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This Morning: What To Give Up For Lent

I saw this article from CNN "what are you giving up for lent?" and I had thought, probably giving up being mean, for some, would do the world a lot more good than giving up meat or whatever. Then I thought I could make a suggestion to any of those who follow lent but have incredibly perjured themselves about me and with regard to my son--how about giving up the cover?

I don't get it.

Maybe someone could explain the Catholic dogma or doctrine to me, since a lot of those people involved in lying about me, specifically in this case with my son, have been Catholic. I understand, first of all, a lot more than some might expect. Traditions, scripture, book of common prayer, and I'm not opposed to religious art and a lot of things others assume Protestants might not "get". I even accept that probably some of the charismatic Catholics and charismatic Protestants might have more in common with eachother than even charismatic Catholics and non-charismatic Catholics might have in common.

Which, by the way, is interesting, and I wonder what kinds of shared experiences with the holy spirit some have had...or not had I guess.

However, what I don't "get", is this thing about confession.

I mean, is anyone even confessing their sins AT ALL?

Does anyone even feel guilty enough to confess what's been done to me and my son? and if so, is this just going to a priest and then thinking that their own personal confession is good enough? without making an attempt to remedy the wrong? or being willing to admit wrong?

If anyone even cares enough to confess, I don't know if they take the part about "forgive us for what we have done and the things we have not done..." The omission of doing the right thing or refusal of correcting the wrong.

I don't know of any place in the scriptures, anywhere, that says your sins will be forgiven if you do things partway. Like, what is convenient for your own self, especially when there is a wrong that remains outstanding.

The picture that comes to my mind is of Jesus on the cross. Or let's just say, anyone on the cross.

You made false statements. You allowed someone who was innocent to be put on a cross. Not just a mother actually, but a child as well. Next to the mother who is on the cross, whether you like the woman or not, is her child, that has been there for several years, since age 1 1/2.

You have gone to church and prayed for your own soul and felt a little guilty maybe, but not enough to go to the right people and confess those statements were false, or to let someone know that the abduction of a child occured and you have personal knowledge about who was involved and how it was done, and then who wanted to cover their tracks. Maybe you had a part in it, maybe you just know about others who had a part in it.

However, if your "sins" or misconduct resulted in the false imprisonment, harassment, and abuse of this mother and child, do you really think Jesus or any higher power is going to forgive you when they "know all" and have before their own eyes, the condition that you put them in, which you are at least partly responsible for.

The "commission" of sin is perhaps what you've asked forgiveness for. But you have left out asking forgiveness for the "omission" of correcting the situation.

And then begins a cycle of just more covering up, more guilt, and more confession, and really, to no avail.

And that is only if some of these people actually really believe, even a little, in what they say they believe in.

Others may claim to have some kind of spiritual connection, but have nothing at all or it's so distorted they think that with violence they are doing a good thing somehow.

I constantly deal with harassment. On an almost daily basis and I'm getting used to it, but last night I stopped to think, out of all the people that deliberately get in my face to mimic or mock me, have I done the same thing to any of them in return?

And I haven't. I can't think of one time where I went out of my way to intentionally provoke anyone.

If anyone has been provoked, I guess, it's because I've tried to stand up for myself and for my son and this is what any mother would do.

As for some of the other religious, I don't know where they come from on things, if they've had a part. I don't know if they think they just accumulate everything for a whole year and then on one special day, hope it gets wiped off the slate, only to continue doing wrong or allowing wrong to continue to persons when they have knowledge.

I don't know what everyone is so afraid of.

I know that there are some things which I know are mine, or my right--inherent things that belong to me and which no "community" can divide or separate or has any right to try to divide or separate. My son, for one thing. These are things to fight for, regardless of what anyone tries to say. It doesn't matter if it's a losing battle to the very end...if it's the right thing to fight for, quitting is wrong. I know for a fact that my son belongs to me. I have also inquired of God if this is right or if there is some alternate "plan". There isn't. That means, that if anyone then gets in the way of this, or tries to put themselves inbetween me and my God and my God's will for my life and my son's life, I am not going to concede, or give up, or compromise. There is NO compromise. I don't care how much money you have, and how many corrupt people you may have on your side, what your resources are, or how bad the paperwork is, that was falsified. I don't care how powerful you are. If you were not aware of the power of God working in my own life, it never would have taken this much to work against me.

There are some other things, from my own perspective, that are "God wills" or God allows which I am learning to try to discern and put away my pride over. Some things I may want but maybe it is not what I want but that for some reason, I am only a cog, and one small part of glorifying God. Whether certain things are big or small, who is to say that pride should determine what happens?

If God wants something to happen, why fight it? Why put yourself, or for me, put myself, in a frame of mind to fight for something or try to force something to occur that is really not for me or for my life, or what God wants?

I am not recommending being a doormat, but David, in the Old Testament, I recently read, was at some stopping place in his battles with his army and a man came out to yell at him and accuse him of bloodshed and disgrace and pelted him with dirt and stones and when one of the soldiers said, "I'll take care of him" David said, "Wait." "How do you know that God has not spoken to him to curse me because of something I've done that's wrong? Let him speak and we will not fight against them." So David and his men were pummeled all the way to the next place where, once they got there, they were exhausted from the travels and being assaulted the whole way.

There is a time and place for everything, and even a time to stop and consider that sometimes God uses people we think are beneath us or who will feel may do our reputations or armor some harm, who are yelling at us because they might have a right to yell.

David did not try to cover up the facts of his wrongdoing. He also did not get out the PR to stop the "talk" from spreading, and he wasn't worried about looking like a pushover or appearing weak. He said "Maybe if we just accept it then God will see this and forgive me and take away the reproach."

For myself, I thought, it's good to remember sometimes, to be humble and always try to check myself on where I'm at and not be too proud for what God wants to say. And for others, who have done me and my son harm, I think this passage corresponds in the sense that instead of covering up crime and trying to make something out to be my fault, or insulting my son by ignoring what has happened to him, and telling me this is a "civil matter", some might need to think about how being accused publicly of crime is humiliating and a harm, but if the shoe fits, and you know this to be true, it might be your turn to walk the Way of the Cross.
And I say this, applying it to others of various faiths who have defamed me and harmed me and my son.

I want an investigation of criminal abduction of my child, and if you choose not to prosecute or charge others, fine. It is, however, your duty to return a child to a mother when the kidnapping was done by fraudulent means. It doesn't matter what "court process" was then began. If I am saying I have facts and evidence to prove this "court process" has been a fraud and wrongful use of taxpayer money, and if my facts and evidence fit the statutes for RICO, then don't disregard this and try to convince me I have a "civil case".

Human trafficking and kidnapping, are not "civil cases".

I don't care if someone tried to tack that part on to make it appear to be a legal process. The underlying actions were criminal and then led to an entire case based on collusion, corruption, and fraud.

And as for the Way of the Cross, there are plenty of people who come from different supposed religious affiliations who are guilty of defaming me. Almost all of the people have been Catholic, but there have been Jewish and Protestants and probably others too.

For example, something as simple as Mykal Holt writing in a document to court that she witnessed me as "psychotic" and holding up a knife in the middle of the night. She claims to be "messianic Jewish"

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