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Sleeping With Diana Spencer and Other Misc.

I was trying to remember last night, where I stayed when I was assisting Diana Spencer with making covert tape recordings. 

I lived at only a few specific locations in England, and then I was a guest at times other places so I was trying to think about how I ended up in her apartment--did we go in, in the morning so I heard all the early calls?  Or did I actually sleep-over there?

What I remembered was that a few times, I was "snuck" in quietly in the morning or other times, without sleeping over, but I actually stayed the night with her many times.  She had me sleep in her bed with her actually, but after awhile, I started telling her I wanted to sleep on the floor instead and it bothered her.

My reason for wanting to sleep on the floor, I believe, was not because she was pinching me herself (for example, by herself), but I was getting drugged at night.  Possibly it was her idea of a security precaution, with the idea that if I was drugged I couldn't move around or she didn't have to wonder where I was and she could sleep herself, but I didn't like it.  I was basically getting some kind of tranquilizer shot or sedative.  She was definitely an expert with injections and shots.  I don't know who taught her but she was just as good at it as any nurse.

I believe there was one other reason, and I'll have to think about it, but it was possibly that my lower back started hurting too--like ultrasound feeling to my lower back and between this aching horrible feeling and injections, I said I'll just sleep on the floor.  So I took blankets to the ground.

We also fought over the bed covers a little.  She commented she didn't know anyone who slept so still in one place, because others pulled the covers, but she kept pulling all the covers over and I had to pull some back to not be cold.  She wasn't too bad though.  There was a different sleeper who was FAR more restless at night than she was.  She was not super tossing-turning all the time.

She had me put my feet next to hers to stay there were sort of some closer things, mixed in with the other stuff I didn't like.  No one else was sleeping with her at night.  I sort of wonder if she was used to having someone sleep with her and had a hard time sleeping alone.  I mean, maybe it's how she grew up with her sisters and she slept better with another person in her bed.

I'm absolutely positive about the injections.  She gave them to me in my back after I was in bed.  Sort of like Sharon Stone with the pickax but it was a shot.  It didn't hurt, and she didn't do anything really crazy or weird with it, but I just didn't want to be drugged at night and then I felt some kind of other technology that was getting to my back.  She was definitely a participant in some kind of 'government' or private use of technology or illuminati stuff or something because otherwise, I don't think she'd do any of these things.

When we woke up in the morning, it was always some London station call to start off the day at some point.  That's how I know what the routine was.

She had me do some other things for her too, which I've not ever mentioned before but anyway.

Also, one time, after I had talked about Charles or so-and-so (I think it was after) she put a finger of her own up inside of me.  I am pretty sure it was after my report. I freaked out, lying there totally still, and I can't imagine at all that she was lesbian.  Diana?  I didn't really see any evidence for lesbianism.  I thought maybe she did it to see if I was still a virgin or, I actually thought, is she checking to see if someone tried to hide something inside of my body?  I didn't know why she did it.  I remember the exact night she did it and everything.  It wasn't like a regular, routine thing and I don't remember her "molesting" me, per se, at any time.  I slept very close to her.  She wanted to sleep close and then when my back started hurting, I made a space between us on the bed and we had more room for our legs.

I mean, I could tell you seriously detailed, minute-information specifics.  I'm not sure why I was there or picked out for all of this actually, regardless of good or bad.

When in England I lived at Buckingham, Althorp, and Carol and Mike Middleton's place.  I visited other places and I slept over at Diana's for quite a time but I wouldn't say I 'lived there'. 

When I felt driven to sleep on the floor, she looked over at me, from the bed, and said sweetly, but with a weird glint in her eyes, sort of passive-aggressive, "Don't you want to sleep on the bed?" and I said, "No, I'll sleep on the floor."  She then looked sort of satisfied.  I thought, "It's like she deliberately wanted to drive me to the floor."  She didn't do this at first, but I think maybe she got mad about something.

I don't remember specifically if she kissed me.  Well yes, she did.  She kissed me and then did things to have me on the floor.  She told me something like "Remember, kissing is against the rules."  I thought, "What the..?"  She was the one who had me kiss her, on the lips, and then she said this to me, "Remember, kissing is against the rules."

I have no idea what the game book was.

I mean???  Chuh?

She also said I was a good kisser or something.  It wasn't like a peck on the lips.  First I just pecked her on the lips, like a good-night kiss and she said, no a "real kiss" and I didn't know what she meant so I tried.  Then she nodded and said something like yes, that was good and then after this she said the kissing is against the rules part.

This was a period of time that was not when the bodyguards and other women were around.  Mostly it was just me and her, with no one else in the apartment. Like I said, sometimes I was snuck in and told to completely quiet the whole time, as if no one was even there, in case there were bugs in the place (surveillance).  Other times, there was talking.

I do know William was already born because she brought him in once and he was on the bed, and then I said, "Why don't we have William sleep over too?  He would like it better" and she sort of shook her head and said "No, he has a crib to sleep in."  I don't remember my motive for wanting him to sleep with us.  It was either that I thought he'd like it more, or that it would be fun, or that I thought if he was there maybe I wouldn't notice the technology to my back or get injected because she'd decide not to do anything, or a combination of all the above.

I used to sing to him and he was extremely happy about being sung to, so he knew my singing voice. I told her, "Look!  He really likes music a lot."  He would go from being sort of expressionless to looking happy for once.  He didn't show a huge range of emotion as a baby and was more introspective.  I didn't see him extremely angry at any time.  Basically, he's go from being quiet and not really moving that much to moving his arms and hands and smiling and perking up when he was sung to.  Then one time I thought Diana didn't really like it that he was so happy about my singing and she didn't bring him over as much after this, but maybe it was that I told her I thought he seemed sad and it cheered him up and she didn't like the idea he wasn't happy.  Then just as he looked happier, a servant would come in to take him away and he'd start crying and look upset and I felt sorry for him.  I thought, "What are they doing to him?  Why can't they let him be happy?"

That was the timeframe of when we did some of this recording and everything.  He was no more than 1 1/2 years old and probably closer to 1 year or less.  It must have been 1983 or so and I was 9.

The other thing Diana did was show me bruises on her body.  She wanted me to be quiet, and not say anything and to witness a bunch of bruises on her so I did.  She put her finger to her lips and then pulled up her nightgown and showed me her legs and thighs, mostly.  They were a few smaller but I widened my eyes because some were golf-ball or baseball sized bruises.  The baseball sized one was on her thigh, and most of them were thigh bruises though I think she had a stomach one.  From what I remember, they were all round.  I don't remember really irregular-shaped bruises...they were sort of round mostly.   Before she started injecting me or doing other things with technology, she'd sometimes lie on her side and look at me while in bed, and cry.

One time she was pointing to them and I think I mouthed, silently, "Charles?" and she shook her head and said, "Mike" but I don't know if that's who did it for sure or not.  Maybe she even did it, I don't know, or it was just for that one time, or meant microwave technology but that was one thing she said.  She actually said "Mike and Robert" (like Mike & Ike) but I'm not sure why she said this because I viewed video footage of Robert and Charles talking about planning my murder together, and I got that information while I was inside of the "safe room".  So if she thought "Mike and Robert" did that to her, they were also working for Charles (?).  It's possible she said this to blame someone after I had reported Charles for putting his finger inside of my vagina and telling me he "loved" me.

Then I'd get sent back to Moses Lake and a Dicksie, one of them at least, would lie on my bed for naps, on her side in the same way, and have silent tears down her cheeks while looking at me.  It was the same sort of thing Diana did.

Later Princess Michael had me tape record things with her and I think it was a test between her and Diana because she said she was taping Diana and then Diana was cool to me after that.  I think they were testing my loyalty but no one ever really instructed me about "loyalty" or whose side I should be on or anything.  I knew I was supposed to "obey your elders" so generally I did.

One time too, I met Yulia Tymoshenko I think, and I was asked about her or Dicksie and I said I thought Robert shouldn't be involved with Yulia because he was married to Dicksie (when I was older I said this) and then she looked upset and someone told me I chose wrong bc Yulia was my "mother".  I was seriously confused about that. 

It was separate from some dark-haired woman that a Robert told he was breaking off the relationship.

It is also possible that, since Frances Ruth Roche had called Diana a "whore" (according to Diana) that the kind of instructions she was giving me when I was 9 years old, was why she said this.  Maybe all of those people were swingers and pedophiles and they just thought they needed another kid (me) and when I spoke up, they retaliated and used powerful U.S. and Commonwealth officials to try to ruin me.  The instruction on kissing her and then forcing me to the floor was after I'd taped her with "Val" (Princess Michael) so maybe between that and the police they wanted to degrade me.

The older woman clerk at London police there tried to change it around on me and called me a "prostitute" for trying to report Prince Charles.  I wasn't a "prostitute".  I received nothing from them.  They weren't putting any money into my bank account or giving me money or jewelry or anything and I didn't invite the contact either, and regardless, I was a very young minor.

It is something William and Harry are going to have to face, like it or not.  They can't go around pretending their mother or family is one thing when it's not, anymore than I can go around thinking "Robert" and "Dicksie" never tried to kill me with the whole group.

Some things about Diana--she made her own bed in the morning.  She didn't leave it for servants to make.  I helped her make her bed many times.  I don't remember really eating there in the morning.  Charles brought food in through servants but Diana didn't do this as much.  It was usually cold cereal with milk, something she could pull out herself.  It wasn't like she had a big buffet in the morning--I think sometimes she skipped breakfast.  There were a few times she ordered a bunch of food or showed me a huge collection under her bed.  She'd take it all out and we would eat a little bit of everything but she kept a secret from the kitchen and stored up food for the occasion.  It was sort of like a binge-fest, and then she started having me not eat at all, and then showed me where food was under her bed and we'd eat a whole ton of things.  When we went to Saudi Arabia once, I hadn't had anything to eat for over 24 hours and I was so hungry when they pulled the picnic blanket or rug out and the food, I thought it was the best food I'd ever had.  She sort of instructed me on "hiding food" which is maybe why I sometimes hid food in my closet and ate there by myself while reading a book, at my own house in Moses Lake.

I do remember at some point she didn't want me to make the bed with her every morning anymore.  I was very organized, and straightened things up right away and then we went from being orderly to her wanting to leave the bed looking slightly "mussed" at one corner.  It was like we'd sleep in it together, and then she would sort of make it with me, and then turn only one corner down and rumple it slightly as if just one side had been slept on.  She was exceedingly particular about her bed.

She did pour tea and we had tea, but she wasn't really into a big "to-do" about anything.  I mean, she wasn't going around with "crumpets and tea" on a tray with the pot all the time, though she did teach me to make tea service.  I had to practice pouring for her until she thought it was right and she taught me how to host the tea.  She also gave me lessons on how to walk, and about posture.

The most disgusting thing I was told to do, which I don't think I've written about before, or at least one thing I remember, was both she and Charles had me "pop" their pimples on their back for them.  I'd have to say that was the grossest thing.  Then, after they had me doing that for them in England, I was back in Moses Lake and all of a sudden Dicksie was doing this to me or a Robert asked her to do it and I think it was to have me hopefully forget who was actually having me do this all the time, which was Charles and Diana.

I helped sort mail and brought the Parliament papers over, and there were a couple of newspapers every day and sometimes a magazine thrown in.  They had to keep up on the news every single day, and on other kinds of cables.  I assisted in reading the mail and making replies, so some of the responses people got were not from her, but from me!  No one knew the difference.  She had me practice her signature as well and she wanted me to sign for her.  She wouldn't let me quit practicing her signature until she thought it looked like hers and then she'd instruct me on when to sign.

I also watched her daily "toilet" which was basically the getting ready in the morning.  I paid close attention to how she did her make-up and she had me spray her coif with the aerosol.  I loved spraying her hair and she'd have me wait until her face was shielded and then I'd spray at a certain distance until there was a big fog around her head.  One time I sprayed and kept spraying and spraying and started giggling.  I was just goofing around and sort of trying to make her laugh but she was annoyed by something and said to stop.  I was saying, "It's a halo!"  I was going around and around and around with it.  Sssssssssssssssssssssss.  A different time I said, "It sounds like a snake!"  Sometimes she had me fasten on her jewelry, watch specifically, if it was easier to do with two hands, and zip her up.  No one else was there--only me.  I compared my wrist to hers and she wanted to see how our skin was similar or different as well and would look at the insides of my wrists.  For being as tall as she was, she had very small wrists.  Her skin tone was pinker than mine.  She also had polish painting parties with me, where we'd do our toenails and fingernails and her toenail polish was her secret.  She kept her fingernails conservative and then would do wild things with toenail polish and then keep her feet in hiding inside of her shoes.  Punk stuff.  She said it was her only way to signal she was the black sheep.

When Charles started having me pop pimples on his back, while he was lying down, with just me in his room, Diana started popping her own on her face while I was there, in front of the vanity (dressing table mirror).  I started feeling uncomfortable, because I didn't know why she was suddenly popping pimples in front of me after Charles was having me do this on his back.  As a kid, so young, I didn't even know it was a gross thing to be doing, because it was taught as if it was some natural, no big deal thing everyone did.  He also had me give him back massages with oil.

There is more to it than that.

One day Diana said to me, at her dressing table, "He's in love with her you know."  I said, "What?" and she said, "Camille."  Then she said, "What would you think of being co-redemptrix?"  I said what's that and she sort of explained. She said, "We could share." She said something about what if one person sees Charles nights and the other one sees him days, or how about once a week but I get holidays."    She brought up some sort of visitation schedule.  She brought Camilla into it and everything, figuring out what dates Camilla got, which days I would have, and then what she wanted for herself.  Then she said, "Do you know what a ménage-a-trois is?" I said I didn't.  I think that question was a different time but near the same topic.  She said it was a kind of bizarre love triangle.

She said Camilla got most of the winter holidays because she liked the snow and snow sports and went with him places, and they hunted.  She said I was more of the summer person, and then said either she wanted weekdays and I would have weekends, or I would have weekends and she would have weekdays and gave a reason for it and I said something about well I would like to have at least a couple of days (on one or other times) and then after all of her negotiation she got mad and said, "No."  They had all basically brought the idea of my being one of his mistresses.  There were 3 of us:  Diana, Camilla, and me.  They were the only ones discussed because anyone else was just a fling.

I had made my report about Charles when I was younger and it was disregarded and everything continued and then this conversation came up when I was a couple of years older.  At some point I had said well I wanted to get married to someone though, and I was told I could get married and still see Charles but it had to be an approved person because not everyone would like the arrangement.

You can all see how well it turned out for me.  The U.S. and Commonwealth unleashed a barrage of hate crimes against me, defamed me, and kidnapped my son from me.

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