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Painting With Diana Spencer, Brushes, and Airplane Crash (read The Satanic Verses Ch.1)

I think I've mentioned this before, but it came to my mind again as I was receiving paintbrushes I ordered for my son for Christmas.

I painted with the English royals a few times.  Charles did watercolors and was quiet and Diana did loud acrylics and oils types of paintings.  I mostly painted with her.  They had a painting room, or a room they set up with easels, next to windows, to paint in.  There was an assortment of brushes and I was an older child when I remember the particular occasion of choosing brushes and then assigning a member of the royal family to them.  Diana was into psychic or spells stuff, or also sort of random ideas about "this goes with that" kind of thing and I sometimes goofed around with the idea.  I was painting and then choosing brushes, and looking at some of the names on the brushes, rather than the brush and how it painted.  It was maybe my first time with professional types of brushes, and I remember I chose different ones and then Diana sort of looked askew and said, "You like that one?" and I said, "It's the BLACK PEARL."  I really just liked the name of it, more than anything.  Oooo, the black pearl.  She sort of laughed because it had a slightly thicker handle but it was good for kids, and then I looked at it and thought, well, I shouldn't be selfish and say I should have the black pearl, so I offered it to her and said, "Here.  It's for you."  I had been saying, I was going to have the black pearl, and that was my brush, but I felt a twinge of selfishness and thought no, you should offer Diana the black pearl because what if she feels bad?  So I did.  So she took it from me and laughed again and said, "Thanks.  I'm as thick as a plank."  She did a slight roll upwards of her eyes with a smile-smirk which was an expression she had sometimes.  I thought I had done the right thing. 

She had asked me, "Why do you like that one?" and I had said earlier, "I don't know.  I like the name.  It's the black pearl."  Then I had one picked out for Charles but I don't remember now which, at this moment, and then she said, "Which one for William?" and had sort of an expectant hopeful light in her eyes and I said, "William?"  I started laughing.  Then I said, "I don't know if he's going to be much of an artist.  Maybe we could give him a broom to paint with and then he could ride out on it too."  I stood there giggling and I thought Diana was going to appreciate my humor but to my shock and horror, she looked hurt.  Her expression fell and she had this hurt look in her eyes and didn't laugh but then she tried covering it up and I think I tried to think of some way to cover it and probably chose a brush but I don't know which.  Then I said, still trying to make up for what I'd said, "Here's one--  The Davinci".  It was either for William or I said here's one for the baby bc Harry was born but I don't remember.  I just remember she perked up about the Davinci.

The other thing I remembered last night, was an airplane crash I was in with Diana Spencer.  It was a big deal because no one was supposed to know I knew her and she knew me and it was a public crash.  I don't think I thought of knowing her as a "top secret" idea, because I talked about them some with my "parents" in Moses Lake, WA and like most kids, was sort of earnest about what I mentioned.  However, my exposure to other kids and people to talk to was limited so that it was impossible for me to have any conversations with kids or people who were not part of the government-control of me.  First I was snuck back and forth drugged or asleep when I was little, and then when I was an older kid, I participated in hiding under blankets in cars from one place to the next to arrive.

One day we were "caught" in a kind of public exposure but even that got controlled very quickly.  I am not positive, but I think Diana believed from that point that someone was trying to kill both of us.  She and I were seated together on a small airplane and we were in flight when a really bizarre thing happened to the plane and it was going down.  Diana's words were "Oh my God" repeatedly.  She looked at me and I looked at her, and believe me, everyone knew the plane was definitely going down. It was not a joke, or a staged act or anything.  She had a rosary with her, I think, from what I remember, and I started praying and then she began making signs of the cross on my head.  She basically prayed over me, and put a thumbprint or sign on the center of my forehead, and I think she said a short prayer and then crossed me.  I actually think she was the one who taught me how to make the sign of the cross over myself, but it was a brief and short lesson and fairly secret.  I learned it enough to where, even though I had only been taught it once, I started using it often, crossing myself as an expression sort of and I know some people were uncomfortable with it.  I think the discomfort came from the idea of, "Who is teaching her to make the sign of the cross when her 'parents' are protestants and she has no Catholic friends?"  I suppose it's also an Anglican idea, but regardless, it looked "conspicuous".  I had started making a habit of it prior to the plane crash I was in with Diana and I used it as an expression in both England and the U.S.

As the plane was going down, Diana said a few things to me, and there was the praying and she made this mark on my forehead and in my nervousness, I had crumpled a tissue into a ball in my hand.  We put our heads down. 

Neither Dicksie or Robert were on that plane.  I remember when they dropped me off, Robert looked mad and determined like he was glad I was leaving and a Dicksie as well, with maybe a Dicksie showing a flicker of emotion.  My thought had been later, "Did they want to kill me because they didn't like my sign of the cross all the time?"  I thought they possibly knew ahead of time that that plane was going to go down.  It's possible one of them was upset about knowing the crash was going to occur and the others were not, I'm not sure, but I do remember some of the expressions ahead of that flight.  It was either before that flight or on the next one, which was a "parachuting" exercise with Diana involved, one of the Dicksies made just a mark on my forehead but not the sign of the cross and I don't remember why.

She said something to me about Charles and my Dad "Robert" and possibly an Edward. I will have to try relaxing sometime and better replay events and see if I can remember exactly what.

I prayed we would live and then with our heads down, the plane made impact.  We were in the center, and both ends, the front and the back, burst into flames.  We got out and we were the only ones that I saw, who were not burned and killed in the crash.  Some kind of secret police whisked Diana away separately from me and then took me another direction.  The plane landed on a tarmack or some kind of concrete or pavement of some type.  We had been over water and it was trying to at least make it closer to a port, and then when it hit, it pretty much split in the middle, and for whatever reason, Diana and I emerged with sooty faces or hands and in smoke, but others died on impact and there was fire at both ends.

Then I remember I was being severely treated because they didn't want me talking about it, or for anyone to know I was in this public crash that made the news, and it was still supposed to be a secret Diana and I knew each other at all.  Of all things, sitting side-by-side on a plane.  She had told me when she was Queen I could be her Merlin or something.  She also once suggested the reverse, that what if I was Queen and she would be Merlin. It was some kind of joke she made once, about how I would assist her or would I like to.  There was a weird competition but then she also started to maybe bond to me (?maybe not?) because we shared a sudden common interest in spirituality.

After the crash, someone asked another person in front of me, "Should we canonize her?" and someone was talking about making me a "saint".  Literally.  I don't see how someone can be a saint without being dead, but they said what happened was a miracle and there was a religious person on board who also survived who witnessed it.  My prayer was that God would put his guardian angels around us and we would live and then I told Diana, "You're not going to die."  I said that or something like "I don't think you're going to die.  I prayed to God for his angels and protection."  Something like that.  A lot of people did die, but we didn't so I think this is why someone said, "It's a miracle."  A lot of people said it was a real miracle actually.  I think what had spooked the religious man was that he had overheard the prayers ahead of time and then really, we were spared, so he was wondering about it, like, how did I know or why was I so sure we wouldn't die?

After this, Diana gave me a present of a rosary of my own.  She taught me once what each of the beads was for or what to say when touching each of them.  There were different ones she taught me.

After this crash, someone decided to have both me and Diana take parachuting and jumping from a plane so there was a private parachuting lesson with me and her.  I don't know if it was a future precaution idea or if someone wanted to try to mix up my memory of the real crash and have me only remember the parachuting, but regardless, parachuting with her was next.  At that time, she and I were again slightly competitive for some reason and it was right after the crash, but I was singing and then she'd try singing over me louder and then I would sing louder myself and then she was trying to sing even louder (in the bathroom, when getting ready for something).  Nevertheless, she reached out and hugged me during the parachuting (or we grabbed onto each other) and then that was the last time I was around her in England.  The next times were when she traveled to the U.S. and saw me.

I would maybe have to check, but I believe the plane crashed in Scotland or was a Scottish flight.  Lockerbie was connected to it.  It's possibly why Diana began to mistrust the Scotland Yard.

In the first chapter of The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, it's obvious this author knows about that flight because he alludes to it.  This book was given to me right after publication by, I believe, the Heinz heir who died himself in a plane crash.  I'm 100% positive it was a Heinz man.  He said, "Here. Read this" after visiting me once in Moses Lake, WA.

I started reading it and then Stephanie Maiers was suddenly introduced to me.  She said, of the book, "What's this?" and looked at it and I said, "Oh, it's just a book someone said to read.  I don't think you'd like it because it's sort of complicated."  I said something like this and Stephanie, who has been a U.S. government contracting spy from Day One, never forgot my comment and held it against me as a personal grudge, as if I had implied she was dumb or too simple to understand or appreciate it.  So years later, over a decade later, she made a point of showing me up after all of the horrorific crimes had been made against me, by inviting me to Seattle where she took me to a cafĂ© to order "Salmon on a sun-dried tomato bagel" for herself and turned to say to me, in front of the man, while smirking at him, "Cameo, you probably don't want anything like this because it's too complicated.  You would like a plain bagel right?"

After the moment in Moses Lake when Stephanie felt I had insulted her intelligence by suggesting she wouldn't appreciate a Salman Rushdie book, she and her family took part in organizing to have a doctor do a lobotomy of my brain, where I was forced to stay awake under anaesthesia while a surgeon opened up into my skull and began manipulating areas of my brain to find out where my 'psychic' center was and immobilize it and cut it off.

Then, the entire time I thought I actually had a friendship with Stephanie, it turned out it was just another attempt to have me isolated to federal gov friendships that were for purposes of controlling me, spying on me, and organizing to murder me.

I just checked on the Heinz man who visited me and yes, he didn't die in a plane crash until April 4, 1991, so possibly it was retaliation by someone for his involvement in finding me and coming to my house to give me the Salman Rushdie book, which starts out about a plane crash.  I just looked at the planes and helicopters involved and on the wiki page, there are a few photos.  I have been in a Piper PA 60-600 Aerostar before.  I recognize it.

When Heinz came to my house in Moses Lake, WA, he was sort of mad at a Robert there for some reason and gave me this book, going into my bedroom to find me and said something about "Howard".  He didn't die (the Heinz man) until 1991 and that was about the same time someone was trying to murder me in Oregon with "brake failure" plots that had been organized long before the move to Oregon.  That Heinz also told me he was a "friend" (or a "fan" or something).  He said something about being a friend and if I needed anything find him, and knowing someone.

I honestly couldn't say I believed him.  I thought, oh yeah, I recognize him and he's acting very nice and giving me this book to read.  But he's telling me "give me a call if you need anything?" when I'm being chained to my bed and electrocuted every day?  Did he come over here to pick up a verification tape of my horrendous torture, or because he actually thinks he's helping?  I know that that man Heinz, when he showed up in Moses Lake, showed up during the most excruciating and worst part of my being electrocuted in my room and by Springer.  It was very, very bad.  So then I heard him in the living room with a Robert, and they were sort of arguing it sounded like. 

When you think about it, it was really bizarre the kinds of people who came over to our house and even to my Grandpa Garrett's house, or 'cabin' in Idaho.  These were some individuals who made it as far as most go to the top and they were coming to MY house for things.  I didn't think about it that much as a kid, the amount of power or money some of them had and why were they visiting and what did they want, but I can look back on it now and of course wonder.  Heinz was picking up video tapes when he was there.  I thought, "He came all the way over to our house for video tapes???"  They exchanged money of some kind in the briefcases and then I heard something about tapes and understood them as video tapes and then he was in my room and gave me the book and said to read it.  He told me he went to Exeter and had I heard of that college?

I know I had this vague glimmer of hope that barely raised it's head from the floor at all because he said call him for help when I was almost dying from electrocution every day there.  What good was a 'call' going to do if he couldn't do anything in person.

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