Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I Believe Diana Spencer Is In An FBI Witness-Protection Program

I don't believe Diana Spencer is dead.

I believe she is in an FBI witness protection program.  There are several good reasons to believe this is true.

First of all, the collision could have been faked.  Why else have the videocameras not playing in the tunnel?  If someone turned off the cameras or they weren't on that night, it means any kind of collision could have taken place and then people moved around and changed.  For one thing, one of the men in the car with her was a former U.S. FBI employee.  He didn't die.  It is very possible someone banged him up to make it look good, and had Diana fake injuries, to then get put into a witness protection program through the FBI.

I have witnessed entire field offices of FBI in the U.S. lie about major events in my life.  I have also witnessed a group of officials from England, to Canada, to U.S. FBI to cops, getting paid off with serious money, to all collude together to lie the same lie and tell the same story.

This makes it extremely likely this is what was done with Diana. 

For another reason, the FBI had a major incentive and motive to hide her.  She was an informant for them, AND she was participating in the same crimes against me that the FBI offices were engaged in.  If the U.S. and England wanted Katie Middleton to marry William, there is no way that was going to happen with my having witnessed Diana at one location where people tried to kill me, and then at several other locations involving FBI.  Aside from potential publicity problems for Katie, through the Spencers and their involvement with Middleton (who is FBI and U.S. military driven), the main motive for hiding such a public figure is because she committed crimes against me that maybe she didn't want to face with the whole world looking at her.

The FBI had her in their offices, and she was present when I was raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama.  She also showed up at my apartment in Portland, Oregon when I was taking classes at OSU through a program as a pre-teen, and it was after she took my mother outside, my mother came back in with a stick to pee on and said, "Here, take this."  I said, "Did Diana give that to you?"  It is possible not just my mother was worried about having been present for my being raped.

To thank Diana and to feel "special", the U.S. would give Diana witness protection in the U.S.  Her testimony probably had something to do with going with a group to "the bog", or participating in electrocution of me with other FBI agents.

Maybe she missed a lover from Colombia, which was the last country she was in before she disappeared, and the U.S. thought they'd try to use me to get Alvaro Pardo into the country to be available for her sexual needs when he was sneaking out away from me.

Anything is possible, because the FBI is corrupt and I don't believe anything they say.  They electrocuted me, more than once and they planned hits against me, with people from England, Canadians, and U.S. employees.

It's not like someone can't edit video footage anyway.  The FBI was editing me out of photos with their employee James Bulger when I was a kid and I saw how they were doing things like this.  They also got DEA and FBI to work against me, not supporting me, but in retaliation for my comments about Katie's family in the drug industry.  Why would the DEA care unless they supported them?  And why would the FBI care unless they supported them?  And the U.S. Army man who ordered that I be injected?  why should the Pentagon care unless Middletons are working for them.  The U.S. is not going to bend over backwards just because they like Katie, or have a mutual respect for British royalty... the U.S. would go to these lengths for one reason and one reason alone and that is 1. they are U.S. citizens the U.S. government likes, 2.  They are federal employees of the U.S., 3.  They are major economic suppliers to the U.S. government. 

The U.S. did what they did because the Middletons are on their payroll.  They were first illegally transferring money to them, through the FBI, and now it's normalized and easier through supporting funds they choose, or visiting, or being "out in the open".  The U.S. can be "out in the open", now that they can say they have a reason to be, politically.  The U.S. government couldn't very well explain why they were so close to Middletons prior to Katie's official job as William's call girl.  George Bush, for example, is not going to fly over or invite them over for lunch and have people wonder how George Bush knows Katie and why he cares.  He cared so much, he sodomized me.

This song in the movie Lethal Weapon, "It's Probably Me" with the black guy and the white guy, both cops?  I see that footage now, with those lyrics and think about how yeah, Robert Garrett Jr. and Barak Obama did that for who?  Not for me.  They did not rape and electrocute me, for my benefit.

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