Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Car Victim Who Gave Me Her Clip-on Earring

There was a car accident in London once, that I was witness to.  I think it was London, and it was definitely Europe.  What I remember is our car was following some other cars and then there was a wreck and when I went up to the side to look, the woman there looked at me with a horrible expression and pulled one of the earrings from her ears and said, "Take this.  Don't let Bob and Dicksie see it.  Hide it."

She said a little more than that but it was mostly, this woman I didn't know who knew me and the names of my parents and she was telling me not to let them find it.  I am not sure if possibly she also said, at the start, "It's Diana" or if maybe she said, "They're stealing from you" (Bob and Dicksie), and possibly that they weren't my mom and dad (?) but I sort of possibly remember it could have been she said this as well, and I'm 100% positive she said to take the jewelry and hide it.  I got frantic.

I tried to hide it. I had all of this nervous adrenaline because I had nowhere in my room to put it.  I think I put it inside my clothes somewhere or held it in my hand and then I maybe tried to hide it under a corner of the carpet in my room. I didn't have hardly any hiding places that weren't gone-through by my parents though.  Everything in my life was monitored and I didn't even know, at some point, or all along, I was even victim of a hidden camera to my own bedroom.  One of them found it, the earring, and they got extremely mad and then I was accused of stealing.  I didn't steal anything.  The woman acted like she was scared of my living with Bob and Dicksie, and hide this from them.

After that, my mother was pulling out an earring from my ear with a coat hanger, when I walked down the hall once, tearing it out.

I had told them, after I was accused of stealing, I said, "No I didn't.  She gave it to me and said to HIDE it from YOU GUYS.  I didn't STEAL it."  I didn't recognize her at all.  She wasn't someone I knew personally.  She was sort of younger-middle aged, blond hair that was maybe shoulder-length and wavy, and attractive.  She was well-dressed, like a politician type or professional kind of woman.

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