Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cher's Checks to Katie Middleton and Attempted Hit

I've mentioned it before on my blog, but one of the individuals I stayed with for awhile after I was not traveling to Europe anymore, was Cher's place.  I mean, Cher, the singer.  It was before her movie "Moonstruck". 

Somehow my parents knew her and Gary Goldsmith, Katie Middleton's uncle, visited her place once when I was there.  When she was there, it was just her, and no kids or husband, and she sat by herself at a small table looking at tarot cards or doing other work.  She asked me a few times to help her with her lines for something so I had to read one section and she would act the rest.

She drugged my cocoa and drinks with cocaine and meth and I was high and abnormally energetic or in a good mood when she had me scrubbing her floors for her.

This really bizarre point was made out of me.  She had me scrubbing her floors, on my hands and knees, sweeping, and cleaning and doing tasks for her, and then she'd write a check and give it to a Dicksie who showed up and would say, within my hearing, "This is for Katie Middleton."  Then she'd look at me and smirk.

I was basically slaving away and all of the money from my slave labor was going to fucking Katie Middleton.  I witnessed several checks being written and given to my mother, to be either cashed or distributed somehow to Katie Middleton.

Then I overheard her one day, plotting to have me murdered and offering 1 million from her side through a hit man.  Why would she do it in front of me?  I think she figured I was good-as-dead.  So who cared if I overheard parts of it?  It wasn't like I was going anywhere.

I had tried to report being sexually assaulted in England and in the U.S. of torture, and she knew very well no one did anything about it.

Prior to being raped by an entire group of teens with a vibrator, some of whom were connected to OSU, I was assaulted by her daughter who I was taken to meet later, Chaz, and she used a vibrator to assault me. 

I don't know what the deal was between one of the Robert Guy Garrett's and Chaz, but it was like she was his daughter and I was just someone they were trying to ruin and held hostage.  I saw how my "Dad" smirked and exchanged looks with Chaz before and after she sexually assaulted me.  It was clear to me there was some premeditation before it happened, and then a satisfied kind of smile between them afterwards. 

Then at some point after this, one day one of the Dicksies took me to a basement and one of the Robert Garrett's or someone who looked just him was there.  She tortured me and kept hurting me saying, "Didn't you SAY YOUR NAME WAS ANNA???"  Dicksie hurt and tortured me in a basement with a couple of people watching, trying to get a "confession" she said, that I was a Russian spy who went by the name "Anna".  I kept saying no, and then finally after she tortured me for weeks, I said yes, I had a name of Anna but I wasn't a spy.

That I wasn't a spy, was true, but Dicksie got jubilant over everything as if she'd just uncovered some kind of hidden weapon which wasn't the case and then the man looked down, upset I'd said this.  It wasn't any big deal I used a name Anna when they were telling me to "create legends" all the time, and "legend names".  The big deal was if I was a spy or not and I wasn't.

She went after me after we were in the basement and she was using a microscope to do something and asked me to do something and I said, "Isn't that illegal?"  As soon as I asked if it wasn't illegal, she flipped out and went after me.  What I remember, is the FBI was involved and one of their office agents was there.  They asked me to illicitly obtain what would amount to personal DNA samples from someone they were targeting and they thought I'd eagerly jump at the chance.  They got mad when I questioned the legality.  Then later, they tortured me by electrocution in their offices, and that was after I had refused to do secret work for them that they had no warrant for.

Then, they took some kind of blood or skin sample from me and then this one Dicksie freaked out.  There are only a few times I saw her that hysterical and loud and upset and she said, "IT'S THE WRONG ONE!!!!"  Like I was the "wrong one" and they'd thought I was the "other one", whoever that is, my twin or switch.  She was looking up some kind of DNA stuff on me and absolutely had a fit.  It is possible she found this out before she started torturing me.

I remember using a microscope when I was really young.  There was a man and woman who were either my parents or looked like my parents, and they called me "Anna" before I ever came up with the idea to use it for myself.  They asked me if I knew who Madame Marie and Pierre Curie were.  I remember being in the basement, looking at things through a microscope with them, and they seemed happy about their microscope work.

Then later, I was being assaulted with microscopes.  With one person jamming my head into one, by knocking my head down over the eyepiece to hurt my eye, or someone knocking it down or trying to smash me with it while holding it.

I can't say the microscope couple were my parents, but later when I was older I saw my mother at a microscope looking at things and it was when she flipped out saying "IT'S THE WRONG ONE!!!!" that I remember most, and then getting tortured to admit I used the name "Anna".

It was after this, not before, that the U.S. got one of their huge U.S. property helicopters out with their CIA and assassins to try to murder me, and I saw money ahead of time--again, probably because someone figured I was 'good-as-dead', and  a Dicksie was saying, before cutting the line, "This is Agent _______, Anna XXXXXXXX, " and then listed a bunch of other foreign language names or lines. 

Really, it was all about U.S. trafficking of me and RICO. 

I was first being groomed to be Prince Charles' mistress and when I made a report, they all suddenly started abusing me altogether, and having me sit in dancing windows, and beating me and then accusing ME of being a prostitute which I never was.

Also, I've mentioned this before too, but although Prince William did not sleep overnight in Diana Spencer's bed when she had me overnight, he was being taken to me to have all of his naps with me.  Diana would lie him down on his back in the middle, and she would be on his right side and I was on his left side and we would lie on our sides facing him and coo over him or talk.  She started getting weird when he began actively responding to my singing and began to prefer going to me over her.  When he started regularly reaching for me all the time, over his mother, she cut off all communication and I was sent home after sleeping on her floor and then I was taking naps or lying on my side, sick from something, or injured, while a Dicksie faced me lying on her side looking at me.

I felt horrible sadness and loss of bond with the baby.  I could feel the sense of loss and lonliness from not being around him anymore as I have with some of the kids I've been a nanny for.  I am positive it was damaging to William.  I am sure that very fact, like it or not, has contributed substantially to his human development.  I can say this without any doubt because first of all, I've observed the effects of separation between myself and other children who became extremely bonded to me.  The kids suffer a lot.  Having an extreme attachment and then abrupt separation is damaging to the emotional development of kids, but I'm sure the government programmers think it's great.  Separation anxiety becomes a factor for them, and emotional stunting/blunting or numbness as a defense, depression and cycles of depression related to triggers around these early events, and other defense mechanisms come up.

I used to take his hand and sing or talk to him.

I think this symmetry of William in the middle and me and Diana on either side had something to do with the disgusting premeditated torture of me by FBI and Barak Obama, of raping me and then forcing me to sit in the middle with Barak to my left side and a relative (supposedly my "Dad") on my right, masturbating into socks from the vibration of electrocution from the metal band they put around my head that conducted electrical shock, was connected to a box and plugged in.  In that situation, it was after Barak first raped me.  The parallel of this is that I did NOT rape William, however, a whole group of people were in a room one time, trying to force me to put his male parts into my mouth when he was a baby.  They had MI5 there, and royals, and all kinds, and I refused to do it.

They even went so far, as horrificly SICK and demented as they all were, as to think about how the non-relative should be on my left side and the relative on my right side, just as I was on Williams left side and his mother was on his right side. 

William started turning over to my side, and raising up his hand to have me hold..his left hand.  It was okay at first, but after awhile, it was even more noticeable and I think Diana felt bad that I was only around him for an hour or so a day and was that bonded to me.  I think part of the attraction is that kids enjoy being around kids, I'm sure.

This country has massive sins and crimes to atone for.  My entire life has been ruined, and ridiculed, and attacked, with hate crimes, all because of pedophilia.  My son is a hostage and kept from me, under a fraudulent claim by the U.S. government that they had a right to take him when they did not.  The motives of the U.S. are as corrupt as their motives have been with me.

As someone who knows children, and who children have bonded to and been able to trust, I know CPS is a crock of shit.  They committed RICO crimes and fraud, to kidnap my son to continue a cycle of trafficking.  That's their business. 

I can also remember times I was taken to ER, once with cigarette burns all over my body and someone threatening a Robert Garrett not to make a report and to keep it quiet, and another time when I was there with a broken leg, and who else but Alan Springer showed up, to ward off any child abuse reports that would have implicated him.

As for Cher, even though I was made into a child slave laborer, and forced to see that I would never see any money for my work, because it was all going to Katie fucking Middleton, I bonded to her in my own way, liking the acting parts and thinking she had a nice voice and I liked her Jersey accent.  She could use me and I still thought she was nice to me or someone I liked.  I begged her to let me stay with her in a small flat she had, that was not glamorous at all, and she refused.  My reason for begging was I was afraid of being electrocuted and chained to my bed more or tortured other ways.  She had me go back to live with my parents and then I was being seriously electrocuted and she would call up and cry (great acting) and say "I'm sorry baby."  She had a whole line of excuses, and would tell me she made a mistake and she was sorry and cry, and this was right about the same time Senator Heinz came into my room and handed me a book saying to call him if I needed anything.

You know, inaction speaks for itself.

Take a guess at why Katie likes California celebrities.  New York offered a job too, which she turned down, but her Uncle had Jersey and NY connections for her.  Katie Middleton got so much money it is not even funny.    Not only was she getting welfare money from the U.S. and FBI, I was being humiliated at her expense.  It wasn't like money was just going to her and not affecting me or my life.  I was being used and forced into child labor for people, and then instead of paying me for my work, all of the money from my "services" was going to HER.

Imagine being a kid, and Cher is telling you to scrub those floors really good.  I was on my hands and knees, with my knees bleeding and rubbed raw, as I scrubbed while I was high on some kind of drug added to my drink, which Cher even allowed me to see she was putting into my drink first.  So I'm slaving away, literally, and then instead of even .25 cents for allowance, or a new toy, or a doll, or something, a fat check was being written, to go to Katie Middleton.  Cher didn't even separate the work I did from handing the check over.  She made it very clear that she was writing a check out, for my services, and it was going to my "mother" who was instructed to give it to Katie.

So hmm.  I wonder why...hmmm...the FBI was so anxious to smear me and have me held hostage at psych wards? to further demean me and discredit me so they could get Katie married?

As for the basement chemistry people, who were there?  I'm not sure.  I know they were real and I've always remembered them, but I was really young.

There was this one small section of a royals' place (I believe it was a royal residence somewhere) that was sort of underground and had concoctions in jars and potions and things, but it was more like a apothecary place or sort of a "wiccan" thing or medicine place.  It was a different place.   The chemistry people seemed pretty happy to be doing what they were doing.  They weren't dour or overly serious, they sort of were energetic and spritely.  I had no idea what they looked at because I don't remember.  They looked through microscopes, and they mixed things in flasks and tested things.  Later, when I was older and a Dicksie was at a microscope, they had tested something about my DNA there and screamed and freaked out I was "The wrong one" and then went into a rage, torturing me, I thought, because I wasn't the person they thought I was.  I thought maybe they think I was switched at birth or something.  I didn't know what was going on.

At one point I was asked to do something and I questioned if it was "legal" and then got into trouble for it.

I really felt they hated me.  I think it was to collect some kind of a sample from a person or persons, like hair, skin, or something to look at for ID purposes.  I think I said I didn't want to do it and then I was accused of being a spy for Russia and under suspicion of operating as "Anna".  I think the FBI was involved and wanted me to do it too--to be working for them in a round-about way and not know it and not ever get paid for it either.

The U.S. never paid me for any of the slave labor they forced me into.  They were not just trafficking me, they forced me to work for them, and for a couple of different groups, and I was not ever paid one single amount of money for anything I did.

One time the FBI actually used me to "identify" forged papers for them.  They told me I was hired, and I worked at some DOJ (Department of Justice) office for a lawyer and a couple of people who brought documents to me suspected of being forged and told me to analyze them and let them know which ones were forged or not, basically, which were counterfeit.  Then they never paid me.  They had me working in an office by myself for weeks.

Not once was I paid for my work as a U.S. government child laborer.  I would say if I was ever paid any amount at all, possibly it was a small amount for the counterfeit detection work but if I remember correctly, the check was given to my Dad.  I should confirm, I do remember a check went to my Dad for my work in spotting counterfeit documents for some U.S. group.

So what was the U.S. doing?  USING me for child labor so they could make payments for my services to my parents to launder over to Katie Middleton, who did nothing for herself?  I don't even have a resume.

For all of the exploitation and abuse and use of me, by this country, I have no resume; they illegally blocked me from bank accounts; they stole my car from me in the middle of a lawsuit I had filed to protect my reputation and I lost and have bad credit because of a lien from this; I have medical bills that are almost entirely from injuries sustained from assassination attempts or abuse from U.S. or Canadian employees against me; and the U.S. lied about me and kidnapped my son.

From pedophilia, this is what a U.S. citizen has to look forward to.  The U.S. did not control pedophilia, they capitalized on it. 

The CASA woman, Susan, who works for CASA, which is supposed to be an legal "children's rights" group for kids, was going to Locklyn Guzman's house and ordering how often I was to be moved from one dog cage to the next.  She would discuss this, WHILE I was in the dog cage.

I am trying to find this article I recently found in Science magazine that made me think of it and I'll post a photo of why this came to mind here when I do.  It was an article by a "Susan" about someone who decides how often the "subject" should be moved from one cage to the next.  I saw that and thought, "Don't tell me the scientific community (or some of them) are unaware of torture against me."

I would think, what is wrong with a country like this one, when they are so far out into the "wrong", there is not even ONE person in a position of authority who is ordering compensation or that a lawyer take my case pro bono and demand the return of my son to me, on the basis of fraud and crimes committed against me?

I mean, NOT ONE?  Is that how seriously bad this country is?  They really celebrate pedophiles THAT much?

If someone has a problem with coming up with the money for it, which I doubt is the case, why don't they go recoup it from Katie Middleton, when THAT money is MY money in the first place.

Am I going to see all of my child labor money that was stolen from me and given to her, returned to me?  How about my locket and jewelry and things given to her under coercion and plying upon my child sympathies?  Is someone going to look at her with pity and say, "You really ARE an orphan Katie."

I'm sure not everything went to just her.  She's just one I know about.

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