Monday, March 14, 2011


looked at news and worked on a few things. had to look up a few legal statutes.

went to the bank. the only time today that i noticed anything out of the ordinary was when i went to the bank and to my safety deposit box and in the privacy room the technology stuff (burning) began so i couldn't stay to review things in my box (legal papers).

i left and everything was fine. there were only a few people there this morning (only the workers, no one from the public) and one man already back at his desk and i wouldn't know how it was done. it's happened there on one other occasion, preventing me from reviewing materials.

i'm writing all lowercase bc i'm still in email mode.

as soon as i've left, no problem so it was location specific and odd.

then i went to the gym and pulled out a verse from the basket randomly. guess what it was? the very thing i wrote about yesterday, about just having faith and believing.

it was "the work of God is this: to believe in him who sent him." (something like that. i'll see if i can find it).

i can't find it right now, but it was very short and about how our "work" or good deed is to simply believe.

there have been other good verses each morning but i don't write them all down.

had a few small dreams last night but nothing i remembered.

last night at the bus station someone tried to pull something but i moved away and it quit.

and no, it's not delusional. there really are people who have something against me and who have also tried to use me and my son.

i wouldn't report it if i didn't know it was also possibly happening to my son and others, because clearly power is in the wrong hands and must be taken from them.

i have also newly accepted the definition of my case with my son as an abduction and hostage case and this is now how I refer to it with my family in email. i no longer talk about "the cps case". it is "oliver's abduction".

i want a criminal investigation to be done by a U.S. agency. someone needs to come forward to take my facts and do some preliminary investigation to see if i am right.

i am right and there is evidence to prove i'm right.

i think about all the families who are losing so much.

this does not mean i shouldn't think about my own son. i should care about others but do my best to protect what God has given me, just as every other parent should and would if they can.

if i am willing to be loud about it, don't look down upon me because i am trying to bring attention to the fact.

this is my son, and my expression of love is to act on my love for him.

i feel that if no one in the U.S., from an agency at least, that is authorized to investigate, if they choose not to validate ME, why in the world would i want to stay in a place where i am not being validated? where my son is just kidnapped when something CAN be done about it. it is not impossible. it is a very simple case and yet a lot of people trying to cover for others have been attempting to make it look impossible because they want this to be impossible.

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