Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tanesha Canzater

This lawyer that was appointed to me is sounding more and more unethical.

She has not communicated with me at all, hardly at all, for over a YEAR that she took this case, and then she pushed it right up to the deadline and then wanted to back out and cancel after I told her it was not acceptable to me to just decide on something without talking about it first.

She wrote "you have talked and talked and talked and you have not listened."

I have a few emails from her (less than 10 and short and not descriptive) and had about 5 very short conversations with her over the phone total, most of them lasting 5 minutes, and of 2 that were longer, they were a long time ago and lasted about 20 minutes and were about generalities.

I asked her from the very beginning, when she refused to obtain records I needed, if she thought she should withdraw because of a conflict of interest. She used language and made some comments that sounded like they were straight from the desk of Bullivant Houser Bailey. I thought, "There is something not right here."

Then, I waited, because I don't like to judge but my intuition was kicking in so I asked where she went to college.

She is an African American woman who was raised in Washington D.C. or has some kind of contacts there. I don't know about raised there, but lives there PT now or works there. She went to a Catholic Benedictine Order college and a Baptist college. Why both, I don't know.

She stalled on getting any records and then wouldn't even obtain them and then she was refusing to communicate with me at all. She sent me email, out of all the email she sent, it was only a few notes, and CYA email. Then she was making all these extensions and I didn't even know about and wanted to talk about it. She proposed her ideas for the first time ever, yesterday, for making appeal for this case.

That's just a couple of days before her deadline to file the appeal is up. I said I wanted to talk to her about it and she sent me back an email saying, "you talked and talked and talked and i've listened".

I am wondering when I "talked and talked and talked" as she mocked me as having done, because I have had maybe 5 phone conversations with her total, and all under 20 minutes and usually about 10 minutes or so. One may have been longer. The rest of the time, I was trying to get ahold of her by email or phone.

I told her I didn't agree with her idea (given to me at the last minute) of making me sound incompetent before for grounds for appeal, and had other ideas, or spins on it.

She then wrote back a note saying she was withdrawing because she is claiming the only way to get appeal is to, basically, make ME look bad and put me at fault, when this would not be the "truth".

The "truth" that everyone is apparently SO interested in.

I want a criminal investigation on what has happened NOW. I mean, on the original crimes that were committed, and the ongoing attempts to COVER UP what has been done.

I wrote to Tanesha saying I did not want this appeal dismissed nor did I want her to withdraw, I had sent some questions and wanted to DISCUSS the grounds for appeal, and in my email I had told her she hadn't even talked to me about what the real facts were.

So how does she know, if she is not even communicating with her client?

It's like she just wanted to do someone a favor and put a bad spin on me and not even discuss anything with me...stringing this out to the last minute while my son's medical statutes are expiring, and she and whoever is guiding her in decision-making, knows this.

There is Bullivant Houser Bailey all over this.

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