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I Was Electrocuted By U.S. Over CIA's Harold James Nicholson and Gary Ridgway

I sent mail to the "accused"-of-espionage CIA former employee Harold James Nicholson.

I met him at Oregon State University when I was there first as a pre-teen, and then I was forcibly taken to prison in Oregon where he was held temporarily and then to Colorado and the United States electrocuted me in front of him to try to extort testimony and confession out of him.

My "mother" and "father" were the ones helping with the electrocution of me:  Robert Garrett Jr. and Dicksie-Dael Baird-Garrett.

I believe my "parents" are most likely guardians and were foster parents of me, but are possibly not biologically related at all.  They have done too many things in collusion with the FBI by torturing me for me to think otherwise.

One would think, as a kid, if you're going to Seattle's FBI offices with "Mom", "Mom" is not going to electrocute you with Anne Crane in an office, at two different situations, in a criminal "use" of a child to try to force accused persons to confess to crimes.

The United States not only trafficked me around sexually to their own military, politicians, and international friends, they transmitted spy messages through me and used me against my knowledge as a "surveillance device" to obtain information about other people.  I had nothing to do with it, and I never "told" on anyone except for trying to "tell on" those who were torturing me at my house or other locations.  I had no reason to spy on anyone or tell on anyone.  In addition to deliberately using me like I was nothing more than a rubber doll and not even a person, the United States premeditated raping me with persons the CIA pre-selected for Presidential candidacy. 

I know Bill Clinton was around to beat up some individuals I was connected to, but specifically I know the FBI made arrangements to have my blood tested for disease before they had George Bush Jr. masturbating in front of me and then sodomizing me later on a bridge with his father (George Sr., who was then in charge of the CIA) present.  It was the FBI that tested my blood first, and they flew to Copenhagen, Denmark to do it, and announced their affiliation and withdrew my blood at a "windows" place where men could purchase a woman in the window in the Red Light District.  There were both male and female FBI agents who arrived and first they took my blood and next they had George Bush jr. in my room, masturbating in front of me.  When I was back in the U.S., in Coquille, they took it further after trading me out in some bizarre deal involving Anatoly Scharansky and some Jewish CIA couple that had been taking me around with them.  I remember when I had to cross the bridge, how that couple sneered at me, the woman in her fur coat, as they crossed the bridge.  If I wasn't there, how do I know she was wearing a long fur coat?  I was there. 

Basically, the United States thought they could just use my body and rape me repeatedly my entire life and torture me and have me as their personal "on-demand" body dump.  This country seriously has lost their power.  They're so scroungy now, they really don't stand a chance, in the long-run.

So the other thing the United States did, aside from letting their employees personally use me to provide their men with sex-on-demand, is they thought it was fine to electrocute me to try to whitewash the memory of their sexual pedophile crimes away. 

Then, the FBI decided they thought their job included torturing little kids in the presence of people they were accusing of crimes, as their way of getting confessions.  So forget the right of the minority or the vulnerable, which is what the U.S. has supposedly stood for, and stood apart for.  They trashed their own reputations and traded in their entire "democracy" for cheap ways to get confessions so a few of them could be promoted and patted on the back, at the expense of what the country was supposed to stand for in the first place.

Any other country that still has any kind of "respect" for the U.S. is an absolute idiot.  I mean, what kind of "intelligence" do they really have if they are so blinded they can't see that the entire lie about "land of the free" and "democracy" and "human rights" is a lie.  Let me tell you something.  If you work for intelligence in another country and are under the impression that the U.S. is the "Leader of the Free World" you must be living in the 1960s still.  I'd love to take a trip on that time machine.  Any kind of "intelligence" that knows what is going on, knows the U.S. isn't living up to its claims and that the entire "credit rating" idea is closer to "F" than "B" rating.  It's nice of the credit rating people to be so kind as to ice the poop-cake with some kind of frosting to conceal the fact it's really not something you'd want to eat, buy, or take home to serve to the company.

In addition to electrocuting me inside of official FBI offices in Seattle, to extort a confession from Gary Ridgway, who the FBI first tried to use to murder me with, they electrocuted me in Portland FBI offices with a Secret Service agent there and a man mocking me, while they stood around, as he literally got down on one knee and made a mock-marriage proposal to me while I was sitting there in an FBI conference room with a metal band that conducted electrical shock to my brain, around my head.

Does this sound like "Leader of the Free World" to you?  They did this to me FBI offices.  Supposedly, in Seattle, it was for a confession, and then, the same way the FBI got a blood sample to be sure I was "disease-free" for the masturbating and sodomizing George Bush Jr., and Sr, the FBI also took blood samples again in preparation for their planned rape and electrocution of me by their next "presidential prospective" Barak Obama.  What the point was, of torturing me in Portland, I don't know, because I didn't see any man or woman there who was supposed to witness what they did and make a confession, but I do know they recorded it on a reel tape they had running.  Why record the fact they are all disgusting assholes?  I mean, I guess some of them figured no one would see all of the ones who were actually present in that room, but why expose your own FBI as frauds and criminals?  It is basically like all they wanted to do was to have it on a record so they could rub it in someone's face and say, "Look at what WE did.  WE are the FBI, and Department of Justice, and WE can do WHATEVER WE want, and you don't have ANYONE to turn to, and WE will make your life and Cameo Garrett's life and anyone's else life we choose to target, a LIVING HELL whenever WE want to, because WE believe WE are GOD."

The other person the United States electrocuted me in front of, repeatedly, was accused CIA "defector" Harold James Nicholson.  Guess who helped electrocute me in front of him?  My "Dad", this thug the FBI, England, and military use, named Robert Garrett Jr.

Does that sound like a real "Dad" to you?  Why would my "Dad", Robert Garrett Jr., electrocute me, at the ADMAX super-security prison in Florence, Colorado, in front of Harold James Nicholson, to try to get Nicholson to make confessions?

I mean, the FBI used DICKSIE, my supposed "mother", and ROBERT GARRETT, my supposed "father" to each electrocute me to get confessions out of people they wanted to accuse and imprison.

It really puts the entire system on display as a fraud.  I read the kinds of "statements" the FBI was used to drafting and writing, and they constantly lied, misrepresented facts, and tried to put words in others' mouths that were never said.  They're liars and from what I've read from their reports, and how they forced people to sign false reports, no one should be trusting any kind of "U.S. government prosecution".  I not only witnessed fabricated statements being made about others, the FBI did the same thing with me, and then CPS and the Department of State did the same thing with me.  It pretty much looks like they want to jail anyone who is not part of their gangster-government pedophile ring.

So if you're not really keen on masturbating using kids, well, the FBI is NOT the place for you!  Neither is the military or the White House because the only kinds of Presidents the CIA and FBI has been paving a path for, to Presidency, are known pedophiles. 

Harold James Nicholson, I remember, stared in shock, as he saw Robert Garrett Jr., my "Dad", electrocuting me.

Do you know what Harold Nicholson did to my "Dad" at OSU?  He beat the fucking shit out of him.  So let's think here...Harold Nicholson beat the shit out of Robert Garrett, my "Dad" supposedly, and to "get revenge" my "Dad" is ELECTROCUTING me???? in front of Harold?

So who is my real father then.

I think it's pretty obvious then, that both "Robert Garrett" and "Dicksie-Dael" can be rightly suspected of NOT being my parents, in actuality.  I was already told by one of the Dicksies, the CIA's Edward Lee Howard was my biological father, not Robert Garrett Jr.  And as for the Dicksies, maybe one of them is honest and the other two are criminal.  I am 100% positive there are twins of them, but I suspect it's actually triplets, yet I can't prove it or know for sure it's triplets instead of twins.  I know it's at least twins of them because I've seen different ID marks on them to tell them apart, and eye color.  Same with the Roberts.

So who was crying over me at the FBI offices in Seattle?  The FBI?  No.  Not one single FBI employee shed one single fucking tear over their illegal torture of a child in their offices.  The only person who cried at all was Gary Ridgway.  Dicksie didn't cry.  Anne Crane, who the FBI has working in CPS roles, didn't cry.  No one cried, or had even the slightest amount of sorrow over crimes and injury to a child except for the man the FBI wanted to frame when they were the ones arranging for hits against others.  Doesn't it seem strange to anyone that the FBI took Gary into their custody that many times and then released him?  They electrocuted me and then after I was electrocuted, they released him again for many several years.   They didn't even imprison him after electrocuting me.  They just fucking electrocuted kids, for no reason, just on the chance that maybe someone would cry over it, and they could have an excuse for their hate crimes.

The U.S. electrocuted me in front of Harold James Nicholson.  The only reason he is probably in prison, is out of revenge because Robert Garrett Jr. "told on him" or something for beating him up at OSU.  Why would Harold beat up Robert?  Hmmm.  Maybe it's because HE knew Robert was chaining me to a bed in my room, letting men sexually molest me, and molesting me himself with Dicksie electrocuting me with Alan Springer, the "child psychologist" next-door.

Where did Harold beat up Robert Garrett Jr.? or one of them?  In a server room where OSU keeps all of their large computer servers.  He jumped out from the side and thrashed on him, but he seemed fine enough, and then walked out and I left with Robert.  Of course, after both a Robert and Dicksie electrocuted me for various people, they wanted to murder me with Valerie Plame and the Pentagon helping them.

Am I still "crazy"?  or are YOU fucking crazy for listening to liars who have lied about me.

My "parents" must be REEEeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllly "patriotic" to so enthusiastically use me all my life to "get at" others suspected of "betraying" the United States.  Doesn't it seem plausible to anyone that they were just "foster parents" and "guardians" and that I was taken away from my actual parents to be in their control?

How many normal "parents" electrocute their own kids and try to kill them after allowing them to be degraded sexually, repeatedly?

Now they have MY son, who is not even their own relation, in their same circle of control, being raised with the exact same criminals and abusers, and they still have revenge motives and greed motives.

How much MONEY did Robert Garrett Jr. and Dicksie-Dael Baird-Garrett make off of me?

Oregon State University now, of all things, has me in the same "ring" they had me in as a pre-teen, with the same professors and assistants I had as a kid, who beat up Edward Lee Howard and tortured Harold James Nicholson after picking him off at their OSU campus to go to prison.  They wanted to call me a problem even back then and ruined my grades with constant computer problems and torture, and then said I had to talk to their student conduct person who was Carl Yeh, a Chinese man, right after everyone knew the Japanese man (who Chinese hated) had wanted to marry me.  Who loves the Chinese?  Just George Bush I and II, the pedophiles.  The same professors who were a problem back then, who refuse to admit they had me in their class back then (because they used me to get to Harold James Nicholson), recently told me I had to talk to the SAME man again, Carl Yeh, if I even want to go to college next term, and the only reason is because of retaliation against me for my attempts to report some of them as being criminals involved in assaults against me.

Basically, OSU USED me.  They had a government-contact who was a professor ruin my grades and fabricated a reason to have me taken onto their campus in-person with Robert Garrett Jr. and when I was there, they lured Harold James Nicholson to meet Robert Garrett in their computer server room and they exchanged something and then Harold punched him.  Didn't really beat him to a pulp or anything, but kicked and punched him.

Next thing I know, OSU was lying about me and telling me I had to go see a mental health person and I was forced into a psychologist's offices in Corvallis, Oregon, who video-taped me without my consent and had Robert Garrett video-tape and they were trying to make video tapes of me that made me look and sound nuts.  Maybe that was going to be their alibi for why I had my "line cut" and was dead at the bottom of a cliff--they could say I was just crazy and paranoid and did something myself.  I don't know.  Then they had me in a basement with Katie Middleton stealing all of my birthday presents and with my being tortured and drugged.  Next, they took me to the prison near Corvallis, Oregon, and had Harold snatched up there.  They then flew him and me and Robert to Denver, Colorado and interrogated him there instead, and they got out the electrocution box and headband they were all used to using on me, and they started frying my brain in front of Harold. 

Who did it?  Florence, Colorado ADMAX warden, Secret Service, and Robert Garrett Jr.

So my "mother" and "father" obviously work for the FBI and other U.S. agencies or they both wouldn't have been there participating in torture of me to extort confessions from Gary (an FBI case) and Harold (an FBI case).  It's possible they worked for military and performed interrogations, or for the CIA and did this, and it wasn't that they just asked questions, they were more like the brute force, the torturers and killers who were willing to work for anyone for the right amount of money.

And who was getting money from them, from the money-laundering the FBI did for the CIA?  Katie Middleton in the UK.

It's also no big surprise or "win" of any importance that Katie Middleton won a lawsuit in France.  It was made to look like some kind of special triumph for her but really, the French and Middletons worked together.  No big surprise.  France threw me into one of their prisons at one point when I was younger, with no explanation and just a false arrest and they put me into a "hole" that was their own isolation hole with a bunch of rats, and left me there until Mike Middleton came to get me out.  Who got me out of French jail?  Mike Middleton, the same person who most likely had me put there in the first place.  And when did I end up in a French prison?  In a hole?  Oh, just after I was tortured on a rack and medieval devices in England first, with a fire-hot iron rod rammed into my rectum in his basement as he and Gary Goldsmith had me chained to a bed first.

The next time I was in another isolation "hole" was at the Florence, Colorado ADMAX, where they tortured me and held me, without any charges pressed against me, when I was a juvenile to add to it.  I'm sure Middleton and the ADMAX warden have a special relationship with one another.  Must be cozy.

I wrote to Harold and my mail was all returned to me by "K. Johnson" as "unauthorized mail" and with nothing except that notice and that if I want to appeal, it's to Washington D.C.

Why would the ADMAX return my mail as "unauthorized"?  There was nothing damaging in it, or offensive, or wrong, or bad.  But THEY think they have a "special problem" and maybe they do, since they electrocuted me there as a minor.

There is no reason to treat mail sent from me as "unauthorized".

Then my mail to another person was returned because I included a stamp, which I understand now, because it's against their regulations, and then another piece of mail I tried to send to James Bulger in MA was returned as undeliverable because he's not there anymore.

Obviously, someone doesn't want me to have correspondence with these prisoners.  Why not?  If I'm just 'mentally ill' or nothing to worry about and all that I've ever said or talked about is only my "imagination", why are they paranoid?  Do they need mental evals because the stress of prison work is getting to them to the point that they suspect bizarre outcomes from correspondence between little ole me and their inmates?

Or did they really electrocute me as a minor and kidnap my son from me as another form of revenge and attempt to keep using children for rape and electrocution in the "Free Country".

This says:  Subject:  Correspondence with Inmate Returned
Your correspondence to the above named inmate is being returned.  This correspondence was not delivered to the inmate because this inmate is not authorized to correspond with you.

Whose idea was it to have Alvaro Barbosa hold me hostage for the FBI in Washington D.C. and Maryland?  Oh YEAH.  The same FBI that electrocutes me and premeditates raping me and then obstructs other police from prosecuting them or other criminals who have committed rape or assault against me.  I've seen bribe money handled and I have seen promotions given as rewards for this kind of corruption.  Who kidnapped my son Oliver and lied about me?  Take a guess.

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