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Join With Me To Fight Technology Violence & Torture now (aggravated assault)

I had fragmented dreams but I don't remember them. I had some in the night and remembered parts right before waking and then I took another very short nap and dreamed again and I remember just a couple of pieces of this.

In the second one, while I napped to catch up on sleep, or just rested, it had a Jewish theme I guess. In it I was watching news or something and some man was going to a library, a personal one, and opened up a hebrew book at random and then was making something out of a word. So I was curious, in my dream, and went to this door that had a small closet library and I walked over and picked out a hebrew book and opened up but not at random because I was trying to find the meaning for something else and there were other documents and books. One that I remember, which was weird, was some kind of treatise on beef. Some different pamphlet or thin paper manual and something was mispelled but it was printed as in published and it had something to do with cattle or beef. I have no clue. Then another person came over to me and asked what I was doing and I explained I had seen something and I was looking up a word.

It was very short and fragmented.
I started writing here and someone started the same technology stuff. A mother came in and got her preteen son off of the computer next to me, in sort of an anxious mode, before it started happening. Right before. The son was at computer 16. I am at 17. There was a black man in front of me on the other side of the wall who is walking out now and wearing a red,black, and white striped shirt. Something tells me the mother knew what was going to happen and was getting her kid off so he wasn't in the middle of it. When he left, the son, there was just me in the middle and one guy on either side of me, one at 18 and one at 15. At about 11:45-12:15 p.m. my time and then one man in front of me.

There is someone to my left and also someone to my right and the technology stuff has quit since this guy got up and left. I stood up and looked over the ledge and after this, he got up and left. But there was also a man walking back and forth.

I told my mother, this is how difficult it is to describe what has been going on...

Imagine this scenario, and it will hopefully be easier to understand:

The electric fence (for horses or cattle) idea. Okay, I grew up in the country, around electrical fences. I accidentally ran into one, or bumped it a few times. Anyone who has touched an electric fence knows what I'm talking about.

To describe the feeling, all you have to say is "I got shocked" and when you say electric fence, everyone who has already experienced this, knows what this feels like and what is causing it, so you don't have to explain yourself further.

Now go to a group of people who have never heard of such a thing as an electrical fence before. They haven't felt it and haven't seen one, and don't know one exists. But you go up to them and say, "I was shocked by an electric fence." They say, "What do you mean you were shocked by an electric fence?" and you try to describe it. Even worse, imagine it is not a material electric fence, that you can point to, a real wire. Imagine instead, you know those things that keep dogs in the yard that are invisible? The invisible electric fence? Imagine that.

Imagine trying to explain an invisible electric fence to someone when no one can "see" it and they don't know, and you don't know either, how it works or what kind of technology is used to facilitate the energy field.

All you know, is that it is not natural and you know that it has an odd enough sensation that it has to be technology and is not a natural physical problem.

So you try to explain this to others who say, "Well describe what you feel." You say, "It's this weird feeling in my heart and this particular sensation doesn't exactly burn but feels really odd and is uncomfortable and very direct and then after it quits, my fingers turn blue and I get cold."

Someone would say to you, "You probably have a neurological problem. Do you have epilepsy in your family? seizures? or maybe it's just stress. You know, stress can do that."

HOW does any normal person describe something like this?

If you touch an electric fence, people believe it harmed and that it happened and they know you are not delusional. Why? because it's out in the open, identified, and visible.

If you put people through other kinds of fields, of any kind, that are invisible, which is using violence and is a very clear form of assault, those individuals are not too worried about getting caught because no one can "see" what they are doing.

If someone came up to a person and laid an electrical wire on that person, or an electric fence on that person, even if there were no real marks, that person would have a claim of premeditated and aggravated assault.

If the very same thing is being done by another kind of technology, even if it is unseen to the naked eye, based on the fact that it is known to be causing harm, this is premeditated and aggravated assault.

I am going to look up what degree of assault this would fall under and how many years of time in jail someone would do for this.

What this also means, is that if there are others who are cooperating (driving the car so-to-speak or who have knowledge of this and do nothing about it) are held liable for charges of assault by contribution.

There are not only laws against assault on a person, but in 2004 a new law was put into place called Unborn Victims of Violence Act 2004 which means any assault done to the mother while she is pregnant with a child, this child or unborn fetus can also be included as a separate person for whom charges can be brought on behalf of. While in D.C., this happened to me while I was pregnant with my twins, before I ever went to the MRI. It occured while I lived in Arlington, VA. There were people who did not want me to have that child (those children) and who used violence against my person at this time. I haven't blogged about this part before, but it is true. I can give symptoms and details of what kind of things were happening, and it was happening then.

The violence has continued to occur against me and my son. And I'm sure it is happening to some others as well, who don't know how to articulate what is occuring or are afraid to express this, for fear of not being believed and called crazy as I have been.

It is really time to begin circling the wagons on the criminals and start bringing people to justice.

And just because I haven't yet been told what kind of technology it is, doesn't mean it's not happening. I have already explained how it's difficult to describe and prove, which is why these criminals have been able to flourish without penalty--YET.

For all you know, the informant is just around the corner, and is going to save and liberate a lot of people, and those who are guilty, who are both blue and white collar, poor and rich, could end up losing everything--their families, and their own liberty by being locked up in jail for a decade or more. Just as there are big sweeps of criminals who are into child porn, imagine being part of a large sweep where there are poor and rich alike, and even mothers with children who had knowledge of these crimes, who are being rounded up to go to prison. To be charged with being criminals while all this time they thought no one would ever catch them. They paid for, or knew of, the orders for a "hit" of this kind--to torture someone, and did nothing about it. It's almost like paying off the hit man but instead they get charged for crimes of torture.


This is the day that God wants to see.

God is on the side of the right. And God will bless those that seek to apprehend others who are getting away with this newer brand of crime.

I know this and believe this, with every fibre of my being and with all of my heart.

There is a whole new group of criminals to catch. Who have maybe been around for awhile and have been under radar and protected too long. But their time, and this is a message for the innocent:

Their time is almost up.

I looked up assault and assault is intent to harm or inflict bodily harm. Aggravated assault is usually with intent to cause death or with a weapon that could incidentally cause death or is a crime with severe indifference of human rights. So this kind of crime may fit under aggravated assault but if it doesn't cause death but is constant and ongoing and with intent or knowledge that it is a continued form of assault, this would probably make it both aggravated assault and torture as well. Torture crimes may have even greater criminal penalties.

Normal assault is like with a fist or stick. Aggravated assault is with a weapon that is more deadly, like knife, gun, or blunt instrument. If it is technology, I would think that it is more than fist or stick and therefore more dangerous and probably within the definition of aggravated assault. Even if it does not kill on contact, the harm is greater and done with greater indifference than with a fist or stick. It also has the potential to shorten someone's life because of the physical damage it causes, esp. if it is done on an ongoing basis.

One could count every single incidence, which would be "counts". Imagine how many "counts" I could rack up on someone's sheet. More than one person's sheet.

That might mean LIFE baby. Imagine being charged with anything over 10 counts of aggravated assault.

If they don't add the incidents up as "counts" it might fall under simple torture, because of the nature of repetition.

To give a perpetrator an idea of what kind of charges and terms they might be facing, I am going to look up some federal laws and then a few things for state.

I found a general definition for this on FindLaw. It states that to be liable, one must lack the "privilege" of being able to harm. There is a description of what this might mean. What it sounds like, to me, is that most people would not find any legal privilege or excuse for doing this. The only ones who could legally carry such a privilege might be scientists/medical/military who are being protected with excuses that it's for research. Even these individuals could be held up in a court of law under the Geneva Convention and against UN treaties protecting people against torture. While some may get a "sanction" or unofficial "go ahead" to perform such activities, these actions would still be considered violations if they are caught. No one, not even military, could claim "privilege" to torture citizens or even non-citizens while under American laws. And non-intervention where it is known someone from another country is doing this, is also a violation of human rights and punishable by prison term.

Wow. I was right. A decade. 10 years. The sentencing is up to 10 years for one count of a form of assault. This is a federal law which is to provide for the crimes where State law is not the best remedy. United States Code Section 113, Ch. 7, Part 1, Title 18.

For Torture, this is covered under federal law by Title 18, Part I, 113C, Section 2340A. Torture. (I found this at the Cornell law site). A person who attempt to commit torture or commits torture is subject to a fine, up to 20 years in prison, or both. Anyone found guilty of conspiring to do this, even if they did not themselves act on it, is liable for the same penalties.

20 years in jail. But there are probably other additional charges and counts that could be added to this. And that's just federal. It looks like State charges could be brought as well. And that's not including the possibility of UN or Geneva court if there are enough people and a mastermind or two. By this, I mean any person in a position that others are looking up to for directions. This law, the federal one, was passed by Congress on Feb. 1, 2010 (S. 2340B).

(Inside comment to no one in particular: by the way, yes, I noticed the mark for "section". I didn't know what it meant until today but thought it was intentional.)

I don't know what kind of state laws there are for torture. I don't know if states are really experienced with prosecuting that kind of thing or not.

It did cross my mind that I hope no prisoners, even from other countries, are being used as guinea pigs for this kind of technology torture.

I also thought, if I cannot get someone to come forward with information that is essential, out of the goodness of their hearts, and knowing it is right, at some point, if I ever had money, I would be willing to pay reward money for the information. I would hope someone would do it anyway, out of the overall good and interest, but the idea went through my mind.

I think assault and torture of a minor would carry even stiffer penalties. My son, for example, how many counts could we rack up on the raps? Unlimited possibilities.

I would pay good money, if I had it, for the information about what has happened and is happening to my son and who is behind it.

Going to wiki about torture, I just read this:

"Americans invented the first electrotorture devices and US police used them. Magneto torture, a technique favored by the Nazis using an electric generator, was actually developed by the French colonial police in Vietnam." Above this is a short section that describes the kinds of excuses States (governments) use when inflicting torture on even their own citizens.

Everyone should read the section from wiki on "Torture" about who the Torture Perpetrators are. There is also a section beneath this, about "Secrecy" and how those who employ torture use methods that do not leave marks in order to discredit those who would testify.

I am reading that, as I was trying to tell my own mother, some symptoms of torture look like normal physical failures, making it more difficult to prove. Wiki, for example, addresses how even death from torture can be passed off as "a heart attack" or "embolism" or something that is natural but occured secondary to the trauma of torture.

Is this the world we want? Where Senators can die of a heart attack that is triggered by torture which leaves no other marks? Where someone in the population is targeted because of their activism and tortured, along with children, with no consequence to the perpetrators? where those who obtain these devices on black market or with help of government officials begin to silence those who speak out against it, one by one? where even gangsters are outdoing eachother on the bets at the horse races, because one mafia that has more money paid for the hit on the favored horse? (or to just shock or laser the horse from a distance or cause some disturbance that affects performance).

This is not just about me and my son, though to me, that's enough.

It is about the consequences of allowing others to continue to do these things and not be held accountable AND it is about the danger of leaving these instruments of torture unidentified.

The persons responsible must be discovered and prosecuted.

And the instruments and devices and methods must be identified and then controlled, just as the manufacturing of certain drugs and guns and anything else that is potentially harmful is regulated and controlled.

There are two organizations that wiki, at least, lists as helping victims prove claims of torture:

1. Medical Foundation for Care of Victims of Torture (UK), and
2. Center for Victims of Torture (US), and here is another one that started up one of the first centers,
3. The Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (Copenhagen).

I guess they are all US and UK based. Wondering if there are ever conflicts if any persons from these countries happen to be guilty parties.
There is something wrong with these computers by the way. They play normally, the music, until I am signed on as myself, identifiable, and then the sound goes out and gets really weird, like in the background or distant and very broken apart. Sort of the way the t.v. got when I stayed at the apartment in Arlington, VA where the screen would get fuzzy and then get piece-y, as it did in Wenatchee too. Something affecting the normal system.

There is nothing wrong with my headphones and it switches so that I can only listen with music in one ear. It's not the balance bc it's in the middle and it's not this. Now it's more on both sides but still distant and a weird sound still, in the background.
I was trying to find different agencies that support victims of torture and accidentally stumbled across something from a Catholic newspaper which reports Catholics are more likely to support torture of others than other groups. It's from and the article is called:
Poll: Catholics likely to favor use of torture. It says Protestants are not very far behind.

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