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UPDATE: Multiple Thefts; Half of My $ Savings Stolen From My House & Robin Bechtold's OSU Friends

Half of my savings, which isn't much as a college student right now, was stolen from my house in the last several days.

I had cashed an OSU check which was smaller than what it should have been this term, because someone added classes to my Summer 2013 account that I never took, and then a huge amount was taken out of my financial aid for Fall 2013 term.  So I only had a check for $800-some dollars this term and that was it.  I cashed it and had not even opened the envelope I kept it in, and someone unsealed the envelope and stole several $100 bills, taking half of what was there.

I never left the money out in the open anywhere either.  It was always on me or hidden in a location that I didn't tell anyone about and someone basically broke into my house and stole half of my money right before the holidays.

This is on top of having OSU reverse a whole financial aid disbursement I was supposed to have this Fall 2013, when the manager told me a prior amount I had would not have to be repaid by me until when I was out of college.

However, someone added classes onto my account for Summer 2013 to deliberately provide an excuse for having some kind of financial aid action made to my account, which reversed my disbursement for Fall 2013, and which left me with 2 "F"s when I never went to class in Summer at all and didn't sign up to go.

In addition to that, I had a ton of harassment this term from the Beaver Bookstore and some professors who were apparently trying to retaliate against me because I had filed over 3 dozen police reports, FOIA requests to the FBI and police records, and asked for other discovery regarding crimes committed against me.

I had one problem with a professor for an English course, but aside from that, not much was out of the ordinary until I filed and mailed over 50 requests or so for police records, incident reports, names of officers and cops involved in organizing sodomy of me in Coquille, Oregon when I was a pre-teen, rape by Barak Obama, and a number of other FBI-related and sponsored crimes.

I also sent for a bunch of my medical records, and only a few people responded to my request, and the Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland that FBI's Alvaro Barbosa took me to, has still refused to send my records of my surgery and it's been 4 years I've been making this request.  Since I've been in Oregon, the last 2 1/2 years, I've made multiple requests to the hospital in Maryland for my medical records and they only sent part of them, refusing to send me anything about my actual surgery.  Maryland not only refused to send me my surgery documentation, I discovered through billing records they illegally took full-body MRIs of my entire body, head-to-toe, without asking my permission first and they had to have done it while I was under anaesthesia or unconscious, because they did not obtain my authorization.

For a D&C to control a miscarriage, which is only involving the pelvic region, there was no justifiable reason to have an MRI made of my head, my torso, my stomach, AND my legs.  When I asked for my radiology records in Maryland, they gave me a CT for my pelvic area and did not release to me all of the other MRIs, so they were deliberately concealing my own medical records from me.

I've been making more requests, ever since Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner stole all these records I WAS given (minus the full body MRIs) from me in Seattle, for the U.S. There is no way Shannon is not a U.S. government employee.  I have made maybe 5-6 written requests by post, and several by email and attached release and in the last several years, Shady Grove 7th Day Adventist was refusing to send anything to me.  Finally, after 2 years, they sent a small section of my records, but did not include ANYTHING to do with my surgery, making it sound like I never even had a surgery of any kind, at their hospital or by any of their doctors.

I think it's the black female doctor who is partly responsible for this.  She was the one in charge of my surgery and she knew Barak Obama.  Whatever she did to me, she doesn't want me to have the records.  She not only knew Barak, she knew Alvaro Barbosa ahead of time, and I kept thinking why do they know each other already?

In the records this hospital was sending me, they were doing really bizarre things to my medical records.  They basically excluded any kind of evidence, at ALL, that I ever had a surgery of any kind.  They were not including even one single statement that suggested I ever had a surgery or that I ever stayed there for a week after the surgery.  All of their nurse statements make statements like this, "Patient states she had a D&C and requested medication refill" or "Patient states she had a miscarriage" or "Patient had an abortion and presents with bleeding.  IV administered and patient released after shot of Toradol." 

That kind of thing.  Making it sound like I maybe had a medical problem somewhere, but not at their hospital or facility.  Once it's referred that I had an "abortion" which is a technical term for miscarriage, but I did not have an "elective abortion", as in, choosing to kill my own child.  The language of abortion in my record is just a medical term to refer to miscarriage, which is fine, but the rest of it, is really construed to make it sound like there was never any operation, no doctor, no care for a week after surgery, and then all of the nurses made comments that never specifically mentioned I had the D&C THERE, they make these vague references that "somewhere" I maybe had a miscarriage.  At least 3 to 4 different nurses allude to "some other problem" as if I never had a surgery at their place and just showed up with pain for some reason.

So it's not exactly normal.

Finally I asked a records specialist to request these records, the full-body MRIs and my surgery and recovery records, from them, and that was around Nov. 4th or so, 2013.  They have 30 days to comply and should have sent the record in full, by December 4th or 5th.  They didn't send anything to her and when I asked her where it was, she said she called them and they claimed they "never received it".  Maryland 7th Day Adventist was literally claiming they "never got" a faxed release for this record.  Then I was told since they got the faxed request, they were going to send it over right away, and they haven't yet.

It takes four years for these people to stall on a medical record about my personal safety and health regarding a major surgery?

Not only that, one of the black men there apparently knows a Dicksie and is some kind of a U.S. FBI government asshole because when I tried making the medical record request myself, a YEAR ago, they kept dropping my request and then I had to make a call, I thought, I might try, in front of my "mother", Dicksie, to see what happened.  The man who was on the phone was a black man I could tell, and he was in some kind of specific medical records department and I could tell he is involved.  Then, I intuited this was more of the same fucking U.S. attempts to secretly try to use me and pass their spying messages back and forth between their mafia agents, by creating excuses for me to make calls to one of them, or to an area, or create some medium or mode for communication which could be used as an excuse to tranmit information to someone else they expected to be listening in.

Basically, it's like this.  Agent A wants to send a "secret message" to Agent B.  Agent A expects NSA or someone connected to another agency, police or outside of the area, tuning in by devices in cars or houses nearby, to be waiting to hear something.  Agent A finds a way, as a doctor to create a problem deliberately that will cause Ms. Garrett to have to call them or email.  With that excuse, the information Ms. Garrett requests is addressed, along with throwing in a few code words known only to Agent B so Agent B for the U.S. can be apprised of an operation or activity occurring in another area.

Basically, I'm the "middle man" for the U.S. fucking spies.  They have used me like this, my entire life, since I was a baby, from passing messages back and forth,  to putting microchips into my body (one time I witnessed a Dicksie deliberately having me swallow one, which probably went right back out of my system awhile later, but it was a tiny metal device and she told me, in Moses Lake, to swallow it and gave me a glass of juice to go with it, and that was one time I can remember when I was awake.  It was about the size of half of a tic-tac. It was not a vitamin, believe me, and it was not like a perfectly round tiny little bead either, but it was hard and metal and round in shape, but unusual enough I knew it wasn't some kind of a tiny bullet or pellet. It was a "bug", a microchip.  I was the cookie. I don't see how a swallowed microchip can last very long inside the body so maybe it was a one-four day spying venture of someone I was going to be next to, not sure.  The other possibility is that if I had metal in my body, like magnets, it could "stick", and I did have metal in my body and magnets because I noticed magnetic pull of my body when my mother was once using a refrigerator door against me.  Other things I remember are having wires inserted my ears while I was little, and awake, and that's not mentioning the criminal use and exploitation of me through surgeries and implanting devices).

So when I asked this black man who works in medical records at Maryland 7th Day Adventist hospital, what his name was, he was nice sounding to my mother, and sounded like he respected her, and like they were working for the same people, but to me, he spat out, like an angry seething killer, "ISHMAEL", as if to make fun of me or wanting to be malicious in points about my distate for Jews who have raped me.  He said "ISHMAEL" like he hated my guts.  I don't know that this was actually his name at all but then my "mother" sort of smiled when he said it.

It was like being a kid, and let's say Mike-Jew is sitting next to Dicksie trying to seduce her or talking about their plans for making money.  Boy do they really look forward to the next event and they're talking together happily enough.  I pipe up, not realizing I am hated by Mike-Jew.  I say, in a clueless way, "Where is the party going to be at?" and, irritated I am taking his attention away from his fellow CIA or FBI agent, he glances at me in an aside, curls the corner of his mouth as his expression turns from easy-smiling to irritated hatred and spits out, in my direction, with sarcasm dripping, "The Space Station" and then he turns back to my "mother" who has a smile creeping at the corner of her mouth and he looks back at her and smiles and then they keep dealing their deck.

That's the kind of the treatment I've had by the U.S. my entire life.


Not only do these U.S. employees try to block me from having a career or money of my own, they've used me for their own spy games and prosperity, tried to kill me, defame me, and steal from me and they've been stealing what little I have my entire life.

Robin Bechtold is another person who used my mother as a government "contact" for messaging, and so is Stephanie Maiers and she was doing this when she was really young.  I had no idea about it and my first clue that she was not really my "best friend" and was just a U.S. government "plant" to try to control and monitor what I talked about, was when she was running into my horse with hers, to the side, and telling me to yell at it to 'stop' and then smirked when it took that as a cue to run even faster, which was the entire plot the U.S. had for my brake failure "project" where they hoped to kill me.  Robin Bechtold was involved in trying to set up that attempt, with my parents, in Oregon, which is part of the reason I think my family was transferred there.  They already knew George Bechtold and that it was another government area, and they were going to use it to try to facilitate further attempts on my life.

Not only was George Bechtold involved in breaking into my apartment when I was a pre-teen, and using martial arts on me, when I was trying to take OSU classes one term, his son (Robin) later had me go with him to the OSU campus again, where their entire family knows a bunch of people.  He claimed he had to do some "testing" there and said he wanted me to go and I noticed something was really wrong with the whole thing when I saw how many of them he was smirking around with.  It was like he wanted to parade me around OSU to people who had previously tried to ruin my academics, as if to say, "Look who she's with, and she doesn't even remember my Dad beat her up with some of you."  My high school had a one-day kind of field trip or excursion there once and then later, Robin wanted me to go there with just him as he walked all over the campus, showing off and making the claim he was just there for "testing" reasons. He really acted more like he was trying to make a point about how his family was getting away with involvement in assaulting me, and how great it was that I didn't even recognize he was George's son, and then he was making nods and signals to some of the faculty there, and dropping things off for his mother Janet.  One of the departments he made a point to visit was the OSU student conduct-legal services people.  He had mentioned getting a "reference" or "recommendation" for law school there.

Robin Bechtold knew Doug Severs (financial aid director), Marc Friedman (student conduct supervisor for legal services) and a few others. His family is friends with Katherine Donegan's family.

Other items stolen from my house in the last several months, have been someone stealing half of anything I have.  I bought two bars of soap as a twin-set and one of the soaps was stolen.  I bought two concealer make-up items, that came in a twin-pack and one of them was stolen.  For the last several months, since about the time Katie Middleton's kid was born, someone has been stealing half of everything I have in my house.  No one would do this unless trying to score points about Middleton.  I mean, did she lose a kid in the womb or something so now her friend steals half of everything I have?

I also had two $100 ceramic-clay planters that I had asked my parents to store for me until I had a place to move to and my mother has been lying and claiming they never had them.  It's the same lie they used after Edward Lee Howard died in 2004 and then all of a sudden, my cedar hope chest was never mine.  It was mine.  It was given to me as a birthday present one year, as the only gift I received at all.  So it was MY hope chest and everyone knew it, and then all of a sudden, in 2004 after I was reporting FBI agents, suddenly it "wasn't" mine and had "never been". 

I got "engaged" to a U.S. FBI agent asshole Barbosa and suddenly my hope chest was "mine again" and it was fine for me to go pick it up from my parents to take it to Jew Mykal Holt's house where it was already known she was going to steal it from me. 

When I arrived in Coquille, Oregon, my planters were still at my parent's house, on the porch at the house in town, not the River House.  There were roses and plants planted in them.  They were being actively used and then they disappeared after Katie Middleton got "pregnant" the same time someone stole half of my raspberry plants from me.

The reason my parents and U.S. Jews and CIA wanted to murder me and Diana at the time they were first trying to murder us, is because they wanted Jews in power, like Katie Middleton and her black-Jew FBI drug runners.  And I guess Camilla was "in" with the FBI too or she wouldn't have been on the helicopter with Valerie Plame, attempting to murder me.  Diana and I were using a rosary.  Katie and Camilla were not.  They were FBI contacts.  Not to say I can explain some of the things Diana was involved in, at all, but one thing is for sure, even if she had some Jewish background in her family, she was marrying a Muslim and prior to that she and I were into praying and reciting rosary prayers which was more Anglican than Katie ever has been because she's a Mossad-funded Jew.  My parents were NOT happy with the idea I was into praying or spirituality that was not Jewish.  I remember they started getting weird about my crossing myself and then when the plane went down, I figured it was an attempted hit against me for my crossing myself with the sign of the cross all the time, because I knew my parents didn't like it.  Not to mention it probably made the pedophiles feel like sinners.  They didn't want me to be "religious"--their ideas were to have me trashed and passed around and used as some kind of sexual object for their agents, not as someone who was surviving pedophilia and pure.  They didn't like anyone around who they thought was "better than" them or "trying to be better".

My planters were both stolen from my house, and then when I've asked about them, I was told, "They were never there.  We never had them."  They were huge, heavy pots used for roses and the roses were transplanted to plastic pots right at the time Katie Middleton "conceived" and it was known she was going to start  trying to have a baby.  I had people pissed at me, before she was ever pregnant, as if I was to blame for the reason she wasn't having a public kid, even though it is my opinion she's already had one which is tucked away in the U.S.

In addition to having half of everything I have stolen from me since this FBI funded bitch had a public brat, who I have never looked at in photos, and don't care about, like half of my soaps, half of my make-up, someone also stole half of my socks which was the ONLY clothing purchase I've made for myself in over 2 years when I've been wearing the same thing since I moved here.  I also had someone stealing half of my pens that I purchased at the store, to write letters with to my son, and all of these things never turned up again.  It's not like they were "lost" and I found them later.  All of the things I've mentioned were stolen and never returned and were not "found".

I do not believe I am the biological child of Robert or Dicksie Garrett. It's impossible.  It is not just that I have had too many people state, to officials and to me, some other man (who I've met and was around) is my biological father, it's that Dicksie has been claimed to not be my actual biological mother either. 

What I DO know, is they've been sending over money and my jewelry, and my clothing, to this UK bitch Middleton since she was born.  It is not just that I personally witnessed the delivery of my own items to her parents, it's that I have seen all of her drug runners around me my whole life, and I know for a fact the FBI has been laundering welfare money to her all of her life.

People who have told me Dicksie is not my mother are Joy Sellen-Maiers, my Nana Ruth Howard, and several individuals who were murdered. 

Joy told me both my mother and father, Robert and Dicksie, were not my real parents, biologically, after I was electrocuted in FBI offices in Seattle, WA by Dicksie and at the ADMAX in Florence, CO by Robert Garrett.  She said "Why don't you just call them "Dicksie and Robert"?" and I said, "Because they're my Mom and Dad" and she shook her head no and said, "No, they're not."  Then she told me both Robert and Dicksie were not even my biological mother and father.

 I didn't believe her or listen to her, even though I had witnessed them torturing me with FBI paying them money to do it.  Who else's payroll were they on?

I noticed Dicksie's parents, who were supposed to be my Granny and Grandpa, were upset (at least I noticed it with Granny) when I didn't die from "brake failure" and other attempts.  She started acting nervous around me, and then got really weirded out over my idea of naming my son Oliver "Edward".  I think Granny wanted me dead, and worried that since I'd survived, I might remember things or ruin some kind of plan for someone else. 

I don't wish for bad things to happen to any of them, and I don't want any of them to be tortured either, but I don't think I'm related to them.  I've saved their lives before even.  They've done too many really weird things and acted suspicious as if nervous I've "found out".  I think Granny has been supporting Katie Middleton for a long time, secretly.

Also, some of the weird corrupt things involving military that I mentioned about Sue from Wenatchee's CASA I'll add to on that post.

UPDATE:  I saw a woman I've known from earlier today.  In the past I got mad because she tortured me--did some torture things along with coaching me on things.  But then what was odd about it was she was sort of saying I could be trained for such-and-such and I think it was possibly something competing with Katie Middleton.  I mean, trained in ways that would possibly take away from funding she was getting for various things.  The only reason I think it is possible it had some kind of conflict with her is because of Robert and Dicksie's reaction.  They showed up and said, grabbing my arm to take me away, "I need her."  It was the kind of comment you'd make if you're arguing over who gets to use the computer that week.  It wasn't like, "I care about her, and she's our family.  It was some kind of career-oriented "I need her" like I was a tool in a toolbox.  Then, what I had thought was even worse was seeing my mother's expression because she got strange and mean and alarmed looking at the idea I might be trained for anything and said "No, that's Katies" or something like that.  Dicksie basically got mad at the idea I would be taught anything and was saying "It's Katie's" and pushing for Katie Middleton's role, whatever it was.  I thought, "What is this?  Katie is their daughter or something and I'm not?"  It was one time I saw both of them together, sort of talking about me like I was some kind of government "object" and that any special training was for Katie.  My mother was really defensive about it.  They actually got mad enough they made threats. It was like blackmail threats that if you don't do this for Katie, we will see what we have to share with so-and-so about you.  Then I was getting beat up, and "Rick", as in Rick Baken, I believe, was mentioned, and someone either faked pulling the woman's teeth out with a wrench, or they really did.  I wasn't sure because sometimes people faked things and I thought maybe they're just acting and seeing what my reaction was.  Because it seemed so unreal or unbelievable, I assumed it was a show.  However, what if it wasn't?  I saw she was missing teeth but figured maybe they were already gone and she had a partial denture and then took it out for "effect".  I was kind of shocked because she'd been mean to me, but then it was so odd because she acted like she wanted to help me do something, and it switched to where Bob and Dicksie were saying "I need her" (like, I need the car) and getting defensive and mad at any suggestion Katie Middleton's funding be minimized in any way.  They also looked at me, at that point, like I was the enemy.

So I really do have serious reasons for not believing either of them are actually biologically related to me. 

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