Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stuart Little (my son's favorite) & "I'm Alive"

I found out my son's favorite movie is Stuart Little.

So I decided to look up a song that is from the movie. I clicked on something by Celine Dion called "I'm Alive" by Rockamerica Remix by youtube poster "fidobond".

I have been blocked, illegally, by criminal activities pursued by The State of Washington and certain employees, from even speaking to my son, whom they kidnapped. They then covered up what they did, and then denied even normal legal process, where what they did was criminal from the start. THEN they blocked us from even speaking to eachother. They are criminals. By every definition of the word and legal terminology.

I had to set some things up over here before I was able to send him a gift (I had been forced out of any kind of work in WA so it was impossible). I called to see if it had arrived and my son accidentally answered the phone.

He remembered every single thing we did and he even remembered what gifts I had bought him.

Fuck you Washington. Or, exempting the decent people in Washington, Fuck You CPS and "authorities" who abused their positions and continue to hold my son hostage from me.

My son has been blocked from talking to me for over ONE YEAR.

Guess what? God says my fast on not swearing gets an exemption long enough for me to say to my enemies, and the enemies of my son: FUCK YOU.

FUCK YOU from God (being on normal terms with God, I feel my sentiments are justly echoed by God, or agreed with, because God doesn't like criminals who harm children).

I bought my son a large semi truck with cars that it can carry, and I didn't know it had not arrived. I called to see if it was there, and my son answered the phone and I told him who it was and he was elated. I asked him if he liked the truck I got him.

Do you know what he said CPS? Judge HOTCHKISS?

After all of your SHITTY attempts to BREAK THE BOND between me and my son, my son said to me:

"Mama, the monster truck you got me is out of batteries! it doesn't work because it needs batteries."

I didn't know, then, that he hadn't gotten his new truck, the semi. HE was talking about a truck that HE remembered HIS MOTHER got him over 2 fucking years ago.

It was when I got him the "Big Truck" that he wanted, with the big tires.

And he remembered this and that's what he was talking about to me. Then I asked him what his favorite cartoon was and he said it was Stuart Little and described it to me.

Guess what else he did YOU FUCKERS?


My son started using the imagination talk that we used in our visits, to make up stories by using our imagination. He started talking about, as we used to pretend there were other planets and things up in the clouds, and imagine things...

He started talking about how there were mountains up in the clouds and near the clouds and don't go there alone because there are all kinds of animals but one day he would be a man and kill the mean ones. The mean animals. He then said people can go hiking there with company and it would be safe for me to do this sometime with friends and then we got cut off just as he was saying there might be treasure up there.

It was the last thing he said, talking about treasure and I was sitting outside of the bank and about to go in to make a transaction.

I thought later how he must have brought up "treasure" because he was recalling how he and I had treasure hunts in our visits.

He said he wanted a big yellow (lello) John Deere tractor and a speedboat and some small cars and then I asked if wanted a skateboard like Stuart Little has and he said yes. I haven't seen the movie or any part of it but remembered the skateboard or my son said something about it.

He even remembered the cat we used to have when he was 1 1/2 years old. He started talking about his kittycat that had run away and I asked hiim what cat this was and I realized he was talking about the CAT that I had bought for us when he was a BABY. He remembered all of it.



What CPS and "Washington authorities" and anyone federal involved, along with their own gangsters, has done, is unconscionable.

You abducted my son and have held him hostage and then did things, over and over, to try to break our bond.

Then last night some asshole at the shelter left some religious tract that said "the adopted life" next to my bed and made light of it.

My son is going to be adopted?

I don't think so.

Unless you want to add THAT to your FUCKING RAP sheet


My son also told me he doesn't sleep well at night.


Someone had better GET ON BOARD to investigate CRIME or I am going to have the U.S. investigated for refusal to assist a mother and child.

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