Sunday, December 22, 2013

"She's Not My Kid" said Robert Garrett Jr., with Bill Clinton at ADMAX Florence, CO

The other person who showed up to the ADMAX in Florence, CO was Bill Clinton, and possibly John Kerry.  I remember Clinton for sure and sort of Kerry possibly. 

The U.S. took me there with Robert Garrett Jr. and interrogated me and electrocuted me in front of CIA employee Harold James Nicholson, and a few other individuals they brought in.

The Robert Garrett Jr. said to Harold, when Harold looked shocked he was hands-on electrocuting me, with Secret Service and FBI and the prison warden there, "She's not my kid."  They kept rubbing it in, saying, "Do you know who this is?  This is Howard's kid."  They were saying I was CIA "defector" Edward Howard's kid, in that prison. 

They referred to me as "Howard's kid".  One of them said they didn't believe it and someone got proof of some kind they had waiting and showed it to him, including some signature from Edward Howard. I believe it was a signed document by Edward Howard they included but not positive.  It was some kind of paper. They showed it to him and his head dropped a little and he said, "Oh my God."

The prison warden took part in assaulting me, and Bill Clinton showed up, when I had already seen him at my apartment in Portland, Oregon when Ed Howard visited once while I was taking online classes at OSU.  They electrocuted me hard enough I blacked out, at the ADMAX, and they did this to me in front of Nicholson, to supposedly get him to confess to something before they'd quit torturing me, and they did this to me in front of some woman I didn't know they were accusing of something, and to at least one other man.  The woman started to cry and looked shocked.  I didn't know who she was and hadn't met her before and I don't remember what they said her name was, but they believed she knew me in some way and that torturing me in front of her was going to get them something.  I am pretty sure there were maybe 2 women at least.  They had around 4 people being accused of espionage.

Then they had the Robert Garrett Jr. sodomize me there, in the prison room, with an object, while one of the accused watched, and the warden and other U.S. officials were there, along with Bill Clinton.  After they sodomized me, they threw me into "the hole", and I went in, almost passed out, and stunned, thinking, "They raped me.  They raped me and I'm raped and this country is now forcing me into an isolation hole in their 'super-security' place when I need medical attention."  The hole was a dark concrete trap inside of a wall and it wasn't even like a small cell.  I don't remember any toilet or anything.  It was pitch black, I had to duck to go into it, and then they locked it behind me.  It was the same type of "hole" that the U.S. military, FBI, and CIA used (including Michelle Erickson's uncle, who was involved, which is probably why Judge Alicia Nakata, the American-Japanese judge feels cozy with her, since she knows where some of the kiddie porn was sent) when they forced photos and video to be made of me, and I had nothing but a thin blanket or rug to sit on over a concrete cold surface (age 3 and younger).  They used private houses mostly though.  The U.S. Navy's idea, in Seattle, of having me go into their water "hole" to test how long I could hold my breath was like a joke to them, knowing what other kind of hole they'd forced me into, for making child pornography.  Sue from CASA in Wenatchee, Washington was totally involved in it.  I don't think she was in CASA at that time, but she was going out for "house checks" to see how long Locklyn had me in a dog cage at her house and then was the one ordering how much longer to keep me there or move me to a different dog cage. Then she was standing there next to Locklyn, talking about money.  I actually, although I couldn't place her earlier, the other Sue from visitations who acted as a monitor, I think the visitation monitor Sue went with Susan, the CASA director once because I remember the chopped off fingers and both were being called "Sue" or "Susan" and I was wondering why they called both of them that and which Sue was Sue.

It wasn't vaginal rape, because they saved that for Barak Obama.  It was sodomy, and they used Bill Clinton and Robert Garrett Jr., who was supposed to be my "Dad" and who denied I was his daughter, for the first time I had ever heard such a thing, right there in that United States owned federal complex in Florence, CO.

The U.S. had me either sodomized or vaginally raped, and electrocuted, with every single one of their last 4 Presidents of the U.S. participating hands-on.  The FBI was cooperating with all of it, acting like the U.S. "Red Cross" by taking blood samples from me first to be sure I wasn't diseased and that the U.S. government's "picks for presidency" were not going to catch anything from me if they assaulted me, by making contact with my body fluids.

What I remember, is John Kerry was there and was a friend of Bill's, but acted in a military kind of role, introducing himself to others with some military title.  It's not at all surprising he's head of the Department of State, because the CIA is only hiring pedophiles and friends of pedophiles.  I'm about 80% sure Kerry was there and I'm 100% sure Bill Clinton was there with Robert Garrett jr.

My biggest shock was that my "Dad" had just participated in sodomizing me, with Bill, right there in their government office, and then I was confused wondering why he had said I wasn't his kid.  I wasn't his kid???  All my life, or most of it, I thought he'd said he was my Dad.  I could remember when he asked "Do you want to call me Dad?" so I did remember some point in time, not calling him Dad, but his name was supposedly on my birth certificate.

They called me something "Howard" there. 

I am not sure which one of the accused they had sitting there when Robert and Bill sodomized me.  They took turns and did it from behind me, so I couldn't see when or who was doing it or using the instrument when the entire time.    So they'd have the accused sitting in a chair facing me, and then my back to the United States perverts and criminals and then the U.S. was giving them permission to sodomize me.

After the FBI had a Dicksie electrocuting me with Anne Crane in Seattle, WA (supposedly to have Gary Ridgway confess),they had a Robert electrocuting me and sodomizing me with Bill in Florence, CO, and then they had it all set up for me to be assassinated with Valerie Plame and the Canadian official on the U.S. property helicopter, with some others involved as well, and a briefcase and duffel bag having been opened and discussed which contained stacks of money.

I really don't think a Robert Garrett Jr. would be that "intimately" connected to that many future Presidents if he wasn't a U.S. government employee, do you?  How about that Dicksie too?  What do you think of FBI solicitation of a mother to electrocute her "kid"?

My son was kidnapped through lies and fabrications and fraud perpetuated by all the same people and contacts.

When Barak Obama makes comments like "sasha is choosing the next house" it gives me the creeps because everything he says and does is in code and he's been used to transmitting his gangster messages since he was picking up money and drugs at our house in Moses Lake, WA.

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