Sunday, March 13, 2011

U.S. Man's 15 Year Sentence in Cuba (Alan Gross) & Kidnapping of Oliver Garrett

I read this morning about a U.S. citizen's 15 year sentence in Cuba.

A Jewish man who helps with the Jewish community in Cuba was arrested for allegedly conspiring against the Cuban government or using information against them or something. They gave him a 15 year sentence.

The response of the United States of America was to issue a statement, condemning this action and DEMANDING the return of this man to the U.S.

It is probably true that this man did not conspire against Cuba, and most unlikely as in the past a lot of Jewish have actually been accused of being communist, not of being people trying to break down communist government or having great motive to do so.

However, I read this article, about how the government of the United States advocated on behalf of their U.S. citizen and protested against this "trumped" or "invalid" case, and had the "gall" and boldness to "DEMAND" the return of this man.

Yet this same country, so far, has not shown ME and MY SON that they hold the same attitude for us. For both me and my son.

I have the CIA claiming "It's the responsibility of the FBI" and then the FBI saying, "It's already a case and is a civil matter."

So is your fucking Cuban man's case.

However, he's not even being tortured in his own country by some of his own officials. The U.S. does not have the right to investigate "public corruption" or crime in another country against a U.S. citizen, but it demands the return of the man, regardless of whether Cuba had a case in court or not.

The U.S. tells me and my son that this is a CPS matter and I am saying, "THIS CASE IS INVALID."

The Cuba court case is "invalid"? but the U.S. does not have ears to hear that a U.S. court case is "invalid"?

I expect that in the same manner U.S. officials demand the return of the U.S. man, they demand the return of my son to me. I expect the U.S. to, at bare minimum, investigate the FACTS.

If this means some U.S. officials have to go against other U.S. officials, then they need to do this. If their supervisors are blocking investigation, these employees need to seek protection under the Whistleblower's Act, cover themselves like Colleen Rowley, and speak up on behalf of further attempts to obstruct justice.

I don't think anyone grasps the hypocrisy of going to great lengths to advocate and demand the return of a U.S. citizen in Cuba, and then blocks justice and ignores me and my son.

And then allows the furtherance of the abuse of my son.

No one in Cuba is going to listen.

They don't care. Just like the U.S. doesn't care about me or my son. The U.S. FBI and CIA leaders, so far, have shown us they do not care and have tried to play this off as some kind of civil matter that needs to go through appeal or a civil case.

This "case" with me and my son was built on public corruption and CRIME.

I DEMAND A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of the KIDNAPPING of my son and his hostage situation, which has been covered by a fraudulent CPS case and blackmail of my own family.

According to the statutes of the UN resolutions, any state (country) that signs the agreement swears to uphold an oath of investigating claims of torture, and of cruel, degrading or demeaning treatment and also to provide protection for civil rights. If there is evidence that the U.S. outright refuses to even take facts or conduct any kind of investigation, they are in violation of the international treatise they signed. It is also against international law for any country to return people to another country, who seek political asylum, where it is likely they will suffer harm.

The Senator from Georgia who was murdered along with her husband, who fought against CPS in general...I had thought when I first read her comments, even in light of my own story, that it might be extreme to condemn the entire organization of CPS as handlers for human trafficking for profit. However, as I did more research into actual laws and got more discovery of the facts of my own case, I realized this is exactly what they did. In my case they did worse--they used a front of being an official organization to cover up for the crime of collusion, fraud, and kidnapping.

That Senator probably had some very specific details about some the things that were happening to CPS kids and some of their parents, and about who was corrupt. She and her husband were murdered. That was not a double-suicide and she was the only person who had any kind of government standing to wage a professional war against an organization that is incapable of using taxpayer money for good.

CPS has been laundering money for the State.

They take a check from Washington D.C. and disperse the money between themselves and try to make it look like the money is being used for "the kids". Right. It's been used to hand pick children to be used for experimental reasons while these kids are "guardians of the State" and no normal citizen can advocate for them. It's been used against activists as punishment for free speech and an attempt to silence others (or we'll take your kids). It's used against the poor for being poor. It's used to provide cheap adoptions for other families and jobs for the State.

CPS is probably one of the most corrupt and fraudulent agencies the U.S. has in its arsenal.

So yes, I understand more now. I understand that CPS is nasty enough, and has a slick enough front, to warrant being exposed before over 400 nations in Copenhagen.

And in my case, it's not just CPS. CPS is only a part of it. CPS could very easily be named in a RICO lawsuit for criminal collusion, fraud, and obstruction of justice as well as kidnapping, along with any member of a U.S. agency that attempts to block investigation of crime.

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