Friday, March 18, 2011

This morning

Yesterday I didn't know if I could make it to a meeting for supporting an art venture for released convicts. And then as soon as I blogged or was thinking I wasn't sure if I had to postpone it until next week, I sensed sadness or something not right. It was one time where I felt something that was external, not from me, but a gut feeling and I decided to remedy this by calling this woman to see if there was a chance I could look at the place before work, and at least fit in one preliminary step into the process. So she said sure and we went. I wanted to take a look at the space and get some ideas of what we would be working with, for a gallery or other idea.

As soon as I called and we were going over, the bad/sad feeling was gone so I knew I had done the right thing--to not wait, at least not on everything, until next week.

It was great to go and talk to some people and find out what some of the objectives were. There is a lot of potential, to build in so many directions, and even in one direction and then growing from that. I also viewed just a few things that had been made by prisoners, and learned a little more about victims of those in jail--the kids and families. Also, a couple of ideas about other things but I won't blog about very much of it because I guess, as some would say, I don't want to "jinx" it. I started to feel more convinced that this is a "forgotten" area of activism and sometimes undesired for a few surface reasons, yet all around and within there is something very good to be gained.

I felt good about it. I only spent about 30 minutes or a little more there, getting a quick idea, but it was great.

I guess that's it for now.

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