Saturday, March 19, 2011


The entire time I sat at this other computer, the last one, I had the problems still. Until I got up and left and am at a new computer again.

But it's very location specific. Nothing would just start and stop depending on whether I move if it's not real.

If I get up and leave a spot, it quits. I cannot live like this though, and neither can my son.

I didn't have hardly any problems when I was first in Nashville. Then someone moved other stuff in, and during the spring break time, the harassment was really bad not last week (when TN had spring break) but the week before last week. I mean, like people following me everywhere and mocking and very harassing.

So I had wondered who was on Spring Break then.

What schools locally or what region, if not this one.

There has been absolutely no problem at all at this other computer. So I think it was who I was around.

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