Sunday, December 15, 2013

The FBI's Fraud of Alvaro "Pardo"

The FBI used a man to hold me hostage to keep my son from me.  They had him preventing me from attending court matters involving my assault from a CIA-Mossad Nigerian, and from my CPS case with my son.  They had Michelle Erickson involved with their entire strategy with him.  I was blocked from even returning to Washington state to have visits with my son when the FBI was abusing him, restraining him, and causing his illness.

The entire time, Alvaro lied about his name to me.  I asked to see his passport and he said it was in safekeeping somewhere and he wouldn't show it to me.  He introduced me to all these people who said his last name was "Pardo" and it wasn't.  It was "Barbosa".  He went by "Alvaro Barbosa" not "Alvaro Pardo" and switched it at the last minute on the marriage license without telling me. 

He also did not tell me one single thing about working for the FBI until later, probably when he thought maybe I'd found out he was lying to me, or to test my reaction.

I highly doubt his name is even Alvaro.

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