Wednesday, December 25, 2013

U.S. Government Whackos on my Computer

I've explained some things the U.S. has done with illegal exploitation of me, abuse and rape of me, electrocution of me on the slight "chance" they might get a confession from an accused prisoner, or as a way to try to justify constant electrocution of me at my own house (sometimes while chained to a bed).

The latest is just now, my computer screen monitor showed everything normal and then a blocked out bar shape came onto my screen, that was the same size as a piece of leftover stamp that I put on the last envelope to my son, at the United States federally-owned-and-operated post office.

I peeled off a stamp and another part of it peeled off so I stuck it to the envelope, and did this at the counter in front of the U.S. post service woman.  It was just a small rectangle shape in white.  So then I am on my computer, 24 hours later, and typing, and this same size and shape of a rectangle as the one I stuck to the envelope, came onto my computer screen, for no reason, and it was solid black.

I mean, just small, stupid, annoying things are done by U.S. government workers to me all the time.  I didn't press any button and there wasn't any reason for it to show up either.

It was just someone deciding to make something out one small moment in my life that wasn't even a big deal, but of course the U.S. federal government thinks it's a HUGE deal, so they decide to get their employee that hacks onto my computer, and the next time I'm about to send something to my son Oliver, they put some kind of bizarre mark over my monitor, to match a piece of sticker I stuck to an envelope to my son the next day.

It's basically a way of harassing me constantly with stupid little reminders that they are on my computer, messing with me, and think they can do whatever they want.

Then someone started targeting me to my chin again when I started making this post.

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