Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update on Harassment and Technology Use

Right after I blogged about what was going on with harassment, I went to work and the whole section I was attending...someone there was not good.

It was only in the section called "The Addition" and it wasn't anywhere else (that this was occuring when I went back to work for the second shift).

I didn't have my cell phone and people knew it so I asked to borrow someone's cell and called my family, knowing someone else was going to overhear what was going on.

This technology use was not only causing my heart to abnormally go in spurts or faster all of a sudden, it was burning and so after a half hour of this, from at least 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., I used a cell and reported it.

Then it quit.

How convenient that it quit at 2 different times: when the supervisor went back there to the same table and I noticed it wasn't happening when he was standing there in the same spot with me, and then after he left, it still continued until, I think, someone got word of my report.

It quit completely within 15 minutes of my cell phone call and did not start up again.

Someone stopped because they were afraid of being caught.

In my report over the phone I stated how long it had been happening and that anyone in that section was suspect.

And anyone there was. Two black women got up and left right after my call but the burning was still happening (I believe) after they left. It was probably someone else there. I noticed it when I stood inbetween a table with a few black women (one who said she was from Georgia and had never heard of Nancy Shaeffer's murder).

This woman and her table were there, a party with some African Americans were there, a table with 3 mid-20s (or so) white men were there, the 2 women who left, and then a couple of other women I think. Not that many people. Oh, and a table with a black couple and their child. Which I remember because the woman had a cocktail and then somehow her glass ended up all the way at the back of my section on a totally different table.

What made me happy, was how quickly the technology QUIT. And it QUIT for good.

So someone obviously freaked out.

I am truly grateful to whoever it was that may have showed up, that scared this off, because relief is a wonderful thing, and it was like, "Finally. Someone did something right away."
I had this same table, that may have been part of the problem, asking me, "Are you feeling alright?" and I wondered why she even asked so I said, after this burning, only while standing in front of HER table had been going on every time I went back there---I said, "I don't know, it IS kind of HOT back here isn't it?" and then saw these jerk-reactions from some others at other tables in the section. It was a normal comment to make, and shouldn't have elicited any response at all, since it was warm there temperature-wise. But I think a few knew what I referred to and were surprised I said anything at all.

Of all things, she tipped.

Better are the wounds of a friend than the kiss of an enemy. There is a reason for that saying. Behind the kiss of betrayal is much greater harm.
So then I had the "sidework" of keeping a "station" (drink station, place where you get drinks) stocked. It was me and this other server who had the duty.

I was the only one doing it, I think, because in only an hour and a half, I took back 7+ buckets of ice to refill the bin (taking 2 at a time) and then stocked with lids, and lemons, and refilled pitchers with tea. I didn't see her back there once and then what was crazy was she came back into the area where all the workers are, and with a manager present, yelled that I hadn't done any sidework and that THIS was part of my responsibility.

Then right after this, the manager told me to go to his office where he was saying he was going to fire me again. I didn't do anything wrong.

I had found a "2-4-1 vodka" on the ticket and I looked at it before I set it on a table, for table 73. They had not ordered any liquor through me, at all. I had not even hit the happy hour or liquor button.

On the screen, to even get to this, to have it appear on the computer tab, I would have to physically press the button for drinks. Then, I would have to press the button for "happy hour" and then I would have to press the button for "vodka". It would be at least 2-3 steps.

There would be no way to "bump it" accidentally twice or thrice.

It's not like the button is right next to "ice tea".

So I told the side manager I didn't know why it was on the ticket and the customer shouldn't be charged for it. He said, "You had to have done it." and I said the truth.

The TRUTH, which he was ready to fire me over, was that I DID NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON, not even by mistake.

So he started to say that it was "impossible" and that if I didn't have to pull my table back over from someone, then it never happened unless I did it. Then he started to get really angry and said I was calling him a liar. The thing is, the last time this happened, while I was trying to fix errors that kept popping up on my computer screen, I found HIM on MY SCREEN when he wasn't expecting me to be there. I remember exactly what it was because I kept the receipt which showed some item had popped up on the order AFTER I had a customer even pay out. I had the first receipt and they had paid or something like that, which proved what the tab had been, and that it was correct and then that someone else had to have changed it or altered it.

This kind of thing hasn't happened in awhile. But the last time I was being blamed for putting all this stuff on a tab that I absolutely knew had not been my mistake, was with him involved. And he kept saying how I was doing terrible and making all these errors and then after I had this one proof, he didn't say anything anymore, dropped it, and I didn't have anymore mysterious things popping up either.

So then he was saying the other workers complained about me and I said, "Can I use an example?" and referred to the server who had yelled out that I did no sidework when I had been thinking maybe I was the only one doing anything at all. He said, "That's just one thing" and I said, "One person saying something false, and then another, and another, it adds up and makes me look like I am the problem. If I can clear these false claims up one at a time, it clears up the impression that I'm doing everything wrong." (when I DO make mistakes, but no more than anyone else and I don't know if anyone else is being tortured while at work here and there either).

So he made me leave for the night and said I needed 2-3 more days of training and that this was why I only got 2 tables.

Which is totally unnecessary. Having 2 tables does not pay my bills. I wouldn't even mind the 2 tables, actually, I don't...but along with being accused of things I'm not doing, this isn't fair. I cannot afford to have unfair accusations made about me, at all. It's fine if the guest says I'm wrong, even if I'm right, here and there, bc that happens, but I don't have problems except with

...How about torture?

If a manager is the only person that can add things to tables, when sometimes servers can too, then the only other option is someone from a remote location doing this and that's unlikely. It's possible, but unlikely.

All I know, is that I do know when I have made a mistake. I know and I remember. And there is no way that I went on some kind of trance-hypnotic auto-pilot and added a few extra screen buttons for something they never came close to ordering.

The table next to them...they were table 74 and came in last and at one point asked about happy hour and I said it wasn't happy hour.

I then said, in the back, in front of several servers, "This happy hour thing always throws me off because usually there isn't a break in happy hour." And people overheard this.

Next thing I know, I have a happy hour tab on a table that never once asked for liquor. It was the other table that inquired, and I didn't ring anything up because I knew it wasn't happy hour and they had ordered ice tea and water instead.

I had someone say to me, "You think everyone is OUT to get you." I said, "I never said this" and where he came up with it was not because of me. Then, he said "no one is trying to sabotage your job."

Could have fooled me.

But I never even said anything about being sabotaged at work either. I have never suggested this to one person there. But apparently, it's not far from some of their minds. Who knows.

If I were making a claim about sabotage it wouldn't stop with work. I would say, "No, I don't think someone is trying to sabotage my job--I think someone is trying to sabotage my life."

And that, my friends, is the truth.

And I have facts to unravel what the truth is with regard to my reputation and the abduction of my son. It's just that no one wants the lies to be untangled. They want a lump of lies to stay the way it is. What I have been fighting for, is my right to state what the facts are to persons with authority to investigate my claims and discover if it is right (and it is right).

My thumb and finger were basically greyish blue after only an hour and a half shift with the shit that was going down in "the addition".

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