Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Morning (green glass in fergie interview)

This morning I saw the channel 4 news (today show) and I don't usually watch televised news. I go through periods where I do, like CNN all the time or something, but when I have other things going on, just catch bylines by net. But today I saw footage of Sarah Ferguson and Andrew for the first time since I saw a tiny clip of her talking to someone at an airport.

What caught my eye was some green glass that was on her table or in the room. I don't know if it was a clip from an interview in one of her own living spaces or if it was done at someone else's place, but there were at least 3 different pieces of the same kind of green glass I "saw" on Valentine's Day last. And it was even beveled or whatever, like I saw. I saw the green glass and I wrote about that, and the color and clarity, but I didn't mention (I don't think) that I also had the impression it was beveled or was not smooth or whatever.

I "saw" it in association with a passing thought about one of the royals. But I wasn't sure why or in what context I saw this. But that's the kind of glass and I don't know if it's in the family or maybe, who knows, someone who is connected me happened to be watching a clip like this and I saw it...but it seemed to be closer than that. Like I saw it through the eyes of someone else, not exactly second hand or as seen through someone's eyes who saw it on photo or film.

I think it could have been from anyone, possibly. A lot of people have that kind of glass maybe. I don't know anyone personally who does, but I'm sure.

Anyway, that was strange to see this morning. I saw it and thought, "That's the glass!" (or same "kind"). There were a few different clips in the story, so I don't know when that one was taken or where.

I saw the Charlie Sheen clips too, and the one that cracked me up was the Jaws one. To me, I thought, he looked sort of out there, but it was hilarious bc he's an actor and a very good one. Without seeing him in person and knowing everything firsthand, and after my own experiences of being portrayed out of context, I hesitate to judge. But I thought it was very funny and I don't think he was trying to play the straight man there..

I had to go to the library bc of my computer being down and listened to beastie boys, thinking of a jr. high classmate, and then enya's 'orinoco flow' and then 'silent night' in english and then I clicked on the next one, which was a christmas clip with newscasters eating chocolates on camera and then a gaelic children's choir singing 'silent night'. youtube.com/watchv=N1_1Z_11Chg&NR=1&feature=fvwp. (from youtube poster: copyist58)

Which made me think about my son, because I sent him a box of chocolates which was meant to go with his last gift. I got them and then thought I should have put kid's stickers on the box because they're lindt and good, but don't have cartoon stuff. I almost bought the box for myself, as I used to buy myself a box of belgium chocolates now and then and eat the whole thing while reading, but then I thought, "I should give these to Oliver!" since he likes chocolate too.

Even though I went to the public library, someone was starting to try out technology stuff with my earphones that I brought in, until I clicked over to Enya. Why, I've no idea. Maybe someone was here for a minute and then left or just decided to quit.

Right after writing about the newscasters eating chocolates, I got an email from my aunt that my son got his chocolates yesterday. So I suppose he's been eating them. I looked again and thought, "I don't know if those are chocolates that they're eating" (I think I just had chocolate on the brain).

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