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Hamilton from Navy NSA and Michelle Erickson (Navy) and Sue (CASA)

Here's more information on Michelle Erickson's little CPS kiddie porn ring.  Everyone knows how I've been lied about and defamed so a bunch of military and FBI could kidnap my son from me.  Some know about some of the military employment.  But let me give you a better idea of what kind of crimes the United States has been committing against me and my son and which FBI employees are corrupt criminals.

In my post about being "Hunted" and "The Hunt" I mention Sue from Wenatchee's CASA.  Susan was the director of the Wenatchee CASA and worked against me and my son during the fraudulent CPS case about my son.  I knew her previously only from my Aunt Locklyn's house.  Susan who is now working for CASA, and Sue, the visitation monitor who is missing some fingers, showed up, more than one time (I remember at least 5-6 times with Susan and twice she brought the other Sue with her too, and there were others who also showed up, including a man--guess who).

Susan only went to Locklyn's house and saw me when I was locked inside of a dog cage at Locklyn's.  I never saw her at that house, when I was outside of a cage.  These were collie and sheltie dog sized cages, so they were small, and I was younger.  This was way before when I was older and a group put me into "quarantine" in animal cages and Melinda Gates was there.

Susan from CASA was showing up there and "inspect" my being caged and instead of complaining about it, she was actually part of the facilitation of my torture.  She would ask how long I was in a cage, peer inside and make fun of me, and then talk to Locklyn about money and about the U.S. Navy's man "Hamilton", who they knew and worked with.  Susan brought "Sue", who works for CASA and CPS as a "visitation monitor" along with her two of the times they showed up, and then there was another woman and a couple of men actually, who would go with them.  Sometimes it was just the women, and other times, at least one or two men they knew.

Hamilton was a man who had been with the U.S. Navy and worked for the NSA and was based in Seattle, Washington.  He and another man were involved in making kiddie porn for the U.S. military, and used dogs and animals for bestiality.

Michelle Erickson's family was part of the porn ring.  This is the same Michelle Erickson who herself took a job with the U.S. Navy right out of college, and who is working at CPS and lied about my son to access him for the military and FBI for corruption.  Her other motives are also lying about me to protect her pedophile military family and their involvement in making kiddie porn of me. She also showed up, with her uncle, to the Oregon State University campus when they knew I was going to be on campus in Corvallis, Oregon.

Hamilton, from Seattle NSA, actually fled the United States and went to Russia, when he was accused of "espionage" by the FBI.  It was made a public fact that he and his friend engaged in gay activities and were homosexual, and that some of their sexual practices involved sex with chickens and dogs.

(See photo of OSU's Carl Yeh holding a chicken)

The U.S. government decided their own "unique" sexual practices were their own private affairs, and then they accused them of "espionage" and the FBI attempted to arrest them.  This was because the FBI was using them for making kiddie porn and the FBI didn't want to get caught.

By the way, leave it to Uncle Howard to put the "Hamilton" and the "Michelle" joke together.  Of course the U.S. didn't miss it which is why he's dead.

The U.S. is fucked.

Who was jumping on t.v. to say the U.S. would kill people for "exposing secrets"?  Karl Rover.  Woof woof.

I was also jumped in the back seat of a car in the woods and assaulted with a stick, over kiddie porn made about me, Hamilton, and a man who was trying to defend me and speak up for me.

The FBI doesn't want none of that. 

The FBI likes trafficking kids, like me and my son, through CPS for torture and their pedophiles and then accusing people of "espionage" to cover their participation.

YOU FUCKERS...pay attention you fucks.  You are returning my son or your jobs and lives and families are destroyed.  Merry Christmas Fuckers.  This will be one you won't forget.

The FBI, military, cops, and others were all involved in making kiddie porn.  They used Hamilton as their scapegoat.

"Carl" and "Karl" are not just references to Carl DelBalzo being involved, it is a reference to Car "L" because they used black man Larry's car for some of the rape, and black man Larry not only worked for Moses Lake, WA PD and as a car salesman, he worked for Mike Middleton and was seen in Ireland with Leon Panetta, James Bulger, and others who were part of drug-running.   Michelle Erickson's uncle was there, black man Larry was there, and a number of others who I'll name, and then it was me, in a flannel nightgown in the backseat of a car, waiting while a group of men met in the woods which included a Robert Garrett, Howard Garrett (my uncle) and possibly Edward Lee Howard.  Hamilton, the NSA man, was also involved.  He went to Russia, and it is said he died in Mexico, but he got into the U.S. at some point because he was there and I remember what they did to him.


FUCK YOU Michelle Erickson.  Michelle Erickson's family is full of U.S. Navy pedophiles and then SHE got a job with them, and then started working close to kids, exactly in the tradition of abusers. 

Hamilton tried to defend me and they made him drink poison.  He later went to Mexico and died of "cancer" (shortly after).  So when this FBI bitch Anne Crane and Michelle Erickson, whose uncle was involved in that, are bringing my son to CPS visits throwing up navy blue vomit, I have a fucking problem with that.  What group does Katie Middleton support?  Oh yeah, kids with cancer.  Right.  What a nice lady.  Her Dad was there.  He was the one who stood there watching him drink it. 

So was Robert Jr.  The only one who got a bloody nose from trying to fight them was my Uncle Howard Garrett and Hamilton, who they poisoned.  Maybe Howard was just making a show of it.  I can't remember right now what Edward Howard did.  I know Hamilton was the one who was acting the most shocked all of the U.S. government men were gang-sodomizing me and jumping me with sticks they grabbed from the forest ground.  This was to protect their pedophile ring interests, which the FBI has been supporting.  Not supporting?  Show me the evidence you are NOT supporting pedophilia FBI.  Since when have you stood up for ME and my SON and our RIGHTS?  You fucking show me your worth.

The entire group had Larry, the black man, jump me in the car (his car) with Carl.  There were others.

Both Hamilton Martin and Mitchell had an interest in Japan and that's where some porn went so of course Judge Alicia Nakata and Michelle Erickson have a special connection in lying about me.

Carl Yeh?  I don't know.  You tell me.  He wanted to be photographed with a chicken and then move over to work for OSU where I was a student at the time it was being planned some could try to retaliate against me again.

Sandbergs and Springer, all part of the mob.  The Mormons will do whatever they think they need to do, to protect their own involvement in pedophile crimes and their drug running.

Also, I am still being targeted by U.S. technology and it's been all day to my chin still, and making lines and marks and things.  They did the same thing to Granny, after I once said her skin was perfect even though she was older and all of a sudden, someone started targeting her only to her chin.  So since my birthday, someone decided they were going to try to make me look like "Granny" by targeting my face.

Hate crime is what will bring the U.S. to an end.  Everyone knows it.  Everyone knows it's already here and that there is no way to change it or fix it.  The last 4 decades have been British rule, and rule by Israel and Democrat socialists.  It is incorporating only more corrupt groups and importing more criminal deals because the U.S. is blackmailed.

Not blackmailed?  Show me the proof when every action the U.S. is taking by torturing me or targeting me or any other citizen is anti-American and proof the U.S. is corrupt and taking money from other countries that use blackmail to harm people they want to harm.

How did the U.S. get all of their Presidents in line?  Oh, drugs.  That's right.  Cocaine.  Real smart assholes.

By the way, Robert Garrett Jr. knows how to fly Pentagon helicopters because that's who was showing up around the corner before he switched seats with someone in the assassination attempt against me with Dicksie Garrett and Valerie Plame and the rest. 

They've been supporting Katie Middleton, not me.

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