Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Discovery of Defamation by Jody Underwood & Earthquakes

I got only one small part of discovery of defamation of my character today.

I have been refused almost any and every document that has been made, to make me sound like I'm mentally ill and discredit me as a help to cover for crime.

I was told to go to this medical place, "AnovaWorks", to have a physical for temporary benefits for migraine headache. I went, because Washington State and other officials ensured I had zero other options.

I was forced to stay in Wenatchee with only the incentive of seeing my son 2x/week for 2 hours. They cancelled most of these appointments without notice, leaving me with about 1 visit a week.

I endured horrific crimes against my person and deprivation of any normal civil rights, for this 1 hour with my son. I suffered unimaginable things, for the love of my son alone, and the desperate attempt to have even 1 hour with him.

In the meantime, while I witnessed his being tortured and evidence of cover up, and as I was forced out of housing and work and falsely accused of misdemeanors and sent to jail even, I had people rolling defamation against me.

Because these Fuckers knew if they were ever caught, they were dead, or, I should say, their careers and lives as they knew it, this was all over for them.

I just today received a document of the evaluation for "migraine" where Jody Underwood lies and inserts opinions that have no place in a medical evaluation. She reported that it was not known whether I had migraine or not because she didn't have any records, but that she felt the main "issue" was psychological.

I didn't speak to this woman about any concerns at all. I was very short with her, giving her only migraine details and that was it. But she writes that in my presentation with her, I didn't look at her at all. Like I refused to make eye contact, which is totally not me, and nothing I would do as I've always made eye contact with others unless I might be crying and then look down.

Then she wrote some totally personal, subjective comment about psychological issues, when I talked to her NOT ONCE about anything personal. I went for a physical and that was it.

She wrote:

"This is a trim Caucasian female who appears to be in no distress. She is cooperative, clean and appropriately attired for the weather in casual attire. She does not make eye contact. She is highly verbal and it is difficult to remain on topic with her."

That was for a general section. She makes the whole thing sound objective, but lies and makes it sound like something is wrong with me by claiming I made no eye contact (but I was somehow highly verbal while never making eye contact...who was I talking to then?).

Then it gets worse.

This is exactly the kind of thing I know the FBI is concealing from me.

The FBI or police most likely started to defame me when the Mt. Angel Abbey's attorney, Dick Whittemore, was the first person to ever contact police to make me sound bad because I had already told him I was filing a lawsuit (and then I did).

The Mt. Angel local police got the ball rolling against me and disseminated their information to others and then when I made a report of FBI misconduct, I can only imagine what someone in the FBI wrote about ME in the defense of their own guys. They refused to give me the FOIA that I requested.

Then, it is likely that if they and some other corrupt officers were writing in false things about me, this is what led some Canadians to wonder.

They had even further motive to lie about me after some of their people colluded to kidnap my son and set me up for false arrest in Canada. It has been the highest prerogative ever since, to keep me out of money, work, and normal housing, and to do whatever is possible, to retain the idea that I was mentally ill in order to discredit me.

Then this doctor Jody Underwood writes:
"Overall well appearing lady with multiple complex and unsual symptom complaints as well as psychosocial issues. This lady would primarily benefit from a psychological evaluataion with appropriate treatment..."

This woman Underwood, writes into a formal medical document that I had "unusual complaints" when my only complaint to her, at ALL, was migraine. How is that unusual? Then, she claims I would benefit from psych eval and 'treatment' when the only thing I discussed with her at all was migraine.

I remember my entire visit because I went there knowing it was FOR the State (that was already liable to be sued for their entire budget) and because I knew this ahead of time, I limited my speech to migraine topic only.

This woman is a defamer just like so many others.

And then they knew I would know it was wrong, and so they KEPT my own records from me. I made a records request to Anova AND to the social worker. I never got anything.

By the way, I asked the State of Washington for a full copy of everything in their records about me, from any department, and they have never given me this complete discovery. I made my request for discovery before they colluded with others to kidnap my son.

With what is happening in Japan and the middle east, it shouldn't be such a big deal, except for the fact that this crime happened in AMERICA and the Americans and others responsible, have gotten away with it for far too long.

I think they knew that if I got the record, I would try to have it corrected or have my own notation added (which is provided by law, that a patient may request to have their own comments or disagreement with a report included if the false report is not retracted).

So who is Jody Underwood anyway? and who is she married to.

All I had was bad energy and bad vibes at the entire appointment. I knew something was very wrong but I was forced into it.

If you take a starving person, for example, and show them zero opportunity to eat unless they go to an appointment and sign a paper, how many people who have had crime occur against them in their own country, and NOT ONE PERSON from the U.S. step in to investigate, how many people would believe they had any other choice than to starve or sign the paper?

My son and I have been hostages in this country.

People think because the man from Iran was able to drive around, shop for groceries, have a house, and go to work, that he wasn't being held hostage.

That's what the CIA can do for you.

You can be held hostage in this country, by cooperative Nazi-style thinkers who are grown out of community and have self-protective interests, and by corrupt public officials.

And it appears that there is no such situation because no one can see the chains. Even though, in my situation, I've been falsely arrested how many times?!!!

The chains come through underhanded bribes, deals, paper shredding and evidence destruction, and blackmail. And torture.

In every sense of the word, I was a hostage in Wenatchee. My son is still a hostage.

The reason public corruption is such a big deal and potentially as destructive as an earthquake, is because it destroys the trust of the people.

I need to take a break and come back to this because I am steamed. But it is really as bad as an earthquake, and sometimes worse.

An earthquake is the visible manifestion of forces.

Corruption is sometimes unseen.

People cannot see the forces at work with corruption until it is too late, and even then, there is sometimes no material evidence of disaster.

This kidnapping, torture, and hostage situation with my son is America-bred and contained. Not to say that other international people can't be involved, but what America is supposed to do is protect its own citizens from crime. If someone gets involved, it starts looking like there is a remedy to corruption. If there is no one investigating or getting involved, it looks like they are part of the guilty party.

The magnitude of this fraudulent case against me, and the corruption, is probably at an 8. The damages have already exceeded millions.

And that's the truly crazy part, is how much money Washington state and some others (probably D.C. is involved in some way) exhausted and used trying to cover for themselves and continue torture of me and my son. Then they whine to taxpayers about their budget.

If someone thinks I am kidding or making a gross exaggeration about how much money has been spent on slamming me, even just "above board money", I could start a tally.

I really should, because it's hard to believe without an itemized list.

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