Friday, March 25, 2011

NCIC and International Defamation

I am finally going to discover some of who is involved in defaming me and why I have been set up with false charges.

I looked up NCIC and there are only specific categories where information would be entered into this system and it then makes this information available to not just local and national "authorities" and justice sysstem persons, but to international agencies, just as I thought--as I was thinking today.

I believe it has been the intent of some to defame me not only to persons in the U.S., but outside of the U.S.

For example, I had wondered why in the world anyone would be so horrible as to falsely accuse me with "stealing a car". As it so happens, when I looked up what is covered by NCIC, auto theft is one "crime" that will pop up right away.

This charge was dismissed and thrown out, but it still would come up as a charge. The man who accused me lied to local police saying it wasn't his car I had borrowed and then in court it was discovered HE had lied to police and it was HIS car afterall, and my story was true, not his. So they dropped it. But police deliberately set me up for this. This was when I was followed around by 3 police cars before being set up for a false arrest by this other man.

That is just one example.

And I think to myself, "If someone is going to set me up for something, why not just a plain theft, if they were going to use stealing? why not something simple or something that wasn't hard to cover up?" Instead, someone falsely accuses me of GRAND AUTO THEFT?!

And the police knew ahead of time and this was when they took my minicamcorder and deleted legal footage I had with my son that proved our visits were normal and the visitation monitor was lying about my interactions. The police took me in under a premeditated false arrest and destroyed legal evidence in my property.

This put me into an INTERNATIONAL database, not just a local one. They used auto theft to defame me throughout the world, not just the U.S. The NCIC information is about national crimes or information, in the U.S. but it is AVAILABLE to international justice system agencies and anyone trying to ruin me knew this ahead of time.

How many times have Wenatchee and Washington justice system persons premeditated setting me up for a false arrest?

1. grand auto theft. false arrest, made knowing it would be entered into the NCIC even if charges were dismissed. it was premeditated false arrest.

2. kidnapping of Oliver Garrett, my son. any information would go to the FBI and the NCIC which is why the WA FBI didn't want to help and blocked my attempt to get help. They were involved in the kidnapping of Oliver Garrett. It is also likely that they premeditated this kidnapping and my false arrest in Canada. If it's in the NCIC which is maintained by the FBI, I am reading that this would cover "missing persons" or any kind of false allegation we were "missing" or that I did something wrong.

3. false charge of "suspended license" by Wenatchee Judge Warren. I do not know if this would make it into the NCIC but it is another proof of the easy-handed approach WA has had in premeditating harm and false arrest and false charges against me. I reported Judge Warren to the Washington Judicial Committee and I have not heard back from them. I've had no response so far. I made my report over 1 year ago and not one word from them. Instead, in retaliation, the U.S. Eastern Federal Court Judge refused to honor my request for injunction to block anything from proceeding until a New Trial was made for Termination Trial (which is done prior to any appeal). At least, such undue stalling, I never heard back and was told it was "taken into consideration" for over 6 months and no decision made. I never heard back from the Eastern U.S. Federal Court about my request for injunction. I filed a legal motion for injunction and for over 1 year, I have had NO WORD from the court.

4. false charge of violation of no-contact order by Department of State worker Erickson. This probably made it into the NCIC. Even though it was false and I wanted to fight it, I just said I would allow it to expire but it is still present and makes me appear to be a criminal. This false charge was made in retaliation for my reports or attempt to report DSHS. They kidnapped my son, tried to cover it up with fraud and Tanesha's, and then attempted to say I was harassing them when I wasn't. Tanesha only took my appeal case to get the transcript and obtain discovery on what was said that might incriminate others. She wanted the transcript and to stall, and then she wanted to bail. I am doubtful the transcript will even be accurate.

Now that I know the scope of the NCIC and how it is the only database that goes international, and how only certain "crimes" go into this database, now I know why some colluded to falsely charge me with "Auto Theft." It was an effort to smear me on an international scope. It wasn't just about U.S. defamation. Someone wanted me to be smeared internationally. This occured just a few months after my Ex and I separated and I was still in Wenatchee. There was something, maybe not even my Ex, something else that was important enough for some group (international possibly, or with U.S. help) to want someone to ruin my reputation abroad. Otherwise, someone would have set me up with any other kind of crime. No, someone wanted a crime charge that was going to the NCIC. And who knows what was already there, in that database, screwing me over without my knowledge.

5. Canada contributed. Not all of Canada, but certain Canadians also knew very well that the NCIC would be international and they are allowed to add information of their own to this database. They are the only other country, I think, from what I just read about NCIC, with this privilege.

Which would be why they falsely charged me with immigration violation, not only would it enable a kidnapping of my son, it also went into the NCIC against me. Then, they added to this, when I was told to go to their border patrol to ask about getting my car back. They made me sign a form stating I was trying to cross the border after being sent back.

It was a lie.

I had not tried to get into Canada again. I was told by U.S. border to walk across the lawn, under the so-called "Peace Arch" and ask the Canadian border patrol how to get my car back. When I did this, Canadian border patrol told me I had violated the order to stay out of Canada. I said I had been told this was "neutral" and they said it wasn't. They forced me to sign a form that said, "I was trying to enter Canada illegally" and then they said if I committed ONE more violation, I would be forever "banned" from Canada for the rest of my life.

Canada entered this information, the accusation and false allegation that I was yet again attempting to commit a crime or violate an order, into the NCIC.

So they made it easier for others to come in, in the future, and start making more false accusation. It didn't matter if they were all false. They wanted to make it appear as though I had a pattern of violating orders and committing misdemeanors and they were trying to defame me.

Then I was being pursued with death threats and poisoning, blacklisting, and horrific things so THESE criminals, who work in government positions, could keep THEIR cover.

I mean, I am starting to put things together.

It took me too long to figure out my son had literally been kidnapped. I didn't know enough of the laws to know what violations had been made. I was too traumatized and desperate to get my son back, fighting torture and harassment and unthinkable things at the same time.

Then, just today I have made a new discovery that the defamation of my character has been premeditated and intended to go international for some reason.

There is going to be more discovery, I'm sure. But with even just a little bit, I am starting to unravel this.

I want the GOOD people in the FBI to start kicking butt and tell those who are an impediment to justice, to get a new job. Someone has to take the bull by the horns and do something. There is a very serious problem. This kind of corruption is not only wide, it is deep. There is no possible way that all of these terrible things could happen to me and my son without a massive corruption problem.

I read about protesters in Jordan and how they are complaining of justice system corruption. It didn't sound very different from what I have witnessed in my own life recently, with my son. It was sort of weird to walk into the Subway and hear about Jordan because I had this country cross my mind yesterday when I put on my peach tank top underneath the fushia shirt. It said "Made in Jordan" and I thought about the country and wondered what was going on over there.

At any rate, there are people in the U.S. who have tried to ruin my life and my son's life, in a country that really does have some good laws and freedom. The problem has been that bad people have been standing in the way.

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