Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Son Coached and Abused

My son answered the phone this evening saying, "This is Oliv-Uh." He knows his name is not Oliv-UH. He always says Oliver. But someone coached him to say Oliv-UH to mock his mother. My son is not mocking his mother. Some other assholes are coaching my son. I am now on the 3rd or 4th computer that is at a totally different hotel or location and the sentences are still being run together which most likely makes it the fault of Google. Someone who works at Google. Even if someone had access to my Blogger account they could not do this. Then he said to the side, "What is it? Oliv-Uh" like he was confused about how to say his own name. Why? Because he has assholes confusing him. And right before this, I will have to remember who it was, but they were making cracks about "identity". I didn't know why until now. Someone wasn't talking about my identity, and I had wondered how this even entered the conversation at all. Someone was referring to my son, knowing what he was going to say to me. Not only that, after my son was taken away from the phone, when he wanted to talk to his mother I heard someone ask him who it was on the phone and he said, "It's Lisa!" and he said it more than once. I think I did hear someone say something about me but there was this other stuff on top of it. I also heard that this morning while I was being harassed by the Department of Defense employees, my son, I am told, started sucking his thumb again for the first time in a long time. He doesn't do this unless something is wrong, like he's in pain from something and trying to comfort himself or going through something else. And I have FBI personnel who are responsible for not getting involved to prevent harm to my son. The FBI could very easily remedy a major disaster and I believe there are some within the FBI who would try. However, it seems like so far, they want my son to suffer, even though I am an American citizen who has made a valid claim and report and asked someone to get involved. I have people using horrific technology against me and then I am expected to believe it's not happening to my son when I know whoever did this before had no qualms of harming an innocent baby and toddler. I am writing about some of this tomorrow. I just read popular news and serious news. I read the articles about Japan's situation. I read 2 of the articles. I also read the article about Libya. I read about the raped woman and looked up the raped 11 year old girl and several other articles. I understand that if there is a humanitarian situation, it's good to help with Libya. I understand that the Japan situation is cheering in triumph of spirit but also dire. What I don't understand, is why some U.S. persons spend more time following me around and harassing me and keeping me from reunification with my son, than they do on more important things. I have a clear, indisputable right to my son. My son and I both have a clear right to be together. Instead, I have some U.S. officials pushing me to such distress and mocking me, that I cannot imagine what good outcome they imagine will result. They are going to save all the Japanese and those living in the Pacific NW from radioactive exposure and contamination? They are going to save people from being killed, massacred, and raped in war? By driving around in their vehicles to sport with where I go, what I do, what I say? for what? And am I expected to be so disgusted and pushed that someone thinks I'm going to jump over to the Middle East to live or try to find the U.S.A.'s biggest enemy to partner with? I might ask someone to help me get my son back, and if they help, it doesn't matter who they are, when I already know my son has a right to be with his mom. Why is keeping my son apart from me, terrorizing and torturing me, and harassing me and my son...why is THIS how anyone chooses to devote their time? Is trying to predict what I do and say...this is important research because these other humans, who have been deemed to be "more special" and above me or my son, these people who use me to test their skills on, what? they are testing their skills on me so they can then use them on Ghadafi (or not him, but I mean, anyone at all that the U.S. might be interested in) and other targets to benefit the U.S.? I am accused of thinking I am "special" and yet those who really believe THEY are "special" are those who have flagrantly put themselves, and others, above the basic human rights of my son and I. We didn't sign up to be the Fuji 50 or heroes. Even heroes must have a say in what they are willing to endure, otherwise, they are not heroes--they are martyrs. I didn't ask to be a living martyr and neither did Oliv-UH Garrett. And then, when I point out how we are martyrs and didn't ask to be, I still have people who really don't get it, who want to say, "No one likes a martyr". You know what? I chose to file lawsuits or advocate for certain things and I chose to be a mother. I did not choose to be tortured, terrorized, and harassed and defamed. Others have made me a martyr. And I didn't ask for it. I didn't ask to be a hero and I didn't ask to be a martyr. I asked God to have a normal life with something a little interesting too. I asked to be a mother, teacher, wife, singer...normal things. And instead, I get treated like something of a cross between Princess Diana and Fidel Castro and Osama bin Ladin, and with none of the benefits. I'm sorry, but I don't get PAID enough to be tortured and defamed and neither does my son and even if we were offered money for this, I would turn it down. WHY would The Pentagon people, the CIA, the FBI, or anyone in these groups, want to spend the time and money to invest in torture of me and my son? We have experienced torture, plain torture, and medical torture. And some of the same psychics and others who are applauded for what they do are SICK. They think they are special enough that they can ignore any kind of natural or moral law in order to elevate themselves and whoever pays for this crap. My mother says, "Why don't you pray about this?" Pray? I feel that's all I ever do, is pray. I have demented and gross psychics who even know that I pray and none of it has rubbed off onto them. They're not changing for the better. I pray mainly to God. Not about others or myself as much as just to God. And if anyone knew how much I prayed, and have prayed over the years, even if now it's just short prayers in the morning and at night, they might wonder why I even believe in God at all. Because how are my prayers being answered? How are the prayers of my son being answered? It is one thing, to pray for something that is just incredibly out-of-reach. To pray for something that is beyond anyone's imagination and wildest dreams--or extreme--to pray to win the lottery, to pray to grow a crop of wheat in sand by the shore, to pray to have vast amounts of power or good fame, to pray to have a child when one is 90 years old and no eggs were frozen...these are prayers that might "take time" or not answered. For some, right now, to pray even for a job when jobs are scarce is maybe not impossible but might take some time and maybe not everyone will have a job for some period of time. However, the right to ones CHILD. ? How fucking difficult is this to get through your thick skull? You who spend all this time and investment on how to deprive a mother and child of their very basic and natural right, after the child was KIDNAPPED and the mother SET UP for FALSE ARREST? I'm sorry, but this doesn't take 2-3 years to figure out. It is an undeniable, impermeable right that IS NOT breached or violated unless there are some incredible extenuating circumstances. And this is NOT the case here. How long do I have to PRAY to not be tortured and that my son is not tortured in the U.S.? De facto. Look up "de facto" on wiki and think about it. I understand there are major wars and disasters. This is important and everyone should try to think of how to help when they can. Righting something that should and can be righted quickly, with regard to a mother and child, should not be delayed. There is no excuse. No grand scheme, war, or matter, is going to be harmed by correcting a simple wrong with a very simple and natural solution. Spending all your time and money to FIGHT me, is availing nothing but a drain on resources that are better spent on other things. For all the money spent on fighting me and this right, it could have gone to so many other important causes. To continue fighting me, is a further WASTE of your time and energy. Do not fight me.

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