Monday, March 7, 2011

Singing A New Song (weird dream)

Last night I had a dream that I was singing a whole new and different song, and it was acapella and from Old Testament scriptures mainly I think, and the weird thing was how detailed it was. It was like what I've heard about Newton or someone, having a dream for an invention and then they wake up and create it.

I've forgotten the tune now, but it was this really beautiful melody and I was singing it with all kinds of nuance and with power. In the dream I was sort of singing it to the Lord, but this woman and maybe others (just noticed one) was listening in at some point.

At one point, it wasn't the beauty of my voice at all, but just this kind of emotion and power that was coming from it and I could feel it in my was very emotional in my dream even. Then what was even weirder, was that I went back and repeated the chorus. This was a song that I haven't sung before, but somehow in my dream, I remembered how to repeat the chorus--words and melody and same intonation.

It was a full song.

I think it's a first for me, to have a dream like that.

I feel like if I look at some scriptures I might remember where some of the lyrics were taken from, but all I know, is that in the dream, it was this full and completely impromptu song that I sang, and with all of this power, even like the holy spirit was in my dream, and then I repeated the part and no one else was singing with me so it wasn't that I sang a song by someone else. But the weirdest thing was all of the incredible detail in it.

And then I woke up, thought about it, and then forgot everything. Remembered how unique it was, but forgot the words and melody.

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