Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prince William Marries With PTSD

Sorry, but I don't agree with weddings that are on the heels of PTSD.

You didn't want my honest opinion?

William doesn't look happy either. Kate looks genuinely happy and William does not look happy. Maybe he is, but even some of his bodyguards are standing by, knowing this and feeling a sadness for him. I saw it in the clip with him flipping pancakes.

He is doing his duty.

Is it wise for any soldier that has just been to war, and had friends die, and has had other life events happen, to pop the question because everyone expects it of him?

I don't agree with this marriage.

And I have the right to not agree with it and the right to my opinion.

I probably have some of my own reservations also in part because of strange things I have experienced myself which have referenced them and for some reason, some have wanted to involve me and/or my son and mock and it hasn't been pleasant.

But even from an objective stance, that is what I think. Do you want the kiss of an enemy or the wound of a friend?

(heres a break from serious discussion to a lighthearted reality check--Check out wiki for "James Blake Miller". He divorces his wife and joins a motorcycle group called "The Highwaymen".)

William goes from a memorial for his dead friend to a proposal. Who in their right mind told him this was a good idea? or good time? I am not exposing anything that's not already out there in the open.

He had to take anti-depressants at some point during his service, I think only a year ago it was reported. There is nothing wrong with that. However, then, he has more friends die, and is in the thick of war, and then has other life situations going on as well, and one day out of the blue he just pops the question? or he was being pressured for some time to pop the question while under all this duress. I think anyone pushing him to marriage was taking advantage of his emotional state and I don't believe they really cared about whether he was making a good decision at a good time or not. A lot of soldiers come back from war and propose right away. They even propose while they're still at war. Being at war combined with a ticking clock makes for recipe for disaster, in my opinion. I probably wouldn't have written this if I had not seen a few things that make me think, intuitively, that he is not happy., and then right after seeing photos of my own son where he is smiling but the smile doesn't reach his eyes.

I guess I wrote about my son and then felt free to write about what I think about this marriage and what I saw from the clip.

I think William's mother saw him flipping pancakes when he was younger though I may be wrong. I guess he could have acquired the skill at a later date.

This is a REAL good example for all soldiers of war.

Get married!

I think some people are pressuring out of their own interests and probably don't care as it's money for England. I was thinking about this the other day--without the monarchy, how does England make money on tourism? So is this just a money-maker for this country at a depressed time.

Maybe it is not just William's depression that we should be concerned about, but England's depression.

If you start looking at numbers, how much does it profit England to have this royal wedding now? Imagine all of the business owners and people who promote tourism. All of the dolls and figures, and napkins and plates and things.

What I find bizarre, is that my mother sends me photos of my son next to his birthday, with his birthday cake of Thomas the Train, looking totally miserable all the way through but with this fake shy smile on his face, and then the next thing that suddenly pops up on the msnbc news is that William has chosen a "cookie cake".

These people are trapped. It's hard for me to imagine when I hear about $1,000 bottles of wine but when it comes to true freedom, I don't think it's any better on that side of the fence. It doesn't look greener to me anyway--it looks pretty much the same.

I have had all this new torture besides, I guess someone wants to be creative now that I don't have my laptop with me, and it occured to me, and I may be completely wrong, but what if Diana was literally tortured? I mean, this was over a decade ago, but is it possible that when she referenced "torture" it was a discreet way of putting something out there that was actual? She said, "Oh, it's sheer torture" or something like that, but looking at the circles under her eyes and her appearance, what if she was a "loose cannon" because she was literally being tortured, not just metaphorically, and someone was worried she had been tipped off as to who it was? Could this be why her mother, Francis Kidd, was tearing out portions of her diary? and the real reason why she was reportedly tearing up the carpets looking for "bugs" or listening devices? maybe she wasn't just looking for listening devices but something else and then others pressured her saying if she ever talked about, with her history of mental "problems" she would be tossed into the looney bin forever. How does anyone really know? If it's bad enough or hard enough for me to describe and write about, imagine the image she was trying to preserve. I know that my own mother would probably tear out pages in my diary if I sounded nuts, to preserve me, and maybe this is partly why Francis did what she did...because she was worried that Diana's suspicions (true or not) and her descriptions of what was happening, made her sound nuts. I find it hard to imagine anyone with that kind of money is literally tortured, but I don't rule it out as an impossibility either. How do we know this isn't partly why she dismissed some police or bodyguard? She said, "They're corrupt." In what way? they spied on her? if it was only this, people did this all the time. If, on the other hand,she was worried for her physical safety literally, maybe one would dismiss the bodyguards.

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