Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Continued Torture of Child & CIA Shrug

I had to leave my laptop behind at a locker a few days ago, and during this time, there was constant assault with military technology when I was unable to either write or telephone about it (my cell wasn't charged and I had to leave the charger in the locker that I couldn't get to).

As a result of the most recent torture, my fingers and thumb turned white/gray/blue on one hand. It was my right hand, and it began happening about 3 days ago.

It is the same thing I saw happen to my son's genitals, except in his case, his was extremely severe.

My son has had multiple symptoms of suffering and torture.

I have never had any problem with circulation naturally. This finger and thumb turning blue was not the result of dye. It wasn't from my jeans, or touching something.

It occured after the heating sensation happened, which was happening when I was at work, and on the bus at various times. I also started to get the dark circles under my eyes again, even though I was sleeping at night.

My body reacted, as did my son's, to being tortured.

In addition to being "heated up" by some kind of laser or other technology, what started happening was that it would stop, and then my body cooled down to a chill, to where I had abnormal chills. I then noticed that my right forefinger and thumb were discolored and were either almost white with blue or a grey-blue color.

The fingers turning blue happened at the same time that I experienced severe cold chills.

This is not mental illness. This is showing marks on my body.

Just like the white lines in my nails and the abnormal bleeding I had after being poisoned, which the Nashville FBI covered up and defamed me to doctors to try to cover up. For whom?

What has been done to my son, is deliberate and has been done to an innocent child.

I wrote out and filed a report with the OIG and things got worse for me. Not one single thing I do is kept secret. Even though I was suffering and had things happening to me, I was laughing and working, and trying to do my best despite what was going on.

The fingers and thumb turning blue after I was being heated up, began on Monday.

It isn't a disease. It isn't a medical condition. There is no history. I called someone with a hospital and felt they were "too ready" with an "answer". They claimed it was Renauld's Syndrome, which is B.S. I do not HAVE Renauld's Syndrome, but I suppose this is a nice pun on the fact that I had just emailed someone with that last name, about housing grants and application for an organization.

Renauld's does not present with burning from laser or other technology that then results in chills when it's quit, and blue extremities.

I have had a few women come over to me fanning their faces as if they're having hot flashes and smirking, and it's not this either. I seriously question their timing and why they would even think of doing this when I wasn't writing or talking about what was going on.

Hot flashes do not happen to children. I also am nowhere near having hot flashes, at my age, and all my horomone levels are fine.

Then, while at work, I was standing at the bread machine and my cheek started twitching in a very odd way, and not like nervous tick or twitch, as I wasn't stressed, and not anything normal at all, and I looked over and caught the woman who was a coworker and who was actually observing me while this happened. She then made this point of hastily putting her cell away and looking away from me like she'd been caught, whether it had anything to do with her cell or not.

I showed coworkers my blue finger and thumb and they said, "It's from your jeans, go wash your hands."

So they saw it.

It's not from my jeans, and I did wash my hands. When it has happened, my entire body has been cold, and this, following being heated up a lot first.


I have had some persons in the FBI make excuses for others and then others just block me from making reports to get my son back. I called the CIA today after writing a short note of report and they told me the FBI had the investigative responsiblity for abduction of my son. I said, "Well what if some of the FBI were a part of the original problem? I have some of them defaming me".

I called the CIA and got this black woman who asked me to repeat my name over a dozen times. I'm not kidding. There is no way she didn't hear what I was saying. She knew it too. This receptionist heard me and there wasn't a bad connection at all, on her end or mine, and she obnoxiously harassed me to repeat my name over and over and then said, "Tameo?" This is after she had me spell my name and repeat it a million times. Then she asked me to spell it again, after I spelled it. After I did this she then would say, "What is it?" and I had to say my name again. The woman was a bad apple. And when I'm taking her friends order at the Logan's Roadhouse next time, they had better speak clearly. This woman was working for the CIA, acting as their main person who takes incoming calls, and she was harassing me, and I guess, trying to make some kind of sick joke or point about how sometimes I have to ask people here to repeat what they're ordering because I cannot understand the Southern accent all the time, nor do I always understand Mumbo-Jumbo. Which is, I guess, the language this CIA receptionist woman was accustomed to, because she didn't understand my plain English, or rather, where I innocently cannot hear what people say sometimes, she made a point of harassing me. Then, that woman who took my call, whoever she is, and she should be fired, then she was saying, "I guess you have a bad connection." Over and over. I said, "My connection is fine, so I guess YOU must have a bad connection." Unbelievably, the woman argued back, "No, YOU have a bad connection." I guess the other thing that's happened (awhile ago) was that I burst into tears because I kept getting the same Asian woman on 411 (the same voice and same Asian woman) who had an accent but she understood what I was asking for and she was deliberately giving me bad numbers, for all over the place and then acted offended when I'd had it. I could hear the tone in her voice and I could hear the snide satisfaction and know she was not making mistakes. So, that would be the other thing this CIA receptionist may have referred to, but I don't know.

Here's a rundown of what happened with my calls:

I first called the Pentagon this morning, asking why someone wasn't taking charge of what happened with my son and I said I wanted him returned to me. The Pentagon people were actually professional this time around. I was very upset and the person taking the call was normal and professional. It didn't get me anywhere, but I talked to General Counsel or a receptionist and wanted to have someone involved in returning my son to me (now that I know for a fact he has been abducted, by every definition, under legal gloss or auspice).

I also felt they should take responsbility for torture of me and my son, as we should be protected and not have hair loss, collagen disruption, abnormal twitching after being fried, warped nails from technology, blue and grey extremities, poisoning, bleeding internally to fill 3 toilet bowls and not from hemmoroids, lumps on the head, edema, medications and birth control while dating govt. workers (and then being targeted by gangsters and corporate enemies), and/or other various symptoms that prove there is something amiss.

Then I called the CIA, to just check on the half page report I sent. I got that first woman who asked me to repeat myself a dozen times and then right after she asked if I'd called the CIA before I said once, 5-7 years ago (and then recalled no, it was after my son was born, so 4 years ago), and it was the only time and it was super brief. After this, she just quit talking and no one had hung up and I waited and waited as there was no one on the other end and no one talking or disconnecting the phone either. I was forced to disconnect after several minutes because my minutes were being wasted. Then I called again and someone answered the phone and didn't talk. Just silence. SO I disconnected myself again and then I dialed the same number I'd had texted. It said "this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service." Then, I called 411 again and asked about the number and they said it was good. So I tried again and I got some short-tempered woman who probably dresses to the 9s, who hung up on me from the public affairs office. I had talked to her for less than a minute, and was trying to explain what had happened with the other phone calls. She didn't go silent...she hung up on me. So THEN I called back bc I was going to get her name, as this happened around 10:20 a.m. this morning, and I got a voicemail that said leave a message. I dialed zero for operator and it said, "No attendant is available." I couldn't believe it.

But after she seemed rude at first, she didn't have a mean tone (the first CIA woman I got) when she said the FBI had to investigate.

I said I knew the CIA didn't investigate domestic stuff but it does investigate international and I think this is a combo. After I was transferred all over the place, I finally called the local media and then decided my story might be interesting enough (child abduction in the U.S. with cover up) for a larger media but I don't know. I have not talked to anyone in the media about anything since I was defamed. Not a word. I was going to do the one story before I got jailed that night (false charges) but if the media can help my son, in any way, it might be the only thing that helps. I mean, media makes FOIA requests all the time and they seem to get a lot farther than even lawyers do with that. All I want is my son back.

(I had yelled over the phone to the Pentagon woman, in tears, "And I want him back by ST. PATRICKS DAY!", which I only said, because they made some sick point of terminating my parental rights on Patrick's day.)

Like that's going to happen.

I have enough evidence and laws to point to, though, to prove it was an illegal kidnapping. And I have a right to have him back, not through a civil process, but because a crime was committed against me and my son and we want to be together. We also deserve to live in peace and without being tortured.
My computer crashed today.

Right after I got off the phone after I made all the calls, it said I was missing the main file and needed a CD of the original set up to start over. It had been downloading garbage anyway, but I was able to block it by going to safe settings using F8 key and being the administer with network locked. But it got more infected when I forgot to hit F8 and it downloaded more garbage.

I didn't have any problems either, until I turned the laptop on and then instantly the heating of my body was very bad and then when I turned it off, I started getting chills and was cold and then looked at my fingers and they were discolored. Not very bad, like when the coworkers saw it.

But I only bring this up because my son and I need help.

I don't think it's good to feed into, or write about any of this, but I wasn't writing before, and horrible things were going on. Last night I noticed the blue fingers but still worked, in general, fine, and I wasn't in pain, or more stressed out or anything. But things had happened, and it's distracting and a couple of days ago, it was really bad. I'm pretty good at separating what's happening with me from work. I think so, in general. But having this happen makes me think about my son and what is happening to HIM.

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