Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Morning

I have several things to work on right now.

I thought I'd add, my power cord didn't go out, just my computer has a virus. I have some things I may be able to write about tomorrow.

This will be short today.

I had a dream, not last night, but the night before, that had some Ukrainian influence. It was a dream where I was talking to this woman and she was sort of watching me but we were friends, loosely, and people in the periphery and then all of a sudden, I knew, or found out she was Ukrainian. And borscht was featured in the dream, because I was adding sour cream to borscht and then had the idea, in my mind, "She's Ukrainian." Just because of sour cream ??.

No men in the dream that I can recall.

Then, last Sunday I "saw" a different man. He was blond and was either slavic (eastern european) or German in features. It was at the Quaker church again. I closed my eyes and saw this face and then after I saw this man's face (20s to 30s), a couple of boys and men came in who were similiar but not exact. The first time, I saw a young boys face and then saw a man who had the same face around the corner but was a little older than I thought. Last time, I saw an older man's face and then a younger boy came in (the reverse) but it wasn't an exact match. He wasn't anyone I already knew. I thought he might be from another country and not American.

I also looked up a few royal things and didn't read articles but saw something about Kate and William on a boat which was sort of strange bc I was at work one day last week and had this idea of someone at the helm of a boat. I said to my coworker who was standing at the door, as I had this impression of a man standing at the front of a medium sized boat, "Do you go on boats"?

It wasn't full size yaht or small speedboat. It was like the same size they were on but I started asking my coworker about it pertaining to him. Sort of weird. It was before I got a phone call later with the sound of waves in the background. Could have been connected to anything...even the guy I was talking to. But I described how I had this impression of him or someone standing at the front of a boat and looking out over it and it matches this photo I just saw yesterday of W & K, which is most likely sheer coincidence. But I haven't followed anything.

For a reason I might partly explain sometime.

Not now. And probably never anything closer than "in part".

I have some good things happening but other things still rearing up, with regard to getting my son back.

Now, just because I have a "Job" or was allowed to get one, it's like I'm not mentally ill "now". I never was before, I just couldn't prove it without having work. And I was living with sickos and people who manipulated me and was being tortured and that is not a lie. No one is going to act normal in those conditions, even if they're not inherently ill.

The other thing that happened...I was testing on my "sniper skills" or some kind of weird inborn ability or intuition. I realized later, someone must have coordinated it this time to test in a different way.

Remember when I said that one day, I woke up and sat up and 4 different women in my dorm were all staring at me and saw that I "felt it"?

This time, it wasn't last night, but the night before..the same night I was having pieces of some kind of Ukrainian dream...I woke up at several different points in the night, tearing the blanket off of my face to look directly at a woman who was staring at me, fixed on staring and sometimes sitting up in bed, and upon my recognition I was being watched, they moved or laid down.

What was different was that before, someone could have said it was just coincidence that I sat up and noticed when 4 women were all staring at me, because they were all from the same location and grouped. If I sat up and looked, it could have been coincidence.

This time, no way to explain away with coincidence, because I was waking up and staring back down at 4-6 women, all from different corners of the room.

No kidding.

That night I was sleeping with a blanket completely over my head too and I was yanking it down to find a woman sitting up staring at me, or looking directly at me...

It happened all through the night and like I said, all corners and directions and I was picking up on all of it.

Probably I wouldn't, on any given day, but I did that night, over and over and I wondered what was going on bc it was happening so much.


I want my son and I want to have another child and if anything, any medication, or anything has been done to try to tamper with this, that party will be held responsible.

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