Friday, December 13, 2013

(Photos of Oliver Starved) Veterans Offices Ask "Do you have benefits?" On Day U.S. Post Delivers Starvation Photos of My Son

I contacted the same person I was told to speak with at the start of enrollment with OSU.  It was a woman named Cathy Walker.

I found out she is in charge of all Veterans services for students that are military veterans and when I later asked why she was assigned to me she didn't say.  I had to contact her again because of a computer problem that added classes to my student account which I never took and didn't sign up for.  They were added to my account without my knowledge when I had made sure I had no classes for Summer term 2013.  I let financial aid know as well, and told them don't send fin. aid for Summer because of this, because I'm not attending until Fall.   I went through Fall term without any idea there was a problem until I was told I was on academic probation.  That didn't sound correct because I've been in good standing the last three terms.  So I had to go back to find out why and someone told me over the phone I had 2 classes in Summer that were added to my account and I was charged $1820.00 for them.   I had not signed up for any courses.  I had considered taking FT classes and decided not to go at all and withdrew from all registration, confirmed it was done, and then, because of various computer problems here and there, I double checked, and made sure, on the day of class starting for Summer, that I did not have anything in registration for my account and I also checked blackboard to be sure no classes showed up.  When I checked, it said you are not enrolled in any classes.  Then you have to wait because if you click or wait classes will load and be displayed if you have any.  I waited to see and there were none.  So I closed the computer and relaxed, knowing I had everything squared away for Summer.

Well, at some point, 2 classes, not 4, or 3, for FT or anything, but 2 classes were added to my account, after I had done this checking, and no one told me, and I had no idea.  At the end of the term, I had 2 F's and I had not even gone to class once.  This problem put my standing into academic probation, creating a major problem that I had no reason to be concerned about.

I've been sorting this out and had no problem with people agreeing something happened and cooperation with what can be fixed.  However, when I called Cathy Walker today, to ask about this petition form I had to sign for this to be corrected,  and all I said was "Hi, I am calling to find out if my petition for the class drops is being processed and making sure you have that."  She said, without anything else first, "Cameo, do you have benefits?"

Benefits have nothing to do with this petition and I had already talked to her about the petition and emailed her.  So why she was bringing up benefits when my question was "Is the petition being processed?" was out-of-place.

I said, "Benefits?  What do you mean?  I'm calling about my petition that you said you were handling."  She said, "I'm not handling it anymore and I'm going to send it to Amy."  I said okay. 

Then, I got a knock on the door from one of the Roberts, who is a U.S. military veteran.  Cathy knows this.  He said there was mail for me and when I looked at it, there was an envelope that had a photo of my son inside.  I have been asking for a photo of him for the last year and a half and not received any updated photos.  So I pulled it out and it was of my son, in a clearly starving condition with his legs bent out of shape, and far below normal weight.  Basically, anyone would call it "starvation".

So for Cathy Walker, from U.S. Veterans services, to ask me if I was getting "benefits" in an out-of-place point for the conversation, with a sort of vindictive-sounding tone, and then for them to have ordered their veteran Bob Garrett to give me the photo of my son starving right after that, is another example of U.S. corruption.

I also found out these 2 mysterious classes popped up onto my student account after I sent email to the Office of the Inspector General for my complaint against the FBI and a number of individuals connected to FBI, including Alvaro Pardo, and military.  I was sort of wondering, what kind of emails were going out from me around that time, and what was I receiving--to check on any ideas or clues about how this problem occurred or did I do something wrong and was my memory correct (and it was) and that's when I saw, "Oh, right before 2 classes were thrown onto my account, or showed they were off of my account, but got added again or something, I had received an email from the OIG about my complaint, and I had submitted my reports to police, one of them about rape by President Barak Obama when I was a minor, and another by a scientist whose family has friends at OSU."

I don't know that this would have anything to do with why I had classes added and was charged, because I would rather think it was a computer mistake somehow, but I don't see how it could be a mistake when I checked every possible part of the system for my student account to be sure, and to confirm, I had zero classes for Summer 2013.  Of course, I had no reason to be suspicious or worry from that point-on so I didn't notice until a few days ago.  I saw I had to watch my grades this term but didn't see the probation matter until a few days ago, or an employee told me, and that was when I thought "Something is not right here."

Honestly, this comment by Cathy Walker, of course, if she works in Veterans matters, is normal enough, to ask me if I have benefits, because she later explained she dealt with Veteran's benefits and that was it.  What made me uncomfortable was how she had already accepted my petition and had no problem with it, and then when I called again, on the day I was having this starvation photo of my son delivered to me, instead of saying, "No, the documents are not in from the instructors yet," she said in a sort of vindictive tone, "Do you have benefits?" It was the kind of tone where if someone is mad at you, and you say, "Could you let me know about the book I borrowed?"  after you were just talking to them about this same thing the day before without any questions, and then you call them again the next day and they are mad and say back to you "Do you still have a bank account?" 

Not to mention, whenever Veterans have tried to make a mean jab at me, it is over Alvaro Pardo, whose cousin that brought him to the U.S., is U.S. Army, along with Chris Dabney, (who he knew) who spent time in Oregon, being a military veteran.  Probably the worst of it, is that President Barak and Pentagon senior official James Cartright both knew me from when I was a minor, as did Leon Panetta, who is currently in charge of the entire military.  Also, Michelle Erickson is military (the fattish woman who was one of the CPS workers, who had a fling with Alvaro when he went to Wenatchee).  By the way, my son's starvation photo, is, I know, a deliberate attempt by Barak Obama to torture my son because before he raped me he used an excuse to take me to the basement when I told his mother maybe she shouldn't have any cake because of her weight (she was hugely obese).

I saw someone was forcing Avilas to starve my son when he was out of my care, so I spent most of my food stamp benefits paying for food for him instead of myself.

So this another reason why Cathy Walker's comments, coming from a military side, about "benefits" prior to giving me a starvation photo of my son, basically was like a deliberate way for the U.S. military to harass me and intentionally try to cause emotional distress.

The other thing is, when I had food benefits in Oregon, I got some of the fruit and vegetables at Seventh Day Adventist church for awhile, when I used the "benefits", and they were sending all of their experimental crop foods there.  I saw one of the men who did some of the delivering of them, on occasion, today as he was driving by, and his plates are:  421 BDJ.  He was one of several persons and it was a different vehicle at the time however.

Also, in the newspaper article that made me decide to go ahead and report Barak Obama for rape and electrocution of me, the ads next to a photo of him with UN people were of a kid blowing bubbles, the way Gary Goldman used to do to make fun of me when his mother Carol used to blow up lightbulbs next to my face to scare me when I was babysat by her (one of many things she did), and then an ad about how a "change in who is in charge results in less world hunger", and then it was some jewish ad about supporting your synagogue.  The "change" results in less world hunger" was accompanied with black kids looking happy blowing bubbles, and then a photo of Obama above.

Then I get the photo of my son I've been asking for, and not only is he starving, far more than most kids in "Africa", I knew it was an attempt by Barak and his friends to punish me for saying Michelle Erickson is fat (when it's just a fact and she was accusing my son of being a "binge eater" when he was 1 year old), and the fact that Michelle Erickson's friends are U.S. Navy and black men (she had several black friends) who are connected to Barak Obama, who used my comment about his mother Stanley Anns weight, as a reason to blow up and rise up from the couch to take me down to the basement so he could "rape the white girl" and "electrocute her".

The photos were sent without being sealed, to the U.S. federal post office.   They were mailed on the 25th of November 2013, and I didn't get it until today, at the same time I got a December 3, 2013 post dated mail from a prison where someone is incarcerated that I wrote to.  They rejected my mail because it had stamps and I didn't realized you couldn't send a post stamp, and after getting the photos of my son, showing he is not growing at normal rate and is malnourished, and also showing him to be extremely depressed and unhappy (any psychic can read a photo if they are worth a dime at all).  Not only that, it is obvious he's been chained up or restrained to some kind of device and his head has been pulled up while his shoulders have been pushed down, unnaturally elongating his neck.  I can tell, because I know him and I'm his only mother.  There is one, and it's me.  Why someone would do this to his neck would be to make fun of him maybe because I wore a neck collar from my neck being broken, or from my comment about Joy Sterling wearing a neck brace, and possibly the other thing I might think of is a "Swedish massage therapist" at a physical therapy place I went to after the hit-and-run and they stretched my head up from my shoulders because they said there was compression.  There were two of them, twins, and they looked more Russian than Swedish but they said they were Swedish.  This is the place where they took full x-rays and refused to give me copies for years, until Alvaro went with me, and then the Mormon FBI worker who is corrupt and stole all my photos and x-rays, Shannon Borg, took my original copies with her Canadian husband. 

Someone also made sure his shirt was turned so it says "Vision Sour" instead of Source, when there is a song made up for Katie Middleton about being "sour", and I can tell by looking at his legs, he's not getting enough to eat and he is bow-legged which he never was before.  His legs have been forced to look like Bow-legged Geoff Rasmussen's legs, when WHO is the FBI in that town?  A Mormon, with fucking corrupt Mormon cops and corrupt Mormon social workers who asked my parents to give them psychic predictions all their lives and had everyone thinking they were normal Mormons when they were electrocuting me every single day and taking brown paper bags of cocaine once a week.  The Springers were not only electrocuting me and snorting coke, the father worked at Sandy Elementary as a child psychologist near a preschool location where they tried to program me.  My son is in the same kneeling position Geoff was in, with his bow-legged out to the side, and the thing is, MY son, did not have that trait.  The U.S. has tortured him to ruin his bone construction which is why he couldn't be part of the running program anymore.  He also looks scared to death in the soccer photo, of the man taking the photo of him.  He is obviously faking a smile for someone and there is no happiness in his eyes, at all.  None.  He also has his fingers curled up in a way he used to if he was wasn't feeling good as a baby, or was upset about something--usually after I picked him up from someone else's house which was only a few times.

Not only is he being starved, and not at the growing rate he would be at, they were forcing him to wear shoes way too small for his feet at visits, and the same thing was done to my feet when I was a kid.  I was forced to wear shoes that were so tight, that the only way I could put slip-ons, on, was with a shoe horn and a nylon sock. 

In the other face photo of him, someone put a tiny round piece of glue there on the edge, to the side of his face, which extends out past the border of the photo, and then the mail intake person someone had sign the rejection of mail notice, signed their name N. Frost.  This is when my son is also forced to wear a shirt he would never choose, a t-shirt with a cartoon that says "Gob-Smack" and has some kind of white goo mark on the cartoon character's face.  Joy Sterling used to talk about "bad frosts" in references to semen from oral sex for men.  Another woman who did the same was my Aunt Locklyn and then she'd grab a corner of my mouth and rub off a place saying, "You had a bit of frosting there." 

I also notice, all of his school photos are with my son in t-shirts instead of nice shirts. No one in my family dresses like that, for photos.  No one EVER has, until the Lisa and Brian Jersey family, whose son colluded with Barak Obama to try to get Alvaro Pardo to jump me, decided it would be great to force my son to ALWAYS wear t-shirts and nothing else.  This is after I commented once, that if Philip wanted to wear a t-shirt to school, like other kids, with cartoons on it, I didn't see why not, because kids don't always want to wear polo shirts.  A little pony on the side is not the same as a movie cartoon on their shirt they like.  That does not mean, however, suddenly the Thebaults have any right to try to use their influence to have my son slumming it for school photos while they make fun of him with their FBI friends like Bill.

My son's facial expression and neck, the way he's smiling there, is also fake and forced.  He would never do that for a photo and yeah, kids play around and goof off, but he's not doing it naturally.  His smile did not reach his eyes in either photo and I know something, you fuckers, about eyes and how to read someone, especially my own son.

He also didn't like your idea of a fucking Mario Brothers cake for his birthday that one year either,  like he really feels like eating a piece of cake with some mustached man's head and body on it.  There was no smile from him, once again.

This is the child they kidnapped from me who was in the highest percentiles, above 90% to 95% of all other kids his age averages, to this.  Do you fucking understand that?  What his growth development rates said, with me, consistently, was that he was both taller and weighed more than 95% of the other kids his age.  His growth rate was deliberately stunted because of pedophile rapists like Obama, and Thebaults hate crimes, and the refusal of my family to turn my son over to me when they want to be the crackheads who have the better house or car, just because they're cocaine dealers and fit in with pedophiles in the FBI and CIA.  The FBI allows any gang member to harm him and they harm him themselves.  Their history is of rape and electrocution of me.  What do you think they'd do with my son?  I was chained to my bed and forced into restraint alone in my room, around 3 out of 7 days of the week, and sometimes more.
Not to mention, the prison guards, who are most likely 50% corrupt, had someone named "Frost" sign this thing and then changed my return address, which was clearly printed in a return, from Coquille to Logville. 

Minji, the South Korean who lived with my son, deserves to be put out of misery by North Korea. 

The United States has no options.  They return my son, or they kiss their reputations all goodbye for good. 

These are the photos of my son. 

This shows the close-to-accurate length of neck but the maybe a little longer.  My mother, or one of the Dicksies who are twins/triplets had my neck stretched out when I was a kid, and did this to me with a black woman who was from Africa (about 20 years old, tall, and thin, fairly dark, and attractive).  I remember when Dicksie did this to me, I was in extreme pain and she acted like she hated me.  My mother added ring after ring around my neck, which were things a black woman was giving her (who first supervised) and it was to stretch my neck.  The other woman who was there for only a short time to watch, was Diana Spencer, the royal married to Prince Charles.  This is why the UK would have their own information about it.  The next time I saw Diana around black people was when she was leaving the crime scene that included Barak Obama, who raped and electrocuted me.  The only point of doing this would be to weaken my neck and spinal column to facilitate having my neck broken by the U.S. government.  It was so painful I begged my mother not to do this to me and she wouldn't stop.  It was a very severe, sudden stretching of my neck and 24 hours a day. One day she heard someone knocking at the door, got nervous, and took it off of me.  But it was stacking rings made of strong metal, not like one full neck brace. This photo is also not the accurate color (above) because he looks more greenish in the actual photo, like he's sick.  His eye that is still popping out, is not a natural trait.  The U.S. has been making a point to have this occur in every official school photo and team photo, to make it seem consistent and as if it's maybe just how his eyes are, but that's not the case.  This was done to him, the first time I ever noticed, at Rani Guzman's house in Wenatchee, when she was living with Pat, a U.S. police officer, and I took him over to play and he started crying in pain and I didn't know why and then noticed something was wrong with one of his eyes.  She invited us over after she was feeling bad about her own son not talking yet, who was the same age as my son, and I think she was jealous that my son's development was so advanced.  I mistakenly sent some documentation about how advanced, to Bob and Dicksie as well.  The stretching of my neck with rings was first started in Africa.  I was flown to Kenya, Africa with my parents one time and Diana showed up there and my mother and Robert were there but Robert wasn't around for the rings being put on my neck.  They asked questions about how Stanley Ann was doing when they were doing this to me.  I remember some black young man stopping by looking vindictive and happy this was being done to me and he watched, and then a couple of black men on motorcycles did a money and drug drop exchange.  They mentioned something about Gary and then I believe it was Gary Goldsmith who showed up.  He also sneered at me, and saw the rings being stacked on my neck.  Robert Garrett was there for the drug and money part of what happened.  So it was black men in Africa, Diana Spencer, a Dicksie, another woman (I remember it being Sarah Spencer, because I recognized her and she stood there laughing at me with other women as I had the rings added beyond capacity.  They stood there with their arms folded, looking at me.  I remember Sarah more than Diana there, and possibly Jane was as well), and then another white woman back and forth.  All of the Spencer sisters (back and forth, not all at once) and Sharon, a blond woman connected to the Pamp and Barb Maiers family.  There was also a dark-haired woman that was white, I believe Melinda French-Gates, and possibly Carol Middleton was there too.  Stanley Ann was talked about, but I don't remember if she was there or not, and I think it's possible she was.  They were asking how she was doing.  Then they all got brand new wristwatches while they were torturing me with the rings--I think Melinda gave them out after the black gang came by with a bag, it was like she'd ordered them from the black African gang because they had them and looked at her and she nodded, and then they passed them out or gave them to her to pass around.  Barak Obama, from what I remember, was possibly there, or another kid related to him, and then there was Gary Goldsmith, and a Jewish man Gary knew.  One of them was possibly Danny, the jewish man who was present in the U.S. for the rape and electrocution of me.  Another was a white Jew and a larger man.  Every person in that group was either  a black African jew or a white Jew from England or the U.S.  First they made fun of me and said they wanted to give me a necklace.  I thought they were being nice and they put it around my neck, and then they all started smirking as they continued adding metal bands to my neck until I was in extreme pain.  They would then wait a day and add more.  They continued to add rings as far as they could and then when I was back in Moses Lake, Dicksie was still adding rings and still weakening my neck and spinal cord with this method.    Then later, on a private plane, was when I was assaulted by women and men (Mike Middleton, Robert Garrett, and Forrest Tancer, and possibly someone who looked like Charles Spencer but it may have been Bill Clinton) who burned my back and put a bunch of chain necklaces on me and then took them off, and asked if I needed some "Sasha". 
At one point, in Africa, they put me into an outside that was of human waste, all over the toilet and all over the ground, and they locked me inside and left me there for over 24 hours.  Their drug trafficking and money laundering and hate crimes against me was from Kenya, Africa, to England, Canada, and the U.S.  Also, let's not forget that the blacks from Kenya, Africa who were working with Barak Obama and Gary Goldsmith and my parents, were Jews.  Obama's entire family was black Jews and it was a black-Jewish gang.  That's not to say it didn't include others like George Bush (Protestant) and James Bulger (Catholic) but Katie's funding is coming from the CIA and Mossad. 
About "Sasha", at one point in Russia, they gave a drink called "sasha" as a medicine.  Another time, not in Russia, I was told to eat a bunch of red berries and asked if I liked them and I ate them and then bled internally through the mouth, enough blood to fill a bowl.  Then later Diana Spencer came by with two items, when I was in Coquille, Oregon, living in a camper after I'd been gang-assaulted on a bridge and said she'd just picked up something from a store in town that looked interesting and thought I could try them.  They were Moon Drops, which have arsenicum in them, made in St. Paul, MN, by Historical Remedies.  I had had a different kind when I was flying back and forth places, and I was given "Travel Drops" by Historical Remedies from a man (a Robert I think but maybe not actually. One man brought me travel drops to that room while I was writing a letter at the desk, and then another one brought me a coke or pop in a can).  Then when she was talking about the Moon Drops, she was discussing something with my mother and Diana was saying, "Maybe schizandra?"
My mother said, "I think it's schizophrenia"  and Diana was saying, "I don't know.  Maybe schizandra, and it was said someone wasn't sure of the pronunciation and the berry was described as a red berry.  Then I got upset when my mother said "Schitzophrenia" and I said, "You guys are talking about trying to make me sound crazy, and I'M not crazy!!" and I got upset and said, "I know what you're trying to do.  You're trying to say I have schitzophrenia!"  Diana had given the Moon Drops to my mother saying, "Maybe she could try these since she's having trouble sleeping" and that Dicksie looked uncomfortable and slightly panicked.
Then, not long after this conversation, I was taking classes at OSU and then going rock-climbing with Valerie Plame and others, and the U.S. tried to murder me with a Dicksie giving a string of names that were from different countries and "Be Gone Nuts" as she cut my line.  Of course, that would make the conversation between a Dicksie and Diana about schizandra or schizophrenia sound like the conversation I had already witnessed on a secret video tape with Prince Charles and a Robert discussing either traffic accident or using hands for a physical assault for a murder.  So maybe shizandra and schitzophrenia were to suggest "she's on drugs?" or "she's mentally ill?" for a way or method to kill me.  The only other thing I thought, prior to having any kind of ability to look back on events, was they were discussing my biological parentage.  I thought that's what it was about until my Mom said "I think it's schitzophrenia" and I knew that was a mental disorder.  Schitzophrenia means half.
The eye problem my son Oliver was having, suddenly, at Rani Guzman's, was an assault with U.S. technology.  We left and it went away, but she took photos of him that way, and then recorded them on her and Pat's computer.  My son's eye did not do this again until he was living with the Avila's and under U.S. "guardianship" after they took him from me.  There was a space from the time of being in Rani's house, to the Avilas, where nothing about his eye was popping out.  There had been one young infant photo with this once, when we had come back from a hospital or clinic, or when Dicksie was there visiting, and aside from that, it was never a problem with his eyes, ever.  So the only places where Oliver had one eye bulging out more than another was from a visit with my parents and/or right after the hospital, at Rani Guzman's house, and at the Avilas.  Other than that, it was never occurring to my son.  The only time it started showing up constantly again, then, was in photos for school and other places where family was not around him, but other United States criminals were, who worked in mafia selling and using cocaine and weed, and laundering money for the United States government.  Then the U.S. started doing this to me, so that one of my own eyes popped out, and I found out what causes it, and it was from a direct targeting to one side of the head, a jabbing feeling of needle like pressure, that is somewhat heated and leaves a red mark that is circular, to the top of the head on one side.  My eyes are documented as even, not with one popping out, so when it was done to me, anyone knew it wasn't normal, and the cause of this effect, is U.S. weapons technology that is extremely painful.  Not to mention, my son may have had something put into his skull because his "head injury" which was round, and done by Stacey Stubblefield, who is married to a U.S. police officer who is friends with Pat, Rani's husband, could be from insertion of a microchip.  Even if she was not doing that, with what she did to his head for an hour, when he was taken from me to a room, another person could have used that as the access point for putting something into my son's head that was U.S. microchip and surveillance technology to facilitate remote torture of him.  It would also make it easier for the U.S. to find him and continue targeting him while we were leaving the U.S. and on the road in Canada.  The other thing about my son that is not normal from his appearance is his ear that is his left ear, but shows here to the right.  The bottom lobe and ear stick out, and that is not how his ears were developed naturally.  It started after he was kidnapped from me and was living with Holly and Pablo Avila, and I believe it was done as a tribute to Dicksie, who has one ear that sticks out more than another.  He was coming into visits, with Anne Crane, Dicksie's FBI friend, who electrocuted me in Seattle FBI offices with Dicksie.  I noticed this ear was red all of a sudden and not the other one, and saw that someone had been pulling on it.  I didn't say anything to Oliver, but reached over to touch his ear, and he was scared enough, he flinched quickly and moved away in a panicked response.  He thought I was reaching for his ear to harm him, because that was what someone had started doing to his ears, about the time Sue left as a visitation monitor and Anne Crane arrived.  The ear problem was not showing until Crane was the new monitor, and that's not to say Sue didn't do anything bad, but that is when it started.  It was all the time, and then when I told my son I wasn't going to hurt him and just wanted to look, he was extremely sensitive and then he was constantly rubbing that ear like something was hurting him from that ear.  It is the same side of his head as the eye bulging which was started by the U.S.

In addition to noticing how my son is not okay, because I am his mother and I know, you can't see from these photos but in the soccer one, it's from Summer soccer and one half of his upper lip is dark blue with cyanosis.  This is a result of being lasered by the U.S. military and infrared.  I understand if someone doesn't completely see that, because these are not very good copies with this webcam, but it's very clear that his lips are blue and no reason he should have half-blue lips in Summer.  It is exactly the same as what was happening to other parts of his body from the same torture and effects on circulation and oxygen supply to his heart.  You also cannot see, from my fingernail that is showing, extremely well, how defined the band is from arsenic poisoning, but that is what happened to me when Maryann McIntosh and Michelle and Donna Titleman conspired to force me into Vancouver, WA for a "psych eval" without any transportation and no money.  The state was required by law to pay for it and they deliberately refused and told me, "We're not paying for it, but we are telling you if you don't get there somehow, we'll automatically take your son."  This is coming from Maryann the Cocaine Dealer for the Department of Justice--The Dog That Commits Crime, McGruff, and gets rewards from the U.S. government.  Not to mention Michelle's rewards as a U.S. Navy employee who lied out of both sides of her mouth so often, I wasn't even sure where the ventriloquist was because all she knew how to do was throw her voice and throw her weight around.  As a liar, who lied professionally to harm a child.

I also know my son's neck was stretched through torture, not just by looking at the photo or by knowing his body type, but because the fucking U.S. CIA did the same thing to me, by forcing me to have multiple rings put around my neck and then they kept stacking them, like the bracelets I remember on one UK presenters forearm, like I was Hulu, to deliberately stretch my neck.  I had to walk around with metal bands forcing my head up from my shoulders and then they were increasing how far apart they would force it.  I was forced into this during the day and I was forced to wear the rings around my neck all night.

So don't fucking tell me I imagine things when I did not imagine Maryann plotting to murder me, or standing there in a driveway in a business suit, coat, and a briefcase of money with guns at Granny and Grandpa's when I was a girl.

Robert and Dicksie's family have, potentially, as much fear over my son and desire to control him, as the U.S. government and their respective drug and money laundering FBI, Canadian criminals, and UK criminals.  The reason is because if they tortured me as badly as they did, and for as many years as they did (which they did do), they would be worried one day my son would find out about it.  This is one reason they have lied about me and not wanted me to raise my own son.  It is also why Maiers hate him.

When Barak Obama raped and electrocuted me with Robert Garrett, the idea that Barak got mad over his mother was not spontaneous though--it was premeditated, because prior to being there for the birthday and cake, I was coached ahead of time to help Stanley with her diet and weight.  I had been coached by more than one person to make suggestions or help people who were trying to lose weight, and was told it was helpful.  I was, of course, 11 years old.  So when everyone sat around to have cake and I saw how fat Stanley Ann Dunham was, and she was reaching for the cake, I think I said something like "Maybe you should have a smaller piece of cake, because of your weight."  It was something Diana Spencer used to ask me about, and used to tell me to tell her how I stayed thin and remind her not to eat too much. So since she used to ask me, and told me to, I did occasionally and I was told to do the same thing with Stanley. Thinking I was some kind of helpful dietician type, I did. 

So Barak Obama exploded, and stood up and went around the table and grabbed my hand and said "I want to show you something" and started leading me down the stairs to the basement.  I got scared, because I knew he had bad intentions and he was squeezing my hand to where it hurt.  I knew he was going to torture me so I tried to run away and he wouldn't let go of my hand.  So then I was pulling myself up the stairs and trying to claw back, and he was yanking me down and I was screaming "NO!" and "Help!" and then my Dad, a Robert Garrett Jr., showed up and stood behind me and said, "You're going with him" and twisted my arm and pushed me to go downstairs with this fucking wimp of a black man pedophile President Fucking Obama. 

When I see this starvation of my son, I know who is behind it.  And the fact that Cathy Walker wanted to bring up "benefits" out of the place, right before I was handed this photo of my son, proves deliberate attempts to provoke me and cause distress by the U.S. military and FBI.

Not to mention, it was very odd that Diana Spencer was there at the house, when I was yanked into a basement after making a suggestion to Stanley Ann, about diet choices, when she was one of the women who was responsible for telling me to coach her occasionally or remind her, because she had chosen herself to diet and wanted me to remind her when I thought of it.

The other thing is, the U.S. government has made HUGE efforts to try to punish me for not marrying their Alvaro Pardo-Barak Obama friend.

The other thing about my son's legs, is from the photo he looks bow-legged and he wasn't before, and I know this black woman whose house I went to, to help her clean, had something to do with my mother Dicksie, and she was a psychic as well.  I took her to the black church I was going to at the time, New Song, so she could get assistance, and when I look back on it, and think about how the Jewish synogogue leader Rabbi Emmanuel Rose was best friends with Richard Probasco, the black pastor, I know I got set up to go to that church.  So the Jewish man (Robert Garrett Jr) who sat on one side of me with the black man on the other side (Obama) to commit a hate crime against me for saying once I didn't like Jews or blacks, then was instructed to take me to a black church where the pastor was in the corruption cycle with Rabbi Rose, who strangled me and assaulted me and set me up for sodomy on a bridge in Coquille, OR when I was a preteen.  It is another example of the U.S. using people I didn't suspect or who I was trained to trust even if I should suspect them, trying to control me by surrounding me with friends of pedophiles and government-sponsored abusers.  Rabbi Rose was a Jew who assaulted me and Probasco was a black man connected to other black men, and I would bet he is connected to either Michelle Obama or Barak, because I know Gary Goldsmith, who is a jew from the UK, dealt cocaine, weapons, and weed and large amounts of cash with Barak Obama.  Gary Goldsmith knows Rabbi Rose and his wife's English Jewish family and the Lewis family that is connected to England and UK.  Gary Goldsmith worked with Barak Obama and my Dad and a corrupt police chaplain/car salesman named Larry (a black man).  Probasco is connected, which means I was surrounded by the same abusers.  Not to mention Probasco attempted to try something with me in his pastoral offices and I ran.  Why would he think he could unless someone told him my history and that maybe he would get away with it?  Not only that, these people are connected to Mexicans who distribute the cocaine from Colombia.  That is how Barak and any Middleton connection, including FBI and military, know Alvaro.  Alvaro wasn't "fighting drugs" with the FBI--he was protecting FBI that sold the drugs and they wanted him in the U.S. 

I have no regrets about getting out of his hostage-taking grip.

Also, about Stanley Ann Dunham and Barak, Robert later went to court for a woman that worked for Willamette Industries, as a witness to her discrimination complaint against the company for firing her for being fat.  He was made a case of, about how he "defended a fat woman" when really, it was a way to cover for comments made about Stanley Ann's fat-ass and her skinny-ass pedophile son Barak.  It also didn't have anything to do, in actuality, with being fat or not, but I'm sure that's an excuse for people in Wenatchee forcing my son to starve.  Not only did Diana Spencer attempt to frame me as a kid, by first telling me to tell her not to eat to remind her about her diet, and then wanting others to hear me later, as if I was harassing her not to eat food and she was a victim, she and others had Robert Garrett coach me ahead of time, before going to the birthday party, that Stanley Ann was sort of fat and trying to diet like Diana, so be sure to remind her not to eat too much.  The last time I had seen Diana, it was after I told Sarah Ferguson I thought maybe I got a wart from trying on Diana's shoes and after I was in the U.S. in M.L. again, my mother told me, "You are never going back there again because you hurt Diana's feelings."  I said, "What do you mean?"  Then she was saying to me, "She is very, very, hurt."  I said, "Why?  because I said I maybe got a wart from her shoes?!  WhatEVER."  Her shoes didn't fit of course, but she had said see how they do, and I put my feet into some white pumps she had out.  All of a sudden, I had a plantar wart on the bottom of one feet, which I'd never had before. 

Also, my mother Dicksie and Holly, prior to sending me the starvation photos of my son, wrote to me and said to me over the phone, about him, and making suggestions about his food, "You're not in control" spitefully.  It was like my mother was trying to get back at me with her sister by abusing my son or allowing him to be abused, and then, upset I don't agree with her corrupt business in cocaine and money laundering with military and FBI, she tried to push it in my face that I was not in control over what my son ate or how much he ate, or anything about his life.

Barak Obama is a violent offender who rapes children.  He also practiced electrocution.  It was premeditated.  He likes to make himself look like he's changing the shape of things, and has made an excuse in feeing his victim-black-man-rage against me and my son, using Mexicans, blacks, Jews, whites, whoever he needs because of course, he's the boss.  He's the "king" as he wanted everyone to call him.  His victim-black-man-rage includes attempts to make me sound like I was mean to his Mom when I wasn't.  His mother invited me to her lair as a matter of fact.  He has tried to use anything he can against me and my son.  If he thinks he can say I was mean to his fat mom about her weight, when I was trying to help, and told to try, he uses this as an excuse for stealing food from my son, and starving my son. The Wenatchee doctors are also involved in this.  My son was in the top percentiles in every category with me, for height and weight and they've deliberately tortured him and tried to stunt his growth out of hate crime excuses.  He also looks sick, not just starved.  My comments about fat Michelle, who brought my comment upon herself, when it is a fact and she is FAT (no problem for alvaro because he liked how she gave him oral sex and he likes fat), had been accusing my son of being a 'binge eater'. So my comment about her weight, wasn't that I'VE never been fat myself and don't understand, it's that the big fat pot tried to call a little kid the kettle, and sorry, but she's just a big fat pot and I will call her Blow Job Michelle as long and often as I want to when she has earned the title and when I have a RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.

Defamation is calling someone criminal or mentally ill.  Defamation does NOT include the right to insult someone or get mad or write things and sound off.  MY right, as a mother, is to be verbally upset and mad if I want to be, and to make comments about her if she goes so far as to insult my son.

My RIGHT as a child, was to say "I don't like blacks and Jews."  They DO NOT have a right to rape me because I say "I don't like blacks and Jews" anyone than some vicious crack-head leader of a group has a right to incite gang-rape against me and torture to attack my brain because I made one or two comments, ONCE, as a kid, about my honest opinion, that Katie Middleton is not as smart as some want her to sound or be.  I have a right to say, "I don't think Katie is that smart actually, not more than any other kid at least".  That does NOT give an adult or group of FBI agents the right to electrocute me, use torture against, and to commit pedophile against me to degrade me.

For one comment, I've had the U.S. military and FBI use it as the entire basis of organizing massive gang-violence against me.

Guess what.  I don't buy that and I never bought your crack shit.  I don't buy the FBI's attempts, or royals attempts (certain ones) to make Katie out to be something she's not.  I don't buy the idea that I can't say someone is fat if they first insult my baby by calling him a binge eater out of jealousy and then try to control his life through U.S. Navy.  I don't buy the swingers group.  I don't buy the pedophile crap and trafficking of children, and I CERTAINTLY do NOT buy Bitch Attitude when Bitch Attitude from mothers, wives, sisters, and girlfriends of PEDOPHILES try to target the victim to protect their pedophiles.  I don't buy the phoney CIA shit of self-importance and generational CIA agents.  I don't buy the FBI misquoting of every single person they ever want to prosecute, when they are guilty of crimes against children.  I don't buy fraudulent "criminal databases" that purport to be places for victims to send reports and are nothing but PR machines for the people who own and run the database.  I don't buy the fucking Mormon crap about "give me your eggs, your child, and how dare you think you can raise a kid without a father".   I don't buy excuses from the U.S. "progressive for women" about disfiguring women's faces like some kind of crazy zealot group from Sudan, or Saudi Arabia outskirts, or Eastern India, or Mexican gangs.  I don't buy lies from the Pentagon about how it's "research" to commit hate crimes and try to block someone from success with their natural abilities.  I don't buy "special favors" to the minority or discriminated-against groups, to get away with more crimes than anyone else, just because some idiot wants to claim it's "equal opportunity".  I don't support any royal or royally-married into a family person taking their countries money from the people when they've been working for another country. I don't support welfare for the rich but child-kidnapping for the poor.  I don't buy "charities" to attach myself to, to look politically correct.  I don't buy religious hate crimes, for purposes of taking control of government and giving favors to their own religious group as is done in the U.S.  I don't buy into peer pressure.

President Barak Obama wanted to say he is a sign of change and optimism for blacks.  His conduct has set blacks back to the lynchings.  He thinks he can rape and electrocute girls, as a pedophile, and run drugs his entire life to London, England, and be President and have the entire FBI lying about his background history.  Then he thinks, he is immune from prosecution, because he is the "black man" who will cry "racism" or discrimination because he's black.  He wants to say, "I can rape the little kids just like a real royal, as a black man, so I really know blacks have a future now."  This is equal opportunity to him, which is why he lifted his glass at the UN with a self-satisfied, smug, cold and assured mark that nothing could touch him and now he was getting revenge for his Dumb Dad
who he claims I killed, and his mother who he knows I never really insulted but used it as an excuse, and thinks taking it out on my son is the next level.  He basically writes in his book about his fucking jihad statement to his Dad, that he swears on the "red earth" his father is buried beneath, in an all-Jewish ceremony, to take Jewish jihad against ME.  Because HE claims I killed his Dad when I didn't.  So what's Bill Clinton and George Bush's excuse?  ("She killed MY Dad TOO."????)

They are PEDOPHILES and violent criminals who assault over cocaine.  Did Bush snort coke?  Yeah, Middleton and Garrett-Goldsmith brand.  How about Clinton?  Yes.  Barak?  Obviously.  As long as the crack pipe is coming through FBI, they think it's okay, and leave violent slayings and retributaion and child torture to the thugs they squeeze and agitate to go ahead the kids they've been raping.

How many fucking Tammy Wynettes are there?  YOU FUCKING HOs.  "Stand by your man".  I don't buy that.  Hillary talks, I act on what I believe.  I'm not married to a pedophile--she is.  Barbara Bush?  Pedophile supporter.  Michelle Obama?  Pedophile Panther.  For every government pedophile, there is a witch that tortures children.

I'm making a list of every pedophile I've ever known, and the women I've seen around him, supporting pedophilia.

Here is a photo of the Moon Drops Lady Diana gave me:

It's strange that her taj mahal photo is in front of the taj when there is no water running and it's rocks.
The first ingredient is arsenicum and the next is chamomile.
She and one of the Dicksies discussed this and schizandra compared to schitzophrenia:
The word "schizophrenia" comes from the
Greek roots schizo (split) and phrene (mind)
 I was told to eat a bunch of schizandra berries once and not told a large amount will cause internal bleeding.  I filled an entire bowl with blood.
After this conversation they had one of the Dicksies was splitting the line that held my harness and kept me safe to the cliff, and saying "Be Gone Nuts".  It was "Pecan Nuts" but said the other way with a horrible mean look.
The moon drops are plain white melt-in-your-mouth lozenges.
The photo of Diana is from 1992, which was long after that incident.  It was taken closer to the time of another assassination attempt against me by car, where a car flashed on brights and ran into the side of my car to cause a panic reaction they'd trained me to have.  The idea was I'd kill myself.  This is on the way home from one government employee that worked with Barak Obama, Middletons, and the FBI to another.
There was a plot to call me mentally ill a long time ago and I wasn't mentally ill.  Then, what sounded like a plot to just call me mentally ill (which they did) turned into assassination attempts.  It was as if to torture me and cause me the most severely inflicted forms of  pain any human can imagine, by government, and then call me nuts and make fun of me after what they did, and then try to kill me.
The reason I think it's very likely Diana is alive and that she and others connected her would try to harm my son is because the FBI and others had good reason to offer her witness protection because she committed most of her crimes with them.  If she ever felt bad or didn't agree at heart, she never made that known, and in that case if she died, maybe if someone thought she was going to talk, but I don't know.  All of the torture and starvation of my son is more of the same FBI.  If the FBI had cared about my son or had new people in there, they would have removed him from the Avilas, said the CPS case was a fraud and cover-up and because of adoption fraud and RICO crime, return him to me.  But they're not doing that.  Instead, in 2011,  they were setting me up for more torture at a mental health clinic and more interrogation about the FBI.  My son does not just look thin, and his development is not just stunted from what it was, he looks unhappy and very sick.  I believe the FBI was well-aware of how sick, in 2008. 
I can count on the fact of knowing the most horrific things ever done to any human being, anywhere in the entire world, were done to me by the U.S.  They then kidnapped my son and every single one of the same individuals who is severely corrupt, mentally ill, or criminal, or all three, has been let loose on my son because they wanted fresh blood.
Even my son's front teeth, I was told, were pried apart to have a gap, deliberately, for some kind of sick game over the women who asked if I needed 'sasha' after they took necklaces off of me when I was beat up on the plane.. the woman who looked like Sandra Berhard and the speechwriter for the white house.  This entire undraping of the necklaces around my neck, was after I had had my neck stretched out with stacking metal rings in Kenya, Africa, where Barak Obama and his CIA-Mossad drug team was.

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