Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ludwig Muller and Robert Mueller--Any Connection?

I had a few people doing crazy things at work again. I am not kidding. And then I leave, and it's all these people driving by thinking everything is hilarious. I think my hair was part of it. I teased it and wore it very large and messy, I said, "I felt like flouting convention today." So this was why I did it. Just to do something symbolically that says it's okay to be different or do something different. All these cell cameras were out. However, my hair doesn't matter in the scheme of things. There are very serious things happening and it makes me sick to see people laughing (though even I need comic relief at odd times) when my son and I, and some others, are literally tortured. Someone is still running all my sentences together and most likely it's someone who works for Google or Blogger. So I looked up information about Nazis. Not to just flippantly mention them, but under "religion and Nazi's." The article is sort of skewed and I think a Roman Catholic was the main contributor because while numbers are given of how many Catholic priests were detained, they don't mention how many Protestant were detained. I read somewhere that 6,000 or so Jews died and another 7-10,000 from other backgrounds (or more) were killed. It helps give framework for what kind of person is willing to employ torture upon another human being and what kind of value systems they are coming from. I first read about Nazi's and associated religions and then I went to "using children for psychic experimentation" and it pulled up Nazis again. It pulled up an article about Nazi use of human subjects to conduct experiments and research that the government felt was valuable to the military, to national defense, and it really wasn't "torture" for the sake of sadistic harm. The Nazi's had a few brutes, but almost all of the experimentation and research was not sadistic in nature. It was scientific in nature, just as it has become in the U.S. The excuse is that "this is important. this is interesting. this is going to save massive amounts of people at the expense of a few. this is a medical necessity. we have to keep up with other countries." There is gang use of technology. This is a fact. And then there is experimentation that is underground, but sanctioned by the CIA and some military and other scientific, medical, and psychic research groups. "Nazi" is such a distinguished term, we think of only people wearing swastikas and abusing or gassing others. What has been completely lost, is that this was not about "the Jews". I am sure "the Jews" would like to have everyone believe it was all about their group, when such a large percentage of those harmed were Jewish. However, this was about experimentation of PEOPLE and use of HUMAN SUBJECTs and the specific "holocaust of jews" during this time has overshadowed the magnitude of the problem, which was not just "jewish" in nature. These Nazi's were scientists and military. The human subjects they selected for their research were predominantly Protestant christian Bible believers who didn't agree with the party, or who had some kind of human feature or trait of interest for research. The gypsies were of interest because of some of their abilities in the psychic field, not just regarded as "disposable" because of some myth that they were vagabonds or stole from others. The mentally ill or physically handicapped were targeted because not only were they regarded as not being an asset, they were useful for research. No one is able to figure out how to "eradicate" a disease, or deformity, or problem, unless the person with the problem is experimented on or research is done. You see this with medical communities and universities that hold "trials" and ask consenting individuals to participate. Why do they need the sick? and disabled? because they're useless? No! because they are important. When it comes to sheer "torture", Germans have testified historically of being tortured themselves in such ways no one can imagine, by other countries. I wrote a blog post about this once. How their babies were smashed right in front of their eyes, and they were tortured for sadistic and punitive purposes, not scientific research. What happened with the Nazis was slow, controlled, methodical, and of high caliber. Some of the most preeminent doctors were requested or obligated to participate. This was TOP NOTCH research. This was being done, at the expense of "important disposables" to benefit "the future of the majority". I am sure there were "Jew haters" and sick displays of brutal force and sadism, but no differently than occurs to ANY other group that is hated. What is "different" about the Nazi's, is and was, their focus on medical and scientific research. That research was deemed valuable enough for the United States to buy many of the records or confiscate the records. The idea was that, "It's already been done, we may as well make something positive out of something bad and use this research to benefit all, including Jewish, disabled, everyone." This is NO different from what the U.S. is engaging in now. Not just the U.S. but other countries too. What is also interesting, is the corrollary between the Nazi party and this research on medical grounds, and for military and defense, and the use of the occult. Their research was also in the psychic realms. And the Nazi's did not discourage occultism or paganism for a reason--they found it useful to their research in psychic phenomenon. Which is no different from the U.S. is allowing into the gates now. I mentioned Ludwig Muller because there was a Protestant man by this name in Germany, who encouraged the Nazi party and experimentation, who did not stand up for the right thing, and his last name was Muller. It is pronounced the same way Robert Mueller's name is pronounced. It is "Muller" with the double o over the U. Yes, there was a piece of paper on the sidewalk as I walked to this computer to write. For all we know, those who are making profit and entertainment on predicting the actions of others, are supported by a man with the same last name as a Nazi. If you are blocking justice, Mr. Mueller, you have no right to be remembered as anything other than another "Muller." You are the head of the FBI and it is the FBI that is obligated, by federal law, to investigate crimes of kidnapping and public corruption. If you continue to allow others in your department to block my access to justice, how are you any better than Ludwig Muller? You have allowed a group of individuals to mock me and mock my son, and ridicule our dignity, and you refuse to step in and investigate what must be investigated. As the head of the FBI, you have the right to take responsibility for this and look into my report. You should question those who attempt to block me, who point out materials which defame me, and ask WHY they are so interested as to do this. When I made a report of misconduct about FBI employees, prior to this time, I was never tortured. It began after George Bush was sworn into office a second time, because I remember it happened after I made my report. In that case, 2 officers came out and wrote down facts though I believe it should have been tape recorded and a copy provided to me as well. My life, which was already been defamed and harassed, turned into a living hell at that point. I had a small respite and then I was tortured and it is possible I was tortured while pregnant with my son Oliver Garrett and didn't know it or recognize the symptoms as such. If so, it would mean me, my son Oliver (in utero and after birth) and then my twins (in utero) have all been victims of violent crime. Which someone may have attempted to twist into a rational grounds for research or experimentation. I have enemies who hate me and revel in what has happened to me and my son, and yet some other group just allows this to happen and I'm told, off to the side, that it might be for good in the long run, while I am alternately called Joseph (coat of many colors one) and on the other side of the coin, "Crazy". It is possible that if my son's teeth enamel deformity was not because of his severe birth trauma, the only other thing I read it could be from, is exposure to technology. This can also cause enamel dysplasia. There is no genetic component to it and nothing in my family. And then it was taken out of a dental report in Wenatchee after it was diagnosed. It may be that someone is more concerned about getting rid of evidence of crime, than evidence of a difficult and traumatic delivery. When I had the severe lower back pain, there was no explanation for it. I wasn't having this pain all the time. When I look back on it, it was the same back pain that I had AFTER my son was born. If my son was already born and I had lost weight, how is it I started experiencing this same odd pain in East Wenatchee? Ultrasound, for one thing, causes enamel dysplasia of a fetus in utero. This is why I say it is not always possible to know what is happening physically and then once discerned and more is figured out, it's very difficult to describe. How long is my family going to be tortured in the United States? Any normal Red Cross person or someone who is INDEPENDENT can look at my son's teeth and see his enamel dysplasia. If it's "not a big deal" then WHY did a dentist's office TAKE it OUT of his report and remove evidence of how many times I'd been to their dental offices? Guess who paid for those visits? The Department of Social and Health Services. If visits were erased from the dental offices, of my visits there with my son, someone with the DSHS also had to eliminate and remove this proof from State records. I had noticed, when I went back to Wenatchee with my fiance and checked into records again, that not only was my son's diagnosis of enamel dysplasia removed, some of our visits were not recorded either, and were just missing. My son's first visit was very early because he cut teeth super early, ahead of most children. CPS has put a case of fraud against me, and slapped it over criminal activity. Whether it was to cover for medical malpractice and against damages for someone they knew and do local favors, or was to conceal evidence of crimes against me and my son, there has been crime committed, there IS corruption, and I should not have to "demand" an investigation by competent persons in the FBI who do not have a conflict of interest. Oliver Garrett. My son. Anyone's child. My son has suffered so much and it could have been prevented. It is possible to prevent FURTHER harm and if the FBI does nothing, they are directly responsible for failing to take appropriate action when I have gone to them again and again, begging for help. Go to: Nazi Human Experimentation and just read the first few paragraphs. It is about research and experimentation of humans--adults and children. This is not some kind of "Satan" that has horns. This is your nicely educated doctor and other professionals and non-professionals, who look like you and me and seem to come from normal backgrounds. It is called "medical torture" (some of it and some of it is just plain old fashioned work of gangs or other country conspirators). Here's one example of what kind of research was done and on whom...twins. Twins are listed. Twins are not considered to be deformed persons or disabled or "unclean" and they cover a variety of races. They were used because they were "interesting". The belief that I or my son may be "interesting" does not justify the means. If you keep reading, U.S. military, and military for other countries, you will see how some of the materials and research was sent over to the Armed Forces of Germany. It was "interesting" and "important" information for the military. Look at the photos of the children, on the page for Nazi experimentation, of the "Children of the Bullenhuser Damm." That is my son. My son's photo should be on that collection. When Allied Forces approached, they attempted to get rid of the evidence. They killed anyone who might talk about it and attempted to destroy records they thought might come into the possession of a "Friend to the Victims". This is my son. I can point out who some of the criminals are. I want this opportunity, to be able to point out those who enjoy ganging up against me or my son and who would do anything for their own benefit and money. In the 1900s Germany infected prostitutes with syphylis. The U.S. caught up to them in the 50s I believe, and performed their own experiments. The experimentation on children was denounced by Hillary Clinton recently, and this entire apology is a joke in light of what is happening to me and my son. It is a joke. What is the point of apologizing for one group's crimes when you enable the crimes of another group? If you read at the end, there was a proposed code of Ethics that would make it a crime for a doctor to conduct experiments on people without their consent. The Nuremberg Code. I don't know why, but it says on this site that this law never made it into the U.S. system. It never made it to German or American law, which means that even if an apology is made after-the-fact, American doctors believe they have immunity from being prosecuted if they harm humans through non-consensual research. And in times of "war" which began around the time George Bush came into the second term, horrific things may be done without the permission of government or courts. This may mean other countries are also given a "pass" at times. If the U.S. is not enabling medical torture by blocking my reports and having me called crazy, they are allowing gangs and persons of other countries to target us and why would they not be interested in this. If any group was targeting U.S. citizens for some reason, this would be of highest importance to the U.S. Or should be. So if the officials or authorities are not getting involved, it appears they are a part of the cover up, or some of them are using their positions for a cover. And really, I think some groups don't care because it feeds their own self-interests to have me incapacitated in some way, or to discredit me by calling me crazy. I know with all of my heart, that for some reason, I was supposed to write about this and maybe even about William too, even though that is irrelevant to my life. I felt very good energy writing it, and then I had someone come in and start using technology while I was at the end of my post. But, I walked away knowing it had to have made someone upset but for a good cause because I knew that I didn't feel "wrong" for writing what I did. And I felt okay writing this post too, except for wondering if I should consult my family more but no, I think it's meant to be. I am the adult mother who is responsible for her child. I am right to write this post and God must agree. I looked at the photos of the experiment using children, on the Nazi page, and then I went back to the photos of my son and there are five of them, all in a row, left to right. I had thought there were only 4 total but after I looked at the human experimentation page with the kids and it reminded me of my son...I counted across and there were 5 photos of children from left to right. Something told me it was my son and it was significant. It's not a coincidence and it's not just a weird synchronicity. I saw the photos of kids, 5 photos across at the top, and thought, "Go back to the photos of your own son" and there are 5, in the same kind of row. The first one is of his turquoise and grey Thomas The Train birthday cake for his 4th birthday and the rest are of him. But in the same row and I know it was this way for a reason. Even the train isn't smiling very much, even though it's supposed to be Thomas with a big smiley face. The smile isn't there. This was taken after CPS illegally blocked me from having any access to my son through visits. They terminated my ability to visit my son March 17th and my son is skinny, has lost weight, and looks unhappy on his 4th Birthday which was 2 months later. FUCK CPS FUCK CPS and FUCK Robert Muller for refusing to take responsibility for the suffering of a child. I do not believe in Obama Barak anymore either. God gave me a very clear impression of Obama's femur for a reason. Barak has the power to make a difference and he has been part of the problem and the minute I wrote this down, I sensed the Holy Spirit. It is 6:32 p.m. and a rush of good energy the minute I named Obama. Obama has allowed Catholic hierarchy and others to torture my son, and in the face of God. The same God that tried to reach out to him, like reaching out to Pharoah, with a very personal message and he has chosen to deliberately ignore the message. When I am at a better computer, or without someone tampering with the way the paragraph is constructed, I will write this out better with the spacing I have intended. This attachment sent by my parents also shows me Wenatchee deliberately hid the time and date of my hearing by the way they sent the attachment because on this one, each page is listed (5) and then comes out in a row. Not so with Wenatchee attachments. There are so many people who should go to jail it's not even funny. I am not going to put the photos of my son up. But take my word for it. And I am sure that some human rights group in another country will take a hard look at what is going on.

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