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London, England Police Bribery, Robert Garrett, Mike Middleton, and a French Dungeon

Another place where police, or a group of them, were bribed with large amounts of money, were from London police.

I was not only taken to Seattle and Portland FBI regional offices and threatened, I was taken to Seattle police headquarters where more bribes with money were made, to protect government criminals from any report I might make at the time or in the future.

The other police stations we went to, or that I was taken to, were MI5 in England, and London police headquarters in London, England. I was inside of the London station, or went there with a parent, no less than 5-10 times that I remember.  I was also taken inside of MI5, and also, if it was not a section of MI5, some kind of other secret site that was even more locked-down than MI5.  It basically had the building front of a large cave or garage in a way, but more structure to it, and then eye scans and hand scans were required, and eye scans were high technology for security in the early 80s.

At the time we were going to London police, my impression as a kid was my parents (Robert and Dicksie) just knew the people.  It was like going to the military base or to the office, or meeting co-workers.  However, then their royal English guards (probably a different one in place) started to be less kind and got mean and glared at me as if I'd done something wrong, as a kid.  They are supposed to be expressionless.  I used to try to make them laugh by doing things in front of them, to see if they'd crack a smile ever.

The same duffel bag used for transporting stacks of money around, and the kinds of "drops" I saw made at U.S. law enforcement places, usually right before a crime was going to be committed (they used bribes ahead of time, not after, mostly, as a foresight into "preventative" measures and making sure all the odds were well-stacked against a complainant first).

I once was there with a parent and tried to make a report in London, England.  The parent was either serious or acting, and was making a report and they broke his hands in their offices and we left with the Robert's hands having been broken.  I witnessed police doing something to a Robert's hands by British-connected or Irish-connected U.S. cops later as well, but the first time I saw it done was at a London station.  The Robert was trying to tell them about torture of me.  The other testimony was of who was involved in drug trafficking.

For all of the cops who knew about the big Middleton drug-lord trafficking ring, and Barak, and persons connected, it seemed to me they were taking some of the money, or some of them were.  On one occasion I was sitting there when Robert told them some names of people and then they beat him up.  He also told them I was chained to beds in basements and I confirmed it and no one did anything about it.  He also said, "She says she's been raped."

All of the U.S. government gang activity against me to sodomize me was coming from some sick desire to get credit and bonus points and "score" with British royals.  The constant use of a ball in my face, or next to me, on me, or around me, prior or during rape of me of any kind was their way of mocking and symbolizing the ball that is held from a royal throne, and the constant use of rods and sticks up my rectum in violent rapings was their way of symbolizing the royal sceptre.

In every single incident of sodomy and government gang-rape against me, in England or U.S. or Canada, they used a ball and/or a stick or rod.  In addition to these two 'props', they used a "crown" which was a heavy aluminum band that was fastened around my forehead and which conducted electrical shock to my brain, and was attached to wires that were connected to the control box, which plugged into an electrical outlet in a wall.

I was consistently, and repeatedly tortured with use of a ball (globe), a rod (sceptre), and a head device (crown) and I was being tortured with being chained to beds in basements and in my room.  This is in addition to having my legs broken, and being whacked on the head, and jumped, and other forms of assault.

All of the torture against me using a ball and a stick occurred after William of Wales was born.    This is also after Katie Middleton, their primary drug operation kid, was also born, because they were born the same year in 1982.  The only comments I had ever made involving a stick of any kind or about any kind of stick or ball or anything, were that I could see William playing some kind of a sports game with a stick in the future, not just a ball (when they asked what I thought he'd be like when he was older); and I made a joke once while painting with Diana that we could give William a broom and he could paint with it and then ride out on it.  There was no connection to anyone else or anything that involved a ball or stick or crown except from royals themselves who had occasionally shown me these items when I was very young (age 3 and younger).  He also sometimes had something put in his mouth briefly so he wouldn't bite his own tongue when he was a baby (with a seizure) but I didn't do it and it was protective and was more of a toy kind of stick or thing.

I then had "metal bits" put into my mouth to muzzle me so I couldn't talk and was forced to keep these bits in my mouth sometimes when I was electrocuted, mostly in England.

I sent a letter to London police again.  I say again, because I tried sending one awhile ago, and I've sent email and not one single person who is an officer has corresponded with me or made any reply back.  Instead, what I noticed both times, was some U.S.-connected English man shows up each time, at least around Coquille post office and the post office workers greet him like he's an old pal.  This last time I took a letter in, I had postage put on it, and then the woman who took it, Karen, looked up and saw him behind me when I did and sort of smirked and said, "You're right on time."  This is the second time the same man has been "right on time" after I try mailing a letter to England, and though he was nice enough this last time, he wasn't the time before.  He is someone who looks like an officer I knew in London, England, but I don't think he's the same man.  The U.S. has obviously known who I was around, or they wouldn't be making a federal game of it.

I was read the story of Beowulf as a kid and then someone decided to use that story as a template for assaulting me as well.

I have also never had anyone from England contact me about my records from Sandhurst Military Academy.  I have some medical records from (Wellington Hospital or one connected as well, and I say Wellington because it was close to Althorp where I stayed so I assume it was that one but it may have been  a different English hospital) and I am a member of the Church of England (CE).  I know I'm a member of the Church of England because they did their ceremony and wrote my name into their book for it.  It's the only church membership I was ever signed up for in my entire life and it was when I was a kid.  I knew the Archbishop of England (Canterbury).  I attended different churches and was welcomed at many different kinds of churches, but the only one I was a member of was CE.  There was a document made about it, and record of infant baptism and membership.  Not that I care, but it's there.  It's possible I had a baptism in a Catholic church, but I know a record was made of a ceremony at an Anglican church, with my name and I remember the Archbishop.

So when did English police, Canadian police/immigration, and U.S. law enforcement decide I was "mentally ill"?  About the same time I was a little girl with rape reports? 

I've noticed they all drop the "she's mentally ill" bit if I pretend it never happened and am not pressing for prosecution, but as soon as I do, I'm suddenly being defamed as "mentally ill" and deliberate attempts to ruin my college, school, or work are made by harassment and provocation and numerous problems, to create distress or a reaction from me they only want to use for defense of pedophiles, date-rapists, and electrocutionists and government-sponsored drug runners.

I can match the times U.S. government has tried to accuse me of mental illness, to each time I've ever tried to report crimes against me, since I was a kid.

That is quite the feat.  How many multiple billions of taxpayer money has been spent on that alone?  Is that what these countries are most interested in?  I can mostly blame the U.S. and Canada, but I have wondered why my report never went anywhere when I was a kid, the one time I do remember one being made at London about one specific matter.  As for what is next, we'll see.

I have looked up the buildings for MI6, intending to look for MI5 and I recognize the MI6 building (the Century building).  I went there with Prince Charles once and I was there with another person another time.  I was there more than one time.

I saw both a parent and Mike Middleton at London police station.  Once they were together outside of the building, but usually they split up and I was with only one of the parents when going to a station, or to high security. 

Obviously, the CIA ran their "Monarch", "Chatty Cathy", and "MKUltra" projects with the English and Canada.

When I was in France, and in their prison, it wasn't even like a real prison.  It was a damp dungeon underground, in the dark, with rats and I got pneumonia and they thought I might not live when I was out.  I was fed nothing but a piece of bread and water, one time a day.  Maybe someone could explain to me why Mike Middleton was the person having me released from a French dungeon?  What did he do for Katie's lawsuits?  "If you don't let her win, I'll show the world the photos of Ms. Garrett as a child in your dungeon, emaciated?"  It was Middleton who was the French contact and then from there I was sent to the U.S. and I was extremely sick and weak.  I had contracted bronchitis and then it turned to pneumonia but it was a severe case and they thought I was going to die so they released me.

As for my "heart condition" I never had anything I noticed until I was thrown into the cyroplasm freezer in Denver, CO.  I was maybe only in there a split second actually, but it was so cold, my heart stopped and then when the door was opened, and I was out, I was already blue and I had heart problems.  Then they went away and I never had them again until I was operated on in Maryland for a D&C and they did something to my heart without my permission.

Then someone decided to replay the bronchitis I had in a French dungeon by causing me to get something when I was commuting from Washington to Oregon for my law cases.  It was a biological act to try to make me sick to interfere with lawsuits I was winning, not losing.  I was playing music by French singer Edith Piaf and trying to memorize French again as I went back and forth (driving) and someone decided it would be funny to spread a virus contagion so I'd have bronchitis constantly and I did, for months (no less than 6 months) and when I asked for medical abatement, Judge Janice Wilson refused and mocked me.

Like they didn't know.

You think Katie could win a lawsuit on her merit?  Ha.  Fat chance.  Why else have a reason to blackmail French courts?  ("If Katie doesn't win the lawsuit we can show you photos of the emaciated American citizen you held in a dungeon when she was a kid and tell people how she almost died."  It's not that they cared about me.  They just cared about the blackmail potential for getting what they wanted for "Catherine" Middleton, and I still think it's a false name.  I don't believe her name is correct and there's always been something wrong with it).  Why work so hard at pushing me out of my own law suits to protect my own name and reputation, which I had a right to do and which were asking for a meager amount of money?  Not to mention, I was slinging the bat on my own, not with some entire baseball team funding me.

I know Robert Garrett brought up Mike Middleton's name once, at a London station, and he was right there, Mike was.  That wasn't all the time, but it was one time they were together in the same place and this his wife Carol came over to the U.S. to have me raped and electrocuted with Barak Obama and Robert and others.

Once I was in Moses Lake, after being hospitalized for pneumonia, I was in my bedroom with a steamer going all day and night and I was in bed for almost a month.   I was extremely sick, with high fevers, pneumonia, and they asked sometimes, "Is she delusional?" because I was going in and out of consciousness with delirium from how sick I was.  That's how sick.

Good for Katie.  Boy.  She won 2 lawsuits.  Boy.  Golly.  Like that's a reeeeaaaaallly big surprise.  Cough cough.

So they had me recover from pneumonia to assault me again and keep using me for blackmail and extortion purposes.

I remember Granny came to visit me and while I did have "delirium" and was delirious or delusional for a short time, with high fever and illness, I recovered and was trying to talk about abuse and things that had been done to me and she narrowed her eyes and looked mean but said in a sweet voice, "You're just delirious Cameo.  Dicksie, I think Cameo is having delirium still."  She knew it wasn't delirium when it wasn't.  I was wide awake, coherent, and describing crimes against me and that's when I found out Granny didn't care.  She was going along with the cover-up and my attempts to get protection and escape this horrific nightmare of treatment, that I thought Granny would respond to, were refuted.

Imagine being a kid, sick to death with pneumonia, and looking up weakly at Granny, knowing you are her favorite grandchild, and trying to ask for "help" by bringing up torture in England and then the dungeon in France?  Then imagine your shock and horror as you are so very ill, to have Granny's usual sweet, very Christian expression change in front of your eyes, a metamorphoses, into a hardened and mean gleam in the eye as she tells you you're "delusional" or delirious and "Dicksie, does she maybe need more medication?  Hmmm?"  It's no different than if Granny suddenly ripped off the mask and, shock, a wolf?  with a medicine spoon.


Oh Camille!

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