Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Killing Barak Obama's Dad": Incitement of Hate Crimes

Since I've brought up how he kept using this claim as some kind of excuse for stalking me and raping  me and then electrocuting, I have said it before but I'll say it again in case someone wonders:

No, I did not kill his father.

The reason I'm making this clear is because I've written about how I was taught to drive early, as a kid.  That is true, but I was not driving on public roads and highways or in any kind of capacity for "killing" someone.  I did not run anyone over, or run into them, or anything. 

Furthermore, had I done this, his "channels" are not to rape and electrocute kids because he's "mad"--he was a U.S. citizen living in the U.S., who had every ability to take it to court if he wanted to.  There is no justification for torture.

Also, his constant use of the idea that I killed his father, while it gives him or his friends something to latch onto, is not probably even his motive at all.  Robert Garrett Jr. told me, "Well HE thinks you DID."  No, he didn't think I did.

Barak Obama held a gun to my head, pointed right at me, in my house, in Moses Lake, Washington, while I am very sure his father was still alive, and he wanted to kill me because I smelled marijuana on him and asked if he was taking the drugs to Gary (Goldsmith).  Barak Obama funded his entire life as a drug dealer.  He got spooked when I made a comment out loud, which I didn't realize would set him off, and he pulled out a gun, ready to shoot me.

He was taking laundered money to Gary and drugs.  And it was NOT just Gary Goldsmith that dealt the drugs.  Carol and Mike Middleton did, and so did Katie Middleton.

His idea that I killed his father, when his father was found driving a vehicle by himself, without me in the car, or in any other car, is a lie to incite hate crimes against me.

Barak Obama's other problem with me, aside from my innocently asking about the drugs (like it was no big deal, because I didn't know he'd react that way) was racism.  He is a racist.  He is a black man that is racist against whites, despite the fact his mother was white and it's a main reason he married a black woman.  He constantly harassed me with "Do I look like a monkey to YOU?" and beat me, along with another black man who did the same, because they thought beating up on a little white girl made them Black Panthers.  They didn't just beat me, like some white men did, who maybe used other kinds of comments--they beat me with accusations that I was racist against blacks and if I thought they looked like "monkeys" look at how they were going to make me pay.  They hated me, and they committed crimes against me, based on hatred of me and my white skin.  When Josh Gatov later raped me, his comments were of Jewish supremacy, that he was glad and felt satisfied and how would my father feel to know I was "taken" by a Jew.  That was hate crime with a racism based in Jewish supremacy and the idea that Jews could rape non-jews and should feel pride over degrading me.

I wanted to comment though, about the driving I did, because I didn't want any conjecture to be made that well, if I said I drove cars when I was young, and planes, and Barak Obama said I killed his father who died in a car wreck, maybe I was driving or something.  I wasn't.  I had nothing to do with his father dying.

Barak, on the other hand, hijacked a car I was in, and held a gun at my head not once but twice in my life--during the hijacking with Gary Goldsmith (a Jew, because the blacks and Jews had a gang) and then at my house in Moses Lake, Washington.  He also stalked me out at a hotel room once, and tried to get me to suck on Robert Garrett Jr.s "nipples"(with Charles Goodman, and Mark Shaw there (who lives in Seattle, is U.S. Army (bases in U.S. and Germany), and one other man, and he then raped me in Seattle and electrocuted me and the FBI helped with the planning.  Who was touring all over England with a band prior to Katie Middleton's wedding?  Just Mark and Troy Shaw, that's all.  And who wanted to imply I was maybe mentally ill?  Just Mark Shaw, the one who was in the hotel room with Barak Obama and Charles Goodman, trying to get me to suck on my "Dad's" nipples and exposing me to Barak's hatred of me again.  Whose email to Robert Garrett Jr. did I find on Robert Garrett Jr.s computer files, from Mark, with Mark making low-level threats at Robert Jr.? with regard to me and "talking"?  Mark.  Mark Shaw.  U.S. Army Mark who worked in Germany with U.S. Marine James Cartright, who sent me off to a base there with England's James Dilby and Mike Middleton patting off on the car driven with "Sasha" inside.

Why did Barak Obama name one of his kids "Sasha"?

I'll tell you why.  No.  You figure it out.  You're smart enough.  "Sasha" went to the U.S. Army base in Germany and I got fried there and assaulted.  I was also being lasered with infrared and some kind of technology inside of a compound when I got the note to meet "Charles" at a hotel, which is where these men were waiting.

Both of Obama's daughters are named after references to how he got revenge by harming me.  He has one named Mahlia (which is close enough to maul-ya or my-lee-ya) and the named sasha.

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