Thursday, March 10, 2011

Illegal Torture

I haven't had a problem very often with technology use lately since I am not using my own computer after it went down with a virus.

However, this is the second time something has happened at one of the Hilton chains (same place), which is not to say anything about the chain itself but who is, perhaps, running it or knows I might stop by.

Two managers by the names of Andy and Tim were thee and took an interest in me as I was walking in. I used the business center and the burning stuff or a form of technology started up and continued until I left to use the restroom. I felt both Andy and Tim might have Irish background by their eyes, but I get Irish and German mixed up sometimes, with features.

I then noticed a man driving by with plates 137 VRM (TN). I don't know what he does but I wrote the plates down because of an odd expression on his face.

The last time I was at this Duckwood Inn (Nashville, TN), was when I wrote about what was going on while I was there and how there was some Army corp thing of engineers meeting that day when I arrived. I don't know who may have been present today but I did notice that Andy in particular was expecting me.

I'm not putting up with torture of me or my son any longer, and if I see anyone who is anticipating my arrival and then I experience torture of any kind, which is what this is, I am going to document this.

I cannot say these two did anything, but I am only noting they appeared to expect me and then this occured. So someone there, at the time I was there, did something. And it's the second time it's happened at this location. I got up and went to the restroom and it quit and then I left.

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