Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reporting Barak Obama & My Offers for Intelligence Work

I was scheduled to report Barak Obama this morning to several agencies including Congress.  It was going to be this morning but I decided to go tomorrow.

The Secret Service told me it had to be reported to Congress. 

What I know, is Barak has no business conducting business when he's a pedophile rapist.  He was involved with Middletons, Goldsmiths, Valerie Plame, Tancer-Sterlings, and my parents and some others as well.

My fear last night was that he was going to have some black people murdered who know he is a criminal.  I think there are some black men who don't like him and who know what he's done and are sick over the idea of having me wait one more day, which is one more day of his being in power, unreported, while they and other criminals collude to put hits on as many people as they can before having it to other officials.  Also, this stalling has given them time to put people into position to take my calls and reports that THEY want in line.

Every day that law enforcement has stalled on this, and then I had an advocacy group stalling for one full week, is time lost when Barak is feeling desperate again and trying to put his ducks in a row to shoot.

I knew, after I called and left a message that I was not going to the offices to make phone calls today, that something was wrong.  I knew someone was in danger from it and I don't know why, but it's true.
Having that "bad" feeling and not knowing why my delay might affect something or someone, then brought me to the news this morning, about Barak having a meeting as if nothing is wrong, to agree to end the "shut down".

Whoever is or was, and who HAS BEEN put at risk because of U.S. government officials stalling and attempts to block reports of major crimes by the President and Middletons and others, I regret this has affected them.  It is not like I have not been trying to take care of the problem.

The other serious possibility with regard to Barak Obama is that he has been working for either Mossad or MI5 himself.  There is enough reason which would suggest, given the people I know surrounded him at the time he was stalking me, he was employed by either Mossad (from Israel) or MI5 (the English version of FBI), or MI6 (the overseas version of FBI for Britain, sort of like CIA). 

However, at the very same time, Mike and Carol Middleton were directly working for CIA when I knew them, while having close contact with the British royalty.  Mike Middleton or James Gilbey told me what MI5 was.  I was a kid when MI5 was explained to me and it was either James Gilbey or Mike Middleton and no possibility it was anyone else that talked to me about it.

I was asked by 3 different countries if I wanted to work for their intelligence and/or join a Communist Party by the time I was 10 or 11:  Russia, the U.S., and England. 

I have no doubt many of the individuals I was around were involved in "intelligence".  The fact that Barak Obama was showing up in England to stalk me out with Jews, in connection with what he knew my relationship was with British, indicates he was getting his information from a bunch of Jews who either worked for Mossad, CIA, or MI5.

After I was in Russia, with someone bringing up a "69" position (sexually), I was then in England and having a baby placed on its back but reverse position of my body.  At this same time, around this time, there was a woman who had been nursing a baby off and on.  I was being told to give oral sex to the baby and I refused.  After I was taken out and drugged and had photos taken of me, I was then told to meet Barak Obama who told me to suck my Dad's nipple in front of him and I refused.  The fact that Obama was there, having first known of my location and how to contact me, leads to Goldsmith-Middletons. I was given the number for calling "Charles" at the place where they licked me and drugged me with Gary Goldsmith present, who was supplying the cocaine.

Then Obama engaged in the entire sadistic game of humiliating repeatedly with a rubber ball idea, and torture, which was engaged in by some of the royals and the Goldsmith-Middletons.  They then carried that over to setting me up to be raped by him with several of the original persons involved, present, including people from the CIA.  Most of the people involved, whether from England or the U.S., were Jewish or had Jewish ancestry.  Diana Spencer did, Barak Obama did, Carol Goldsmith-Middleton did, Daniel did, Bob and Dicksie Garrett did, Stanley Ann Dunham did, Barak Obama's father's family was 100% practicing Jews, and Gary Goldsmith and Joy Sterling is.  Scott Sandberg was definitely there, and it was either Alan Springer or Greg Smith (who is now an attorney) that was also there, and an Italian man Barak Obama called "Frank".  Frank was going with him to Chicago after he raped me.  "Frank", the 'mentor' Obama mentions in his book, is not a "black man" from somewhere--it's an Italian man who supported him for raping me and electrocuting me and drove with him from the site of the hit to Chicago so OBAMA could go to law school.  Some people have hypothesized who "Frank" was, and assumed it was a black man and some have tried to cover, happily enough.  However, I KNOW "Frank" and what "Frank" it was that drove that car and was hanging out with a bunch of corrupt Jews that try to torture, rape, and assassinate little kids.

The fact Barak Obama was so tied-into England and first met me there, in England, not in the U.S., and because he stalked me out through Middleton, gives enough suspicion to believe he was working for either Mossad or England's MI5, not the U.S.  Which is why he'd take the extra precaution not to bow to Queen Elizabeth but would secretly promote and support Katie Middleton.

On the other hand, Mike Middleton, who supposedly worked for England, was working directly with CIA and the U.S. and Diana Spencer was along for the ride.

If you think Barak Obama will not put a "hit" on someone he thinks might testify against him for his crimes, you'd better think again.  He put a "hit" on a kid of rape and electrocution and then went to law school like he'd never broken a law in his life.  Do you really think the police he knows are not corrupt?

Obama is going to TAKE YOU OUT if he can.  So pretending he's your friend, or he'll protect you, or thinking he's a stable person, is not going to put your own life at an advantage.  Either he'll murder you before anyone knows, or you get him first and talk.

He plotted and planned rape of me, while I was a child, for years.  This is a methodical, calculating mind who has no respect for "laws".  He went to law school as a cover for being a gangster.

Not only that, he had FBI involved in the hit against me, helping to clean the place.  He thinks he's got it covered.

The fact that Diana Spencer was present for torture of me in the dungeon; tortured me with a device herself with Carol Middleton and while she was alone; was present for a "premeditated hit" to rape me as a kid and electrocute me by Barak Obama; showed up to verify an assassination of me went through successfully; and had knowledge of money and property stolen from me by my parents and Middletons, is sufficient motive for "That Lady" to have her death faked.

Because there were some politicians and an Archbishop and a magistrate involved with knowledge of what was done to me, if they needed someone to arrange to have a group lie, they could gather some people together who were easy to blackmail.  No one did an autopsy of Diana's body.  It's not like they cut into her.  They claimed she was taken to a mortuary and verified by Charles and labs were sent to Judges.  No one saw her, after she supposedly died, except for a few people who would have a motive to lie.

How was the "Queen of Hearts" supposed to explain to everyone, all these things she'd done and still look like a "humanitarian"?  I think some of them kept expecting me to die and when I didn't, she decided it was time to hide out so she couldn't be prosecuted or exposed, and to create a distraction so they could pimp out Katie Middleton and Barak Obama to the world.  She "disappeared" after failed assassination attempt against #?, in 1995, and made quick plans to get out by 1997. 

Diana Spencer was part of coordinating programming me to have "brake failure" in my car.

The idea her body is on some island at Althorp is just a way to keep anyone from digging her up to discover there is no body, or that the DNA doesn't match hers.

As for me and the job offers I had as a pre-teen, I had offers from Russia, England, and the U.S., or for Communist Party admission.  I did not know the U.S. had me "wired" and bugged, in my own body.  I had no way of knowing they were deliberately torturing me and putting me in danger on purpose.  I never once betrayed any country over anything, or thought, in my mind, that I was doing that.  I wasn't political and didn't know enough about politics.  I remember being asked at various times, by Russians, to work for Russia and I was scared to do it.  I told them I didn't know, and didn't want to get in trouble.  I did want my right to live there and would have worked there.  I told them my main objective was to have normal work but it was very hard to do after a certain point. 

After I was in Russia, James Gilbey told me about MI5 and asked me to work for them.  He talked about it first and then asked me if I wanted to work for them.  I said sure, it sounded exciting, and he said, "You can't work for two countries at the same time." I was accused of trying to be a double-agent or of trying to betray one country for the other country.  When he said you can't work for two at the same time I had said, "Why not?"  Then the CIA came out of their hiding places and exposed themselves to me in public.  Valerie Plame told me about the CIA and asked me to work for them and I said "No".  I never once entertained any idea of working for the U.S. CIA, ever.

I didn't like the U.S. CIA.  I knew they were responsible for torturing me as a kid in my own country, and using me in other places, and I didn't think Plame was that smart, and I also didn't care to work as a "weapons munititions" person or a "hit man/woman" for the CIA.  Most of all, above all else, when I knew she was U.S., I said no.  At that point when I rejected the CIA (who never got over it like a bad Corporation with Border Personality Disorder), I had no other job offers or prospects.  I'd been tortured all over the place and forced out of work and not given opportunities to work at my house or do anything I tried to do.  So from that point forward, the U.S. decided they'd make me pay and punish me the rest of my life for daring turn THEM down.  I was also asked to work for Tancer-Sterlings and they sounded to me like more U.S. government, screaming about espionage and Margaret and Edward Howard and did you send this information to so-and-so, and more guns and briefcases, and I said "No thanks.  The injections you gave me, I'll never forget."

So the U.S. wanted to dump me.  If I wasn't going to work for them, I wasn't going to werk fur NObuddy (thump-thump). 

In the meantime, I was passed between Putin, KGB, Royals, MI5, Mossad, and the CIA and beat up and tortured over ideas of "betrayal" and "treason" or espionage, or "bad manners" or "trying to take a boyfriend" when I was under the age of 12, when really, they were a bunch of adults that were gang-raping me, and electrocuting me because my abilities challenged their own.

Barak Obama didn't rape me when I was a kid, for "killing" his Dad.  He raped me because he knew I was better than him.  He also knew I was better than Katie Middleton or the rest of the individuals.  It was common knowledge.

I was better than most of them and they resented me like a jealous pack of grown-up intelligence beasts who didn't want my abilities taking money from them or my winning the competition over to my side.  And let's not forget, this was all before I even had a period or was considered, by some cultures in the world, to be a "woman".  I was a kid, and they targeted me out of jealous hatred.  A little kid.  All of those big boys and girls!  Wow.  What professionalism.  Look at how many of those big names it took to assault me and help them suck their thumbs and feel like they were out of diapers now.

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