"  This was also done to me by another man in Canada or England who was possibly Mike Middleton.   It wasn't when they later got a crib and had it in my room.  Maybe he tried that too, but this was when I was little.   I know Mike Middleton took me to his workplace and forced me to give blow jobs to some of the people he knew because when I was older and went there I saw some of them expected it when I visited the flight tower.  There were about 4-5 of them that expected it.
One of the reasons I was scared to go downstairs to the basement is because that was where Katie Middleton's Dad, Mike Middleton, had me chained to an iron bed in his basement for a time and invited several British and Irish politicians and men he knew to abuse me sexually and degrade me.  There were possibly 3 basements and I'm positive about 2 of them.  I am positive about Mike and Carol Middleton's basement and some of the British and Irish men who assaulted me there, at their house in England, and I am positive about being chained up for a short time, or tied rather, in my Aunt Locklyn's basement at one time, and then I slightly remember my Uncle Charles, who has passed away and was with the military, doing the same once with his basement for maybe one day or so.  With Mike Middleton, he had British and Irish politicians assault me.  There has to be some French person in there somewhere because I remember the accent but mostly it was British (at least one royal, possibly I would say two of them).  I would say, a gang-bang of at least 6 men.  At my Aunt Locklyn's, it was mostly Hispanic men and some white American men.  At my Uncle Charles Howard's house, it was all U.S. military. 
So when the U.S. military tortures me with long-range torture, there are not a lot of people standing up for me.  In all of the basements, it was always the same approximate number of men and same approximate conditions.  It was always with me lying on a bed either chained or tied, and men coming through one by one and then all at once, confronting me there.  It may have been only a few days each time, but it felt more like at least a week.  The longest period I was chained up was in England at Mike Middleton's house.
I know around that time my Dad, one of the Bob's, was crying sometimes whenever he tried to talk to me.  I don't know if it was about me or someone else or what, but this is literally what they've done. It used to cause me so much distress to see him crying every time he talked to me I begged him not to cry anymore and made him promise.  I am sure it could have been a ploy on his part, or acting, but that is a fact.   So when these groups hear about Barak Obama raping me and electrocuting me, it's no big deal to them.
So guess where Alvaro Pardo wanted to send me off to?  Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal and who knows, maybe I could get raped and people could just say I was a prostitute even when I wasn't.  I was also burned sometimes, or tortured in these basements.  It was sort of like the movie "The General's Men" where the woman is tortured or held in a basement.
Of the people I can positively identify from Mike Middleton's basement, it would be royal Prince Philip for one of the royals.  I was surprised a royal went to his house or knew him and was used to seeing them only at their house or a plane so I was confused by why Philip knew Mike Middleton but he did.  He was not the only royal who showed up at that house to go to that basement.  One of them brought a gun with him, and held it against me.  It may have been Edward or Edward might have shown up with them but it was possibly Andrew and Andrew had a pistol with him.  Later, when they met my Dad and talked about killing me, Philip carried the pistol and Andrew carried the rifle, which was the reverse of how they hunted or went out generally.  Prince Charles did not show up there, from what I remember.  The prime minister showed up.  There was also a man who went by the name "Alexander" that was there, and a man who went by "Louis".  I am pretty sure Prince Philip said to call him Alexander even though I knew he was Philip and Andrew gave another name as well.  The name "George" was also used there among the men who sexually assaulted me at the Middleton's house.  When I started referring to Philip as Philip, he beat me and Andrew held a gun at me, like Philip did, if I started to say their real names.  At the end of being ejaculated on, sexually molested, and beat up, and electrocuted, a week later or something, one day, they all showed up or several of them did, and forced me to put a metal bucket over my head.  It fit completely over the top of my head to my neck, like a washing bucket of some kind and they took a stick and had turns beating me over the head and hitting the metal bucket like I was a "Pinata".  That was their joke as well.  They made it sound as though they were getting revenge for my going to the bog when "the bog" was something I was taken to, not my own idea.  It was like they wanted to hurt me for someone who was killed or someone didn't like me or wanted vengeance and I had only done what I was told to do.  I basically handed out the weapons to them or gave them tools as asked, sometimes, like a medical assistant to a doctor. I'm not saying all those who showed up at Middleton's were part of the bog, but some of them were.  Others were people I didn't know as well, like the PM.   I think Edward was there too. It was like all of them except for Charles that I saw, and one of them was less harsh than the others but I don't want to confuse Edward and Andrew.  I was so shocked by Philip I did my very best to be as charming as I could--with the royals I knew, I tried very hard because I didn't know if I was even going to live.  They taunted me while kicking me around and beating the bucket with a stick, calling me "Bloody Mary" and bloody this, bloody that.  I heard "bloody" so much it became part of my vocabularly in the U.S. and then kids and adults looked at me oddly when I'd say, "This is a BLOODY mess!"  I said "bloody" so much and my mother cringed every single time I did.  "Bloody" this and "Bloody" that, and my Mom told me NOT to use the word "bloody" anymore and I said, "Why not?  It's not a swear word.  It just means blood!"  I didn't know what the big deal was, but my favorite word was
I even told my Mom it was my favorite word.  I liked how it sounded.  She just cringed.  So they used an electrocution device on me in the basement of Mike Middleton's house with some Irish, British politicians and royals.  Can anyone tell me why I was there to begin with?  If they hated me so much why not just ignore me?  Instead, they made my entire life a spectacle and I know Jews and others are glad I'm talking about it because it makes me sound cheapened.  They WANT me to sound "cheapened".  They didn't want me to go on with a normal life and be a nice person with manners and friendly with others and have a career and family.  They were too afraid of me with even the slightest amount of dignity.  So of course they relish every moment that they feel glorified and get "credit" for what they did to me, and think I sound tawdry and undesirable and now Katie reeeeaaaaally looks "pristine" (scoff) doesn't she?  I would keep it to myself for dignity reasons alone but now I want criminals going to jail.  The only reason I continue being tortured is because of how many in the past made an investment into abusing and torturing me and want to feel they have their "back-up plan" covered.  To find out who is responsible for implanting me or directly tortures or defames me now, all anyone has to do is look at who would have wanted to harm me in the past or, if they changed their minds, are wanting to use blackmail to harm me now.
When I was in the basement at my Aunt Locklyn's house, I was sexually molested again and provoked but not as badly by some, and there was more liquor involved.  They tortured me with an electrocution box and I was scared of them because of their knives.  They had a thing with pulling out knives and giving menacing looks and I had to drink more liquor with them.
Prince Philip burned me with an iron the last time he visited me, at Middletons.  He was the only one who used it to burn me from the group and he was sort of last in line, waiting for his turn and that is what he did. 
With my Uncle Howard's group, the U.S. military, they were the most vicious.  There were not as many of them but the ones who came in, severely beat me and kicked me and wore military paraphernalia and yelled at me, and were more aggressive from the start.  Half of them had PTSD and acted like they were ready to fly off and whack someone from sneezing up a flashback for them accidentally.  I was glad there were only a few of them and was shocked because Uncle Charlie never acted violent himself.
 I don't want William of Wales or Harry around my son, or any of these people for the same reason.  They're criminals unless they prove it to me they're not.  If William married Katie, of all people, from THAT family, knowing what I know about them, they are criminals.  They are not joining up with criminals that wrote a bad check, or stole something when they were hungry or trapped, or told a lie under oath.  They're criminals who torture children, specifically; who electrocute those kids they think might be future competition; abuse and exploit children for sexual gratification; and arrange assassinations and decades of torture for anything who doesn't join them.  Katie's "joining" them doesn't make her a better person--it makes her weak.
 Katie Middleton is where she is from Cum-bridges.  She's the Cum-bridge Duchess and she wanted that title for rubbing it in, to reward those who committed crimes against children to sponsor her with slush funds,  and she and her family should not receive one cent from the public.
I don't care if my parents and the Middletons (who did the "hits" out in the bog) go to jail with her because I know what they did.  As for Obama, he relied on my not wanting to tell on my own parents to keep himself safe from disclosure of disgusting and heinous crimes he committed, as an adult, against a child.
The only thing I am possibly mistaken about would be if the mole was on George Bush Jr.'s penis, or Barak Obamas.  It was not a freckle or a pimple.  It was a distinct mole and not 'fuzz' from something.  I know it was one of the two of them.  I was exposed to both of them, but I do not believe or remember George Bush Jr. raping me.  He exposed himself and touched me and wanted me to touch him, on one of the private planes, in the same room where my Mom and I slept.  George Bush Jr. molested me and exposed himself and Barak Obama raped me and exposed himself.
Then George Bush was behind attempting to kill me later as well, threatening from the White House over an intercom to the fire station tower to "Stand Down".  Why Stand Down?  Because of Stan-ley?  It may have been a reference to my Dad and Obama telling me "sit down" and then electrocute me, which both George Bush Jr. could use for a personal security reassurance for his pedophilia as well as Obama.  As for Middletons, both Bush and Obama supported them for these kinds of reasons.
I did not mistake the opening of the penis for being a "mole"--it was a very dark brown to black mole, regular in size and shape, not irregular more like a freckle, and was on the front or top, as in looking down on it, the top, and more to one side than the other, not exactly in the center.  It was the only mark on the penis that stood out in any way.  I knew the difference between "moles" and "freckles" because I have both on my arms.  It wasn't a stick-on decal or something either.  It was a natural mark.  I know it was George Bush or Obama because of the impact my statement made to my Mom when I made it.  With George Bush it would have been how did I know about him, and then the impact realized when I heard him or his Dad calling up from the White House, with military, to the fire tower.  So I would have known he was concerned and the mark would stand out for him in that way and I wouldn't forget.  With Obama, I would remember or it would stand out because he raped me and then the electrocution thing was so bizarre.  Believe me, Obama and Bush worked together.  The whole "Republican vs Democrat" thing doesn't matter to them when both are guilty of pedophilia and/or rape.  They were both interested in getting attention from the British and royals as well.
Having so many rape or assault me as a kid, makes this entire group "feel better" and more secure as if the larger their pedophile circle is, the better security they have.  I don't believe this is how the Justice System works.
If I make a claim about rape by Barak Obama and can back it up and have testimony which can be substantiated, he should be prosecuted and because his contacts are so heavily connected with Middletons, they should be brought in on international charges of trafficking.
The other thing is that Barak Obama was on his way to school in Chicago or somewhere, and Gary Goldsmith was there as well.  There was my parent's car outside, and then after I was raped they had me help carry briefcases and suitcases and the electrocution box and put them in Gary's car and Obama's car.  There were two cars that got loaded up.  From what I remember, it was Stanley Ann Dunham's birthday or that was the reason I was told we were going there--for her birthday, and it was late summer and Barak Obama had just told me downstairs how he was going to law school.  What I mean by Gary Goldsmith was there as well, is that one of the cars was his and the other was Obamas.  They were seeing him off and one car was to drive Obama there and the other was Goldsmith-Middletons.  Then it was my parent's car and then I believe the Sterlings weren't parked but someone drove around to pick her up but not like parked there a long time.
 It was an SUV style car for the pick-up
After the briefcases, box, and suitcases were packed, everyone looked like they were leaving the house all at the same time.  We went to our car, Stanley Ann was supposedly driving Barak Obama to Chicago or somewhere, Gary and Carol going to the airport, and Forrest Tancer or Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame picked up Joy Sterling.  There was a blond woman already in the SUV that looked like Valerie.  The one other question mark is possibly a woman that looked like Diana Spencer but if so, it was sneaking back and forth and I didn't have a very good look. I remember some thought about it for some reason.  I'm positive about the SUV pick up.  It was a black or dark large SUV.
Of the Dunham-Obama and Goldsmith-Middleton car, one was possibly brown-rust colored and longer sedan and one was olive green or white.  The electrocution box went into Gary's car and one of the briefcases went in Barak Obama's car to go to Chicago.  Suitcases went to both I believe, or duffle bags.  A duffle bag or backpack went to our car, a station wagon.  Joy Sterling and the other woman got into the Plame SUV with maybe a cake box.
I had someone once tell me to remember the house address but I don't remember it.  I was told to remember it or it was said out loud and I tried to remember it.  I did remember for a long time and then I forgot.
The Plame car people told me to "get in" and I shook my head no and walked away.  Not even Diana would have lured me to that car.  I stepped up and then got right back out when I smelled murder on their breath.  Valerie sat on the passenger side in front.  Diana was the one who looked worried.  She and Joy sat in the back seat and Joy had handed off the cake box to her to hold.  I didn't see her in the house, she never showed her face, but leaving the house and in the car I sort of remember Diana Spencer there.   Instead, I got into my parent's car after they'd just set me up for rape and electrocution.
Then this group took me "rock climbing" to kill me.

Possibly what scared me was seeing Diana holding a box when I remembered she had electrocuted me with the electrocution box before.  So the cake box was a reminder and there was no way I was going to sit next to "That Lady".

I turned around to get out and then started screaming when someone tried to pull me back in and I fought my way out of their hit man car and went to a different hit man car.

Like I had options.

Carol Middleton was still in the house so I didn't know what was going on.  One of the women had the keys.  I think someone said something about it, "Does Carol have the keys?" (maybe it was for the car) and something about how she was cleaning up.  I didn't see which car Carol went to but I know Gary was there was her so I'd assume she went with him.

James Middleton started a company recently, which I read he calls "The Cake Kit".  Not "Rape Kit"--"Cake Kit".  Is this not just a little strange?  I mean talk about in-your-face.

I don't remember who locked up the house but it was either Joy Sterling, Carol Middleton, or Stanley Ann Dunham and then I am not sure who the keys were passed to, if they were, from there.  Stanley Ann was not super thin and I don't remember her being the last person to stand there at the front door so it was possibly Carol Middleton or Joy.

I remember Stanley already in one of the cars that were parked on the side of the house.

It's always possible a realtor or someone with access to a house, used one as a site for all of this, but I had the impression it was  a house Stanley lived at because of the poster downstairs, which was supposed to be Barak Obama's and the fact there was a dresser there with socks in the drawer.  It's possible someone just put a poster on the wall and then took it down, but that's what I remember.  My Dad was the one who asked if Carol had the keys.  It was supposedly a house Stanley Ann Dunham lived in, in Seattle, and everyone was there for her birthday and from there Barak was going to where he went to college or was going to law school.  If she didn't live there, someone used that house with the claim she did.

Later, they tried to kill me rock-climbing and after that, they tried to kill me at the look-out tower and then the fire station tower. 

From what I remember, in the SUV it was a driver who looked like Joe Wilson, passenger like Valerie Plame, Forrest Tancer and Joy Sterling, Diana Spencer.

There was one other man involved who I don't remember right now, who was with Gary and Barak and was taking luggage and things out.  Maybe someone named "Dan" or "Greg Smith" or "Alan".  I'm not positive about the others but I'm positive about these people.

I was supposed to get into the SUV and sit next to Forrest, who sat behind the driver and the woman who looked like Valerie and I believe, was addressed as Valerie.  Diana and Joy sat behind him so there were 3 seats for that SUV, it wasn't just 2 rows of seats but 3.  It was like an FBI SUV, how they have 3 rows of seats, but this SUV seemed shorter, not quite as long, so possibly some kind of a Land Rover type of SUV, if those have 3 rows of seats (I don't know).

Stanley Ann Dunham was in the car that was going to drive Obama and maybe one other man to Chicago and then Gary Goldsmith had the other car, which presumably Carol was going to as well but she may have gone to the SUV.  I don't know.  Another man or two may have gone with Goldsmith but I don't remember everything at this time though it's not impossible I won't remember more.

I'm just saying this is how they split up.  They basically cleared the house within 30 minutes or so of my Dad and Obama electrocuting me in the basement.  All of them cleared the house.  To my knowledge, there wasn't one person who was still at the house, and it got locked up and Carol gave my Dad the keys for something.  It might have even been cleared in 15 minutes.  It was up the stairs, help with suitcases and luggage, take them to the car, women inside talking and asking about ice cream or cake, and then people going to vehicles outside, the SUV arrives for pick-up to the airport, Gary is going somewhere, Obama is going somewhere, and my parents are leaving with me, bleeding and lying down in the back of the car.

I would say it was a premeditated hit against me of rape and electrocution.  Most of the time, people don't show up for birthday parties and then all leave the house within 15-30 minutes of a rape and electrocution, nor do they exchange briefcases and electrocution boxes.



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