Thursday, March 24, 2011

Computer Administrator Issue & Charles

I got to the library, public one, and I think it's an administrator to these computers that might be causing the problem.

I got on and the music was fine and playing equally in both earphones and normal volume and then after I had signed in with my ID, indicating who was on this particular computer, there was a click and then the volume went all to one ear and also became this tunnel, faraway sound.

This happened yesterday too, and the volume was always fine and nothing wrong until I used some kind of personal identifying information. Like, with Pandora, my password and code to sign in, which also has my real name attached.

It's not happening on all of the computers because I got up and switched to about 4 or more different computers yesterday to see, and every single one was fine until I typed in identifying information.

I am at computer 47 right now.

Which, incidentally, I realized was used by someone else named Charles, awhile ago. No connection to what I'm reporting right now. But I sat down and he came to mind and then I realized, it was his spirit. I think that's it because I wasn't thinking about him or paying attention to where I sat and then he came to mind and I wondered why and then I realized he'd been on this computer in particular, more than once. So somehow I think I picked up his old energy. When I had an impression of him it was as if I were him, in the sense of that it was like his form in a way, and I saw him as if I were him facing this computer, not from another angle. Like I had his perspective for a split second.

I would like to have someone quit messing around with my music.

I put on "the imperials" again and it's worship music.

The other thing is that it's doing this really weird techno-robotic sound. There was an ad break for wells fargo and it was tinny, faraway, and there were little squeaks and it was so muddled you couldn't even hear what they were saying. It's like the music and words are done by R2-D2.

Why is someone targeting me like this? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

I think someone just wants to disrupt me from being online, writing, and reading, and even wants to disrupt my worship music because worship is power. Something bad might happen to the person responsible for interfering--You never know.

I'm going to have someone else listen to this to have a witness.

It's one thing if it's random but this is not random. Someone is targeting me using my personal ID. The same way my telecommunications with 411 or trying to get any normal service has been targeted. And the same way that technology and violence has been used against me and then expected to slide.

I need to report the people who came in for a chapel the other day too, who had a video onscreen that was mocking what happened to me in D.C. and Wenatchee with my t.v. screen when I had problems with that too, because of technological interference. That was the same night I was so fried that I had the severe chills and then almost a seizure. In my opinion, all of these things are related and connected to the same instigator.

I got this hispanic man on the headphones but he couldn't understand what I was asking him, because he doesn't know English.

Also, today on Passport news t.v. I thought it was discouraging or ridiculous to see 2 female newscasters--one from the U.S. and one from UK, using mannerisms to make odd social points. I don't know how to explain. On national and international news. Then the weather guy I like talked about a "beam" of nuclear energy in Japan that is appearing and I was sitting by the window watching cnn. I had zero problems with anything until after he described this, and then someone did something to ME with technology, which is just sick at this point. And no, I don't think it's from nuclear energy. I'm not an idiot. There may be some correlation to the way something is invisible and is a beam or whatever, but I know it's not nuclear in my case. But it is true, that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

I'm getting a librarian to listen to what is going on with the headphones.

Okay, I got one librarian to listen and at first he said no problem but then said, "Okay, I hear what you're talking about." Then the computer person came over and listened and I said, "It's like it's coming from the shower in another country." And as I was describing what was wrong, I thought how ironic that I'm talking about "sound" in Nashville.

She asked when it happened and I told her it was when I played Pandora after I entered my ID. She said, "So it just happens with Pandora?" and I said, "No, it plays fine if I play Pandora without going to "sign up" but after I sign up and have my ID out, it quits playing normally. And then I told her, I tried 6 different computers yesterday and it's not just Pandora either bc I went to youtube and it played fine when I was just looking up news and youtube but as soon as I entered in hotmail with my ID info, it quit playing normally.

If I entered my blogger site (which identifies me), hotmail, or Pandora sign up, I then had a problem. She said they weren't doing anything just to track me or whatever and I said, "Okay, that's fine. I don't know how it's happening and let's just call it coincidence, but every single time, that's when this is happening."

So we were okay with this idea and she said she was going to look into it.

I went to another computer and finally, at least right now, I'm not having a problem. I'm also not having anyone use something to burn me which was happening while I was in the other room or identified on that particular computer.

Some group keeps doing this kind of thing and just ruins my ability to get anything normal done. It disrupts my ability to have a normal life, to go about my normal business, and try to get things done. It also, sometimes, without other verification, makes me sound crazy.

I'm finally not having a problem anymore now. What has been going on for the last several days with the computers has quit, at least for now.

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