Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Morning

Not a lot of time to write.

I looked at the news first thing today and saw the nuclear explosion news and almost even more amazing, the earth shifted on its axis?! What does THAT mean?!

I wondered how often the earth shifts on axis and what it might mean, if anything.

I hope everyone is pulling together...I think the Japanese are more resourceful than most when it comes to being able to work together. And probably lives were saved since they have a history of earthquakes and know about some preparedness stuff. But I would be scared too, if I lived near a nuclear power plant. I don't know what to even say because anything sounds insensitive bc I can't really fathom what it's like right now.

Then I read Ghadafi took some CNN crew. I wonder if they are still allowed to film. Or if they want these guys to film from their own angle?

I found out a few days ago, after trying to get counseling for over 3 months over here, and stall and delay after delay, they want to video tape me. I had to ask, after I was assured my identity would not be revealed to others, how they expect to keep my identity under wraps with a video of me being viewed. Some university director and another director want to watch me on video. Can I come? and will there be popcorn too? lets do a post-game review. I had asked if I could audio tape, because I don't want to be misquoted or misunderstood again and I want access to notes to remember what's said and then this counselor counters with "Sure, but we want to video tape you." So I actually thought this might be okay, maybe, but then started wondering exactly who is wanting to WATCH me on video tape. This is supposed to be one-on-one confidential counseling. She said the director for YMCA wants to watch the video and review notes from my counseling as well as her university director. I asked for the name of the University director and I'm being told I don't get to know and that also, this person would not be provided with any "identifying information" about ME. Sounds good. Until I write again to ask, "Who is going to be watching the video of me?" I was told--The YMCA director and the University director. So the university director will be seeing my face and person, and hearing me addressed by name, but supposedly is getting no "indentifying information" about me? I wrote to my mother with this comment: "I question their intelligence."
Then I had a series of dreams and this one woman last night, who I thought I should refer to as "the black gypsy" (one of them) was up all night, staring at me and I kept waking up. I had a total mish-mash of dreams.

At one point in one section of dreaming, I was looking through a window and there were all of these figurines and all of them were dark-haired and blond princesses. A whole collection of them, and it was something in regard to an upcoming wedding. I didn't know why all the dark haired and blond princess figures were out and no redhaired ones. Yes, this is my dream. (It's a DISCRIIIIiiimination against the GINGERS dream!) just kidding. But they were all like cake toppers but there was no prince with them, just a bunch of those princess figures. There were only 2 kinds, they didn't have distinct features. It was all one kind of blond and then all one kind of brunette. It actually had to do with Middleton's wedding. And in my dream I was standing there looking through this window wondering what it meant and thinking, "I guess since I'm attending the wedding, it's enough to have me sitting in the pew." Yes, crazy dream.

Then, this morning I went to the grocery store to the sales and clearance section and guess what was there? Two rows of boxes of hair color: blond and brunette. One kind of blond and one kind of brunette hair color. And me, the redhead, staring at the boxes of haircolor. Seeing the haircolor at the store was real, not my dream. I had the dream and then I went to the store after I woke up and there were the boxes of hair color.

But the princess figure dream was the first section of dream that I had. Because then I was waking up and having other clips of dream. In one section getting dressed for something and having neighbors around and then in another section, seeing a baby with a bruise over its eye and the parent said, "She fell" but I was wondering in the dream if she'd been hit and she was reaching out for me instead of her parents and the others around her.

These were my dreams that I remember, that I can share.


Anonymous said...

If you do not wish to post better pics of yourself, would you be willing to share them with your secret admirer?

Mama said...

Dear Hush-hush

I have no idea who the secret admirer is and no, I don't think I would be willing to share anything with a secret admirer unless it was some kind of a novelty bet where I might agree to reveal exciting photos of one of my big toes, painted in a variety of different colors, in a special spread done "W" style.