Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tanesha Canzater Request 1 Yr. To Transcribe

Here is how good this lawyer is:

She didn't tell me, even 1 time, that she was filing motion after motion for continuance. I found out what it was for, finally, when I called the courthouse myself after she did


For 1 Year

Except favors for the State and some federal government persons and insurance companies.

She had to get the 3-4 day hearing I had transcribed. It took her 1 year to do this. She basically filed motions asking for more time for the transcriptionist to type. I mean, HOW slow was this woman? I said to my mother, "5 WPMs?" (five words per minute).

Then, she never communicated with me about the case except 1 day before she was supposed to file her big statement of why we were appealing. She didn't even talk to me first and then sent an email claiming: "You have talked and talked and talked and I have listened."

Right. If we had talked at all, she would have found out, in the first 2 minutes, that I had grounds to appeal for medical reasons when I was hospitalized repeatedly from miscarriage complications and hemmorhage. I had an involuntary medical leave of absence from the whole process because of very severe physical medical problems and this woman didn't even bring it up.

The only things she wanted to bring up, were not big things like this, or other major errors the court made. She wanted to bring up some issue that would reinforce making ME sound like a nut.

Tanesha was as bad as all of them.

She also kept my son from bonding with me for over a year by stalling on the process, where he couldn't see or talk to me. This also ran my son's statute of limitations that could be filed on his behalf for medical malpractice.

She's dishonest and she should lose her license.

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