Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gary Ridgway At FBI Offices (FBI Electrocutes Children for Confession and Security for Planned Hits)

This will go with the information I'm adding about what things happened at the Spencers in England when I was young (a couple of posts back).

I've said before, my mother, or one of the Dicksies (because there are twins or triplets) tortured me inside FBI offices in Seattle, in front of Gary Ridgeway.

She was not the only woman who went over and did this, in front of him, but she was the main one.  It was done after I had been picked up by Gary who was then driving a semi-truck, and U.S. attorney Maryann McIntosh (a military brat from Wenatchee), who was there with some cops and her daughter, and my Grandpa Garrett Sr., commented about how she was looking forward to it.

I didn't know who Gary Ridgway was.  I thought, when they talked about "Gary" they meant Gary Goldsmith (Carol Middleton's brother) was picking me up.  He was the "Gary" that was around my family the most and I knew he was dealing and distributing drugs with their entire family.  Obviously, my own parents were involved or Gary wouldn't have been coming around the house with his drugs and his drug runners (who included Barak Obama).  I did not have an idea of who the "main mobster" was, but it was 100% sheer FBI indulged.  They had a drug business the U.S. approved of, and supported.  The DEA was putting other people in the slammer, but of course not the Middletons, or my parents, or Gary Goldsmith, or Barak Obama.  They were using that drug business for raising money for the CIA.  Some of the border cops involved in the Middleton theft of my property and other things, included a cop by the name of "Mike", and it was a different "Mike" from Middleton.  "Bruce" from Canada, was also involved.

Maryann McIntosh had to know who Gary Goldsmith and the Middletons were, to have made a  comment about "Gary" and to have thought it was so funny they were bringing Gary Ridgway around me instead of Gary Goldsmith.

When Gary picked me up, I was surprised it wasn't Goldsmith.  I thought, "Oh, it's some other Gary I don't even know."  I figured he had to know them to have greeted them or for Maryann McIntosh to know ahead of time who was scheduled and already "in place" to pick me up.

Ms. McIntosh thought I was as good as dead.  This is most likely why she didn't even care that I witnessed what she was packing away in the trunk of her car.

Instead, when he picked me up, I told him I thought they had meant Gary Goldsmith was picking me up and which Gary was he?  So he introduced himself and when I asked what kind of work he did, he said he was driving a semi for now, but he'd also done painting, and mostly construction types of work, and he had been in the U.S. Army.

After awhile, he started getting nervous, and he said, "Your Dad hired me to kill you and I can't do it."  I said what do you mean, and he said, "That man at the house, named Robert, that's your Dad?" and I said, "No, that's my Grandpa."  He said, "I got a call from a man named Robert."  I said, "Well my Grandpa's name is Robert and he's a Robert Sr. and my Dad's name is Robert and he's a Robert Jr."  He freaked out and said, "This man named Robert called me up and said he needed someone to kill you."  I had been sitting there in his truck, putting my make-up on(I only wore a little then) and doing my hair because I had been told I could do it after Gary picked me up.  Then he started crying and said they were trying to kill me.  He said he couldn't do it, and would I read the Bible to him while he was driving, and then said you don't have anywhere to go so you can stay at my house with me and my wife for now.

So he took me to their house and I lived there with them.  It wasn't for very long because then Dicksie and Robert and some people were breaking in with a woman that looked like either Julia Thornton or Laura Laughlin and some men (one of them Rick Baken or George Bechtold, not sure which but I remember one of the men Ms. McIntosh knew and was talking about was there).  They told him to freeze and "FBI".

By that time, he liked me.  Gary Ridgway liked me.  He said I was maybe one of his only friends and he didn't feel like killing people as much when he was around me.  He said I was good for him.  He said he didn't love very many people in the world but he did like me.  I thought he just needed someone to validate he was normal and he wasn't that bad.  He said he was so bad and had killed people once and I said, "Well you know what, so has the FBI and so have soldiers in wars, and probably you're no different from them but they want you to think you are."  He said, "But I've cut up people" and I said, "So do doctors."  I said did you cut them up when they were alive or dead and he said dead, and I said, "So they didn't feel anything and it was like what people who work in funeral places do."  He said yeah and I said, "Maybe when you were in the Army, they trained you to do all this killing and you did, and it was normal to them but then when you left you still wanted to kill people, but it wasn't okay anymore.  So the same thing one place that's normal is suddenly not normal to them some other place or you feel it's not normal."  He smiled and said, "Maybe I should have stayed in the Army."  He didn't look like any half-retarded low I.Q. man the way his eyes sparked and twinkled when he said this.  He started calming down and began liking to have me around and said I was his only friend and that having me (a kid) around made him want to kill less or not at all. 

So the FBI used that against him, and used me, after they hadn't killed me with their employees putting a hit on me, and decided to electrocute me in front of him until he confessed to something.  The FBI first made me sound like some kind of a hero, but they had major problems.  They were, as one former FBI employee once put it to me:  "corrupt".

They had me go to their offices and that was when I found out, oh guess what, the FBI already knows about the electrocution box.  You'd think, from FBI, they would be shocked, confiscate material as evidence, and then prosecute people for torturing kids (me) with it, day after day (as Alan Springer did).  Instead, it turned out, they looked at it like an FBI glock with their ID numbers on it was back in the office again for their personal business use.

They had me sit down and hooked me up to be electrocuted and brought Gary Ridgeway to witness seeing me being fried.  He was not the only person the FBI brought in to see me that way because they tortured me in front of at least 2 other people to coerce confessions of some kind from them.  When Gary was there, he saw me being tortured and Dicksie was doing it and looked excited and happy about it, with no hesitation.  He started to cry and looked at me and said, "THAT's your MOM?"  I looked at him and nodded.  Usually I said nothing when I was electrocuted because I had been electrocuted so many times, I was tortured worse and burned if I said anything or cried out in pain.  But I said something like help me.

The FBI is a pack of vicious, child-raping, child-electrocuting monsters.  This is only one of several reasons they wanted to try to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo.

The other woman who was there was Carol Middleton.  I believe it was Carol Middleton because it looked like her and she also stood by the machine to electrocute me but I mostly remember my mother.  Having Carol electrocute me inside FBI offices, with a Dicksie, was really a way for the FBI to say, "You're doing it here in our offices so we support your premeditated plan to have Barak Obama rape and electrocute her."  Another woman I believe was there was possibly Anne Crane.  There was a woman with dark hair someone called Anne at some point in or out of the offices, and it looked like her.

When Gary Ridgeway said "That's your Mom???" in a pitiful way, like even the biggest serial killer couldn't believe how corrupt and ruthless the FBI was, it was like Johnny Spencer telling me to point to my "Mama" after she was pointing a gun at me and then saying, "That's not your Mama".

Also, when I was at the interrogation place somewhere in England the time I've mentioned, where they had a bunch of women show up after a car hijacking, when I was very young, I eventually said this one woman who sort of looked like my Aunt Locklyn was my "Ama" and one of the Dicksies was very upset and said, "No!" but I remember what I told them, was that she wasn't there.  I didn't recognize my "Ama" among any of them.  So whoever this woman was I had in my mind that I thought was called "Ama", I was telling them it didn't look like any of them.  I said she had brown hair and that was it.  Before sleeping with the Spencers at Althorp, I do remember Anne and how she braided her hair at night (it was long) but I didn't identify any of them really except to say they all looked like people I knew and then I settled on this one woman but I felt pushed to say something. 

When I was in the FBI offices, I knew my Mom to electrocute me, with some of the others, but I didn't see how excited and determined she looked and how far she was going to push it.  It was right there with FBI agents around.  They kept saying to Gary, "Do you have something to confess?"

The idea he said "That's your Mom???" is also sort of the way he felt when he said, "That was your Dad?" when mentioning my Grandpa.  I know the Bairds and Garretts also worked with Middletons because the Bairds had some of their relatives over at the cabin in Idaho (the Garretts). 

The FBI was happy to use all of them.  I was the one they tortured and I am the only one who has never worked for them.

When my parents were in Moses Lake saying they were sending some things over to the Middletons, and what did I have that wanted to give them, I was given this big line about how we had to give them a really big present and anything I had that I thought was valuable, to put it in the pile of "goodies" going to the brat Katie.  It was made to be a voluntary things, but because of all the mind games and pressure and persuasive tactics, it was probably just a way to have me part with my things and have it look voluntary.  It was made to sound like how do you want to help our family?  So I gave them the best things I had.  It was with the lie that it was an emergency.  I had a gold locket that either Queen Elizabeth or Johnny Spencer gave to me and I gave it to them.  Queen Elizabeth once gave me a small piece of jewelry (a necklace) when I was a girl, and then Johnny Spencer had a locket engraved with initials engraved on it.  So when Middletons got the booty, that's when Carol picked up the necklace and said, "She gave this to us?" and then she narrowed her eyes and said, "You really are an orphan."  I gave my most important piece of jewelry under the entire false report that it was extremely important to present a nice gift to save the family.

It was like telling me to give up what I loved most as a "sacrifice" because God would like it (i.e., give up acting).

I did all of these things out of the goodness of my heart while they were just using religion and peer pressure and lies to manipulate me and take the best things from me.

So believe me, I can tell you a lot about the Middletons, and a lot of other people too.  The FBI has been committing huge crimes against me and they kidnapped my son.  He is not adopted with any truth to the facts--he is kidnapped.  He is also living with people who were part of a family plotting to murder me, who work with the FBI, which tortures children.

So finally, after Carol Middleton and my mother took turns electrocuting me inside Seattle FBI offices, with mostly my mother doing it, and Gary looking more and more horrified, he said "Okay! okay!  stop hurting her!" 

So it was the serial killer who was telling the FBI and my mother not to hurt me, a kid.  Don't you think it should be the other way around?  I mean, since when do serial killers and mobsters have to tell the FBI to quit torturing children and their parents?  Not only that, he had gone into recidivism, which is when a criminal quits committing their crimes or loses the impulse or motivation that triggers them to commit crimes.  He didn't ever give me a lot of information about what he'd done.  He never said it was mostly women or anything like that (from what I remember).  I just knew he said he had killed people.  So what's new.  Tell me something new I haven't already heard before.

By the time the FBI had Carol and my mother electrocuting me in their offices, they were all ready to go with another hit against me by raping me and electrocuting me so their pal Barak Obama could feel avenged.

It's interesting how the FBI "suddenly" picked Gary Ridgway up, after he refused to kill a girl, isn't it?   They had hired him to kill me and when he didn't do it, they pretended they were the good guys.  I was not only electrocuted in the FBI offices, I had to give statements because I was interrogated.  One of them wanted to know all about how I was able to keep Gary Ridgway from murdering me.  They documented my statements in FBI offices.  There were U.S. attorneys there too, which is hilarious since Ms. McIntosh's plan of murdering me had just failed.

They all got in line and set the scene for the next U.S. government gang-bang of me, and this next time, it was rape, and FBI and police knew about it and the FBI is responsible for the "background checks" of Presidents.  They had some tall black guy behind tinted windows in a room watching me as I was electrocuted and then coming out and smirking at me, handing me a ball and then taking it back, and I could tell from his eyes he had something planned against me.

Why is the FBI lying?

Out of all the FOIA requests I made, they gave me nothing for 7 years, and kidnapped my son from me, while their employees lied about me.  Then they gave me a few snippets of transcript from an FBI report I made and only a document from 1977 saying the U.S. government had a file on me that was destroyed in 1977.

Where's the rest of it.

Almost every single "player" for the CPS case used to kidnap my son and make it look correct, was an FBI employee connected to crimes or attempted murder of me, or to military that was.

The FBI also probably thought it was fine to get a FBI-Pentagon-CIA core group to try to assassinate me because they had used me, tortured me extensively and proved they were fully aware of my being electrocuted (Alan Springer worked for them), colluded to cover up my being sodomized in England and in the U.S., then premeditated my rape and electrocution by Barak Obama after using to get  Gary Ridgway to talk, jumped me while I was taking OSU classes to try to thwart college and how smart I was, and then they wanted to kill me.  They also jumped up all of the torture against me in 2005 as the CIA, Pentagon, FBI and England trio were ready to pop out Katie Middleton and Barak Obama to the world, when they knew I could identify both of them.

The black man and others who were around when I was electrocuted were also around Anne Crane, who talked with them (at FBI offices in Seattle).  Of other people there that I recognized, one man looked like one of the presenters for an OSU horticulture video (not my instructor but someone who presented) and another one looked like the same Judge John Bridges that I witnessed in woods trying to extort money for Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer.

So who else was at the hit-site where Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me next?  Bridges associates.  He was there, and Anne Crane was there and I remembered recognizing him and thinking, "Why is someone from Wenatchee here?"  It's possible Dennis Hotchkiss was there as well, because they talked about "Dennis" at one point.   I'd have to see a photo of him from that time frame, at the age he was at then, to know.  It's very possible he was there.  Judge Bridges was there and the man from an OSU video was there.  Yes, Dennis was there.  I remember because they started talking with Bridges and Locklyn came up once, and then they left.  There were at least 2 Wenatchee Judges present in the FBI offices when I was electrocuted and tortured:  Bridges and Hotchkiss.  One of them was behind the tinted window when I was being electrocuted, which is where the tall black man came out from as well.

Anne Crane did not just stand by, passively, watching or talking to people in the FBI offices.  She was hands-on with electrocution.

Basically, most of the people the Seattle FBI used and had present for my being tortured and electrocuted in FBI offices, and as a security set prior to my being raped by Barak Obama, were put in charge of stealing my son from me later.

I never saw, or don't ever remember seeing, a Robert Garrett Jr. there--just a Dicksie.  Robert Garrett Jr. took me to Seattle, WA police headquarters instead and after I said I liked those people better than the FBI people, I was jumped by a select group of them in a private office.  I liked them better because they were more natural and also, I'm sure I said this because they weren't electrocuting me like the FBI had.  Some of them were slightly more cheerful than the Grim Wiccans of the FBI.  When they jumped me, they did beat me and punch me and I think a Robert Jr. was tortured, but I was not electrocuted.

I hate the FBI.  HATE.  There is no way the FBI and Child Protective Services deserves one cent of taxpayer money.  Yeah, at some point in my life I forgot about some of the things they did to me, and thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but it was for the public, not them, and there was a reason they didn't want me in as an employee--they were guilty of torturing me and plotting rapes against me.

Now do you reeeaaaally think THAT kind of FBI is going to care about kids who get sexually molested by any kind of clergy? 

Look at how they totally covered the CPS case involving my son, with their own criminals, from the very start to the very end, from top to bottom and both sides?  Michelle Erickson went so far as to make this comment to me, "Our case is air-tight".

Right.  Refer back to "pilot program" at OSU, circa mid-1980s, and Michelle standing there with her uncle Doug on the Corvallis campus as her uncle belittled me.  Her "case", which is a piece of fraud, (and she is a perjuring liar), is as "air-tight" as the little fucking Seattle FBI "bubble" that gets blown.  Since when are that many Gary Ridgway conspirators, who tried to murder me, who hated Edward Lee Howard, allowed to steal children and get away with it?  Not one word they say is believable.  No one has any reason to believe Michelle Erickson, or my mother (a Dicksie, supposedly, or maybe not), Anne Crane, Judge Hotchkiss, Maryann McIntosh, or any of the cops involved.  None of the public defenders were defending me either.  They worked with the others.  There is a huge reason CPS confined the case to Wenatchee.  And that's after they were responsible for initiating a false report and fraudulent case to start with.

The other man who was there at FBI offices was Paul Cassel, and he was the leader of the public defenders, so the FBI used him to cover their asses too. 

They basically interrogated me alone, and then in a group, then electrocuted me one way and then in front of many people with an "accused" there, and in one room they had people watching me from behind tinted glass and several of them left wearing sunglasses, or putting sunglasses on first, and some of them didn't.  Then some of them stood around to chat later, in small groups, and that was a Judge-lawyer (Wenatchee) group with Anne Crane, and then there was a group of women--U.S. attorneys, FBI, and others, who said I had to have a full body MRI after they electrocuted me and their light circuited out.  I didn't see Anne Crane again, that I remember, until a decade later, as she participated in kidnapping my son.  She was also, as I've said, friends with Dicksie.  So any kind of cover the Bairds needed, for lying about me to take my son, was going to be covered by her, Anne Crane--FBI coordinator.  If I said one of the Bairds or my Dad or anyone, a brother, someone was lying about me (coerced or not), how many FBI agents were lined up with military to lie, push for lies of others, or threaten?  Out of all of the CPS employees, not one of them was disconnected from the FBI Rat-Nest Of Middleton Drug Distribution.

At one point I was a in hospital with exit wounds to my feet, my side (a huge blow out burn to my side), and my fingers and one of the OSU pre-teen students was brought in to view me, named Christopher.  Levi Garrett (my brother, or so I thought) was trying to see me and they wouldn't let him and he was saying "Oh my gosh, Oh my...Cameo!!!" as I laid in a hospital bed after the FBI tried to blow my brains out.  Instead, I had to recover in a hospital bed, lying on my side or back with side not touching anything, because of the burn.  It was either at FBI offices or around that time this happened, because an OSU-connected person who was a pre-teen that I had seen at a computer lab once (while working on course material), was there in the hospital in a bed next to me and just wanted me to talk.  I think possibly I had the electrocution and MRI at University of Washington and Seattle first and then maybe the hospital I was in was in Oregon because we drove back there.  I was being driven back and forth from Washington state to Oregon state.

When the "FBI" broke into the place where I was at with Gary Ridgway, they first acted like they were defending me, and I believe it was George Bechtold and one of the Roberts, got up close to me where I was tied, because Gary had tied me, not unlike most of them, and after they had Gary, George and Robert went up to me, beat me with martial arts strikes and punches and kicks and then hit me over the head with a 2x4.  I knew, what I thought as a kid, was "They did this to blame it on Gary Ridgway."  At one point, it looked like Gary would hit me and actually I think he did once.  He hit me once with something and I thought it wasn't like him, how he usually was around me, but maybe he was letting me know who was on their way.  Because then George and Robert showed up and instead of untying me, they beat me up and hit me hard enough so I blacked out.  The only other man it could have been was Rick Baken, but I had the impression it was George and it was 100% one of the two of them.  The FBI heard about my getting "hit on the head" but who was responsible wasn't recorded.  I remember I was asked to review some interrogators notes, by the FBI, and when I did, I told the FBI agent, "This is wrong."  The FBI agent has mis-stated several facts and when I told him it was wrong and needed correction, they never corrected it.  I kept telling the FBI, "That report is wrong.  The report has to be changed because it's not right."  The FBI ignored me.  I am very sure they used tampered evidence against Gary R.  It would be his right to have an appeal. 

He was about to kill me after all, for all I know, or, he knew who was on their way.  In any case, he did tie me up at one point and hit me on the head but I wasn't unconscious and then the "FBI" broke in, restrained him like he was the bad guy and then they beat me, did a bunch of vicious martial arts strikes, kicks, and punches, and then grabbed a 2x4 and whacked me over the head so I was unconscious.  I don't remember how I left the place.  I only know when I was told I had to live with my "parents" again, I screamed, because Alan Springer was electrocuting me every day there, with my Mom.

No one ever knew about my testimony for  any of Gary Ridgway's cases either.  My testimony would have severely damaged the FBI.  It still can, and I am more than happy to oblige.

The FBI didn't have me undergo a full body MRI because I was hit on the head.  They did it after I was electrocuted by them, in their offices.

It was said to the FBI, "Well you did get a pretty good hit to the head" or "You got quite a bump on the head."  This is the same excuse that was made a decade later when the FBI used CPS as an excuse to get another CAT scan of my brain after they had been torturing me again.  My opinion is that the FBI was obtaining the medical records, and then they surrepticiously delivered them to the Pentagon.  Like I've said before, my entire, every 3 years, on the dot, the U.S. government was taking a CT of my brain or body MRIs and/or spinal taps.

It gets creepier than that.

In addition to taking MRIs and CTs of me every 3 years, what would the point of a spinal tap be?  At some point, the U.S. was obtaining skin tissue samples from me as well.  This was done at times when I wasn't in the hospital under surgery of any kind.  I had people who worked in plant cloning and DNA work taking skin samples from me, and I had doctors in hospitals doing this.

Also, what was the motive behind making me wear a "patch" with some kind of hormones, prior to an assassination attempt?    Not only was I forced to wear some kind of a patch of some kind, I had to call in a pee-on-a-stick diagnostic that tested estrogen and had a smiley face on it and then I was under assassination attempt with a 'be happy' note tossed into my shirt to be there when I fell.  This was after the FBI assaulted me in their own offices, by the way.  So if I died, and it was this military helicopter picking everyone else up, and I went to the bottom of the cliffs, were they going to just leave me there?  Was someone going to "find" me?  Were they going to pick up my body and fly it out?  How would they explain the cut rope?  Someone would take it off of me?  If I went missing or dead, what was the story going to be?  That I had my period already and called about a pregnancy test and I was pregnant?  I wasn't pregnant, but why have it sound like I was if I was going to die?  to cover up for why I was bleeding when Barak Obama raped me in the FBI plot in Seattle?  There was no reason to call it in unless someone wanted to try to make something out of it. 

The U.S. is just a dirty bomb.  They were doing the most heinous things against me:  picking up guns after I touched them as a kid, to seal into plastic baggies; having me touch money and then no one else touching it; using steering wheels I handled and then replacing one I touched with another one.  It's like my entire life the U.S. was working hard at trying to collect evidence to frame me with, should I report them for criminal actions against me.

If it wasn't to claim I was already menstruating so any rape wasn't really rape, or something like that, why have me loaded with estrogen or some kind of chemical when they killed me?  Was it conducive to skin samples getting soaked in a substrate for cloning human copies of me?  They wanted to get my eggs out of my body while they were still warm? 

Aside from testing effects of radiation and infrared they used against me when I was in the fire station tower, what would a spinal tap be used for?  I had spinal taps more than one time, and the collections were being extracted by syringes.

I think, based on the fact the U.S. had me "call in" some kind of female hormone test over the telephone, which was recorded, after putting patches on my body, is strong evidence, that had I died, someone wanted to lie and say I was already having my period, and/or maybe I was pregnant (for some reason).  Smile Lee face.  Be happy, be smile lee.  Bee smile lee.  Not to mention (be gone nuts). I'm actually pretty sure it was a pecan nut thrown into my shirt with "be gone nuts".

And then they had some kind of baby on the assassin helicopter. 

The other problem is this, how was I killed rock climbing or found at the bottom of the cliff?  Maybe someone was going to say we were hiking, and I fell.  Like, take off the harness and things and just say it was a hike, I slipped and fell, and died.  But then why leave a note inside of my shirt?  Were they going to fly to the bottom, and not say anything but smirk when they picked the note (or nut) out?

If they left me, and someone at the bottom was waiting to take the body, is it possible they would lie and pretend I never missing and insert some kind of identical twin in my place?    That's probably not very likely but then again, why would a helicopter be needed if I was going to be "found" at the bottom?  Someone just thought they'd spare my Mom and Dad the hike down and planned to drop them off and then leave?  and then someone would call for help?  Of course if it's just my Mom and Dad, and me, on a hike together, and I fell, and both Dicksie and Bob were agreed, who was going to disbelieve them?  Motive?  What motive?

No rape of course.  The blood was because "she was on her period"?  Barak Obama feels safe, along with the FBI.  On one hand, if the test was an estrogen one but it was swapped out to sound like a pregnancy positive, that could sound like something to use against Barak, as if I was pregnant by him (or someone else), but in that case, if that was thought, they'd do an autopsy on me.  Maybe the U.S. just wanted an excuse to autopsy me, because if there was no positive, why autopsy me for a fall from a hike with Mom and Dad?  If there was no pregnancy, but they had a record I had called in about something, maybe they thought they could make it sound like even if Obama did something to me, the blood wasn't from a violent assault--it was just menstrual blood and I somehow got pregnant anyway and I didn't sound upset about it over the phone so I must have wanted to get pregnant or thought it was cool, which would imply I was sexually active.  I wasn't pregnant and didn't go to any clinic or hospital over that because it wasn't remotely possible when I started my period 3 1/2 months before 1988.  I was raped by Barak more than a year before that time.  I wasn't raped by anyone after that.  First the U.S. plotted to have me stimulated by a vibrator against my will; then the U.S. sodomized by employees, in England and the U.S.; then they plotted to rape me; then they plotted to have me orally assaulted.  Next they plotted to murder me.  No one methodically plots out one form of sexual assault by a group, to the next, without this being RICO prosecutable and hate crimes.  They were also electrocuting me from state-to-state, and laundering money which I witnessed, and they were wiring one another money as well.

Why cover up for blood from a violent assault?  Well, the FBI DID clean the house well enough didn't they?  Did it pass CPS inspection?

The primary reason for having me call in a pee-on-the-stick, after oddly getting patches stuck to me that may have had hormones on them, would be to attempt to refute a claim I made, out loud, which may have been picked up by NSA or other foreign intelligence, that "He raped me" when we left the house in Seattle, and my claim there was blood and I was "bleeding".

Why was I bleeding???


The ONLY reason to have me call in some kind of "pregnancy" or hormone result, would be to cover up for the FBI.  It's not CIA's responsibility when it's domestic hate crime against me, and it was the FBI offices I was in when I witnessed who was present and supportive of electrocution of me.  Even if it wasn't a pregnancy test, which I don't think it was because that wasn't said over the phone, what kind of test it was--even if it was an ovulation test, that would occur if I was having periods, which would possibly get Barak Obama off the hook for Violently raping me, and then electrocuting me.  The other thing, Diana Spencer was around when I was given the test stick by my Mom, or had just left.  She visited to see how I was doing with the classes. 

The other thing is, it is possible Diana Spencer was an FBI informant.  If so, if she liked Katie Middleton better than me, it's because they were playing for the same ball-team.  I say it's possible she was an FBI informant (or maybe even employee, who knows) because there was a woman behind the tinted window who kept sunglasses on, that looked like her, with sunglasses.  It is very possible it wasn't her though, because that woman said not a word so I have no way of knowing if it was her voice or not.  She left the room with some of the others that were behind the tinted glass, and that woman had sunglasses on.  Big ones.  She was tall and about the same figure as Diana which is why it crossed my mind, but I really cannot say.  There was also a woman who looked sort of like Jennifer Woods' mother there and I hadn't seen her for ages and thought it was strange.  She sort of looked like Jenny Woods' Mom and sort of like this woman who was sitting behind Carol Middleton in the bleachers at some event before Katie was married, when she didn't have seats next to royals (at that time, sometimes she did, sometimes she didn't).  Sort of a medium height, thin, angular-long shaped face with dark hair.  There were a few others there but many covered their faces, had sunglasses on, or left the room quickly.  IF Diana was there, it would mean she, my mother, and Carol Middleton all showed a presence at Seattle FBI offices for my being electrocuted prior to the FBI's pre-meditated rape and electrocution of me at a house in Seattle by Barak Obama.  Motive?  I don't know.  Maybe someone thought if I knew Gary Ridgway, I was to blame for his raping women so Barak Obama should rape me and make the FBI feel really big and strong.  Actually, I don't know that Gary R. raped women--he mostly picked up women and killed them.  So the rape aspect was maybe to get at Edward Lee Howard or just to trash me.  That was also, don't forget, after the U.S. first hired their employees to sodomize me.

To me, at the time, I thought it was Diana.  I thought, "Why is Diana hiding out behind the window and wanting me to be electrocuted?"  I can't say for sure because of the glasses on.  There was a man there as well, who looked like an English royal I knew.  It looked like Andrew to me.  And possibly Snowden.  If it wasn't Snowden it was Richard Whittemore.

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