Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prince William's Pancake Flips

I guess I'll note, not that it matters, I saw another clip without trying or really wanting to. The only part I thought was strange was that I think he was flipping pancakes or something, or latkes, and I had been thinking, right about the same time, it crossed my mind to work at a pancake house in the mornings. I woke up one morning with pancakes on my mind. Pancakes, pancakes, and then I was thinking about waffles and thought, no, pancakes. This was a few days ago to a week ago. I would have to look at what date. I was thinking about what second job could I have that didn't conflict with the one I have and thought maybe a breakfast place or pancake house. I just had this weird impression of an older woman pressing both of her hands to her face, palms flat against her face. Anyway, it reminded me of Diana and why that would come to mind is beyond me. I haven't seen her do this in clips I don't think. I saw it from the angle of seeing her facing the right sort of and seeing her from the side. Or this woman. Anyway, it was yesterday and I was getting ready for work. The t.v. in the women's area wasn't working so I ate yogurt and watched t.v. at another area. It was on Fox news and I asked if someone would turn it to cnn because I wanted to see if there was any major world news. Then cnn had these preview clips of what their next story was about and all the clips were of W and K and I thought, "I should just pass" but then I sat there and it came to my mind, "There is a reason you are sitting here now and there may be something important you need to see." Pancake flips? I actually sort of prayed a brief prayer and felt I was supposed to watch it so I sat there and it turned out to be more about the Queen than W and K. It was all about ettiquette for being in the presence of the Queen. Then there were a couple of other small clips but the only one I noticed was the pancake flipping one. I thought, "what day was that?" because I wanted to know if he had been flipping pancakes on the same morning I woke up thinking about pancakes. How does that song go? Running down a dream/working on a mystery...something about trying to figure something out. Why I think what I think sometimes. Then there was some kind of ad on the station, about how you could enter a drawing to be a reporter and go to the wedding. Oh sure. That's JUST what I'll do! I don't know how I would figure out when the pancake flipping was done. I can't remember what day I woke up thinking about pancakes and a pancake house unless I maybe find out when certain coworkers were talking to me about getting a second job because I remember this one woman brought it up and it was the same day I'd thought about it. I think it was the same day or she mentioned it one day after I was thinking about it. But yeah, I distinctly recall waking up and lying in bed resting sometime between 5:30-6:30 a.m. my time, and thinking about this and about a pancake house. Someone must be praying for me because I sense good energy right now and for the last 15 minutes or so, and right now it's about 7:55 a.m. And then almost right after writing this, a sadness instead. (My son had better be okay! Actually, he's not okay since he was stolen from his mother.) I don't know why I sense this sad vibe right after writing about a good vibe. I clicked on a search for bbc and got a clip lined up about Harry going on his trek to the north pole. I read about it and it made me think of a couple of different things. It's from and is titled, "'bbc' to film Prince Harry with Afhan vets in North Pole." I think it's written by Marilyn Sparks and is from March 26th, 2011. I noticed, in a photo featured of Harry, the same expression on his face, the open "O" look of surprise is the same one I saw in this flash of an impression of someone who sort of reminded me of Diana. It was the same expression but two hands to her face. There are all these guys surrounding him in orange safety vests and he has this expression on his face that looked like the one on the woman. She didn't have her mouth closed or lips together, I don't think. Anyway, weird. Probably a good idea to have media up there on the hike. Better for safety and also will sometimes probably help you keep going, like when you run better when you know someone is watching. This morning I saw a cookbook as I was walking out and thought about men who cook, including my Dad. I had been talking to some of the guys at the restaurant about how I know a lot of men who seem to enjoy cooking even more than their woman partner, or know how to cook, or don't mind cooking and mentioned my Dad. He got into cooking later (for the family) and seems to like it. Anyway, I have to go for now.

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