Thursday, December 19, 2013

UPDATED: The Hunt: When I Was Hunter and Being Hunted

I was a hunter.

I am reminded of something, about almost being killed in Africa as a kid, and it was a news story from Reno, NV that reminded me.  The people killed in an ER had initials of CG CL and SS and it reminded me of when I was almost killed by a wild tiger and the S.S. was involved (Secret Service) in attempting to murder me.

It was one other time that I can remember an assassination attempt against me where the U.S. Secret Service was part of trying to murder me.  They were there with U.S. military and I wouldn't know, really, who the others were involved with, but it was Secret Service.  When I wasn't murdered by the tiger (think "crouching tiger, hidden dragon"), I was jumped by a gang of S.S.  They kicked me, roughed me up, and tried to blame me for something but I saw the source of their anger was astonishment and shock that I was not dead myself.

I was taken on safari to be murdered at one point.

It was after this, I told someone, yes, I don't want to go back to the United States, I wanted political asylum.

The U.S. had me all over the place.  They were flying me to all kinds of locations in the world and trying to keep it a secret and then when their plans went wrong, they couldn't do anything about it in a normal court of law or try to make false accusations there because then they'd be admitting they were responsible for trafficking me all around the world in the first place. 

I am vegan now.  I've been vegetarian and vegan for 4 years now.  I was vegetarian for about 2 years and then vegan for almost 2 years now.  I like to think it helps animals a little, which is funny, because I was a hunter.  I'm not opposed to hunting though, I just don't hunt myself.  I used to hunt when I was a kid and was with others who hunted.

I was on cold morning hunts, where we got up before dawn, hid out in trees in the woods, and waited for the deer or game.  It was freezing cold and you had to be silent and I didn't enjoy it much.  I didn't like cold fishing either.  I went on several fox hunts, along with the cold hunting in England and in U.S., and I shot bird with the Reagans (Nancy is not bad with a rifle) and the VP.  I am not sure if it was Cheney on a Reagan hunt once or Cheney with Bush, but I shot with both the Reagans and the Bush people.  It was pheasant kinds of birds, and quail.  I believe I also shot with some royal.  I think I maybe shot small game (rabbit) and birds. 

Then one day I was flown to Africa and among other things that were done and happened, which I've written about, I was on a wild game safari.  We went out more than once--I know I loved seeing all of the wild animals and there were tons.  I was also on an anti-poaching mission prior to being set up to be murdered by a tiger (which I'll write about).

Among the adventures, one was being on foot when coming across a herd of freaking wild boars with tusks, and these were not your "American hogs".  They were WILD and crazy pigs.  I actually did better with the wild cats and bears than I did with those pigs and boars.  I kept trying to catch one, by jumping and landing on it, or pinning it, and stabbing it, but they were like firecrackers that went haywire.  I think I was told, "You can be Queen if you catch a boar."  I was seriously told that.  Like if I caught one of those wild boars, the royals would really make me a Queen.  Hah!  One of the Roberts caught one or kept one from killing me, but actually, I guess it was right AFTER they'd tried murdering me with the wild tiger.  From what I remember, that was possibly in New Zealand.  We went from New Zealand and Australia to Africa, or the other way around.  I think it was NZ and Australia and then Africa, and then I was back home in M.L. with African rings around my neck. If I am correct, William of Wales was there with me for the boar hunt.  I remember it as being the William I knew from England.  There we were with feral pigs running at full-speed in the forest.  You know the name "Will Ferral"?  Well.  There is a reason THAT name became known.  One of the Roberts caught a boar or pig, from what I remember, and I tried many times but they kept slipping away and then wanted to kill me.  And then Will caught one.  Maybe it was a smaller one, I think so, not one of the huge full-grown boars, but he caught himself a REAL boar.  It was, like, so predictive.  He was a little more than toddler age and stood there, watched it and jumped, throwing his entire body over one and got it, like a tackle.  It was me, a Robert Garrett, Diana, a few men and women who were adults.  The only kids were me and Will.  He was sort of running around, trying to catch it like a kid does, and then someone stopped him and told him to stand still and whispered into his ear.  He stood there, and didn't move, until it was right next to him, watching it, and jumped.  After he and a Robert caught a pig, they moved on to something else, and I never caught one.  I was surprised I had not caught one actually, because other times I was able to catch animals with my bare hands, but I guess I was better with a weapon.  I could catch fish with my bare hands, in a river, and rodents and small animals, but I guess I wasn't willing to throw my entire body over the pig and held back.  I remember I was trying to catch it by throwing my arms out to go around it as it came past.  When I saw how Will caught one with instructions, and how he had stood there and then threw his entire body over it, I decided to try that and was standing still to imitate the technique and then they looked at me and said we were moving on.  I got upset because I wanted to try out the technique.  I thought, what kind of lesson in hunting is that?  Well, it wasn't a lesson.  It was just a game.

I got set up to go out into the bush, into tall grass, with a Robert Garrett Jr. who left me before a wild tiger approached, that had been crouching, and went to kill me.  The Secret Service were extremely upset I was not killed.  Then they wanted to cover up what they'd attempted so they had a boar go after me, to have me remember the wild boar instead of their attempts to kill me (seriously) with a wild tiger.

For some reason, out there, I was able to pacify a black panther.  Not the tiger.  The tiger wanted me for dinner and was hungry.  It was NOT a "zoo tiger".  This was a hungry, ravenous, wild tiger, rangy and scruffy.  Then there was a black panther but it didn't care if I was around.

I WAS actually caged in circus cages before though.  So I was thrown into cages with big beasts at a circus once--they put me into a cage with a lion one time.  I don't remember when or why we were taken to a circus but it was after I saw a Dicksie riding a horse bareback with bare feet behind a rider, holding a knife and almost killing me in England.  So then after this, for whatever reason, I was at a circus and told to try to ride a horse by standing on it with my bare feet.  One of the Dicksies could.  She could get on this horse and it would go around the ring and she'd ride it like it was a wake-board.  She didn't look very happy actually, even though she liked horses, she sort of looked like an unwilling contestant for a show.  I tried it, and could sort of do it but not really.  I fell off or down but I always got back up.  I was also shown the circus trapeze and high wire.  One time I fell from the trapeze and into the net which turned into some kind of huge net trap and then I was shot with a tranquilizer.  I got tranquilizers at the circus.  Like, shot with tranq guns.  And that was separate from being tortured in a quarantine and caged into tiny cages with dogs and shot with tranqs.

I was around wild animals, needless to say.

I can actually remember having to live with wolves.  I have no idea what kind of crack the U.S. was on, but they had me literally living with a pack of wolves.  Not like normal dogs or kennel dogs--wolves.  I don't know how long it was for, but it was before I was 3 years old.  Something like that, and I had no one to communicate with but wolves.  I remember crawling around with wolves and imitating them because I was trying to imitate what living mammals I was around.
I'd like to know why Colombia seems to know so much about what's been done to me.

However, the wild tiger in Africa, was a Secret Service attempt to murder me.  It was not the only time they had an organized hit on me, but they really preferred this whole "accidental" thing.  I know this was after I had killed a bear in Idaho and some of the men were upset I asked why they had run away  when I ran to it and killed it, and why were they just going to leave me there.  They were far enough ahead of me, had I run from that bear, it could have chased me and I'd have been the first one it caught and contented itself with.

On a Dicksies part, I think she was mad about my remembering cutting on me with knives, into my skin, or maybe pedophilia.

It makes me wonder if I was kidnapped from someone and used as bait my entire life, like revenge for my parents first baby dying or something.  Like, someone knew who killed Gannon, so someone somehow acquired a baby THEY could torture that was connected to someone they wanted revenge against and then they tortured me my entire life out of an attempt to "get back" and extort people to do things for the CIA.

I even remember being taken to a pediatric doctor's offices and forced to give him oral sex of some kind before I was three years old and it was Dr. Levi Kwaume, the doctor who delivered my brother Levi.  It was his own practice and private office, and I was told how to make it "hard" or "soft".  My mother's going to the office for OB-GYN visits were doubling as a U.S. government use of me for future trafficking to others around the world.  I asked a Dicksie about it once and she totally denied it and said he was a "very good doctor" and a "good man".  A "wonderful doctor".  That's not what I remember.  I remember he was really nice and then I was being coached to give him blow-jobs there when I was about 2-3, which is when one of the Dicksies was pregnant with my brother Levi.  It is spelled possibly Kvamme (pronounced KwAH-mee).  I am not mistaken I was sexually assaulted by him.  He was born and raised in Norway and moved to the U.S. and joined the U.S. Navy and married Shirley Larson Kendell and had children Marcie Kendell Reilly (New Mexico), LeAnne Kvamme Parton (Moses Lake), David Kvamme (California), and had sisters Sigrunn Kvamme and Hilga Mykeltun.  I believe it is possible David was also a perv, but I am not sure if he's the David that showed up there to assault me as well.  David was horrible, and hateful, and stared at me like all he wanted to do was ruin my entire existence.  A very mean and bad person.  He used to insult me on top of everything else.  Kvamme was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  They used the Mykeltun reference, I think, to confuse the Middleton familiarity, and I was assaulted by Mike Middleton as well when trafficked to England.

It is very possible, I was switched at birth.  I had so many stories told to me.  One was that I was born in Canada at a place known by Queen Juliana from Netherlands.  That story was told to me after Johnny Spencer told me I was born in their barn (in England, at Althorp).  There was also an older man I lived with for awhile, in the middle of some very blizzard-y place in the U.S. (like Minnesota or Dakotas) or Canada.  I had to hold onto a line that ran from the house to the barn, like the man did, to go back and forth because you could get lost in the blizzards--there was nothing to see.  That man told me I was under witness protection program.  I said what's that and he said it was a program for people whose lives were endangered.  He told me my parents were not my parents and that my real parents had been killed in a car accident.  I said why did they get killed in a car accident, and he said he didn't know but they had died and I was with him for witness protection.  He told me my real name was Anna.   I am positive he said my name was Anna and I'm positive he said my parents were killed in a car accident. 

One day some men from Jersey came over to the house, and it was earlier in the year, not during blizzards. They jumped him, beat him up, or some man up, and killed him or knocked him unconscious.  This was before or after.  Then at that same location, there was some kind of blizzard and this line between the barn and house, or the well and the house, and a Robert Garrett Jr. showed up one day and told me to cut the line so the man couldn't get back.  I said why and he said he was a kidnapper and bad.  He hadn't been bad to me.  I wasn't tortured there or abused.  But I was told to cut the line and I did.  Wait, it was slightly different.  I think the Jersey guys attacked maybe a Robert Garrett and possibly someone else.  Also, I remember I didn't cut the line on the man who had me in the witness protection.  Well, what I remember, is I was out there with him.  He wasn't molesting me.  When I asked about my parents dying in a car accident, he wouldn't tell me a lot but he said they were killed and others were trying to kill me, including Bob and Dicksie, and, he said, "You're here because the Queen tried to kill you."  He meant the Queen of England.  I don't see how he could have meant any other Queen because when "The Queen" was said, it usually meant English unless otherwise specified, because that's who I'd known the most or been around.  I said, "Why does the Queen want to kill me?"  He said something about why and then said, "She put a hit on you and it was discovered and that's why you're here."  Then one day I was outside in the blizzard and one of the Robert Garretts had George Bechtold telling him to take me outside and when I was approached, when the man was out there, I was told he'd kidnapped me and was bad and going to kill me maybe, but this Robert didn't sound extremely enthusiastic about it.  I believe both Roberts were out there and then one didn't sound like he wanted to but possibly he cut the line because I don't think I had anything to cut with.  Then I saw the man trying to go back and a Dicksie appeared and shot him with a gun.  George Bechtold was standing there next to her and it appeared to me he was completely involved but was forcing her to pull the trigger while he made sure it happened.  She looked nervous and he looked determined. I thought Dicksie had shot him to protect me maybe and then she was gone, with George Bechtold and I was in the house with a Robert Garrett and he began sexually molesting me.  All the time, and torturing me so one day, he went outside in a blizzard using the line and I cut the line to try to buy time to escape from him.  I was tortured and punished for cutting his line.

After this, it wasn't very long afterwards, Dairy Queen came out with "Blizzards" and I was taken to get "a blizzard" with my family at the Dairy Queen drive-through.  Blizzards were introduced by Dairy Queen in 1985.  Katie Middleton was already born, and I think was another reason Bob and Dicksie, George Bechtold, and Sterling, and others were trying to have me killed.  Along with "the Queen" I guess, and a few other royals.  I guess the joke was that after being in witness protection from the Queen, in the middle of blizzard weather, now I was getting dairy "treats" called "blizzards". 

Why I was in "witness protection" and then the man was murdered, I don't know.  I think it's possible someone tried to blame his murder on me maybe, but unless it was a staged act, Dicksie shot him, and George Bechtold was involved in this.  Then I was getting molested again and I realized my protection had been the other person, not this one.  I was flown out and since they were flying, it's another reason I was possibly in another country and the U.S. went in to kidnap me again or it was at least, at a distance.  I remember it was some kind of private plane, or smaller plane and I remember Joy Sterling was there.

Then the U.S. was trying to murder me themselves.  They were planning all kinds of accidents, hoping something would happen to me, and then they went crazy.  They started using sticks and rods and instruments to sodomize me with.

They were basically pedophiles who wanted to punish me for their pedophilia.  They made a game out of it for themselves. 

They stuck their poles into my rear-end like they were astronauts laying claim and staking their flags on the moon. 
So then they wanted to drop me.  Moon drops, of course.

That was after the Secret Service tried to kill me in Africa first with a tiger, which I believe I shot and killed, but I didn't have a gun that I remember, which is why I counted on my Dad being there.  I had to dodge the "crouching-now-jumping-at-me" tiger and come up with  weapon.  It wasn't like the tiger was far away and I had a place to hide.  It jumped at me from only several feet away.

What I remember, was that I usually a gun on me for safari and they had made a point to take it away just during the tiger field.  I felt naked without it and nervous, and said, "I think I need a gun.  How come you're taking my gun away?"  Because out in the wild with wild animals, you don't go crawling through savanna grass around hungry tigers without a gun.  I had this feeling, it was not right.  I was edgy and worried.  I was told "I'm right behind you and I'll get it".  So then all of a sudden, I found Robert was gone, and I was in savanna grass with a wild tiger that had been crouching and stealthing behind rocks and grass.  The tiger jumped at me and I dodged it.  It had fangs bared and full body muscle and then I saw, "Oh, no Robert next to me with a gun."  Instead, when the tiger didn't kill me, I saw this man pop up from the grass with a gun and he pointed it at me and started to pull the trigger. He wasn't aiming at the tiger because the tiger had just run past me and was turning around for another try at killing me.  In this gap of time, this man unknown to me, white, snuck up with his hand-gun (not rifle) pointed at me and I saw he was pulling the trigger.  He had this look of hatred on his face, and a smirk.  He was going to kill me.  I grabbed it out of his hand and shot him and shot the tiger too.

Then a bunch of men in a group all of sudden turned up and shouted at me and kicked me, and were roughing me up saying, "You KILLED a SECRET SERVICE agent!!!"  I said, "HE was going to kill ME!  And why did YOU GUYS have me out there with a wild tiger without a gun and then have your agent ready to shoot me when the tiger missed?"  They couldn't do one single thing about it because it was self-defense.  It was not only an obvious self-defense, and everyone knew it, they had no way of explaining to any U.S. court why "Ms. Garrett was in Africa with Secret Service and U.S. military".  Then try explaining the boar hunt with William of Wales.

They kept trying to murder me, and the FBI decided to be law-breakers and electrocute me inside of their offices because they had no other way to "get at me" except for in secret, because since they were the ones responsible for trafficking me and trying to murder me, they couldn't expose themselves.  Sure, and then I could mention their drug deals and money laundering too.

So the real question is, why was a Secret Service agent trying to murder?  Who do they protect?  The President of the United States of America.  Hmmm.  So what, maybe, had a President done to me when I was younger?  Pedophilia anyone?  I didn't have any plans to kill anyone or any ideas about targeting one single person.  Obviously, the U.S. government had concerns that if I testified against them, they were ALL going down.  I wasn't impulsive, and I wasn't a motivated killer either.  I was around people with guns all the time, pointed at animals, and other things, and I wasn't trigger-happy or unstable.  I was trained.  I did what I was trained to do, which was to assess a threat, take action, and thereby defend and save my life.  The fact I was a kid (pre-teen) meant nothing.  I was a trained and able warrior.

At some point, one of the excursions was tracking poachers.  We did this and  I also found the orchid that grows at night, which is claimed to have been recently discovered, but I think people knew about it.  They accused me of trying to steal it, and I think the Secret Service and government was looking for any excuse to frame me.

Also, I know they used Canadians to try to "get back" for my killing a Secret Service agent, who was trying to murder me.  The U.S. used Secret Service again in their plot to assassinate me while I was rock-climbing with Valerie Plame.  So it's not like the U.S. hadn't been making attempts against my life, and most of it was probably over the fact that I was a witness and they wanted to kill the Star Witness.  I had a list of names of pedophiles and their supporters; I knew which government agents were running drugs with the UK and other groups; I knew who had been cutting me up and torturing me when I was very young;  I knew some of the people involved in trying to "train" me to perform sexual acts for pedophiles; I was connected to the royal family and told "The Queen wants to kill you"; I was their competition.

When the RCMP showed up in the hospital I was at, because of torture against me in Canada that triggered the technology-induced "migraine", they already knew I was using another name.  So they brought her in, not in uniform, and when I gave my name she said, "You lied to an RCMP and this means you are perverting the course of justice and are going to jail."  She eyed my baby, Oliver.  I said, "I didn't know you were RCMP because you're not in uniform."  She smirked.  She was trying to get back at me for the Secret Service agent the U.S. was mad I'd killed, who had been pulling a trigger to kill ME. 

With the next attempt involving Secret Service to kill me, at the rock-climbing incident, who was in the next seat next to my Dad?  Ross, the Canadian immigration officer who had assaulted me in his office in B.C.  So Canadian officials were also involved in trying to murder me.  Or, you could say, the FBI counter-intelligence that took bribes in Canada, Ross, worked with certain Canadian officials to lie about me and falsely arrest me over their corrupt collusion and past attempts to murder me.

When the S.S. group pulled me aside and accused me of killing a S.S. agent, I told them he'd been trying to kill me, and I also said, "I didn't know he was S.S.".  I didn't know that, but it wouldn't have made any difference.  I would have shot anyone, S.S. or not,  pulling a trigger with a gun pointed me at close range, who was livid I had dodged a wild tiger that was I was baited to be killed by.  They had even made a point of only taking my gun away from me for that specific hunt, so they had it all set up.  Why give me a gun for every other part of hunting and poaching tracking and other things, but take it away from me then?  They thought I was going to defend myself against a wild tiger with my bare hands, no knife, no gun, at 70 lbs weight?  I ducked, and then the man popped up with a gun to finish the task since the tiger didn't do it.  What was his excuse going to be?  "I accidentally shot her when the tiger attacked?"  Right.  They were going to shoot me and then let the tiger eat me and then the U.S. Secret Service was going to use his badge as his self-defense against murder, if it was ever discovered, and then again, how were they planning to explain my being in Africa?  I don't know their specific plan, but the "Protection Police" were shit.

"Fast and Furious" anyone?  Give me a fucking bon-bon.

Oh yeah, and on one of the bird hunts, prior to the African attempt to assassinate me, while shooting with one of the Presidentials, I had someone aim their gun at me (but I didn't see it right away) and it grazed my clothing, clipping it.  I had moved at the last minute.  I was supposed to be their Thanksgiving turkey I guess.  I commented on someone getting too close and then no one tried after that.  Probably afraid NSA was getting too much info.

Anyway, yes, I supposedly killed an S.S. man who was trying to murder me and had premeditated the murder as well.  My self-defense was not pre-meditated, it was reasonable defense to an accurately assessed threat.

I did NOT "kill" Barak Obama's father and he lied and claimed I did and the FBI helped him and premeditated assaulting me with electrocution and rape over this claim, and probably other hate and jealousy motives.

I was a very quick learner, and anything someone taught me, aside from maybe impromptu standing-balancing on horses, was learned.  Also, I remember the horse I was told to stand on was swaybacked, and the one my mother was balancing on was not or had a different gait and the way a horse runs affects balance.  I remember they were trying to "prove" to me that I was not "so quick" and it was another attempt by the U.S. to constantly demean my abilities and potential.  I tried hard, to learn and be a good study, at everything I did.

The other thing I wonder about, is all of these letters to me from Prince Edward.  I am thinking maybe they weren't to me but a secretive way to write to a Dicksie.  Maybe he was in love with her and had no way to write to her except by pretending the letters were to me as a "friend".  There were a lot of them.  I had not seen, or been read even one of those letters, except I did get one or two after Diana didn't want me back to England after I claimed maybe I got a plantars wart from trying on her shoes.  They were positively Prince Edward, and I knew because I knew his writing from notes when I was around them, and it was his own stationary and letterhead.  The royals all had their own royal letterhead.  He wrote on paper that had just his name or initials, sort of more casual paper, and he wrote on paper using Buckingham as the address with all of the formalities.  He was writing parts of Beowulf to me, or about it, and asking different questions.  They were all nice letters.

The only ones I was given were letters that sounded oddly passive-aggressive.  So I never got any of the "kind" letters, I just got ones where he was sounding snipey which made me snipe-y.  I mean sniepe-ee, not snippy.  Hard "i" sound, not soft.  He started sounding like he was just trying to play mind games and I finally said I didn't want to write to him anymore and I quit.  I was given this idea that it was not big deal and "men are like rubberbands" and that if the rubberband retracts, don't chase it, and it will come back around.  I tried keeping that in mind, but he was hot-cold, and mean-nice and sort of suggestive of marriage in the future and then retracting the idea.  He said he would prefer to continue a "friendship" with me and I was offended because he had already expressed more than friendship, so to me, that was "toying with" my emotions.

So then, it was probably all a game.  But the U.S. Secret Service and other government employees jumped on it and made this part of their sick themes when they electrocuted and sexually assaulted me.  The Secret Service got down on one knee, mocking a proposal, before electrocuting me at an FBI office in Portland, Oregon and said, "Will you marry me?"

The U.S. government used man after man to mock me with "Will you marry me?" and then rape me or assault me or electrocute me. 

They took my honor and constantly tortured me and tried to degrade me and steal my honor.  They were the perverts.  They didn't like having someone who wasn't perverted like them trying to stand up for more.  Robin Bechtold and Josh Gatov?  All part of the same government rapist and drug group, along with others who raped me later to try to re-start a cycle of government torture the U.S. had used against me when I was a kid.  These people are dangerous, and very mentally unwell.  They made sure all of them got government jobs and positions in law, law enforcement, and anything else they thought they'd need, as criminals, for protecting their criminal activities.

The other person who proposed to me was the Japanese Emperor.  He was younger, and single and looking for a bride and he liked me and we were introduced.  It was important to them that the bride was a virgin, and had not had vaginal sex.  The Queen of Netherlands husband assaulted me in my room there, by sodomizing me with a stick of some kind, like a pole, after she said, "You'll never be Queen" and then I was taken back to see the Japanese Emperor and he was told I wasn't a virgin anymore and he went into a rage, with his face turning red, and cried in front of me.

He had already asked me if I would consider marrying him (through a translator and then by looking up words on his own from a dictionary).  I said "But we don't know the same language" and he said they could teach me and he would try to learn English too.  I said okay, I would have to think about it.  For the Japanese, arrangements or discussion of marriage to someone my age was not typical but not unheard-of.  I told my parents he said he wanted to marry me and after people found out, I was sexually assaulted with a pole. 

Aside from being in the Emperors place or meeting him, I was at some kind of Japanese house with parents, and everyone took baths together, the whole family would be naked, and take their bath altogether and it wasn't sexually oriented at all.  We all went to one of these tubs, in a big house, that had another tub with another family in it, and you could talk to the other family while both families were in the tub.  It was like the hot-tub idea, but it was Japanese style and no one wore clothing and it was family-centered.

Another U.S. person who was sneering to me about "You'll never be Queen" was Dr. Leiv Kvamme's son David, who went to the offices where I was forced to learn sexual things when my mother went there for OBGYN while carrying my brother (who they named Levi).  Leiv had met his wife in Tokoyo, at a U.S. Navy base and his son and their contacts probably had something to do with U.S. corruption and influence in Japan.  He was saying "You'll never be Queen" to me when I was about 3 years old and I am quite sure the idea hadn't crossed my mind and that this was not a big toddler motivation for me. 

I was also outfitted in a traditional kimono while in Japan, and presented to the Emperor that way, with kimono and hair done and bright red lipstick and I was taught how to walk in a kimono because it restricts your stepping to very small steps, which was considered feminine.

What I remember was that one of the Dicksies felt threatened by, or didn't like the idea of my being married to the Emperor of Japan. They all seemed to make it a point to want to degrade me, not have anything to do with a career, or an important role, or marriage, or anything that could have been good for my life.

It's like a joke for the U.S. to have then brought in Alvaro Barbosa, knowing about the Japanese Emperor, and suggesting I be married to him with him pretending not to know enough English, and while working for the FBI that electrocuted me, and then using the FBI's own American-Japanese Alicia Nakata to smear me in a court hearing with Michelle Erickson on a false claim to trap me and ruin my life further and keep me from my son.

The U.S. used all of the same government-drug affiliates to isolate me and alienate me in their own wide and broad circle, and then stole everything I had, made it impossible for me to make any actual and true friends un-connected to them, and prevented me from acquiring any work outside of working for their own known employees, who were lined up to lie about me after they'd trafficked me sexually in a U.S.-run Pedophile Project.  The U.S. FBI, CIA, and Pentagon used me for sexually trafficking me and transmitting spy messages between their workers in other countries, and in the U.S.

I basically have no family, and no friends, and no resume for work.  I have no family because the U.S. premeditated setting me into a family that was organizing to kill me.  I have no friends because the U.S. trapped me into only being exposed to people who were THEIR friends and supporters, not mine, so I was unable to develop any friendships that were independent of U.S. control, which means, control by using people who have motives to do me harm and lie about me.  No matter where I went, the U.S. stalked me out, and found more of their agents and spies to surround me before I found anyone normal to make friendships with.  I have no resume because all of my work has been for U.S. government employees that deliberately forced me to work for them, or rounded me up like cattle rangers when I was looking for work, so they could be the first to tie my hands and feet and take me to slaughter.  Their employees all used me and then lied about me and my abilities to others so that I could not get work that would put me ahead in any way, and I could not be financially independent, and it gave them the ability to lie about me in references or to change their references whenever they decided they wanted to punish me for reporting their employees for government corruption.

With that, the U.S. tortured me and since they had isolated out my family, friends, and resume or work sources, so that they were all tied-in to the same drug-and-money laundering group, they expected it would be easy to call me crazy while they tortured me to keep me from getting ahead in college and getting good enough GPA to go to grad school and work for someone not-connected to U.S. government-and-criminals or for someone outside of the country.

The U.S. made sure to leave me without any kind of back-up group, or community, and then constantly pushed their penises into my mouth, telling me to work for them.  That is a gross figure-of-speech, but it accurately describes what the U.S. has been doing to me my entire life.

Then, their idea of a solution, after trying to isolate me onto the deserted island without any money, friends, my son, or resources, was not to quit their crimes or to rectify what they'd done that has damaged my reputation, finances, and work.  Their idea of a solution was to marry their Fucker Alvaro.

Does that sound like a country that stands for children and women's rights?

The United States was chaining me to my bed, okay?  For days.  Not one or two times.  All the time.  They had people in England do this to me too.  Then while I was being tortured, entertainment was made off of it.  For example, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, at the part where Maurice runs into the bar and shouts, "It's Belle!  They have her chained in a basement!" and the bar people mock him and start laughing to each other saying, "And it's a beast?" and he says, "Yes, he's big!" and they laugh harder at him, and he is grabbing collars begging for help to rescue Belle, locked and chained up in the basement.

One time, a man did go into a bar with me, and said this, and pleaded for help and everyone laughed at him.  He wasn't lying.  I was being electrocuted and chained to my bed for hours at a time, for years.

The problem is, there is no "nice beast" and no fairytale.  This is straight-up U.S. RICO crime and bad enough to take all of the Presidents down, and the British Monarchy as well and possibly the Vatican and Mossad.  The Vatican can't escape the fact their Abbot and head priest were involved in sodomizing me on a bridge with the President and his son--their motives are maybe money from the CIA.  Mossad hates my guts and their motives are political--they want their own Jews and Israel-supporters in positions of power and they used me as an etch-a-sketch and then tried to murder me.  The British monarchy used me for their own interests and then decided to use me for pedophile interests and then tried to kill me over it.

How many of the kids now involved in torturing me, don't like hearing Mommy and Daddy are pedophiles?  All of the crimes against me came from hate of me because of perverted displacement of pedophile activity blamed on me, the kid.  Then it really made them even more mad to think I could get married to anyone important and have a respectable life.  They discriminated against me, based on my martial status of being single, but their plans was to prevent any kind of marriage to someone who had money or was not connected to them, or left me to my freedom to make money for myself.  The U.S. wanted me to marry, but to marry low enough that they never felt threatened.  If I didn't marry, they attacked me with rapes and suggestions I wasn't normal and used jealousy hate crime against me, with women, mothers, and sisters whose pedophile relatives being protected through torture of me, who they blamed, because it was TOO HARD for them to face up to the fact their own relatives are pedophiles.  As long as I was single, they felt nervous I was "available" and that someone who left me alone would be their detriment or that my own independence and power would come against their corrupt power for the ultimate in clash.  Alvaro Barbosa was another U.S. government set-up, by the same people who have electrocuted me and been part of the Middleton-FBI drug and money laundering scheme which spanned from Africa, to China, to Russia, to Commonwealth countries of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S.  Not to mention India and Israel. 

Most of the places I was flown to and trafficked to or taken to, were places that were getting money from the CIA and FBI.

Mexico and Colombia have been involved through the distribution of the drugs for them.

I was taken to Saudi Arabia too but I did not get the impression their leader liked me.  He took one look at me, and with few words exchanged with others and a translator, shook his head and said, "No."  Whatever "No" was about, he didn't like me.  Some of the men around me maybe thought who knows, but he didn't want anything to do with me. 

I do remember when I was there some of their food was my favorite that I had tried before and one time I sat at a kind of picnic-feast with Diana Spencer and my mother over there.  I think another source of the CIA drugs was Afghanistan which is why they went after Osama, who knew all about which drug runners were now President of the United States of America (and who became a "royal" by proxy).

And you know, not to mention how many photos of me the U.S. was taking of me for some kind of massive pedophile collection.  They took me all over the world, and had me in hundreds of various roles and themes and they were taking photos of me in all of the places.

Aside from hundreds of thousands of photos they took of me in different places and roles throughout the world, they were taking more suggestive photos of me when I was extremely young as well. 

Then they decided to have me learning to "dance" and put me into a window in the Red Light District of Copenhagen.  I had to go into a "talking room" (out of the window) with a man and talk to him if he paid for the "one in the window" (me out of other women).

They also had me learning how to pole dance, and belly dance (not as much belly dancing) and then one day they put me into a wild animal cage in a nude colored bodysuit and had me dancing around inside and pretending to be a "wolf".  Exactly like in the Shakira video for "She-wolf".  Exactly.  She even used some of my dance moves.  At 3:49 with the arm around the ankle in front.  And then climbing on the top like it's a jungle gym.  The beginning of the video it sounds like a wolf howl but if you listen again, it actually sounds like someone crying "NOoooo".  Also, the howl she makes, "ah-oo" is how I made the howl, because some man asked me to make a wolf howl and I did it like that.  I also remember I was taken out of my bed in the middle of the night the time I was put into the cage to do this and it was a full moon.

The Robert Garrett and someone said "Noooooo" and they were told to do it.  It was basically an order to be taking me out in the middle of the night and then to places where I could be viewed, videotaped and disgraced.  I was taken out of my bed in England and to a place there to dance for Prince Edward and Charles Spencer and then I was taken out of my bed in Moses Lake and taken to a Judge and city council type person's house who was some kind of mafia and had a big cage.  They exchanged cocaine and took cocaine while I was there.   I'll remember exactly who it was.  I think Raul Bujanda was there.  I remember his name and face.  There was also an Italian man there with a hat like a fedora.  George Bechtold was also there.  Scott Sandberg showed up at some point and I know I wondered why Scott was there.  There was a Jewish man as well, who I knew was Jewish, and I think Paul Cassel.   It's possible Mike Middleton was there or that one of the guys knew Gary because I slightly remember maybe one had an English accent and the names Gary and Mike came up, but it could have been Bruce (from Canada).  Obviously they sent a copy of the tape to Colombia, as evidenced by Shakira's video.  I think the nude colored bodysuit was when they did the same thing with me in England first, in front of Charles Spencer and Prince Edward.  It's possible Charles of Wales was there but I mostly remember the other two who seemed more interested in it, and, I thought, in degrading me.  Then a woman walked in and was shocked to see me there.  One person there was named Bill, as well.

After this dancing around in the cage and pole dancing, I was being targeted by England and the U.S. to have poles rammed into my rear-end and I was being beaten.

I think the order of things was I danced for the English royals and then I was made to be in a Copenhagen window in the Red Light District and then in Moses Lake they made me repeat the same thing locally.

I also had the Spencer sisters put me up in the same window or type of window where Diana Spencer was photographed standing there with a towel around her head, and another around her body, and a face-mask on.  First they told me to stand there with wet hair.  Then I was made to moon people from the window ledge.  Just my bare rear-end, but they had me stand there first, so my face was seen, and then had me next mooning briefly from that window, so my rear was seen, and I suppose in order to put the ID with it, but it was done around the same time they were trying to degrade me with caged-dancing. They had me do this in front of a royal and Queen Elizabeth, and I didn't know Elizabeth was there until after they had me mooning.  Snowden was part of that group below and he and his wife looked glad about it.   It was after this they started having groups assault me.  The other odd thing is they also took me to the iron bar gate where Diana was photographed as a teen, leaning up against it, and wanted me to pose there.  It was a lot of Diana-imitation stuff.
UPDATED 12/20/13.  I fear for my son outside of my guardianship for good reason. Dicksie's family assaulted me, and some of them lied about me and tried to murder me.  The same is true of the Garrett side, and at least one Robert Garrett is a pedophile, or was.  I had photos taken of me when I was extremely young, that were suggestive and explicit and then many family members participating in making arrangements to kill me when I was older.  There was more than one person involved in making pedophile tapes and photos of me.  It was mostly one person, but others went back and forth to coordinate it.  I remember some of them, mostly men.

Anne Crane worked with a Dicksie inside of CPS offices in Seattle to electrocute me and that is just one of the monitors.  During one visit where I knew a Dicksie was in town to visit Holly Avila and her family, after she arrived, my son was brought to a visit with a black eye.  I asked how Oliver got the black eye, which was very bad, and I was told, when I called my mother, "Oh, Holly and I were talking and he fell down the stairs."  The time one of the Dicksie's had a black eye was when I accidentally kicked a slip-on shoe off of my foot and it flew up and hit her in the eye while she was talking on the phone and she got a black eye from it (in Moses Lake, WA). 

Whether she and her family tortured and assaulted my son themselves, or were blackmailed into not being able to protect him if someone else did, they are 100% blackmailable.

They have no ability to care for and protect a child when they've been drug runners for cocaine and weed, and money laundering with the FBI, military, CIA, and Mexicans, in a gang that involves Middletons and Barak Obama and other former Presidents.  They have so much to lose, and have worked in such dirty government circles (sometimes not by choice I'm sure) they are unable to protect him from the same dirty government and mafia thugs they answer to.

Also, my son is in danger and has already been used for sexual trafficking and because they exploited me by taking sexual photos of me as a little kid for pedophiles, they would do the same with my son, and the FBI is not protecting my son either--they are part of the problem and have always been a problem.  I am sure that there must be some unwitting FBI agents in distant states, who have no idea what their own agency is really about, or has turned into, but they have no power either, because I know for a fact, the only FBI Directors who get elected to be Director of the FBI, are criminals who have first proven pedophilia and are a "made man".  When I say a "made man" I mean, they killed people before they were in the FBI or illegally while an agent, and have proven they will torture even children to get their way.  It is only "made men" who are making it into FBI directorship which means if any agent picks up an idea for prosecuting a case, and the U.S. government-mafia doesn't like it, they call up their Director who is the Made Man, and he sees to it that the case is dropped and someone is discredited, fired, or killed.

I am not just a firsthand witness to crimes committed (in varying degrees) by some of the past Presidents, from George Bush Sr..-forward, I am a witness to the fact each of the FBI directors around all of these criminal Presidents have been "made men", just like the one that is in charge now.

Also, the recent effort by politicians to quash surveillance by the NSA is likely not out of fear for the privacy of the general public, but out of fear by government criminals who don't want to have to worry about their phone records being picked through and exposed who are more worried some NSA defector will carry off records about them and make evidence of their crimes that may be decades old, international.

I know there are other forms of surveillance recorded and picked up that some wouldn't want available to others later either.  For example, Robin Bechtold, George Bechtold's son, was trying to use me to relay messages to others knowing I was "bugged" (with microchip, against my will).  He used to make comments that were added to conversations which had no real point to our conversation but were sort of close enough, most of the time, to escape my notice.  One comment he made that did not escape my notice (along with many others) was, "They said they don't have anything in her."  At the time he said this to me, I may be wrong, but my intuition was that he was relaying a message that someone, possibly Katie Middleton, was "microchip-free" and therefore, suitable for continued use.  Or that he was relaying a message she was "well" and not being harmed.  I understood it to be more of a "doesn't have surveillance" implanted comment, and it was out of context to what our conversation was and made me think, "Robin Bechtold is another U.S. government user, using proximity to me to relay spying and messaging to more government".  I had not realized, at the time, I was exactly correct, and that his "Dad" was the same George Bechtold I had already witnessed in dozens of U.S. operations.

Another thing about my being put into a Red Light District window in Copenhagen as a pre-teen was that once when I mentioned it to someone, before I had a blog they said, "That's not true because they don't allow pre-teens in their window."  Well they did.  They had me put on a wig and I sat in the corner of a window like a mannequin (like my life-size doll Crystal) with an adult woman and then when the window was chosen, she went to another room and I went to a "talking room".  The men would say to sit there or could you dance and then they'd masturbate.  One time one of the men came into the room and said he had a message for me, and it was "Your Mom is trying to kill you."  Why he told me his secret message was "Your Mom is trying to kill you" and another man said I was in witness protection and my biological parents had died in a car accident and the "Queen is trying to kill you", I'm not sure.  But I do know the man who gave me the secret message in Copenhagen was, or appeared to be, Prince  Philip.  This is something I've never shared before, to anyone, prior to this blog, but he was one of the visitors to me in Copenhagen.  It was either him who told me my mother was trying to kill me, or a man that looked like Edward Lee Howard.

Then, as you can read in the book "Safe House" by Edward Lee Howard, when we were leaving borders from Denmark to Sweden and back, and I was told to tell the reluctant guard to stamp my passport, "All of the people know the Swedish seamen go Denmark (or Danish seamen go to Sweden) to go whoring and then get on the boat drunk the next day and nobody bothers to even ask for their papers."  It influenced the guard because they knew Philip and Edward Howard and others had seen me in Copenhagen.  They asked me if my passport needed to be stamped with the Danish stamp or my birth certificate needed the stamp.

Another group that trying to train me to drive for "brake failure" and panic later were the Baird Brothers.  They had a rack thing that a car or tractor could be driven onto and it was like a U shape basement.  Not a basement, but a block of concrete like a small room in an unfinished basement.  So look at this letter U, and then imagine car tires, one on each point of the top of the U and then a space below it where a person could walk under to work.  That way they could stand and work on the underside of the vehicle without lying down. 

This was after I met FBI's James (Whitey) Bulger and after Katie Middleton was being promo-ed by the FBI.  I was told to drive while it was in one place and couldn't move, and then they would come up to one side and scare me and I quit wanting to drive.  I had thought they were going to teach me some mechanics or something and they said this one day, and left the car running and electricity charged, along with a thick trail of gasoline from the gas pump to the car where I was working.  Then they all disappeared.  A fire had started somehow, and the car exploded and the only reason I was alive or not hurt, was because I was in the concrete basement thing at the time it happened, instead of up above working on the car.  I had moved my position.  So I emerged from the explosion with soot all over my body as an American-Irish man was driving past the location slowly, looking over to see what happened.  There I was, alive.  Covered in soot, but alive and holding a wrench in one hand, standing there in overalls and he freaked out, with his eyes bugged wide open and split from the scene.

Real nice Katie.  Real nice friends you have dear.

I had thought "Oh good!  I get to learn how to work on cars!  and fix them!"  But at the same time, I was getting into the cars to test things and look at wires and then going underneath to work on stuff.  The trail of gasoline was not accidental, and neither was the sudden disappearance of Robert Garrett, and all the Baird Brothers, with some Irish FBI associate going by to see if the "hit" was a done deed.  That's what I had he was driving so slowly by for, to verify that a scheduled attempt to harm me was carried out. 

I was so upset, and so upset that my "Dad" had, I believed, tried to murder me with the Baird brothers by a gas tank and car explosion.  The entire gas pump (with two pumps and a tank) was only several feet from the work station.  I walked out and saw the obvious trail of gas.  Then one of the Roberts got mad at me for getting scared of them, as I looked at them when they showed up, and was backing away from them, and they all knew I thought they were killers by that time.  Bob Baird, Dick Baird, and Robert Garrett with Jay to the side, not really around as much for that.  They saw my fear of them and got madder and kicked me and then got a bucket of white paint and started painting me with white paint.  Then I found out a Robert was forced to kneel in paint after the "hit" had failed to harm me.  I walked down the driveway one day and it was cops, and a Robert kneeling in paint.  The other person who had shown up was Mike Middleton who was giving someone a briefcase or bag.  Mike seemed to be working with the Baird brothers and Robert, but the local cops were not and were forcing him to kneel in front of them.  Then they were kicking him while he was kneeling in the paint.  I saw this when I snuck to the end of the driveway one day and I hid behind trees to watch.  It was 3 cops, Mike Middleton (I know I wondered why he was all the way over there in Cashmere and he had brought Katie with him and they stood by Jay's house), some Baird brothers, and a Robert Garrett Jr.  There was also some Jewish guy who was watching from a distance, when they expected a gasoline explosion against me, and it was this taller man named Daniel who was a Gary Goldsmith friend and who showed up again at a house in Seattle later, for the premeditated electrocution and rape of me by Barak Obama.  I believe another of them was blond (with the Jewish man) and looked German (like John Kaempf).  So with the gas explosion, it was a Jew in the distance with some German looking man he called "Johnny", and then an Irish-American guy driving by slowly to see the results.  I didn't see Robert or the Bairds anywhere because they had disappeared from sight completely.  The explosion totaled the car and it was hauled off.  That was the end of my mechanics lessons, which I had been so excited about.  I had wanted to figure out how everything worked.

Then later when I came out from the trees and said what's going on, I saw Katie Middleton was there too, and had been brought over.  I couldn't see her from where I was hiding because she was up against the house in front of Jay's house where she couldn't be seen from the orchard.  One of the Dicksies was standing there with Carol.  They had me go over there and kneel in front of Katie Middleton, in the middle of the dirt road.

At some point, when I was out there next to the gas pump and car, a Dicksie was approaching me with a knife and cutting me.  I am pretty sure this was when they were letting me "drive" from the rack, and then trying to scare me.  It was Dicksie who kept showing up with a pocketknife and flashing it.

I am pretty sure this was right after they and Maryann McIntosh tried to murder me using Gary Ridgeway.

Aside from killing me, the FBI and Bob and Dicksie made it a point that I was never able to "develop professionally" in any skill of any kind other than babysitting their brats.  And then they illegally kidnapped my son and claimed I was a risk to him when they'd used me for decades themselves and knew it was a lie.  I would start to learn one thing, and they'd pull me out of it, and thwart my learning more.  I would try to learn something else, and they'd block me.  They funneled all of their money to Katie, and one of the Dicksies at least hated my guts and wanted me dead.

She tried to work with the FBI to electrocute me and murder me, and at least two murders were, I believe, blamed on me instead of the Dicksie who pulled the trigger.

They also used the fact she was supposed to be my "mother" against me, by using her defamation of me to their own advantage, along with anything they could get from a Robert Jr.

Bob Baird was forcing me to do oral sex for him at Granny's house in the attic, along with a Robert, and Dick Baird was stepping on my neck and squashing me into the ground (when I was younger).  Robert Garrett Sr. also forced me to do oral sex for him, and would put his hand on top of my head and push me down, which is what Mike Middleton did to me in England.  Then it got to the point where they'd either put a hand on top of my shoulder or on top of my head to do this to me, so when Barak Obama was at my house in Moses Lake and pointed a gun at me to shoot me, he then instead had me walk over to him next to the sink and put his hand on my shoulder the way they would before sexually assaulting me, and he pulled a zipper on his bag to make a zipping noise.  It's also what Pamp Maiers did, I believe, and Dan Gatti did.  I know Mike Middleton did because I remember being at their house and Carol was there and it was in England and between him in England and Robert in the U.S., I was constantly seeing his belt buckle and him unzipping his pants and then sexually assaulting me and then Carol would electrocute me so I'd hopefully forget.  It was always the same pair of pants because Mike wore a uniform for work and it was the same thing all the time. I mean, maybe he had more than one pair of pants, but they were the exact same kind and color.  Carol was absolutely complicit.  She got jealous of me, as some of the women who are married to pedophiles do, but she was mean and acted more like she couldn't be happier he was degrading me.  It was more like it gave her some kind of personal satisfaction.  Some of these women would get this feeling of power from it and be glad I was tortured and degraded and then they'd have these flickers of jealousy, which was misplaced because they were trying to blame a kid for being a seductress when they were raping the kid.  For the women, some of them, I think, had personal insecurities about what if I ended up with power or money and went after them for what they did to me, or what if their own personal security with their pedophile friends, ditched them.

When Barak Obama put his hand on my shoulder and made a suggestion and then an unzipping noise, he was premeditating raping me from that point forward.  When he put his hand on my shoulder the way he did and said what he did, I flinched away from him and then Robert Garrett ran up and stabbed me with a needle and I was unconscious.

The sexual video and photos of me when I was about 3 years old or so, very young, involved setting me up into outfits and different positions.  At some point they brought in sexual toys and props as well.

The FBI visited me at the window in Copenhagen too.  They flew some of their men out there.  It wasn't a brothel, it was the windows.  It was basically a whole block next to the street, of windows from buildings that faced the street.  Each of the windows had a different woman on display there, and they stayed out there and posed, or danced, or did whatever they wanted to, until a man came over to buy the window woman they wanted.  It wasn't all the same business, but different business that all had windows and were next to each other and had women for display to the street and sidewalks.  There were no beds around.  It was the window platform and then from this window, a room that had a bench, concrete painted floors and that was it.  There was no soft furniture because the point was that a woman was selected and the man would look at her and masturbate, or, if chosen, just talk to her.  No one was going to clean "upholstery" in a place like that. 

The FBI thought it was great.  They came to say hello.  It's not like they were, like, chuh, going to REScue me or anything.  They made too much money off of me.  Louis Freeh visited me there.  He  was one of a few FBI that did.  One agent made me give a blood sample while I was still there and after it passed some kind of test, they brought George Bush jr. in and he didn't just "talk".  Most of the men went in to ejaculate all over the place or brought socks to ejaculate into so their semen couldn't be "identified".

So before the FBI was premeditating having me raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama, they electrocuted me inside of their offices knowing some of the FBI had gone to Denmark to visit me in the "windows" and buy a chance to jack off while looking at me.  I didn't even touch them.  They just wanted to look at me there and masturbate.

The FBI has a WHOLE BIG ring of employee pedophiles.  Hoo boy.  Yes they do.  They LOVE your little kiddoes.

When they would show up, they would have the adult woman go to one room so the pedophiles could still access the younger girl.  Since there was no seating except for the bench the man would sit on, I usually sat on the edge of the stage across from them or they'd have me stand. 

All of the sticks up my rear-end in the U.S. and England were done after they forced me to be in a window in Copenhagen.

The women connected to pedophiles usually had one of two reactions:  either they were involved and wanted to degrade the girl to promote their own children as more "valuable" or good, and sought revenge against a pretty girl as some kind of sick way to block competition (or future competition), or they were in a state of denial about the pedophilia and turned their upset with the man into rage against the kid.  The FBI and other organizations with men involved had the exact same reactions.  They either approved and were glad about it, as a way to demean someone, or they wanted to go into denial and get revenge against the kid for "turning on" their employee, lover, spouse, husband, friend, brother, or son.  Sometimes, the women who were involved and sought to degrade the girl and block competition, later developed complexes about what if their plan wasn't working out as intended and the girl got older and was still pretty and their pedophile people ditched them for the victim they'd been so excited to have abused.  After all, how many women are genuinely "attractive" when they're promoting sex with kids and are that hard-hearted.  If the kid doesn't turn out to be a stripper and is appearing to actually be a decent person and with values, their anger gets even higher.  The plan for turning someone into a stripper or prostitute or ruining their self-esteem backfires and the kid looks "better" than they are, and then it's "she thinks she's better than me" and "she thinks she's special".  How DARE a child victim think they are "special", after all that hard work that went into destroying their life.  How DARE they.

Where did the FBI's Alvaro Barbosa want me to go after he held me hostage for them until they got what they wanted?  Las Vegas, where all sex forms are legal including prostitution and this is after he falsely claimed I was a prostitute with some Wenatchee cops that wanted to degrade me.  That was the jewish Mykal Holt's idea with him.  Then he stooped to saying maybe I was "mentally ill".  Why?  Because I didn't want to marry an FBI or Department of State liar who switched his name around on the marriage license and had lied to me about everything and held me hostage and forced me into a room with him and to kiss him.  Maybe the FBI thought if I didn't marry him, they could try to recreate a "windows" scenario by attempting to lure me to Vegas.

Katie Middleton's Daddy unzips his pants and forces kids to do oral sex and her mother electrocutes kids.  That is a fact.  It is also a fact Robert and Dicksie were selling me out and used me with the FBI and then tried to murder me.  They are all part of the same government drug-and-money laundering group.

They ruined my life and are ruining my son Oliver's life.  I have very good reason to question whether DNA results would show I am even biologically related to either of them, when they've done this to me and promoted their own causes.  Especially when Dicksie wasn't even referring to me with my own name but with a number and the name "Anna" with a Russian last name, before trying to kill me, and when so many officials have claimed I am Edward Howard's kid or some other woman's kid.

Instead of leaving me with nothing after they damaged everything about my life, and ruined my ability to make money and tortured me even when I was working at businesses, the FBI and CIA thought they'd do what? 

Compensate me for their crimes and destruction of all of this potential? 

No, their idea was to again try to force me into being part of their "team" by marrying their employee.  I do not ever want anything to do with anyone that has been part of this entire corrupt group.  They stalked me out my entire life and surrounded me so it was impossible for me to develop a network of my own, and did nothing but make billions of dollars off of me and pass me around for their personal spy servicing.

Then they kidnapped my son and placed him into the control of the exact same groups of people.

Some of the people involved in photographing kiddie porn of me and videos included Paul Cassel, who is partners with Judge Hotchkiss.  The most obvious one who was involved is a Robert Garrett jr. but there were others coaching.  This black man Larry, who was friends with Moses Lake cops, was also involved, and I remember the name Gary too.  They made photos and videos of me in Moses Lake, in Cashmere (WA), and that's where I remember most of it but some of it could have been in another country.  One time it was in a kind of cave, where everything was pitch black, like being in a big box somewhere and then they had lighting and props and cameras.  They had a Robert Garrett jr. sitting across from me and other men were instructing what photos to take.  Basically, it was like when I was forced to be in a window in Copenhagen sitting across from the man in the room with me on the edge of the stage and him across from me, but I was younger, around age 3, and they had me sitting across from Robert Garrett while they were all taking kiddie porn and telling him how to get some of the shots, and it was in some kind of a dark, small boxed room with nothing soft or normal in it, like sitting on a rug in a jail cell or a closet.

That's the good ole FBI for ya.

Another thing about Sue from CASA, who was always visiting Locklyn's house when I was locked in dog cages, with Sue (the other one, the visitation monitor with chopped off fingers) was they not only were making "house visits" to ensure I was caged and then asking how long and instructing when to move me to a different dog cage (literally), they discussed money.  They also brought up the names Hamilton.

So who is "Hamilton"?  you might ask.  Well, he's just a Seattle Navy man who is connected to Michelle Erickson's family that's Navy and was involved in making child porn of me.

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