Thursday, December 12, 2013

The "Cambridge" and Avilas as Distributors

I have more information on Holly and Pablo Avila as well, which is why I've always known the FBI deliberately kidnapped my son and put him in danger.

In addition to measuring out cocaine with a Dicksie in Moses Lake, WA, for the CIA so the FBI could launder all their money for them and send it to Middletons, and in addition to giving brown paper lunch bags of cocaine to the Mormon Springers who lived next door, and in addition to witnessing a Robert exchange the same with the black man Larry (who worked for Moses Lake police), Sandbergs, Gary Goldsmith (at construction sites), and for Pamp Maiers/Sellen construction, and in addition to seeing entire rooms of adults snort coke on glass coffee tables, and mirrors in back rooms (like Sharon), I had to deliver brown paper lunch bags to orchard workers for Holly Avila when she was driving a van to the orchards to distribute cocaine and weed and collect money.

They worked with another orchard in the area that was owned by Jews, and there were other clients as well.  Holly Avila is not a "nice" person.  She looks real nice, and homey, and always talks about "God" sounding almost fanatic and she is totally godless.  Her prattle about religion and "God" and being a Christian is a cover for being a drug dealer her entire life. 

The people at CPS who are U.S. employees know this and they are criminals as well, and used her and the ability to blackmail her and Pablo to torture my son.

I witnessed Pablo involved in doing something with a dead body once, and he was known to hunt.  I also know that after Diana Spencer and her sisters said something about being "witches" to scare me, then Locklyn, Holly, and a Dicksie did the same, and for Holly's part, she beat me with a broom and sodomized me with a broom handle end.  She also cut me with a knife and she is known to carry a knife and cuts people.  On the occasion when they all decided to be "witches" Locklyn also forced me to drink something that made me throw up and pinched me and pulled off my shirt to mock the fact I had no breasts (I was a pre-teen).

I am the only one, out of the ENTIRE ROTTEN GROUP, and ROTTEN FBI, that is normal.  I am also the only one who is not blackmailed by criminals, taking corrupt bribes by FBI and CIA or military, selling kids, trafficking children, colluding with fucking government employees, or working in the cocaine and weed business like Katie fucking Middleton.

That is why the FBI hates me.  They hate me because of Edward Howard, and they hate me as competition.  The FBI used Alvaro Pardo to create a cover for Barak Obama and themselves and Wenatchee lawyers and cops were all in on it.

I also know Robert Garrett was delivering briefcases full of money to construction machinery with Pamp Maiers at the wheel, to John Sellen, and like I said, to Gary Goldsmith.

Before the U.S. used a bunch of politicians and U.S. employees and English ones to assault me, on bridges outside, I was assaulted in Canada at a house where they used me as a bridge between two wood and concrete posts with a glass table.  First they tied me to a glass table, and this was with a Robert Garrett Jr. involved, and snorted cocaine off of my body.  This was separate from the Melinda Gates apartment break-in and assault of me with a vibrator (sexual toy) where they also snorted cocaine off of my body.

Then they pushed me down on the table with their boot, and smashed it with a baseball bat so I had glass all over me.  They also had a man laying on top of me at one point, pushing me into the glass and telling me if you try to fight, you'll get hurt.  After the glass table was broken, and Robert Garret Jr. was still having parties in Canada with Bruce, another crooked individual, who worked for U.S. FBI and Canadian officials, they created their own table with wood and cement blocks at one end and glass over the top and forced me to be tied to that again, so I was a human bridge, and as Bruce said, "The Cambridge".  He thought it was really funny.  Tomas Cabarello was present at one of those parties in Canada.  He is the first Attorney General for Washington State that "CPS" assigned to the case involving my son, after Canada kidnapped him when I was making a political asylum request. 

There was a major reason they had Tomas Caballero involved, and it's because he is both a U.S. criminal and a Canadian one, and had a motive to lie about me, because he was involved in drugs and drug parties in Canada where I was physically assaulted as "The Cambridge".  That's what Bruce called me and it's what Tomas called me. 

The makeshift table I was forced to lie on (on my back) and be tied to, was set on fire while I was still tied to it.  They put wadded up newspaper under it, right in the middle of the livingroom, not caring if they burned the floor or anything, while I was lying on it.  First they did a bunch of drugs and drank beer all day and night.  All Bruce did was drink beer, and Tomas stood there making fun of me while holding a beer himself.  Someone named Mike was also there, with a baseball bat.  For some period of time, Robert wasn't around and it was just them.  Then one night, after several nights almost back to back of meth, cocaine, weed, and beer parties celebrated by Canada's "Best", they had been burning me with joints, into my body, and then decided to light a fire under me and did.  I had to lie there while the glass heated up and I was being burned and then the wood started to burn and the papers and there was so much smoke, I had coal and soot and smoke all over.  That's what Katie FUCKING Middleton's "Cambridge" idea of a title is all about.  Her fucking friends who pay her money with CIA drug proceeds while torturing me and my son.

I couldn't untie myself.  I didn't get away.  I had to lie there and be burned on my back of my body.  Then later, someone got a water hose and took a full length water hose and instead of untying me, hosed me down with a freezing cold garden hose.

Tomas Caballero was there for the entire thing and stood there smirking in a corner.  I was told to get up while I was soaking wet and then I found out someone had stolen my shoes.  I looked around and then Tomas grabbed me and forceably kissed me, exactly the way James Cartright with the Pentagon did (and then tripped me), Barak Obama demanded, and Canadian immigration officer Ross did (among others I'm sure).

Having the glass table broken into pieces, the first one, was not the first time I was around broken glass either because I was once thrown through a window and it broke as I was going through.

The movie "Thomas Crowne Affair" is like Hollywood's take on what someone was telling them about this, at a bar.  But it wasn't glamorous, and it was abuse.

The entire time that I was assaulted, Katie Middleton was being brought up.  I was yelled at with "You think Katie's a GOODY-TWO-SHOES?  Well where are YOUR SHOES???"  and "You think you're so smart.  Is that why you're here?"  "Can you READ?"  "Are you READING yet??"  "Say 'I'm sorry for insulting Katie."  "Katie is going to be QUEEN.  YOU will NEVER be Queen."

Then they said "Oh, let's give her a crown."  "She thinks she needs a crown so let's get a crown".  And one of them went outside, and cut some branches of thorns and they made a wreath of it, and while I was lying on the glass, they put the thorns on my head and said, "There's your crown.  Are you happy now?" and then they started smashing it into my head and skin with the thorns, which were not small thorns.  They had gloves on to do it, because it was that bad of thorns, and I had blood on my forehead and around my ears from them.

Then they got an ax and they struck the wood part of the table set-up with an ax while I was still there.

They did all these things to me.  One time they left me tied to the table overnight and I wasn't untied until the next morning around noon.  Another time, they untied me after I was hosed down.

By the way, Katie is probably goody in some ways, but I know she tortures people and kids.  I know this because I witnessed several times where she was being trained to stab and cut people with a knife and razor.  I don't know what other kind of assistance or training she had, for example, with explosives, or guns, or other weapons, but they had her using mace as a weapon, in people's eyes, when they were restrained or couldn't move, and they had her stabbing and cutting both kids and adults.  She maced me, and she was told to cut me, in Canada, at Ernie Walker's forensic place.  Then I witnessed her pushing a knife into one of the Robert Garrett Jrs in England, when they were in the truck together, driving from the construction site and I ran over because I wanted to go in.  There was a Bible there on the seat, but I also saw her quickly stop pushing a knife into Robert's leg.  She was around 3 or 4 or something and she wasn't playing and I didn't know why my Dad didn't stop her unless another adult forced it and said if you fight it, you'll get hurt worse by us.  I also witnessed Katie Middleton inside of the "Safe Room", slicing on of the Dicksie's cheeks with a knife, with her parents present, and I was there, and started screaming.

On 3 different occasions right there, she was with a knife, and that was before age 5 so you can imagine what kind of demon she is now.  There were 2-3 other times I witnessed Katie Middleton injuring another person with a knife.  I wouldn't let her watch your kids for a million dollars.

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