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UPDATED: "Be Happy" Assassination Sign-off Stolen With Piece of Candy

Here we go.

I have to go back and correct all of the other times I wasn't sure when one of the Dicksies threw pecans at me, at a time separate from putting an assassination note into my shirt.

It got confused for me when I wasn't really taking time to completely focus on the events before, during and after and remembering another part of what happened helped to clarify which was which. I know I've mentioned the candy before and then sort of forgot about that part, but it goes with one specific event (the assassination attempt) and is different from the other event.

I was lying down on my personal psych couch (maybe lying down really DOES help) and trying to think, because something still didn't seem right.  I had recently said it was the "pecan nuts" comment at the rock climbing event but then something kept nudging me, no, that's not correct.   How it was not correct I couldn't remember until last night.

It was important for me to remember because it could mean implying the wrong Dicksie (since there are triplets) or the wrong Assassination Operation code.

I remembered it was the "Be Happy" note when I re-remembered  how one of the men on the helicopter told me to go over and let him see the note, and then when I showed it to him, he took it from me.

I suddenly realized, by his expression, he was taking a piece of evidence from me, that had been written in someone's handwriting.  They stole it from me.  Then, after stealing this note from me, he offered me a piece of candy that you unwrap.  It was not a tear-off kind of wrapper but an unwrap wrapper, or twist unwrap type.  I believe the reason he gave me this, was possibly to claim later I had unwrapped a piece of candy wrapper, not a note that had been tossed inside of my shirt.  I  think it was also to try to confuse my memory.

I DID have a piece of paper in my pants pocket though.  So that part of remembering that I took out a paper and wrote on it is correct.  First they stole the assassination note from me and then when I decided I had better document what was said from the cliff and found paper in my pocket, a scrap, I asked for a pen and there was suspicion about why I wanted a pen.  I said I had a song idea and I didn't want to forget it, or something like that, which was why I actually kept scraps of paper in my pocket (which people knew)--because I sometimes wrote down poems or songs. 

I was given a pen and then wrote down what the Dicksie said from the cliff. 

So it was a spitwad-style note she tossed into my shirt, not a nut.  When I got onto the helicopter, where she was sitting with Valerie Plame, I took it out and unwrapped it and read, "Be Happy".  That's all it said.   I said, "Why did you put a note that says 'be happy' down my shirt?" to the Dicksie and she made some kind of off-hand remark and smirked with Valerie.  Then that's when I was told by a man, "Let me see it".  Then he took it from me.

What is sort of creepy, aside from possibly another meaning to the note, is that prior to the assassination attempt, one of the Dicksies and Lady Diana had been talking about 'schitzophrenia' (split mind) vs 'schizandra' (a word which sounded to me like 'she's on dru..(gs)".  Additonally, when I had been told to take the hormone test from Clear Blue, which resulted in a smiley face or not, and I was supposed to call it in, she asked what the results were and I said, "There's a smiley face, but it's split!" 

She said what do you mean?  and I said, "Well, it's not a full circle, there's a split in it, so does that mean the result is the same?"

Okay.  So I'm on a cliff, and the U.S. government is all around me and hovering around the corner, and one of the Dicksie's says she's "cutting the line" and I almost fell to my death and the note she tossed inside my shirt said "Be Happy".  Like a split smiley face?  Because I'm sure my skull would have cracked had I fallen.

The reason I remembered the note was because I remembered the man taking that note from me, to give me a candy instead. 

Later, at our house in M.L, one of the Dicksies was throwing pecans at me and then saying, "Pecan nuts" like "Be gone nuts" and my feelings were hurt because she kept doing this and I thought it was sort of like when one of them had tossed a spitwad inside of my shirt, but she was trying to aim for inside of my shirt with nuts.

The Dicksie on the cliff said "This is Agent _______(a number), Anna _____(Russian name with "croosh" in it, which was one part I remembered and questioned a Dicksie over, saying, "croosh" like crush or crucifix? and it was a 3 or 4 syllable last name, I think 3), and then she said something like, "This is for: or possibly just listed a few other names, but she said something in several different languages with amazing accents that shocked me because I was faced with this woman there on the cliff, I realized I didn't even know, who had been telling me SHE was my mother all these years and here she is, some kind of wacko spy) and then the last line of information or script was in Hebrew and I knew it was Hebrew because I'd been flown to Israel before, and recognized it, and then she uttered some kind of "Hebrew-sounding" epithet or phrase that sounded like some kind of rallying Jewish Jihad cry, and she cut my line.

It is possible she added, "Be gone nuts" at the end, and then later someone tried to mix it to "pecan nuts" at our house in Moses Lake, with pecans, to cover for it, I'm not 100% positive at this time, but I am positive that the object aimed into my shirt, to go down with me was a "Be Happy" note, and I am also positive there was some kind of dust that went with it which caused coughing and constricture of my vocal cords, but I avoided most of it because I held my breath.

As a kid I think I questioned the "be happy" part, wondering about Camilla and if it was about her, or if it was about the other names in languages my Mom maybe mentioned.  Again, it's very possible more than one of the Dicksies has tried to kill me, and believe me, this is not the only assassination attempt against me, but for that specific incident, that is what happened.

She sure looked good out there on that cliff.  The scary part too, was that she had put enough distance between herself and me, before cutting the line, so I couldn't reach up and grab her ankle or something.  But when I didn't fall, she looked scared for a moment and then started trying to shake her shoe at me, but wouldn't get close enough so I could grab her.  She did look scared.  I do remember that.  She looked very determined and hateful towards me and like some kind of professional mission black operation woman, and then she suddenly lost the confidence and looked scared and her eyes bugged.

I tried for the longest time to figure out the Russian spy name she had said, wondering if she said it for herself or implying me, but it doesn't make too much sense she said it for herself unless the CIA or something gave her a second name.  I was the one who went by another name of "Anna" at times but I had thought it was just a "legend" name, one you create for yourself for some intelligence game or other.  The last name had a sound of croosh or crush in it at one part, and who knows, maybe it was a sound of "kov" too and that's why the CIA thought it would be funny to have me cough over  a biological dust before I fell to my death.

If so, that's getting very close to the Russian spy name of the woman sent back to Russia from the U.S., named "Anna".

Other possibilities for the note "Be Happy", aside from implying sarcasm, or a operation code, or wishes for another person, other persons I can think of could possibly include nicknames of those going by "Bee" for a nickname.  Beatrice from Netherlands, whose mother Juliana told me I wouldn't be Queen after I said she should abdicate to Beatrice; Bee for Elizabeth (a common nickname for the given name Elizabeth) maybe implying Queen Elizabeth or Catherine Elizabeth Middleton; and I had written a note to my Granny addressing her, on the front of the envelope, as "The Queen Bee" (Granny is maybe hoping I die along with a Dicksie).  Then there's "B. Happy" as an initial "B" for someone, i.e., B. is happy. Like "Bob's Happy".   Or maybe Catherine is not really the first name of Katie Middleton.  Maybe CE are not her first and middle initials and it's actually B.E.

The whole idea of having me take the Clear Blue test is a little odd.  I am not sure if the entire title for the test was as it is now:  Clear Blue Easy (C.B.E.) but that's what it is now.  Maybe the idea was that C.B.E. was for Catherine (B.) Elizabeth or Catherine Blue Elizabeth and Be Happy and B.E. Happy was "Blue Elizabeth Happy".  I really have no idea.

Whatever their idea was, it wasn't good.

Also, Clear Blue is like one of the names I had for a legend name, which was Clare (which means clear).  However, it was the name Anna, with a Russian last name following some ID number, when the Dicksie was giving out a name.
UPDATED:  Other possibilities are "B Happy as in "FBI Happy" or "BE HAPPY" as in a cure for Ma's Sad, i.e., MOSSAD.  Or "Barak's Happy" or "Bechtold's Happy".  I had already met them by that time and they were part of trying to kill me earlier.

Since MOSSAD works with the U.S. intelligence, I'm sure they could manage to get ahold of a U.S. property helicopter for trying to kill me.

MOS-SAD?  Don't be sad.  BE-HAPPY!  Like the inverse.  Or, "Ma's Sad" so be happy.  I know Valerie Plame is a Jew.  The Joy Sterling-Tancers, who were there, are Jewish.  John Hart, who was one of several I believe was there, has a French Jewish wife.  Bob and Dicksie are possibly "Jews" or one of them is, by ancestry (maybe Dad's side).  Then there were some others I don't know about for religion but possibly also Jewish or just U.S. government CIA and Secret Service or FBI or military.

Aside from this, maybe cutting the line was an easy way to get rid of the only survivor in my actual biological family if all the U.S. has used me for is pedophilia, torture, and extortion, because that would be a revenge use of me, as a way of causing distress to someone else or trying to punish them.  Why harm me?  I didn't do anything wrong.

Also, I may have been part of RAF in England.  I think this is why Edward Lee Howard kept making the comment to FBI, and why FBI kept documenting it, repeating this 6 times, with the same response of "We couldn't find any evidence Howard was part of the royal flyer's club" to comments such as "Howard states he is a member of the royal flyer's club."

That could have been slang or code for an actual club, as one does exist, or for flying with the English royals (as I did often) or for being part of Royal Air Force (RAF) which is the English military.  I had lessons from RAF sites so it's not like it's impossible I wasn't RAF.

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