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Teen Gang-Rape by Christopher Dabney, Jessica, Sarah Finger-McDonald and others

The gang rape of me involving many teens and pre-teens (mostly teens) and Melinda Gates, a Dicksie, and some others, occurred, I believed at times past, in England because I was there, and Edward Howard had flown in.

However, because I was being flown back and forth from those places, and to Oregon and Washington where Edward Howard was also going at that time, I would have to say it's possible the gang-rape with a vibrator was in the Pacific NW.  The reason I say this is because many Pacific NW teens who are now in their 30s, 40s and 50s and have also had reasons to defame me (along with their children) were involved.

I know we visited the Gates family (Bill and Melinda) in both England, working with Red Cross, and also in Redmond, Washington where their headquarters for Microsoft was and which was around the same time the Seattle FBI assaulted me with electrocution.  They also forced a signature from an adult to be made, giving control of my rights to someone.  When we were in Redmond, WA we stayed at an apartment that was theirs or they had arranged.

I'm positive it was Christopher Dabney.  Why he was in the area I was in, I'm not sure, but then someone had him hunt me down in Washington D.C. when I had a CPS case against Seattle people.  His relative, I believe, Jessica Dabney was there, and he was already friends somehow with Sarah Finger-McDonald, who was one of my OSU professors and teaching early.  She later got married to a man from Seattle, WA where she was frequenting.

It then sort of explains how Chris Dabney knew Amy Roe who was from the Pacific NW and it also makes more sense, in that case, why I had both Washington D.C. AND Washington State people in Unemployment offices deleting my records of calling in for my unemployment benefits and how many months I was owed money by them.  I couldn't figure out why there were so many really, extremely hostile people connected to Unemployment offices in both states.  I thought, "I might understand why there is hostility from some in D.C., if they know him there, or something, but why Olympia, Washington? and Wenatchee?"  I couldn't figure out how Seattle, WA FBI was connected to D.C.

The one thing that makes it still sound like England, when Edward Howard was where he said he was, is the fact that Melinda Gates had said, after they raped me, she was taking some cake to Katie and when it was asked "Where did Carol go" it was said she went back to the house to watch James (the baby).  Based on this, I had this impression I was in England (as was sometimes true) and that they were going to their house later, however, it's possible Middletons were visiting Washington.  It really sounded like it was their house, so I'd have to piece together was was before and after, but it is possible Middletons were guests somewhere at that time of my rape.

What makes me think it was England, was I went to Red Cross things there with them, and I went to some house where there was an author and I was held hostage in the house, and then there was a private plane flight back to the U.S. with Barak on the plane.  However, if that's true, some of the people from OSU and the U.S. were flown to England themselves to rape me.  They were not all a bunch of kids with British accents, they mostly were American accents.

The only locations I was in, at that time, was England; Redmond, Washington (we stayed in Redmond instead of in downtown Seattle next to FBI offices; Portland, Oregon (next to FBI offices downtown); and then at another time closely connected, in Coquille, Oregon.  Mostly, in the cities of Washington, Oregon, and England.

After I was raped by, I think, a bunch of U.S. teens mostly, in Redmond, WA, my parents visited the Redwood Forest in California and they later planted a bunch of Redwood trees on the property in town in Coquille, OR.

Having Chris Dabney connected to an OSU person also sort of connects him to Bechtolds and other government workers at that time because the Bechtolds were involved in some of the assault of me at the time I went to OSU.

It's also very clear that military, FBI, and CIA were all involved in my life and passing me around.  I can say this because one person involved in trying to assassinate me has been "outed" as a CIA agent (Valerie Plame); and when my parents were saying they "needed me" (like they needed a car for a secret project as if I was just a tool the U.S. government used and not a person), it was to an FBI agent Rick Baken (who also knew Katie Middleton), who is now known publicly as being an FBI agent; and seeing one of the Robert Garrett Jrs. driving a Pentagon helicopter for an assassination attempt of me makes it pretty obvious there is military involved, not to mention the fact I know U.S. Navy man Hamilton-Martin was involved in my life and a bunch of U.S. military and cops were forcing me to make porn videos and photos when I was a kid.  Not to mention George Bechtold, doing formal "interrogations" in Africa and all of the government slush money I saw being thrown around.

I remember being on a Piper Aerostar 60-600 all the time as a kid too.  It was when I was around 6 years old and younger but mostly maybe 3 or so.  That plane was going back and forth all the time, and I was always being passed off from one set of hands to the next in these trips.  Either I was waiting for someone to get off the plane and take me, or I was on the plane with them.  It was one of the early planes I was on for private travel.  The other ones, where I was a little older and going to England and back was larger and had more room, like a living room and bedroom kind of thing.

One of the women I remember from the Piper was blond.  Not Dicksie, but another blond and I saw her all the time.

I think Diana Spencer traveled on it too, but I am not sure she is this one blond woman I remember, because I think it was possibly a different one.  There was this huge dramatic scene that occurred with screaming and everything.

I know I saw the Piper later, when I was a slightly older kid and I was with Robert and Dicksie and I think FBI were there too.  I didn't know why we were there and then when I saw the Piper I said something like, "Hey!!! That's the plane I was on all the time when I was little!"  The Robert looked down and said "No", like no, oh no and the other officials looked over and then I wondered what was going on.  Of course I remembered that plane.  It wasn't like I was on it only a few times.  It was constantly.

This one day, the blond woman I sat next to, inside of the plane, went hysterical.  From what I remember, she was usually really nice to me, and cheerful, and bubbly and I remember feeling sort of snuggly with her in a way.  Who knows, because for all I know, she cut me with knives when I was 6 months old and then pretended to be really nice the whole time after so it would be all I remembered, but I remembered her as nice.  One woman on the plane wasn't extremely nice to me, but another was.  Then the plane landed and Dicksie and Robert were there and sometimes it was just Robert, not Dicksie, but this time, it was Dicksie too and the blond lady started screaming.

They then tore me out of her arms and hauled me away to Dicksie, who was looking mean.  This other lady kept screaming and trying to fight them and crying and saying "No, oh no" ...and I could tell she was scared of my being with Robert and Dicksie, maybe Dicksie specifically, I don't know.

I know at one point, some kind of "Affair" burst into flames and there was a Robert telling a woman "It's over" but I think he was talking to a brunette woman, not a blond that wasn't Dicksie.  I just remember a Robert told some woman their affair had to end and I knew it was a romantic thing of some kind.

I am NOT sure it was the same occasion because the affair conversation, from what I remember, was quieter, between just the two of them, and then I was there, little toddler, LISTENING!  I think I was a toddler but possibly for that, I was an older kid.

For being torn out of the blond woman's arms, who didn't speak English, I was younger.  I know the blond woman who was so nice to me talked in a foreign language.  Some of the other people on the plane didn't like it and didn't seem to like me very much.  I also know the blond woman dressed very well and nicely and someone told me she had a lot of money.  It was said because one of the others said, "What are you going to do?  Let her know and she'll take all of our money."  It sounded like one of them didn't want me to know I was a relative to one of them.

I am not positive it was the foreign speaking woman who was so upset though, because well, there were about 3.  Diana was maybe on the plane once, and then possibly some American woman or something who was blond, and then this foreign language speaking woman who was blond.  All I know is the woman fought like a tiger.

Screaming, crying, yelling, pushing, trying to break out of people holding her, and looking scared of Robert and Dicksie taking me with them.  I also thought she was maybe my mother, because I was with her all the time, and I thought Dicksie was an associate.

Also, I'll note that I'm being tortured while I write this, with targeting to the metal stent in my chest, to my chin to cause disfigurement, and to the top of my head to cause one of my eyes to bulge out.  I was also electrocuted with an electric shock night before last and woke up and my eyes were sunken into my head the way that occurs when I've been shocked from a ground-wire kind of electrocution to my house.

They also took papers about my ID there, when I was taken away from the blond woman on the Piper.  They said "Where's the birth certificate".  I didn't see any papers, I just remember something about papers.

From what I remember, it's possible there were two different events, with different blonds.  I think the first one was maybe an actual traumatic event and then the next was to confuse my memory and try to cover over what had been done. 

With one of the women they threatened to charge her with espionage, or to make claims against her, if she didn't do what they wanted.  They put her into some kind of fully blackmailed condition.

I would have to say, however, it is more likely the gang rape was in England when Edward Howard was there, and that some of these teens were CIA and FBI employees and kids of such, and were flown out for specific raping of me outside of U.S. territory.  The reason for thinking this is that Gary Goldsmith was there, and then later in Redmond, we did visit the Gates, at their house I believe, and we had cake or it was offered, but I remembered thinking why are they offering cake when we were all just in England and they were taking cake to the Middletons supposedly?

The other possibility is that it occurred in Portland in what is now termed "The Pearl District".  When I was back in Moses Lake, I had the brochure from the place we were at though.

My mother Dicksie stole it from me to destroy evidence of where I had been when I was gang-raped.

Is she really my "mother"?  I don't think so.  It's not like Bill and Melinda Gates are my friends either, or of my actual biological parents'.  They knew Robert and Dicksie and worked with them, but they didn't "work with" me.  One of the documents they forced a signature out of was at the Gate's own residence in Redmond, Washington and from what I remember, it wasn't just Bill but some of his FBI friends.  It was some kind of a "deal" done in his personal living room.  It wasn't like it was just Bill Gates and a Robert there either. It was government employees, big men, and standing around to witness it.  I mean, they literally used Bill and Melinda's personal residence for this.

I was telling the FBI about how I was gang-raped, and didn't realize, oh, this whole thing with the FBI was being conducted at Bill Gates house, who was married to one of the women who had been there.  So there I was, thinking I was going to get help, and instead, it was FBI, cops, a Robert, and some Jewish men who had been part of (I believe) organizing the gang-violence and there was no investigation, no charges made, no prosecution, and instead they were forcing signatures for documents.  They also tried to imply I was mentally ill.  First they were saying will you testify against your Mom (Dicksie) and when I said I'd tell the truth, then they were trying to find ways to cover over everything and started making requests for signatures.

Instead of having this done in an FBI office, of course, it was at Bill Gates' place. 

Basically, it's like the FBI used opportunities for themselves to get me to agree to things, and then I think they all worked together, knowing I'd testify against all of them, and maybe showed Dicksie I said I'd testify and then either used it as more blackmail to have Dicksie participate in harming me, or someone else, or they all used it together to build motive for "Why the FBI wants to murder Cameo".

The FBI and cops never did one single thing about my report of being gang-raped by teens and instead, they participated in making further arrangements to have me assaulted.  They also told this one Robert, at the time I said I'd testify against Dicksie (as being there and then destroying my evidence) he was "fired" and to sign some paper for it.  I don't know what he was supposedly fired from however.

Another FBI woman who I remember being involved in making threats unless everyone did what she wanted, was, I believe Laura Laughlin.  It could have been Julia Thornton because they look similar, but it was one of the time I was getting off of the Piper Aerostar or had identified it, and George Bechtold was there with FBI and the woman who was FBI making threats, looked just like Laura Laughlin and Julia Thornton.  Actually, I am positive Julia Thornton was there because they said her name out loud.  At that time, when I was getting off the plane, I don't remember now where I was but I had thought we were getting off in Canada.

I had the flyer and brochure from the dance club I was taken to prior to being raped.  It was actually more of a bar-nightclub.  There was an invitation to go there and I took a flyer from it and kept it for evidence of my location to make a gang-rape report by many, many teenagers.  I would say there were 10-12 of them but there may have been just 8 or it could have gone up to 14.  There were so many they packed the stairwell going up to the apartment after they broke in.   That is just teens, and early 20s people.  It's not including the adults who participated and aided and abetted the rape of me and those individuals included one of the Dicksie Garrett twins, Carol Middleton, Melinda Gates, Gary Goldman, I believe Daniel--Gary's constant companion, and another dark-haired woman who looked like Lisa Thebault to me.  The teens were all older than me except for maybe one, but they were all a year to several years older, but still teens with maybe one or two close to 20s, or whatever Gary Goldman's approximate age was at that time.

They put cocaine all over my body, sexually assaulted me by licking me and touching me and making sexual comments, and they took out a vibrator, a sex toy, and used it on me with everyone watching and with the adult women in the doorway taking photos and Gary Goldman and Danny watching.  My heart stopped beating at one point and they dropped me to the ground saying I was overdosed and did CPR.  That's not necessarily the case, because I remember everything that happened and who was there and what they did.  It's possible my heart was affected for another reason because they had electrical objects being placed on my body and could have had other items with them that I was unaware of.

When I tried to report it, it was at Gates' house and with FBI and cops and one man looked like Edward Lee Howard and another like my Dad Robert.  I wondered why Edward Lee Howard was saying "You didn't really get hurt did you?" in sort of a diminishing way, because he had been around, but then he was also saying something should be done.  It was cops and FBI that tried to discredit my report and nothing ever came of it.  They told Robert "you're fired" and then they told me to sign a document that stated I was no longer in the CIA and the military was taking control.  Of course, it wasn't worded that way exactly, but in general, that's what it said.  I was not given any choice of what to sign or not.  I still left with the impression someone was contacting me to take it all to court, but oh no, someone had assassination in mind for me instead.

One of the men there at the rape of me was referred to as "John" and he looked like John Lambrinos, who was one of my OSU professors.  I remember I was shocked to see him there and he was holding an orange and peeling it.  First it was just this orange in my face constantly, and then they were all putting cocaine on me and raping me with a vibrator with my clothes off.  Instead of a ball, he was holding up an orange.  Then, several of the people there were Jewish and I knew they were Jewish and one who Chris knew and talked to there was Sarah Finger and Jessica.

The other really bizarre thing was that one of the men who was supposedly a cop or FBI or with that group, was Alan Shay, who I had ALSO had a class with at OSU.  I don't mean he was there at the scene of the rape, but he was at Gate's house.  When I saw him in my apartment with George Bechtold and some other men who were beating me and some people up, I just thought they were all thugs and/or dirty cops maybe.  I wasn't sure, though I did recognize Bill.  Then when Alan Shay assaulted me in Portland I believe it was Portland not Corvallis, but it was an on-site presentation Andrew Millison was giving about permaculture.  I had been harmed and I tried to leave to call police and he was part of an orange-shirt group that grabbed me, kicked my ankles and twisted my arm up and sort of beat me up and told me I wasn't calling ANY cops.  Then the only other time I saw him, was at Bill Gates house and that was when I wondered if he was not just a professor, and/or someone who was trying to keep me from going to cops, maybe he was secretly a cop himself.  Because why was he there?  for the whole "you're fired" thing, and my attempt to make a report and some kind of deal? 

Also, this huge group of teens that raped me in a gang, in front of the adults, not only did something with holding up an orange in my face, one of them made a really big deal about "Does anyone have a WATCH?" and asking what time it was.  What I remember, was it was Christopher who said this, but I'm not positive, but I thought it was him. 

So then take that and fast-forward a decade to my being raped by Josh Gatov where cops protected him in Lake Oswego, and then he's taking me to see "a clock-work orange" while a bunch of evil young Portlanders were milling around to have another look at me.

There was a kid there named "Ben" too.

When I didn't respond to Edward Lee Howard's question, about whether I really got hurt or not, and just looked at him, his expression changed.  I thought, "Why is he asking me or suggesting nothing bad happened when I was gang-raped and he had been in the apartment telling me to go out there?"  He wasn't in the room at the time and I don't know where he went, but that was what happened to me.  Then he made this sound or look of alarm and some of the guys took him into another room and I was sitting there with Robert Garrett jr.  They took both of them back and forth. 

I don't know why Dicksie would cover up what happened to me and be mad I had a flyer and demand it, or why she'd make no big deal about the raping of me.  If it wasn't something she was forced to do, or money, maybe revenge or she was mad that she had been "raped" (but I wasn't sure that's what it was--I thought they were acting) while on one of the space shuttles we were on.  Maybe she thought she was getting back at me.  And maybe some of these people involved thought that's what they were doing too, they were "incited" with an excuse and "reason" to commit group hate crimes against me.

Another thing is that one of the police officers I met in trying to make a report after Alan Shay held me and prevented me from leaving was connected to the Bechtolds and he's a Chinese-American police officer for Portland police, who I just sent my complaint to again prior to harassment by some of the OSU professors and student conduct personnel that are friends with abusers. 

Each time I've tried to contact Portland police, I have someone from OSU trying to use this Chinese-American man who went to law school against me, named Carl Yeh.  So basically, if I file a report or try to push for something regarding a criminal complaint I have, with Portland police, or FBI, Carl Yeh pops up like a groundhog.  Why?  Someone connected to the abusers attempts to retaliate by making a complaint against ME to harass me and create problems.  So if I try to file reports with law enforcement or am pushing for some kind of charges, why are they always using Carl Yeh against me?  Isn't that illegal?  I mean, like attempting to pervert the course of justice?

I recently tried to get information on names of people at OSU legal services, through FOIA requests, prior to any kind of communication from Carl Yeh.  I was told they had nothing to provide.  Well, it turns out the truth is, Marc Friedman heads student legal services at OSU and he is the one who hired or promotes Carl Yeh.  If this is the same Friedman who lives in Eugene, Oregon, he works from Eugene, not Corvallis, like Carl Yeh (who was at University of Oregon first, Rose-Lewis' alma mater) who also lived in Eugene, along with professor Jeff Stone (out of all my profs from this last term, not that my mention of Stone means anything).  It is possible Friedman is also the lawyer from Eugene who has a private practice too. 

It's interesting to me because this is where Robin Bechtold went for one of his references for law school and to chat, many years ago, when he thought it would be great to have me go with him when I didn't even remember how his family was connected to assaulting me.

Name:Marc P. Friedman
Job Title:Member
Organization:Marc P. Friedman
Practice Areas:Small Business Corporations; Real Estate; Criminal Defense
Office:Eugene, Oregon (Lane Co.)

Name:Mark E. Friedman
Office:Tualatin, Oregon (Clackamas & Washington Cos.)

Name:Mark F. Friedman
Job Title:Sr. Counsel; Intel Corp.
Office:Hillsboro, Oregon (Washington Co.)

Lane Transit District Board of Directors 2

  Carl Yeh                           
Position 2
West Springfield area
Term expires: 12/31/2016

Community Service/Involvement
  •  President, Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals
  •  Member,  Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force
  • Advisor,  Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Psi Chapter, a non-Greek co-ed collegiate service fraternity at the University of Oregon
  • Member,  University of Oregon Family Housing Board
  •  Member,  Harlow Neighbors

LTD Board Committees and Special Assignments
  • EmX Steering Committee
  • Finance Committee
Professional Background
  • Oregon State University - Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College – Assistant Director of Housing
  • Oregon State University – Resident Director
Educational Background
  • University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology
  • University of Oregon School of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Message from LTD Board Member Carl YehI have worked in administration at various institutions of higher education in Oregon and also have taught in the past. I am currently employed at the University of Oregon and enjoy working with students. I also am raising a family in Eugene-Springfield.
I am a member of the LTD Board because I am passionate about safe, sustainable, and economical transportation. I ride my bicycle to and from work every day, and I supplement my bicycle with LTD bus service. I appreciate the wide variety of transportation options in Lane County and will do my part to help its diverse populations with diverse needs get from Point A to Point B.
This man not only worked at the alma mater of Rose-Lewis' who give a lot of money to UofO, he worked at Southwestern Community College, which is in Coos Bay, where Josh Gatov the rapist is from, along with a bunch of cops who know Bechtolds and people involved with the assault of me in Coquille, and which is a college that was being run by a man from England, complete with a British accent.  I talked to the head man myself when I moved here, and he's been there a long time and is from England and the study abroad program there was only to England, where I am not going to go as long as Katie's peddling her crack cocaine.

So Katie Middleton makes a public show of getting on a bus a month or so ago and wants everyone to know she and the royals are taking public transit (the bus) while Barak Obama takes all his kids to an Oregon State basketball game held in Maryland.

They've got drugs.  Any questions?

Maybe Katie and the royals decided to ride the bus in a big public transit show because they were all too jacked up on cocaine and "reefer" to drive that day.  Then again, maybe they wanted to make sure Carl Yeh and some who know him got "the message" to use him to harass me and try to force me out of college so I didn't have financial aid or any money and a way to earn my degree or continue my FOIA requests (which I have to pay money for, for copy costs).


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