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Rape by Prince Charles Report to London, England

The report I made to the London police was of rape by Prince Charles.  That's when the English guards did not smile at me anymore and glared at me with hate instead.  I didn't report "rape" specifically, I reported some facts and then the police tried to do exactly what the U.S. FBI does--lie and cover-up for people.

I didn't report he had vaginal intercourse or anything like that, I told them he put his finger inside of me.

One person tried to call it rape and I wasn't sure if that was accurate and didn't know the definitions for it and then the London cops tried to say, "But he didn't really hurt you did he?"  and kept making excuses for what was done.  Then they took the man who went with me to report, into a back room and broke his hands.

I walked out with the man, and the stiff-lipped guard with the big hat (as they wore) glowered at me, just glaring and I wondered how he knew already that I'd reported something.

The U.S. people assaulted me and tried to kill me over it.  They have had plenty of help with drug lords from Italy, Colombia, and Mexico and Russia, and with their Asian contacts, and Commonwealth people.

It has been a primary motive to defame me, disgrace me, and torture me ever since.  I saw Charles and Diana at the place in Paris, France after I'd made the report and this was when he wanted photos of me next to William and he had the electrocution device there too.  He said he wanted me to stand next to it, with William in the head-brace for it, as if I was electrocuting him.  A number of photos were taken there, and since I was a kid, it was most likely for blackmailing me or inciting hatred against me with his relatives or friends or anyone who wanted to discredit me.

It was slightly disgusting then, for me to go to OSU and take classes and be run down and have my intellect disparaged, by some of the people, one of them with a name like Sarah "Finger" which just made me think about people who had assaulted me.

Camilla had a motive to murder me because London knew I had tried to report Prince Charles.  It's not at all surprising she was on the helicopter where Valerie Plame and others were trying to murder me during a rock-climbing event.

All of the powerful pedophiles thought they'd just kill me and if that didn't work out by "accident", they made sure to call me nuts, mentally ill, to have me drugged and medicated, and to torture me not to talk about it or be muzzled, electrocuted, chained to beds, gang-sodomized, hit, legs broken, whatever they wanted to do...dungeons, torture chambers, throwing me into "the hole".

That's how vicious and disgusting the U.S. is over pedophilia.  The CIA and FBI loooovee their Pedophiles.

They turn women against the kid, teens against the kid, and other men against the kid.  Whatever it takes, they went to extremes to ruin my life and have been ruining my son Oliver's life as well.  He is controlled in a family that is controlled by Mexican and Italian mafia, and U.S. government pedophiles.

Lady Diana, even though she was also later involved in assaulting me and trying to murder me, probably out of concern for the effect on her sons, was actually the one who showed me how to tape-record evidence of confessions over the telephone.  After I started making reports, she started making reports.

I assisted.  There were lots of tapes.  All cassette tape recordings.  We made them in her apartment with a regular cassette player connected to the phone.  Sometimes she'd signal to me when to press the buttons and then she'd pick up the phone and talk to the other person.  Sometimes it was seemingly last-minute and other times it was pre-planned, with an interview planned over the phone which was to be recorded and I was in charge of listening in and making tapes as she talked.  She had tapes about her servants, and started encouraging them to talk to her and bring complaints to her.  She had recordings of Charles, and of Valerie (her housemate Valerie).  Sometimes I had to be completely silent the entire time, a few times the entire time I was in her apartment at all, as if I wasn't even there.  A few other times, after the conversation ended she'd look at me and say, "What do you think about that?"  She would ask me how I interpreted their tone and message.  She also recorded police.  Police called her apartment all the time it seemed.  I was really surprised by how often the London police or some kind of police called her.  Once a day or more sometimes.  Like weather-report regularity.  "Avoid Dismal street today because there's a parade."  Everything from traffic notices to schedule to incidents.  Hey YO Mikey!  Gotcher numbah.  There were 2-3 regular constables or whatever, she knew by name who called with the regular reports.  I'm sure someone must have told her about my reporting Charles one day, with comments about being touched by some of the others but mostly, it was "The finger" and then London tried to go all around saying, "Maybe he accidentally touched you with his finger."  I said, "I was wearing my nightgown and he put his finger inside on purpose."  I also told them "He said, 'I love you' to me."  I remember someone dropped something at that.  Total shock.  How did they not already know?  Of course they knew.  Their shock was that I was actually reporting it.  One time the cops there at London station were all eating cake.  They sat around eating cake like no big deal.

So, loose cannon or canonize?

Funny how people like to twist everything around and blame the victim.

By the way, how is a "cannon" loaded?  Think about it.  With a stick.  I was repeatedly sodomized with sticks and rods by groups of individuals from England to the U.S., and including some persons from Canada and other places, and teenagers (teens used a vibrator not a stick). 

I had tried to report Charles in England.  I also said I'd report my mother for covering up for a group rape of me by a huge group of teenagers.  Who was on the helicopter to kill me?  Valerie Plame with the CIA, the Tancer people with the bank funds, Dicksie that I was trying to report to protect myself, Robert who was committing pedophilia against me, Camilla Parker-Bowles who knew I had reported Charles to the London police.  Ross, the immigration man from Canada (possibly working for the U.S.) and a few others I've mentioned.

Where did Camilla take her first trip when visiting the U.S.?  To see Bush, the directors for the CIA and who also sexually assaulted me by fondling me, masturbating in front of me, and beating me.

I was on Air Force One (the plane) many times, not just once, when I was younger.  Not as many times as I was on other kinds of planes, but often-enough.

Anyone who was believed to be "sympathetic" to pedophiles who torture kids was enlisted to assist electrocuting and sodomizing me, and defaming me.  Defaming me was easy for them because as soon as they had enough men sodomize and electrocute me, they had a whole gang of women supporting their "men".  All of those Tammy Wynettes.

You have NO idea how many disgusting hypocrites there are out there, who gang up as an entire community, and nation, to try to destroy a little girl's life, and then make sure they keep her down, while she's a teenager and an adult and then steal her child.

Who is torturing me with military technology and NASA criminals?  The same people who defend government pedophiles and those who electrocute and sodomize and rape children.

I was never a "spy" and I never worked as a spy.  Even if I had been, it wouldn't be an excuse to torture a child.  However, I was never a spy.  I was being used by spies and trafficked and exploited sexually and tortured.  Any crimes occurring to me from that, were hate crimes, not out of "national interest".  Hate crime, against a victim of pedophilia.   Awww....look at all those honies!  just waiting to throw women into psych wards in Nashville, TN for Haldol injections!

Also, one of the times at the London police station, I think the one where I made the report, Edward Lee Howard was also there.  Both he and Robert were there, and Mike all at once one time.  It's possible one of them was playing tricks on the other to make them think they cared about my well-being or it's possible they all went along with crimes, or maybe just punished one of them for things.  I wouldn't have any idea.

I also wonder if having me sign some kind of document at the Bill and Melinda Gates house, with the men there, about having been CIA or something and going military (?) was an attempt to make it look like I was a "spy" or with CIA and to give them an excuse to justify trying to murder me on U.S. soil as a U.S. citizen. Because then maybe they could claim I worked for the CIA and they "caught" me spying for someone else, or someone lied and said I did (which I've never done for anyone), which would give them some excuse.

I was at CIA offices, oh definitely.  As a kid, I'd visited the CIA headquarters and I'd also visited the intelligence offices of many other places too, and that doesn't make me a "spy".  I visited Canadian intelligence in their offices, MI6 at their offices in the Century building (scarily reminiscent of the Olson window-jumping hotel), and I met Germans and Russians and all kinds of people.  It doesn't mean I was giving info to some person ever.  The Canadian intelligence offices were mostly wood cabin-style or lodge style, like wood planks but out in the woods and natural settings and all their guys were shorter.  Not midgets but you know, shorter guys, most of them.  Then one day after I commented they were all shorter, they had one tall one come in around me (he was probably an import).  Their offices also sort of looked slightly like military combos with maps and things on their walls, (and a compass),  and they had file cabinets in there.  The Canadian intel are really into their compasses (it's the only way they know how to navigate around the Oakies, they would say).  I can't say they were always very nice.  I remember what they did with their file cabinet and desks and fans.  They told me to put my fingers into the file cabinet and find something for them and then slammed the drawer shut on my fingers and wouldn't release it.  Real nice Canadian intelligence.  Reeeaaaal nice.  My fingers were almost completely smashed and I remember I thought and believed at the time one of them was literally broken because it seemed broken.  I had a horrific crease across my fingers.  True to form, Canada lied about me and then refused to give me my records and my son's records, knowing withholding these records affected my son Oliver.  They smashed my fingers in their file cabinet before they had one of their men involved in a group trying to assassinate me.  It wasn't like a quick smash to teach me a lesson.  They pushed and pushed on that file cabinet drawer, with my fingers inside for a long time and I was screaming.  Then, from what I remember, they tied me to a desk and to a chair.  They had another adult in a different room.  They also had their Canadian guns out.  I mean, after tying me they tried to scare me and pointed guns at me.  They also had their desk fan going and threatened to insert my fingers and have them chopped off that way.  Someone was really going to kill me there, after smashing my fingers.  It was hot in there and there were flies and I was sweating and tied up.  Someone told me one time there, or another place in Canada, to repeat the saying I was taught by someone about new friends old friends, one is silver the other is gold.

It is 7:49 p.m. right now (I've added to this) and I have the U.S. targeting my chin again to disfigure me, which I can feel and it's while I'm on the computer. They're doing it to both sides on either side of my chin.  I'm really tired of criminal behavior by corrupt government officials and employees.

Some other totally random information is that one of the last places I was taken to, before I was mostly back in the U.S. and not traveling as much, was Wales.  They took me to the ocean and all of the training was near the shore and sea and while some of the people in town were nice, the training wasn't nice at all.  Someone was repeatedly trying to program me with Welsh cues and then they were making fun of me.  It wasn't like I sensed it was professional training--it was more like the last attempts to jab at me and use me for degrading me, programming nonetheless.  They were using cues and programming to force me to start running when I heard a Welsh phrase, and all kinds of things.  Mostly it was programming to Welsh words, to run or swim or whatever, and then I did some sailing there.  I was called "Captain" there and when I thought it was just a joke because I was sailing on a ship they told me, no, my rank in the military was "Captain".  I was less than 12 years old.  I did have some commanding duties, I remember, and military I commanded.

Oh goodness.  Someone just got really wide-eyed and scared.  Yes, it's true.

I was trained to fly and knew how to fly planes, I knew how to joust (sword fight), I was trained in firearms and bow and arrow, and I was taught to sail and navigate (they gave me a compass and trained me in various ways), I went deep water scuba-diving, I knew how to ride horses, and I gave orders for strategies on land.  I experienced intense hatred when I was made captain of a squadron or whatever.  They resented me for being so young and their superior.  At the end of the mission, I was told I wasn't captain anymore and one of the Dicksies acted like she hated me and took my hat.  I had also had abilities in remote-viewing and could remotely see locations of people prior to being targeted and assaulted to lose this ability, I believe, out of hate crimes and jealousy. 

And just now, I am again being targeted to my chin as before, when I mentioned it was being done.   I really have no idea why someone is wanting to target me with dots on either side of my chin.  The only mention I've made of this is of Dicksie marking a calendar with 2 dots, and then suddenly someone has decided to make a bizarre point over this, to my face.

Anyway, Dicksie said, after I was in Wales, I wasn't captain anymore, and then took my hat and then I had this mean programming done of me where it was to ridicule me and have me "run" at the sound of a Welsh phrase.  It was some of the same people, sort of trying to get back at me or wanting to see me lowered or dumbed down, after I'd been captain over them.  Not all of them were like that, and I do remember a few thought I did a good job and knew it was hate crimes.  My orders were rational and strategic.  What they didn't like, was my "tone", because they didn't like having to take orders 'from a kid'.  I didn't give any orders I wasn't prepared to follow through on myself.  Some just do not like a kid, especially a feminine looking girl, sounding "bossy". I think it's bad enough for some of them, to have a kid giving orders.  Bad enough if it's a girl.  But a "pretty" girl?  That is just way to much, because the pretty girl should be a sex slave, not a boss--I think that was some of their mentality, and some of the women didn't like a pretty girl giving orders at all.  It wasn't drug stuff either, it was official military.

I've never been paid for one day of any of my work.   It came down to pedophilia.  Not Ophelia.  Pedophilia.  The CIA and FBI and military, a whole group of these people wanted to use me and then murder me.  Which doesn't make for a great promo to other kids thinking of joining any group.  I have to say, I highly doubt some of the people who were taking all of my money were having acts of pedophilia committed against them.

There was some guy, not the older director who was my supervisor, but some other guy in my squad who just looked freaked out the whole time.  Some of them seemed to just resent me, and a few talked back to me.  They did NOT like the fact that I would not take their talking back to me and got these stoney-hard expressions like they wanted to murder me.  They wanted a discussion and it wasn't time for "discussion" like I'm having a conference on the battleground.  Yeah, you guys all come over and give me your opinions and I'll set up a soap box so you can stall while we run out of time.  The clock is ticking soldier.  They got really mad at me, some of these dark-brown haired men I remember.  They clammed up and got passive-aggressive and then unleashed their fury against me after the mission was over and started forcing me to be programmed with stupid things.  But I do remember there was one guy who was just in shock and I don't know why but he didn't seem to disagree with me at all.  He was just shocked.  I kept thinking, "Who IS this guy? he's acting like I'm from Mars."  My interpretation was almost like he was afraid of me, afraid of the future, and could see some of the future, and he didn't disagree with me but he didn't know if I was really real or not.  Probably he just looked shocked because he was some psychic who saw all of the abuse being done to me.  I don't know what he was stunned over actually but some of the others were calloused, vengeful, chip-on-their-shoulder types and I don't know if they just hated kids, hated women in command, or hated me, specifically.  I do remember at one point, he did something weird that made me think he'd tried to kill me and missed.  I wasn't expecting it at all.  What I got out of it was some of the higher male superiors agreed with me and liked me but they couldn't control the hatred that was worked up against me by some of the others.

The next time someone wanted me to be "boss" was over a meth lab and that wasn't my parents' idea either and there was some guy there sort of the same way.

When I was gang-raped by teens later, a couple of them looked exactly like some of the guys I'd given orders to on the field, or resembled them and I knew they were there to make a point of revenge over my being in command over them.

It's all hate crime.

I was also on a submarine, and taught some of the controls for missiles, and firing and the optics of the scope; and I knew how to dismantle a bomb or was taught this, and how to throw grenades, but none of my training was at all as thorough as what others got.  I was pretty much shown one time and had to pick it up or lose and a few times things were done to sabotage a test of my skills, to make me appear to be less skilled than I was.  That was going on, from what I remember, since I was about 9 years old.  Around 1982 and 1983.  The only thing I don't remember being taught was how to fly a helicopter.  I could fly all kinds of planes, small and large, but I wasn't ever trained to fly a chopper.  I remember someone suggested it and it was going to be the next thing I learned and then another person said no and then all of a sudden, all of my flying lessons ended.  I didn't learn how to fly a chopper or how to run a big ship at the controls.  I knew planes, subs, land, sailing, under-water tactical, strategy, compass, rappelling and parachuting, staking a joint, explosives, firearms, riding horses, motorcycles, and driving cars, (including minor stunts and jumping) and very minor defense/martial arts.  I also knew how to tell someone to get out of their car because I needed it.  I could give orders. 

I had many other skills at an early age.  The U.S. pretty much likes to trash anything that's talented or good at what they do.

Like I said, I was gang-raped by teenagers after commanding a squadron, because they hated me and wanted to demean me, and taking photos of me covered in cocaine, naked, and with a vibrator next to me, was their way to downgrade me from being a professional person to either a "powerless victim" or a "drug-using slut".

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