Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Other Objects Used For Torturing Me

Another object used for burning and electrocuting me was a coil wire heater.  It was a space heater and Robert Garrett Jr. used a screwdriver to take off the front panel, disconnect the coil wire from some loops, or basically, take the zig-zag coil off of the hooks so it was a loop, and then he took off the front part of the fan.  I was burned with it.  I was also forced to put my hand and fingers on it when it was turned on and something done to it.  When he was done, he'd screw the panel back on and then put it up next to me and when I was screaming and terrified, he'd keep doing it and change his demeanor from electrocutionist hatred to nice, caring, loving man who is providing warmth, and kept doing this until I wasn't scared of it anymore.

He and Dicksie did this with everything.  They'd torture me with something and then find a quick way to cover over it as if no harm or bad use was made of an object.  It was to allow them to torture me and ruin my life, while pretending they were nice good people and trying to constantly force me to live and adapt to being a hostage to criminals.  They forced me to forget about what they did to me so often, they used this same technique to allow U.S. FBI and government officials to repeatedly harm me and then I was trained to "switch" back to accepting them and forgetting the bad things they did.  It was basically conditioning me to be tortured my entire life.

This is also something Carol and Mike Middleton did to me.

One of the Dicksies "outed" herself as being an "Agent" when she and one of the Roberts tried to kill me with Valerie Plame.  Robin Bechtold tried to confuse my memory when I met him in high school and wanted me to say a shorter woman was sitting next to my mother and didn't like the fact I said "The woman who helped my Mom into the helicopter was Valerie Plame.  I already know this."  What I didn't know was that she was CIA. Her testimony and the CIA's testimony is that she was working for the CIA at the time of the attempted assassination.

However, if it was FBI and for some reason the CIA wanted to lie to do the FBI a favor, since my mother had said she was an "Agent", they would do that.  Either Dicksie was CIA or FBI.  This would mean, they sold me out, my quality of life and my freedom, for money.

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