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Katie Middleton and Marijuana Growth (Halogen vs Incandescent) and Edward Howard
I accessed it in 1986.

I also accessed "Everyday Feminism" from West Virginia at that time and they are not what they claim to be.  Their latest is that they just started up and are only 1 year old.  In that case, how many times have they started up and quit and then started up again?  because I was getting some of their CIA Virginia attitude in 1986.

Here's something to look at.  Before taking classes at OSU, Kate Middleton's mother Carol Middleton, was partly responsible for some of the MK-Ultra programming done to me, in England, and I also saw Carol at what I believe was a CIA location.

Carol cut me off from doing research work on plant pathology in a lab where a bunch of other people were.   It was like a really long and tall high-counter table that had a bunch of computers on it, lined up with rows of seats or stools.  The computers were on both sides of the table and I was at just one of them.  It was like some kind of large computer lab.   It was prior to OSU, and I was set up to study from some of the same materials first and then Carol came around the corner and said my time was up and get out.  I was studying plant pathology and got as far as downy mildew on grapevine.  She really freaked out.  I was whizzing through the work at a fast speed, as a pre-teen, and she didn't like it.  So then all of a sudden, I was forced to do this whole study and then cut out of it.  Then I saw my mother there too and she was the same way.  At least one of the Dicksies is definitely not related to me.

More stop-and-start and going-nowhere from the CIA and their bitch Middleton.  This was done prior to my ever getting signed up for OSU classes.  So my first study of plant pathology was prior to OSU, from some other government channel.  Then I was at OSU and it was the same thing and I was only a little older and still a pre-teen. 

So while trying to prepare my final paper, I was stymied with horrific inadequecies of web searches for information.  At the last minute I found information actually relevant to my paper and tried to incorporate it but was told it was too late and I wasn't allowed to.  I wanted to stay up at night and work overnight to do it, and one of the Robert Garrett Jrs wouldn't let me, and told me no, I couldn't stay up overnight and go to bed, and I should have worked on it during the day.

This was while I was being tortured in my house with some form of energy outside of the apartment and I had a weird feeling, or wondered if Robert Garrett Jr. was involved in it because he kept showing up to look at me after it was being done to me, like an observation.

One of the websites I found was slim on info but was this Kitty Katana page, about how incandescents can produce infrared, and then it goes on to say they are taller and grow quickly.  The same cat with marijuana leaves in it's eyes and the rainbow colored hair with a raspberry maroon red at the top was there, and then Katie ended up dying some part of her own hair that color when she was older.

The running joke is completely unbelievable.  I mean, you have no idea what kind of sick and sadistic things have been done to me, and anti-competitive measures.  Then some guy who was connected to Sicilian mafia in TN was working next to me with raspberry colored hair and cat-eye tinted contacts and next my son is being terrorized and tortured by Middleton people.

She is a terrorist.  Her entire family has been involved in terrorism and England is paying for her welfare and upkeep.  There is no way she should have a child.  The DEA supported her, because they're corrupt and think raping kids, like her mother was part of, is a good idea for the FBI. Her entire family, not just Gary Goldsmith, supported themselves with drug business and black arms, and raping kids.  I know they had Barak Obama working with them, and my parents (one of the Bob and Dicksies at least) were working with them, and a number of corrupt politicians worked with them.  While other people were thrown in prison for selling drugs, not Katie.  While other people were kicked out of financial aid for using drugs, not Barak Obama.  He held a gun to my head and then raped me and look at him.  So you can imagine what Katie and her family are like and how the U.S. covered up for all their slime.

The U.S. government and lobbyists seem to not be able to bend over far enough for Middletons.  They did away with incandescent lighting, symbolically, while promoting halogens as Katie was preparing to be married wearing a tiara that was named the "Halo Tiara".   Not to mention, telling everyone they have to buy one kind of light and not the other, when the safety of halogens in a home is not studied enough to be outside of the experimental phase.

I seriously cannot believe they allow her to have children but blocked me from raising my son, who is kidnapped and being tortured by the same people, in the same state that tortured me first.  Other weird things some of my family did to me while I was supposedly Edward Howard's biological daughter and not told about it by them, was Granny brought up some cleft in my chin, and always mentioned it, which is something he has; and my Aunt Locklyn used to squeeze my chin together with a hand, hard, and make some comment about my chin; and then in Hood River, I was attacked at an office and when I woke up something had been done to my chin that made it reactive and it was done right around the time Edward Howard came back to the U.S. and I was in classes at OSU. 

I have had several people tell me he is my biological father.  I had someone from Coos Bay tell me when I was living in the Coquille area a short time, and Robert Garrett Jr. got mad about it and wouldn't let me see him anymore.  I had one of the Dicksie's tell me this.  I had a dog given to me by Edward Howard and I was told to give it away by my Mom and Dad.  I went with my Dad to someone's house and it was given to them and then I wondered why my Mom seemed satisfied about it.  I had my own dog and I was told, "You can't keep it--How are you going to take care of it?"  My dog's name was Whiskey, just like Edward Howards.  It was from the idea of Johnny Walker I think but I thought it was for his whiskers.

Then the rest of my life even though my mother bred all these sheltie puppies, I was supposed to only have "cats" and then I wasn't to have any pets, though the other dogs I paid attention to all the time, they weren't "mine".  My only dog that was mine, was Whiskey.

Dicksie and Robert Garrett acted really weird about getting rid of Whiskey.  They didn't want me to have the dog, or to even have people know it had been mine.

I remember the man who took him had a fenced yard and was mean.  He was a government employee and I think he was either military or a cop and he kicked Whiskey.  He also looked at me like he hated my guts. 

I had wondered why my mother seemed so triumphant or glad I didn't have Whiskey and then it was a big cover-up.  I thought, "Something really strange is going on here.  She doesn't want me to have that dog, and why is she acting relieved and triumphant?"  Then she was denying I had such a dog, so I thought, "Now she wants everyone to think I never had a dog, specifically, Whiskey."

Edward gave him to me.  Then Robert and Dicksie made me give him away.

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