Thursday, December 12, 2013

Assassinations of U.S. Citizens After Katie Middleton Marries An English Royal

Speaking of the videotapes I was shown, that proved various individuals were plotting to murder me, from the U.S., back in the mid-80s, where did those videotapes go?

My Uncle Jay Baird, who was the only person not shown on the video with the Baird brothers plotting to murder me with Maryann McIntosh and Camilla Parker Bowles, was not killed until Katie Middleton became a "royal" by proxy, through marrying an English royal William of Wales.

It is very likely that after she became a royal, she was accepted and allowed into areas she was previously not given access to.  Her job would be to turn over information to the U.S. FBI and Karl Rove (Pentagon) which has been giving her welfare to put her where she is.

I always knew the U.S. wanted her in a royal position to have access to secret papers and it looks to me like a lot of citizens were suddenly killed and targeted, after she married into the family.  U.S. citizens like my son, and others were tortured too, but the U.S. would definitely use Katie to dig up information to send them so they could kill citizens they thought revealed major crimes.

My Uncle Jay died, a potential witness; my Uncle Charles Howard died, a potential witness; Judy Roark died, a potential witness (and someone who shared information when Katie Middleton was pregnant and before she'd told anyone about IVF or selective elimination or anything else to do with babies);--all of these individuals are people whose records, some of them, might be held somewhere in England and/or another European country, and all of these people dropped like flies after she married into the English monarchy.

To me, this says Katie got access to secret files and locations she did not have access to before and to thank the U.S. for torturing people and murdering people for her, to put her where she is now, she wanted to return the favor for the U.S.

Anyone that had anything to do with possible protection of me, or who could testify for me, was killed, or several of them were, within 1 year of her marriage.  Then another one dropped a few months later, after she was pregnant.  Judy Roark's message was "Here is your medicine.  They don't carry the other one."  Suddenly, Judy, who was mid-age and a nurse, was dead after being taken to a hospital, right after Katie Middleton's nurse was found hanged.

Katie has a sure friend in Barak Obama, her teammate Drug Dealer.  She knew any information she gave to her Uncle Gary Goldsmith's former money and drug-runner, Barak Obama, was going to be safe with him, because both Barak and Katie Middleton were part of the same U.S. government-funded drug and money laundering team.  Since Barak is President, and she became a royal, and even in her engagement phase, and before, any information she got from England, was securely passed on to her Drug Pay-per-Pal:  Barak.

The U.S. military, CIA, and FBI also knew Katie would trust them and they could trust her, because they electrocuted, raped, and sodomized kids for her and sent money to her terrorist group.  It also gave her an excuse to travel, and an excuse for U.S. citizens to travel to meet her and pass information.  The exchange of information was much easier after she was an accepted "public figure" with an excuse for any U.S. government employee seeing her, or other individuals internationally who might slip a ring on her finger under the table.

This is why a nobody like Katie is where she is.  She has people who were in the drug business with her, supporting her, including George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and the directors for the FBI and Pentagon.  She also had Camilla apparently supporting her, who potentially works for the U.S., and Prince Charles--both who were caught on video tapes making arrangements to have me murdered, with U.S. citizens.

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