Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas Photos

Well, if I put my place together more, I might take more, but I took some pictures for ideas on what to send my son for Christmas photos and also took one of each of the guinea pigs.  I am putting up my son's photo again, because the contrast is unmistakable.  I know how to fake a smile or smile in the worst conditions, but kids have a harder time hiding their feelings.  He smiles, but it is obvious he is extremely unhappy and I want some of these FBI individuals to consider what they have done to a child, out of retaliatory motives against me, which were misplaced to start with.
That's not a happy face.  His smile is constructed and it looks different from a distance but up close you can tell.  In person, looking at the photos, both of his eyes are recessed back into his head and shadowed as well, which looks like more of the same pressure from military technology.

There are photos of me, from this morning:



Here are some of the guinea pig photos, with their names:
Charlie-Carr Venus Flytrap (girl)
Francis (boy)

 Fifi Dolorosa Sasquatch (girl)

 Coco-Jolokia Manos de Sharon (girl)
Obama Saladin (girl)

Kipper (girl)

 Mousetrap (girl)

 Princess Bermuda of the Ochelon (boy)
Horse&Hound (boy)
Hiater (girl)

If I do something different with the house or come up with another photo idea, I'll put those up, but these were spontaneous ones.  My face is disfigured too, but I tried to cover it up, however, there are scars and marks recent from what the U.S. has been doing to my face.

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