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UPDATED: Carol Middleton's Affair with Prince Charles

Brace yourself for impact.

I am not sure I wrote about this in my blog.  I think I alluded to it, and I may have been tentative about it, but when I was in England, and seeing Diana and Camilla there (whereas when I saw Camilla on the helicopter it was in the U.S.), most of the time, they appeared to be friends.

I was having to pass messages back and forth between them all.  I mean, when I was younger.  I actually passed messages from Camilla as much as some of the others, so I knew exactly what Camilla looked like and who she was.

However, it wasn't Camilla I caught making out with Prince Charles in a basement.  It was Carol Middleton.  I knew who Carol was, of course, because I was sometimes being babysat by her, and then I was being electrocuted and tortured by her and some of the others. 

She was not just up close to Charles.  I caught them.  I was so confused.  Camilla sometimes led the way, or went downstairs with Charles, but that's who I had thought he was going out of the room with all the time.  Well, the one time I found him with a woman, it was Carol.

Katie is like a favor to old friends.  It's sort of strange.  I mean, William married his father's mistresses daughter. 

Her blouse was all undone and they were flushed and seriously, passionately seemed to be crazy about each other.  Carol and Charles I mean.

Then, I may be slightly wrong about the next part, but I think I'm correct...I believe I told Diana at some point.  It was like some of these short entries I've read from someone talking about how they found out secret passageways were made for interludes or interloping between Charles and Camilla and how Diana found out and was so hurt by it, that all these people knew and facilitated the secret.  Well that is not exactly how I remember it.

What I remember was Camilla was always passing notes, and Carol was the one in sexually compromising positions with Charles.  I told Diana one day, I'm not sure how it came up but I started feeling really sorry for her for some reason.  I didn't need to feel sorry for her--I'm sure I shouldn't have.  But I told her I saw Charles kissing Carol.  She acted mad at first or upset I mean, but then, instead of what I expected, she and Camilla stood in front of me like a fortress.  I suddenly realized, oh my gosh, they're all protecting that information.  At least that's what I thought.  Because Diana didn't seem to be really mad at Camilla (but of course that was when I was young and so was Diana's friendship with Camilla) and they instead acted like I'd done something wrong and wanted me to know they were a united front. 

Another time I found my Dad, or one of the Roberts, down in a basement with Carol, and it wasn't the basement in Seattle where I was raped by Barak with Carol Middleton waiting upstairs with other people.  I sort of wondered what my Dad was doing there with Carol because when I'd seen Charles with Carol, they were making out.

At one point, one of the times, I maybe saw a woman who didn't want to be intimate, and was saying no, or who pretended this knowing I was there.  I'm not sure which.  When I caught one of the Roberts with Carol once (not intimate, but appearing closely talking) he got mad I had gone down there, and grabbed me by the arms and slammed my back against the wall.  I also remember Charles I believe, doing this to me one time, which surprised me.  I believe it was the time I went there and found one of the Dicksies there, and she didn't want to take her shirt off and he told me to tell her to or something and then she did or started to and I was thrown up against a wall by someone, extremely hard.  It was so hard I remember the impact of the wall and the force and then I think I went unconscious because I don't remember anything after that. From what I remember, it was Mike Middleton who came around the corner and did this to me.  Then later it was a Robert who twisted my arm and threw me against the wall when he went to the basement to talk to Carol and told me not to be "Snoopy".  "Don't be snoopy".  "What are you doing, snooping around here?"

The time I found Charles with Carol, making out, I had snuck away from the group upstairs unexpectedly, wondering what was going on.  I think it's because I saw Camilla steal away and that was my cue to "use the restroom" or make an excuse, a few times, to meet her and carry a note or message from her.

It went from notes to hankerchiefs and torture.  The hankerchiefs were after they decided I wasn't a spy after all the notes.  They told me I failed the spy test.  I supposedly failed the spy test, according to Diana and Camilla, because I told Diana about Charles and Carol "kissing".

I never shared any of the information with anyone in the U.S. in my life, until I later had a blog.  Before that, I never told anyone anything and was wondering why my life wasn't turning out normally.

After I was told to tell my Mom to take off her shirt or something, I was then getting electrocuted in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, with a bunch of men and women there and they told me to take my shirt off (before I was 12) and then I was being set up to be sexually assaulted by everyone from George Bush to Barak Obama.

Before the assassination attempt against me while rock-climbing, I was taken to FBI offices and tortured by FBI, right there in their offices.  My parents, the same ones (or twins) who were in the U.S. property helicopter and cutting my line to have me fall to my death, were in the FBI offices, while I was tortured and sometimes participating in it.  They broke into Gary Ridgeway's house, after someone set me up ("Robert", Gary thought my Dad, or Grandpa) yelling "FBI!" with guns, my Mom and Dad with them and I thought, "They're FBI?"  Supposedly it was to save me, but they took me back for more electrocution.  After all that, and getting raped by an internationally coordinated mob that included FBI, and being sodomized with CIA director standing by, and going to college when I was assaulted several times (as a pre-teen) is when I was finally there rock climbing and had the hit made on me, with a Dickise cutting the line and rattling off numbers and foreign names like a pro.

So when I see Camilla there, it was something else.  In the U.S. property plane, and someone's baby on board. 

"Tell Diana".  That's what Edward Lee Howard said to me, when I was going to OSU as a pre-teen, with online courses.  "Make sure you tell Diana".  Maybe it was a reminder of what happened when I told Diana about Charles and Carol.

It started to fizzle out with some of the Spencers after I failed the spy test.  Maybe one or two already didn't like me, but it was before I was tortured in the full-on torture chamber.  Sarah Spencer used to pack my suitcase for me when I was going back and forth from England to the U.S.  If Carol babysat me, they did, but most of the time, with the Spencers, it was Sarah that packed my bag.  She was usually a good packer, but then one day she didn't pack my shoes, which really hurt my feelings.  That was the last time she packed my bag I think.  Another time, there was something missing from my things, and then I started thinking I had to remind her not to forget.  So I would say "DON'T FORGET Sarah!"  and one time it was over important documents, like my passport and a birth certificate and I got home and had no papers.  The shoes missing really hurt my feelings, but the papers missing really made me upset, worried, and nervous.  I knew they were important and I knew she had to have left them out on purpose.  It was possibly not her every time, because one time when I told her not to forget, she, my Mom (one of the Dicksies) and Diana all stood with their arms folded, smirking down at me.

Later, when I was assaulted in Coquille, as a pre-teen, on the bridge, I had brochures given to me with one of them having sections about royalty and my Mom said someone gave them to me and did I want them?  I said, "Not really.  Why is someone giving me a brochure about them when I lived with them?"  I snubbed the brochures, thinking it was beneath me, and how odd someone gave me pamphlets about them as if I didn't already know who they were.  My Mom looked disappointed and then someone took them but I did say I would look at some of them.  So I did first.  The disappointment was that out of the collection I picked out the royal one to look at.  There was a brochure about sports people, politicians, royals, and other "groups" of people.  I picked out the one because I thought well, insult or not, I'll look at it.   The photo I spent the most time looking at was of Edward and Wallis.  Probably someone programmed me when I was a baby to like it, but I stared at it and had such a good and joyful feeling.  Someone asked me what I was smiling at and looking at for so long and I said, "This picture.  I like this picture."  I said they looked really happy.

Someone gave them to me again (copies I'm sure) recently and I'll show the photo I liked.

Shortly after this, I was told by a Robert Garrett Jr, from Coquille, when I was about 11 or so, to re-adjust my thinking and no I wasn't anyone special and I never lived anywhere important and I was nobody but just plain old me and born to plain old poor people and no one knew anyone important or had important jobs or work, and we were just peasant people.  I said, "Why are you telling me this?" and this is, of course, after all of my other passports and papers were stolen from me by FBI and England.  He even said, "Your Dad is just a nobody" and I thought he was referring to himself that way but then later it turns out I'm supposedly Edward Lee Howard's kid, biologically so I don't know if he was talking about him or what.  The only people who asked me to call them Dad or who I heard might be, were a Robert asked me if I'd call him Dad, I was told E.L. Howard was biological father, and then "Johnny" Spencer, wanted me to call him Dad. 
When Robert Garrett took me aside to tell me forget everything about my past and remember I'm a peasant person, I said, "Who told you to say that to me?" because it didn't sound like something normal he would say on his own but I wasn't sure.  Maybe it was.  I also know Diana Spencer visited at one point and wanted to know which photos I'd liked and she was shown the Wallis one and the one of Jacqueline Kennedy.  She said why do you like that one and I said I liked how the baby was holding the tulip with the stripe on it and it was a symmetry to the design of her blazer, and how it was accidental by the baby, not planned.
From the time of massive assault against me in torture basements and then by U.S. politicians and others, the U.S. went into high-gear, cover-up stories about me.  They have probably spent so much money covering up what they did to me, it's the entire reason the United States is in debt and I am not even kidding.
I picked out the royalty (which included politicians) card from the brochures and my Mom winced and acted afraid and then I was assaulted after that, by the U.S.  I was first told to forget about everything, and all my documents were stolen, and then I was being gang-raped and sodomized by Pentagon, CIA and FBI led groups.  Then they wanted to kill me.
I also know I was told, when I was very young, as the U.S. trafficked me with the FBI, to make men's penises "happy".  I was shown relaxed ones and then when they became erect they'd say, "Now he's happy!"  If it was down, it was "Oh, he's sad."  "Now he's happy!" and calling it "Mr. Happy".
   Which comes to mind when I wonder why I was getting set up for assassination with a crumbled note down my shirt that said, "Be Happy".  I guess it could be for anything but that comes to mind and then the fact I addressed my Granny as the "Queen Bee" would have me wonder, in addition to maybe the idea of a baby or "Bee" as a nickname for Elizabeth.
The other thing about Edward Spencer calling me Jess (an acronym he came up with derived from his own name) was he called me Elizabeth in front of Diana.  Diana looked alarmed and said, "Dad, this is Cameo" or whatever name they used for me.  The only Elizabeth I knew was the Queen Elizabeth.  I was fine with that until she dunked me underwater too many times and I was tortured.  Then when this German man had me stay with him he was showing me videos, actually.  I think I said someone forced him to watch videos of me, but actually, he was giving me information about government conspiracy against me and filming of me done without my knowledge or permission.  He had his place set up and then said, "I want you to watch something" and he started showing me videos that the U.S. and others had taken of me, illegally.  He also asked me if he could call me Elizabeth and I wavered.  He said, looking at me intently, "Why?  You don't like that name?"  This was right after Johnny Spencer called me Elizabeth.  I said, "I don't know--it's okay."  I didn't want to tell him I didn't want to be called Elizabeth because it reminded me of the Queen Elizabeth torturing me.  So I didn't tell him but said "How about a nickname?"  He did do something weird one time by tying me up into a contorted position and leaving me that way, not hidden away though.  Otherwise, I wasn't tortured and felt safe and watched his cat.  I wasn't being electrocuted at all.  So he got out these videos and said this is important, you need to see what your country is doing to you.  He also implied my parents were involved.  All I knew about him was he was former military with either the Germans or English but he told me he was German.  I witnessed and saw several videos where it was obvious I didn't know I was being watched and yet I was being filmed by hidden cameras.   In some of the videos I was being tortured and in others, going about my business as if I had no idea I was being filmed.  He also said he didn't like blacks or Jews to me a few times.  So then all of a sudden, our apartment was broken into in the middle of my watching.
One of the persons was one of the Robert Garrett Jrs, and another looked like Mike Middleton, and then Queen Elizabeth showed up.  He turned white as a ghost and said, "Elizabeth" and nothing more.  First it was just a bunch of guys beating him up and restraining me by holding me from running to him.  Then Elizabeth showed up, with a ligature for strangling in her gloved hands. She was holding some kind of black cord.  They had brought the electrocution box over then and tied him up and put it on him and began electrocuting him.  I couldn't figure out why Elizabeth was there.  She was in a waisted ankle length dress and everything, looking manicured and proper.  They were yelling at him for saying things about blacks and Jews and then I started to think is Elizabeth Jewish or something?  Then, I was thinking just WAIT until Edward (Philip, her husband)  finds out about THIS!  Suddenly Duke, Philip, showed up and seemed to be approving.  They took all of his videos about me and then from what I remember, he was murdered.  So it came across as if Elizabeth and Duke or whatever, and some of the British, were "in on" a scheme with the U.S. to be secretly videotaping and monitoring me.  I thought from the royal side, it sounded more like they went after him for saying negative things about blacks and Jews, but from an intelligence side of things, the main thing is he was disclosing totally outright illegal torture and surveillance of me by the U.S. government.  I am not positive it was Duke and Elizabeth.  I can say it looked like her, and this man believed it was her and said this out loud, but he didn't call her Queen Elizabeth.  He called her "Elizabeth".  In that sense, I thought it sounded like they were on familiar terms and knew one another.  I wasn't best friends with her, but I had lived around them too and I never called her "Queen" or referred to her as "The Queen".  She was "Elizabeth", and I heard Philip call her Betty and I called her Betty sometimes (before all the head dunking).  To me, he came across as a friend of a friend of a friend of maybe Edward The Abdicator.
The comments about "Do I look like a monkey to you?" prior to my being raped and assaulted, electrocuted and punched out by Barak Obama, and Larry, in the Ireland house where Panetta was, were after I saw video footage of illegal surveillance of me and after I had mentioned something about the photo of Edward and Wallace, which was maybe when I was 10 or 11 or so.
From Wikipedia:His attitudes towards many of the Empire's subjects and various foreign peoples, both during his time as Prince of Wales and later as Duke of Windsor, were little commented upon at the time but have soured his reputation subsequently.[22] In 1920 he wrote of Indigenous Australians, "they are the most revolting form of living creatures I've ever seen!! They are the lowest known form of human beings & are the nearest thing to monkeys."[23]
UPDATED:  12/4/13  I wanted to explain that when he told my Mom to take off her shirt, and when I was told to tell her to, he said, "Which one are you?"  He wanted to know which of the twin/triplet Dicksie-Daels was the one standing there and the only way to tell was identifying marks on their torsos.  At least it was the easiest way to tell them apart because they are very identical and talk the same and have the same mannerisms.  So it was another time that was confirming other people knew there was more than one Dickise that I lived with.  The U.S. knew, Canada knew, and England knew, at least to start with.  Then when I was told to take off my shirt when I was being electrocuted, I thought it was more like torture, but I think even though I had an iron imprint on my back (scar from a burn by a mason shaped trowel thing) or someone could have wanted to know if I had wires on me, they could have asked me to lift the front of my shirt to see if I had wires, and no one was looking at my back, which was up against a table.  At least I don't remember anyone looking at my back.  Instead of admitting multiples, or identical twins are hidden away and interchanged, the U.S. has lied about me and tried to claim I was mentally ill and tried to kill me.  Then they used people who had tortured and physically harmed me to steal my son from me and harm him, which they've done and will continue to do as long as he lives in Washington state, and outside of my guardianship.
I should add, I thought at first, it was Elizabeth, because she walked like her, had her carriage, her similar voice, dark hair, and wore the same kind of dress and gloves typical of her.  However, when I saw her face I thought it didn't look as much like the Elizabeth I was always around when I was younger.  That's not to say it's impossible, but that's what I thought.   I'd have to see photos of what she looked like then.  I do know that after they tortured the one man and dragged him, they got a Robert into the electrocution box set-up.  Someone accused him of being involved and they put him in the chair and hooked him up and at first the Dicksie looked glad and like she was part of it, and ready for it, and then she looked again and I saw her expression change dramatically.  She looked helpless and uptight and panicked but not knowing how to disguise it.  I thought, "Why is my Mom looking like she doesn't care if my Dad is tortured and then she takes a closer look and she seems to care?"  She said something like, "It's the wrong one".

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